Take Twelve!

Registration for my class, Twelve has closed, but it’s NOT too late to celebrate 2012 with dozens and dozens of great ideas. For example, check out the latest e-book from Ella.

It’s called Take Twelve and it looks REALLY, REALLY fun.
I pursued the 12 of the 12th (photo taking activity) a few years back and really enjoyed it — this book will help you with that and so much more!

The really cool thing is  you can save 12% on this book, until–you guessed it, the 12th (that’s next Thursday in case you are wondering!)
Click HERE to learn more.

I’m loving getting myself, my family and my home back into a “normal” routine and I so love that January organizing/cleaning bug — I’ve been bitten!
I just got off the phone with our BPC team and we’ve planned our trip to CHA–which is always so much FUN to look forward to. Things are just really looking and feeling good — I hope that is true in your corner of the world.

Happy Friday!


  1. I did Project Life last year — and to be honest, fell off the wagon about September (but, since I did an December Daily, am really only missing 3 months, right???) Anyway, I think this may be a year long project that is more my speed!

  2. Enjoy your class, Stacy!

  3. I’ve been bit with the bug too. I loved everyone having the day after new years off. As a family we put away Christmas Decorations and felt more ready for back to school as a whole. I’ve researched the calander for next year and one end sad and on the other excited as Christmas Vacation runs from Dec 24 – Jan 4th.

  4. I’m still bummed I couldn’t participate in your class, but I could do 12 on the 12th. (It’s just not the same without you:) )

  5. BARB TOPPING says:

    Stacy, I debated up to the last hours about taking your class and finally decided I had to pass. Regrets? Yes! I am missing out on something into which I think you have put your whole heart.

    My biggest scrapbooking goal this year is to finish the scrapbooks I started for my two oldest granddaughters three years ago. I actually was completing pages faster before I started taking classes and probably could have finished the books in a few months. The los would not have been as awesome, but they would be finished. So after saying all that, I think that taking your class would have taken a lot of time away from me completing this large project. I can only hope that you will have the energy and time to offer this class again.

    I have that cleaning bug too. I always leave my Christmas decorations up until Epiphany which was yesterday (Jan. 6). That means today is a big cleaning day at our house. I also have huge cleaning up to do in my scrap room. For some reason when there is a holiday, extra stuff seems to end up in the scrap room. I keep saying that it is a scrapbooking and craft room, not a room for scraps!

    Sorry, I have taken up way too much room on your blog. I wish you the very best with “Twelve” and for 2012.

  6. Hi Stacy-
    I am trying to find info o your school of life system. Do you have it posted anywhere? I am trying to reorganize and I love my Library of Memories System now, I am also all set up by color in my scraproom and its the best thing I ever did! Now, I want to try to tackle all the school stuff I have. I started to weed through but could use some guidance!


  7. I love to organize too. I think it is one of my favorite words, actually!

  8. Wish you and all the participants in Twelve an awesome year! I have loved reading; listening and dreaming about you class (but sadly felt unable to afford it this year) I kept trying to win a seat – but it wasn’t to be. Have a truly wonderful year everyone!

  9. I’m hoping your class goes well. Would have enjoyed taking it, but we don’t have the extra money right now, nor do I have extra time with two little ones. I’m sure it will be FANTASTIC though! (Your promo video on your blog made it look really, really FUN!) I’ve been thankful for Project Life so that I am able to have SOMETHING to show for our lives since traditional scrapbooking hasn’t been in my life these past few child-raising years. I am thinking about tackling a 12 on the 12th though; great idea!

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