Guess what just arrived?

This is Clark’s mission call!

The location of my son’s whereabouts for the next two years is contained inside this envelope. If you’re not familiar with missions and missionaries, you can learn more here.

I’ve not been able to make much time for blogging lately, but I have to hop on and share what is a rather monumental experience if your a 19-year old Mormon boy!

We’ll be opening this envelope tomorrow night at 6:00pm. I’ve set up a conference call, so that my parents and extended family can call and listen in. I’ve also invited the aunts, uncles and cousins to submit a guess as to where they think Clark might serve. I’ve posted these guesses on our big map downstairs …

A complete list of all 340 missions is here. I served my mission in Frankfurt, Germany and Geoff served in Boise, Idaho.

If while Clark contemplates his future, you are interested in joining in the fun, leave a guess in the comments …

I’ll send anyone who guesses correctly happy mail with some of the NEW CHA goodies that have arrived at my house in the last two days!

Naturally, I’ll be reporting back on the contents of Clark’s happy mail — hopefully, he can stand the wait!


  1. I think Ecuador since I am going there at the end of March. Made me teary eyed to read your blog today. How exciting!!!

  2. Heather R. says:

    I am going with Russia, Moscow!! Exciting times!

  3. I’m going to guess Dallas Texas Spanish speaking :)

    My oldest will be 19 in July and we spent yesterday afternoon doing his mission paperwork online. Totally exciting but just a little teary.

  4. Richmond, VA because its close to home.

  5. I am going with somewhere in Asia — I am not sure where all he could be sent there, so I am going to be generic with ASIA! :)

  6. OH HOW EXCITING for your family. Congrats to him! My first thoughts were South America…. Argentina?? But I’m thinking my real guess will be somewhere in the South. Jackson, MS… New Orleans, LA???? I know that was technically 3 guesses but there are a lot of missions now!!! He’s blessed to go to any of them! Hugs!♥

  7. Julie Cole says:

    So exciting!!! My son Keiler and nephew Alex will be recieving their calls any day too!!!!

  8. I guess Argentina! So exciting!

  9. You must be on pins and needles! How wonderfully exciting for you all. I am going to guess Africa. I just can’t decide what country but I’m thinking west Africa.

  10. Let’s guess Texas Fort Worth. Congrats!!!!

  11. Bec Kilgore says:

    I am biased ;). San Antonio, TX.

  12. I’m going to guess that he will also go to Germany- like his mom. What an exciting thing!
    I’ve gone through this twice and my third (and last) will be 19 in November. Love missionaries!

  13. ALi Banholzer says:

    I say Australia, Aedelaide….

  14. Jen WRight says:

    Congrats! How exciting yet nervewracking for mom.
    Ok I’m going to guess anchorage Alaska. My husband wants to pick Guatemala city central, guatemala in honor of our adopted son from there.

    Can’t wait to hear the news!!!
    Jen W

  15. Christy Terry says:

    How exciting for the entire family and what an awesome way to include everyone! Great idea! My guess: Kentucky

  16. Ana Paula Paes says:

    I have to guess Brazil!!!

  17. My guess is Thailand! Good luck to Clark wherever he ends up!

  18. Lima, Peru

    Very exciting for you and your family!

  19. Hi Stacey
    If your son ends up in any of the 5 boroughs of NY, send him my way. I live in Brooklyn, I work in Manhattan and my parents live in the Bronx. We’ll keep an eye out and feed him :)

  20. Erika Mendenhall says:

    I got it! Chile! My oldest son will put his papers in this summer. He will be the first in our family to go. We are so excited!

  21. Phillipines!

  22. I’m guessing Cleveland, OH!

  23. How about Brazil….had a friend go there and he loved it. But then others went to Minnesota & Arizona and they loved their mission. So, anywhere he goes will be a great experience for him and the people there.

  24. Im guessing France, only because I want to go there…

  25. I’d love Texas Lubbock because then I could watch out for him, but I think that it will be Brazil Sao Paulo.

  26. What a very exciting time for your son. My guess is England

  27. Jenn Talbot says:

    I am so excited for you all! My guess is going to be England or Scotland!

  28. How exciting, what a neat way to share it with your extended family!
    I guess Padova, Italy :)

  29. I’m biased, too, and will hope he comes my way. I pick Houston, specifically Houston South. If he does come this way, we’ll take good care of him!

  30. I’m guessing Columbus, Ohio! And if he ends up there, I will gladly give him a homemade meal! ;)

  31. I’m guessing Haiti.

  32. Mary Satterfield says:

    I hope he gets to do his mossion in Figi, I’ve heard it is gorgeous there.

  33. Of course my guess is Brazil (my son is currently in Vitoria, Brazil) because it seems lately most of the boys from WA are going there.

