Friday FIVE for January 27th, 2012


There is actually a fun run that is all about COLOR.

I know.
The even better thing is that I know about this run because Shannon sent me the link.
Thanks Shannon!

To learn more, watch this YouTube vid or visit the The Color Run website.
Registration opens in like 19 locations on February 1st.

I’m considering signing up to RUN in living color this May in Seattle — only problem, the race is on a Sunday and I really like to observe the Sabbath and not do things like this, but I’m super tempted!! BUT … IF we got a big group together AND if we all went to church together too … we could wear white I LOVE Color T-shirts and sing hymns as we run, right??


Fiskars’ famous orange-handled scissors are a design icon.
I have poignant memories of my mother yelling (in a nice way) for someone to find her “orange-handled” scissors. They were her best scissors, so they turned up missing quite often!

These scissors are celebrating their 45th anniversay.
You can help celebrate HERE.


This AMAZING book, James Mollison: Where Children Sleep

I feel like I may have blogged about this before, but that was before I actually got my hands on a copy. My copy arrived on Wednesday and I haven’t been able to pull this away from my children since. The format of kid photo opposite photo of room and a small chunk of very readable text is the trick!

The diversity is amazing and the contrasts stark and in most cases alarming. Seriously, if you want to give your kids an education in sociology and culture in a very engaging and readable format, this is your book. Trey was blown away and kept saying, “Mom, read this one!” I love the power of photography to create awareness — on most pages about the abundance with which we live!


I just recently blogged about the website 1000Memories and the mobile device app, Shoebox — since then I’ve had the chance to visit with Michael, a member of the Shoebox team and I just really like what these guys are doing! Take a minute to watch co-founder, Jonathan’s TEDx talk and the little Shoebox Stories clip about Abbey — then go download the App and get started scanning your one-of-a-kind pictures. It’s super EASY and super IMPORTANT!



I’m sure I’ve blogged about Method before. I LOVE nearly every product I’ve tried, except for anything with a verbena scent, which I actually returned to Target (it was that nasty!) Anyway, I listened to a presentation that Method co-founder Adam Lowry gave to entrepreneurs at Stanford (click to watch!) and it just made me LOVE the company and the products even more. I love well-designed and good-for-the-world products and the people who make them!

I’m thinking that with teaching my class, I can probably eek out a Friday FIVE every other week or so, other than that — my blog will be a back burner thing. BUT I’m here and happy and plugging along. If I upload photos later, I’ll show you the cute Valentine cards I whipped up this morning for visiting teaching. I LOVE that I have a ready supply of pattern paper and ribbon — makes life so fun!

Happy Friday.


  1. Stacey thanks for sharing 1000 Memories – I do not know why the videos made me cry, it could be that I just heard the quote “love the people God gives you in your life, He will want them back one day.” maybe it is because I have just found some old photos of my Mom, who I want everyone to remember. Always thought that on grave stones that the born to death dates had a lot more to tell than that. Now I have a method, a way to ensure memory of some really significant people.

  2. Thanks for sharing the 1000memories videos. I really enjoyed them and might just have to give them a try. I am slowly going back through old photos (I’ve swiped them from my sisters and I’m have big plans to get them all scanned and suprise them one of these days.)

    Thanks for continuing to be you and inspire others to be their best self.

  3. I know you are super busy. Stay well. It is good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing 1000 memories.

  4. carol in seattle :) says:

    I know other things are more pressing to you right now, but I *LOVE* when you do a Friday FIVE. I don’t know how you find such wonderfully awesome things, but you do! I love that it reminds me to find the fabulous things in my life and celebrate them. Thanks Stacy, just for being YOU!

  5. Oh yes, the orange handled scissors – just used a pair of mine today!

    Yes, having a ready stash of paper & ribbon is so much FUN!

  6. If you decide to do the Color Run on Sunday with your white I Love Color t-shirts and singing hymns as you run (Press Forward Saints perhaps?), please be sure to document it so that we can all enjoy!
    I’ve been scrapping today! Loving Twelve.

  7. I love that you mentioned your mom’s good scissors! My mom sewed A LOT and would be so angry if we used her “good scissors” for school projects. I still feel a little wrong using fishers on anything but fabric!

