Friday FIVE for January 13th

Wow. I took Seth Godin’s advice today and have gotten so much good creative work done. I feel super-productive, except that I forgot all about this blog post that I was too tired to finish last night!

I’m pretty crazy busy with my online class, but I’m so enjoying everything about it–the ongoing preparation and especially the chance to build a new community and interact with so many fabulous scrapbookers. We are still working fast and hard to get all of the kits out the door. Registration exceeded our estimate, so we have been waiting for additional product to arrive and the last of it came yesterday evening, so my sweet nanny Jennifer (who is so very capable) is overseeing the packing/shipping — Yay!!

I had a burst of unexpected energy on Wednesday night, so I cleaned up the homework table and pulled out some Valentine’s decorations. I’m amazed how happy little things like this make me and how much I am now thinking of Valentine things to do and make and have fun with. I grabbed all of the Valentine images that I have tagged on my computer and put them on the digital frame, so that there is a constant stream of past Valentine’s images — I love it when I do this for specific holidays! I’m absolutely going to order some of these Paper Coterie cards for Addie to give out and send to cousins and I’ve pinned some very CUTE ideas on Pinterest that I want to follow-through on!

Jennifer snapped this photo of Addie yesterday and I LOVE it. The only thing better than a sleeping child is one completely absorbed in a happy and quiet moment of play. Addie is in LOVE with her “misspunzel” doll and all that long hair! Just wanted to share.

So, this really is going to be a Friday FIVE …


Colored Rice.
Totally got this idea off of Pinterest — we had a big bowl of make your own snow (the just add water kind) over Christmas break and Addie loved playing with it, but it was getting old and a bit stinky, so we made up several EASY batches of colored rice, mixed them together and now she has something else to dig through — it keeps her happy for long periods of time and it sweeps up remarkably well!


Toilet Paper blotter.
Got this idea from my friend, Nancy.
Wrap a couple of rubber bands around a roll of toilet paper and use it to soak up the extra water in your brush or dry your paint brush all together. It stores away easily and saves a ton of paper towels! Addie has used the one on the right for almost a whole year!


Apples For Jam.

This is an AMAZING cookbook and feast of colorful memories that my sweet friend Veronica sent me as a wonderful surprise. I’m making my way through it, slowly and savoring every page. Each chapter is a collection of recipes and memories, cataloged by color! In the green chapter there are recipes like broccoli soup, spinach and ricotta cannelloni, pea and potato mash, watercress omelette and peppermint crisp pie! Mixed in among the recipes are tiny pictures of Tessa’s kids’ art and handwritten childhood memories — it is so beautiful. Here’s Link on Amazon.


Story People Charms.

I’ve ordered this charm/necklace three times and given it away three times! Last fall as I began to pull together ideas for my Twelve class and contemplated making such a huge commitment to online teaching. I remembered this necklace and ordered it again! I’ve been wearing it a lot and I LOVE it. I photographed it for the postcard that is going out in the product kit for my class and I’ve had some questions about how to get one! Here’s the link — but I just realized this particular charm isn’t listed right now. I’m sure if they get enough emails, they make more!

Note: Story People is the website where you can learn more about the imaginative world of artist and storyteller, Brian Andreas

FIVE. and ShoeBox

I just learned (yesterday) about this super-cool new website ( and FREE iPhone App (ShoeBox) that will help you scan and share your old one-of-a-kind pictures. I just downloaded the app and scanned my first picture — one that I grabbed from my family tree drawer, for my grandfather James McDougal. In literally seconds, my phone took a picture of my picture (scanned it) and it is now part of  my collection. Technically I would have to have two photos to make a collection — but that will happen later today! The  other COOL thing about this website/app combo is the social media aspect of it. You can follow people and people can follow you, so hopefully you have some tech-savvy extended family members that would be willing to scan the one-of-a-kinds that they have, so you could all share and exchange information, etc… If not, I’m sure you have some tech-savvy friend and it’s ALWAYS fun to scroll through old photos.

I adore companies that tackle big ideas and get the help of millions to do it.
I hope you’ll visit very soon.

You could follow me …
Happy Friday!


  1. Love your post – happy and cheerful! Still waiting for my burst of energy!!! Love the colored rice – you could even hide little things in it for Addie to find. Glad you are enjoying being busy with your new class. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the SG advice – truly a good kick-in-pants reminder I need to hear and read often! My kids will wonder why the TP is in the craft room – guess I better paint soon so they will understand. I use to have a huge dishpan under my sink when kiddos were little. Filled with Rice or Beans and extra utensils. Let them go wild with them. Sweep afterward. Of course we miss a few. If feeling adventurous I would use a pan of water and ice and food color and salt (on the table not floor). The tactile quality of the rice must be soothing and might help my older boys who like to fiddle with stuff at table. .

