Friday FIVE for February 17th, 2012


Target Ad: Color Changes Everything
How can you watch this and NOT feel happy inside?


This Love&Toast collection of delicious Mandarin Tea products.
I recently received the hand cream. Every time I apply it, someone asks “What is that delicious smell?”


I love the way form meets function in this “time-out timer stool” from Wisteria. I’m pretty much past the “time out” phase, but I can just hear myself say, “Go flip your stool and sit down until the sand runs out!” I think I may have to get this in anticipation of grandchildren (and no, I can’t believe I just typed that!)


The new look (and approach) at JCPenneys I loved their February catalog and I love even more the spirit of reinvention — just makes me giddy! Note that TODAY is the “best prices” of the month!


This is called Kendama and it’s the new rage at our house.
I ordered seven, in seven different colors, to keep downstairs with the ping pong paddles and guess who’s children did NOT watch TV or do anything technology related last night? I’m liking the idea of some easy-to-pick-up alternatives in the “un-plugged” area of play!

Here’s a YouTube introduction of the pro-models. We started out with a much cheaper version (still $20 at Amazon), but this will help you catch the vision of the “world’s best skill toy”


  1. Very much intrigued by the Kendama… I’m all for getting kids to actually play, instead of tuning out in front of the TV :)

  2. Never mind the children- I think THIS mom would enjoy that Kendama. While sitting on the time-out stool wearing some delicious hand cream.

  3. carol in seattle :) says:

    Seriously? I’ve been singing that Target commercial all week! I know you don’t blog too often, but I love it when you do!

  4. Yay for the Target ad! And my daughter is playing “Alouette” on her flute in band right now, so I recalled my french roots and sang and explained “je te plumerai” and what it means :) And then we saw the ad on the Grammys and she was all “Mom!!! that’s the song!” Now, off to check out this Kendama thing…..

  5. I went to Target this morning and saw banners that say “Color Changes Everything” and thought of you, and BPC, and Twelve, and wished I had my camera with me! That time-out stool is brilliant. It just needs some colorful paint! :):)

  6. I love that Target ad too, of course, there isn’t much about Target I don’t love! ;) My son loves his kendama. It has been fun for him to work on learning the tricks! And we all beg for turns too.

  7. Rita Legge says:

    Love the Target commercial! I don’t understand what you do with the Kendama, but I will have to google it to learn more about it. The time out stool is simple adorable!!!

  8. That time out stool is awesome! I was thinking my girls are too old for that, but it says max weight 150lbs, they could go on it for years yet ;) Haha!

    Loving that Target commercia, so springl. I learnt Alouette in French class to teach about the various body parts. Can’t wait for our Zellers to turn into a Target next year!!

  9. Julie lueck says:

    It is always so fun to see all the stuff you find. Very intrigued by the Kendama. How did you find it? Also how are you doing with your project life kit? I am so jealous of your 12 class that get to hear from you all the time now :/ I sure missed out on that.

  10. The first time I saw that Target commercial on TV, I thought, Stacy is going to love that. :) That’s like what she does for us.

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