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I’m here.
Actually, I’m in Utah for some BPC strategy and planning meetings. I’m especially excited because this means I have seen Clark and I am staying at Darci’s new house (pictures to come!)

I’ve been wanting to put together a CHA post as my Friday FIVE, but that’s not going to happen. I did get to do a little video of fun finds for …

Hope you enjoy.
Happy Friday!


  1. Such fun new products! So glad you’re getting to see Clark & Darci & family – hope you get to enjoy them amidst all the meetings & work!

  2. Great to see you!

  3. P.s. I love your outfit – where did you get those pants/jeans? Super cute!

  4. I feel like I should run up and see you (since I live in Utah)! Wish I could. Maybe someday.

  5. Love to see your fun finds! Can’t wait to get some baker’s twine and the funometer!

  6. jennifer h says:

    Fun!! I am so loving the Simple Stories binder/journal/scrapbook!! Thanks for sharing these cool new finds!!

  7. Beth Madland says:

    Hi Stacy!

    It’s me again — former co=host of Scrapbook Memories. I just watched your video for and loved it. My guess is that you did that in one take! You are good! Your video got me re-energised to scrapbook again with all of those fun products. (I had plans to give my supplies to charity but my husband begged me not to — he is right! I just need to do it in a different way.) In a time when some are bemoaning the decline of scrapbookers .. your video proved there are just fun, innovative products out there.

    I have always appreciated your authenticity. After your blog I read Seth Godin’s entry for today and it talked about being knowledgeable about your industry. I then reflected on your video and thought what you bring to the industry is both enthusiasm, joy and KNOWLEDGE. It was fun. THanks for sharing. Take care, Beth Madland.
    P.S. I feel that there should be a Stacy Julian show — I know getting funding for such an endeavor is a bear — but I still think there is a place for you and your fun approach! We just need to find the right network!

  8. Thanks for the excitement – like a five year old in a toy store, or my Grandmother in See’s Candy store! The voice entices, the eyes sparkle and the information ignited imagination. I’m taking Twelve and love learning from you. I agree with Beth – your own TV show would be grand. Meanwhile – enjoy and gather more, more, more, info and ideas for sharing – cause we love, love, love learning from you.

  9. You are looking like a skinny-mini, and are rockin’ those jeans!

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