  3. I also love that picture of Addie. There is something about a child playing in their stocking feet – and that look of concentration is priceless.

  4. I just love your Friday Five posts. :D

  5. Kathy Weeks says:

    Stacy, I love the necklace! Thanks for sharing where you purchased it!

  6. Fun stuff.
    P.S. I’m loving Twelve.

  7. Antoinette says:

    Dearest Stacy, you make my heart feel warmth with your colorful and energetic posts.
    Your post lifted my spirits and it’s just what I needed today :)
    I’m a member of your twelve class and I just want to thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiring life with us xxx

  8. I was hoping you’d post a link that that charm – such a great message.

    Coloured rice?! How cool! My 3yo niece wants me to make her some pink playdoh today. Can’t stand the bought stuff and homemade stays fresh forever.

  9. UR2COOL. Love this post.
    Loving TWELVE. LOV-ING.

    Do you feel the love? LOL! Now I’m off to do some happy Valentine’s planning of my own.

    -Rhonda in AR (mom2h)

  10. Love the Friday Fun posts! So fun! I am really just discovering color because of you and loving it! Also I am loving Twelve. I was not sure what to expect, but a kickstart to my creative mojo is exactly what I need! You truly are so creative and inspiring! And finally, a long time ago I bought several prints that I loved and after following the StoryPeople link, I now know where they came from and about the creator of them. Thanks!!!

  11. Just visited the 1000memories site—very cool. I hope to utilize it soon. My daughter loves Rapunzel and her “big” hair too. thanks for sharing.

  12. BARB TOPPING says:

    Really great post, Stacy. Friday Five is always fun and informative. I have love the necklace since the first time you posted it and glad to have the link. As I predicted, whenever there is mention of Twelve, I am quite side and regretful. I do know that I could not do it this year, but hope that I have not missed a one of a kind, never to be repeated class. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Lisa - Saner4 says:

    Stacy, there is always tons of fun and good stuff in your Friday posts, but this one especially speaks to me today.
    The colored rice totally makes me smile and I want to make some too – for me to enjoy, cause I love color! I think I will display it in glass jars or maybe even run my fingers thru it too. I will also come in handy on St. Patricks Day. A “ritual” I will be scrapping about (for Twelve) is how I always make green food on St. Patricks Day. Usually everything on the plate is green; some of it naturally green and some things I’ve made green, (like soaking diced raw potatoes in green water until potatoes turn green). I guess “I rish I was Irish too” :) although I’ve been known to do the colored food thing for Valentines Day on occasion. I think I need a copy of that Apples for Jam colorful cookbook for more ideas on colorful meals.

  14. i love your links! thanks so much for sharing. keep the inspiration coming! ;)

  15. Tracy Dayett says:

    Love coming here and being inspired in so many ways….Thank you! I remember years ago you had a picture of a boy face down in a kiddie pool with flippers on in a Simple Scrapbooks issue. The picture had this quote with it. I laughed at it and cut it our on the spot and hung it up at my desk. I can not tell you how much I LOVE this necklace. Have a great week!!

  16. I love these posts – thanks especially for the toilet paper idea (who knew?). The photo Jennifer took of Addie is just perfect!

  17. My kids love rice. We have a Rice Box, in a large rubbermaid container. We also have scoops of various sizes (baby formula, laundry detergent, measuring spoons, hot cocoa scoop, etc.), a plastic liquid measuring cup, and various bottles and a few funnels. They love to scoop and pour the rice into different containers. *Just a tip: Put a cookie sheet under the box/bowl, and most of the rice is caught in it, and you just return it to the box/bowl for clean up.

  18. Love the pic of Addie with her dollie. What a cutie.

    Thanks for the app idea. I am dl-ing it now.

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  20. So wish I would have known about that toilet paper idea about 10 years ago when my kids were little!! Would have really helped with keeping things clean! Thanks Stacy!

  21. Oh Stacy – where to begin? That cookbook looks like it was designed with you in mind and I love that you said you are “savoring” the pages. I pinned your toilet roll idea on my “happy crack for moms” board. The rainbow sprinkles? Genius. I’m on that as soon as I get my vacuum hose repaired :)

  22. So glad you’re enjoying the cookbook…i too am savouring my copy…it really did scream Stacy in the store!
    As my inspirational/scrapbooking guru i am thrilled that i could give a little something back to you!
    xo V

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