  8. My mom had orange handled scissors, and we were NOT allowed to use them! Those were her GOOD scissors! “Where Children Sleeps” looks like something I should read with my daughter. It’s so important for our kids to know not every child lives like they do.

  9. “In living colour” just like Lisa Marie and I were talking about in the Twelve chat. We haven’t met yet, but we did chat on the phone last week. My goal is to run (jog) a 5k this year. I’ve never done one, too bad I couldn’t make The Color Run my first one.
    My Mom had white handled “good scissors”. LOL! Fun! I now have Fiskars orange ones.

  10. Come to Portland, the race there is on a Saturday. I’ll run with you.

  11. Oh my gosh, how fun is that race? I am NOT a runner and have never had any interest in a race, but that is tempting! I agree with BettyLou, come to Portland!!! It’s not that far…you can pick berries here in August, too! :)

    That is a really cool book. Thanks for sharing. I just put it on hold at the library!

  12. Stephanie T says:

    Thanks for the introduction to 1000memories–very, very cool and worthy of knowing about. I like Method products, too–started using them when I realized how harmful triclosan (anti-bacterial agent) is when used inappropriately. It’s even in toothpaste! Yuck.

  13. My mom used to tell us if we used her good scissors she’d cut our hair off up to our parts. (I think she meant we’d be bald;)

  14. Margaret Burton (Meggie) says:

    Hi Stacy, love your blog and respect that your busy now.
    I signed up for 1000memories the first time you mentioned it and will be sending it to my cousins who I think would enjoy doing it. I will be adding my pictures soon too.
    Do take care of yourself.

  15. BARB TOPPING says:

    I always love your Friday FIVE. You find some of the best products and ideas that I have not seen or may have forgotten. Sometimes they are tied to a wonderful memory or sometimes they make me think and reach a little higher. Friday Five is packed with so much more than just five random things. Thank you for sharing these with us.

    I knew I should have figured out a way to take TWELVE. I knew you would be so busy with the class and other parts of your life that you would not be available to blog. I am happy though that you are so committed to this class that you are giving it your all and not trying to do it along with other things that can wait for awhile. Always happy to hear from you.

  16. I will look out for this book (Where Children Sleep) right away. In a similar vein you may enjoy “Hungry Planet” and “Material World” both by Peter Menzel. Hungry Planet looks at families around the world surrounded by what they eat in a month and Material World has families from around the world standing outside their homes surrounded by all their possessions. Real eye openers! My kids still talk about those even though we read them years ago.

  17. I’m grateful for your Friday five, I always love your finds and inspiration. I have to admit that I’m sad that your blog will be the back burner (but totally get it) and I’m now wishing I would have taken your class. Sometimes adjusting the budget stinks!

  18. I have very similar memories of my mother and The Orange Handled Scissors (aka “My Good Scissors”). Today, my sewing scissors have a grey handle but they are also from Fiskars. And, I am sorry to tell you, I too have been known to demand where My Good Scissors are, who took them, and what they have been used for. ;D

  19. “Don’t you dare cut paper with these.” THAT was what was said about the orange-handled scissors at my house when I was a kid! In December I spent some time with my mom cleaning out some of my dad’s old boxes & spaces, and we actually found a pair of ancient orange-handled scissors. The very ones we cut paper with even though we weren’t supposed to!

    I miss your more frequent blog updates so I hope you’re back at it soon…but I hope your class continues on so well!

  20. I am so there on the Seattle color run. I needed to registar for a 5K this spring, and you helped me find it! Thank you! I’m sad it’s on Mother’s Day but I’m doing it anyway, maybe my family will come watch. :)

  21. The color run looks awesome and there is one close to me in Nashville. Stacy, I am so enjoying the twelve class and have actually made pages (YEAH!) and am getting some stories down that should have been done long ago. Thanks for your inspiration!

  22. A lovely and eclectic five Stacy, thanks.

    So wish I was doing Twelve but alas budget issues! I’ll just keep organising in the Photo Freedom vein instead. : )

  23. LOL! The statement about the Method Verbona scent is so, so true! Bleech! Never thought about returning it though, just poured it down the drain hoping it would kill something on the way down with that gross smell! :) Now, I’ve got some of my 12 January layouts to finish. Loving the class! Thanks for all your hard work!

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