  34. My guess is Brazil (my son is currently in Vitoria, Brazil on his mission) so many of the missionaries from WA are getting called to Brazil.

  35. Merida Mexico. How cruel to make him wait until tomorrow night! Wow Geoff got such an exotic location ;) Lots of North American choices though.

  36. Marie LeJeune says:

    I’m going to vote for Rapid City, South Dakota…because that’s where I was born. But for his sake, I hope he gets to travel internationally–what a great experience.

  37. Denise kerut says:

    I guess Louisiana ( my state) . I would like to meet this handsome young man and introduce him to my 17 and 13yo sons and 20 yo daughter. My other guess is Korea, because of his sister. God bless him and you!

  38. About 2 years ago I won a contest on Lisa Bearnson’s blog by guessing my home state of North Carolina so I’m going with it again.

  39. France! How about Toulouse? Okay, Paris would rock too! French teacher here, I used to live in the southwestern part of France, it’s beautiful there! Wherever he goes, I wish him all the best! (and you too, Mama Stacy!)

  40. Denise kerut says:

    Louisiana or Korea

  41. If he comes to Philadelphia, PA it will be in my neck of the woods.

  42. Exciting!! How can you wait that long? I would totally peek. ;P

    I guess New Zealand.

  43. I’m going with Perth, Australia! I hope for his sake I’m right!

  44. Portugal, Lisbon

  45. Sherri in Oregon says:

    I’m thinking Vancouver, Canada. Beautiful city!

  46. I can’t believe he has to wait until tomorrow night. I couldn’t do it. My guess is California San Diego mission. That is where I served. :)

  47. Allie.Duckienz says:

    I guess Auckland, New Zealand because that is where I was born. Good luck for you all in this transition.

  48. Sherrie M. says:

    I’m gonna guess the Philippines! Can’t wait to hear!

  49. Rita Legge says:

    My guess is Panama Panama City, because son is doing project in his Spanish class on Panama.

  50. How exciting! My brother is currently serving in Boise, Idaho right now! My guess is the Cleveland, OH mission (where i’m from!).

  51. Margie Rowles says:

    My guess is Canada (Winnipeg)….we’d love to have him in Canada!

  52. Let’s see………Florida

  53. I am just going to have fun and Say.. Chicago..

  54. Wow!!!! I am going to guess…Torreon, Mexico!! That is where our second son is right now and I know they can use more missionaries…so that is my guess!!

  55. I don’t think I could handle having that envelope around and not opening it! Kudos to Clark for such patience. And I hope for your sake that his mission assignment is closer to home!

  56. I will guess he will go to The Czech Republic…that is where my hubby served 16 years ago. Good luck and I bet the anticipation is killing you all! By the way…I live in Boise, if you and Geoff ever come to visit I would love to meet you!

  57. St. Petersburg, FL.

    Don’t ask me why, it just came to my mind!

    Best of luck and I’ll send along my blessings.

  58. hawaii – honolulu
    or somewhere else tropical

  59. I am going to say Chile Antofagasta just because that is the name of the company that our Joint Venture is part of and who I work for in Ely MN. Best of luck to him and I wish him the best. My niece is in Guyana doing a two year mission trip. What a wonderful opportunity for these kids. ~Ann

  60. Hmmmm! My guess is Utica, New York! That one just jumped out at me! What an exciting time in the life of a young person!

  61. I think Buenos Aires. I don’t how you bear the suspense! I don’t even know him and am in no way affected by what’s inside, but I desperately want to rip open the envelope to find out.

  62. Michelle Price says:

    I don’t know how he can stand to have it around that long without opening it. My guess is Macon, Georgia. Congrats!

  63. This is VERY exciting! My guess is Halifax, Canada…where I live. Where ever it is, how exciting for him to be off on this adventure!!

  64. I bet he is adventurous, so I guess Quetzaltrenango, Guatemala. Best of luck to Clark!

  65. Congrats! I’ll guess Japan. It says a lot about his parents that he is choosing to serve. Way to go!

  66. Edinburgh Scotland!!!

  67. Sharon Holesh says:

    Baltimore Maryland!

  68. How exciting!!! My guess is Singapore. I have faith that he will be happy and do wonders no matter where he goes! Love the photos you’ve taken of his anticipation!

  69. The Netherlands

  70. My first thought was Brazil. Then I thought, “Wait, how cool would it be if he went to Korea!” So I’m going with Korea….Seoul West.
    I’ll bet your buttons are bursting! What a blessing for your family to have a missionary.

  71. My guess is Minneapolis, MN.

  72. Lore Dahlstrom says:

    My guess is England.

  73. I hope he’s going to Sapporo, Japan w/my son leaving in June!

  74. Julie Lueck says:

    I guess Jacksonville, Florida.

  75. Boston MA! He can serve and paaak his caaaaa!

  76. What an exciting time! We put up a map of the world and had everyone put up a guess before he opened it. Maybe he will end up in Cleveland with my son. It is a bitter sweet day when they go in to the MTC. Good luck and congrats!

  77. My guess is somewhere in Illinois. Wishing him the best wherever he goes!

  78. My guess is Brazil (one of the Sao Paulo Missions) or Russia. I served in Brazil Santa Maria–absolutely loved it! The hardest and greatest experience of my life (so far)! I remember having to wait an hour for my sister to get home from the mall before I opened my call and that was PURE torture! You guys are saints for waiting a whole 24 hours! Good luck to Clark wherever he’s called!

  79. How exciting! I’m going to guess Taiwan. Anywhere he goes will be exciting and they will be so lucky to have him.

  80. I pick Cincinnati Ohio only because it is the closest to where I live!

  81. Tokyo, Japan

  82. I can’t believe it! I remember when he was born! I am going to guess somewhere in Africa.

  83. Sheryl Coleman says:

    In honor of my favorite cookies, my guess is Samoa. :)

  84. I’m going to guess Orlando, Florida since it is one of my favorite places.

    I wish Clark well wherever his faith and journey takes him.

  85. How hard it must be for him to wait…but how special to share it with the whole family. My guess is Taejon Korea (hope I spelled it right:))

  86. I will guess Ventura, California… I wish him luck and an awesome life experience.
    My reasoning for the guess is that I have been absent from 12 for over 3 weeks due to being in Ventura tending to family affairs.
    Ventura is gorgeous and would be an awesome experience!
    Best Wishes, Casey

  87. Since I have two nephews serving in Brazil currently, I am guessing Brazil…there are so many missions down there I have no idea which one specifically, but Cody is in Belem, I believe…he will be fantastic regardless!

  88. Fiona Lally says:

    I’m thinking it’ll be somewhere in Asia but will narrow it down to Tokyo, Japan

  89. I’m guessing Guatemala. Or Guam. I’m getting a big “gua” vibe. ha!

  90. Since it’s nearest to where I’m from, I’ll guess New Zealand (Wellington). Wherever he goes, I am sure he’ll be warmly welcomed by those who read this blog!

  91. Kay Lyn Beauchamp says:

    I’m guessing San Pablo, Philippines. Good Luck!

  92. Cherry Hill, NJ

  93. My guess is Oslo, Norway. Best of luck to all of you.

  94. Brenda DellaVecchia says:

    I’m picking Mongolia Ulaanbaatar.

  95. Frankfurt Germany! Though I hope it is San Diego, California. He will love our weather and he looks like a california boy

  96. My guess is Korea – it would be cool for him to serve in Addie’s home country!

  97. Paris, France :)

  98. Wow! My guess is Equador.

  99. What a torturous wait!! So exciting, and a pretty monumental event for a mormon mom too! I’m guessing Spain, Barcelona. It’s a great mission. :)

  100. How exciting! I’m going to guess Mexico Oaxaca. Best wishes!!

  101. The suspense! I’m going to say Colorado Springs, and then cross my fingers that he also gets assigned to my ward! ;-)

  102. Philippines

  103. Shanna Miller says:

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  104. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  105. My WISH for Clark is Greece! How can you NOT have faith in any God(s) when surrounded by so much beauty?!?! And, how wonderful for him to have an abroad experience!!!!

  106. Santa Cruz Bolivia

  107. Lima, Peru where my daughter Melodie served! She absolutley loved it…..

  108. How on earth can you all wait to open it??
    Edmonton, Canada

  109. Ecuador Guayaquil North. It could happen! Congratulations!

  110. Can I make it wide – Sub Saharan Africa or South America. Therefore: South

  111. I guess Sub Saharan Africa or South America: Thus South!

  112. Selena Alvar says:

    My guess is San Antonio, TX!

  113. Of course this is a very remote chance, but he could serve in Finland!

  114. I’ll guess Italy because that’s where I am… haha!

  115. Sherri in Sammamish says:

    Fiji Suva

    My 17 yr. old son is doing a people to people trip there this summer & I’m sure he’ll come away wanting to serve there, too!

  116. I too do not know how you can hold off opening it!

    My guess either Singapore or New Zealand. My two “home” countries!

  117. I’ll go Australia as that’s where I am. Wherever it is I hope that it is a very positivr time for him.

  118. Stacy,

    Thanks for sharing this exciting news. I have family who are Mormons, but they have not shared their faith with us. I sincerely appreciate learning from you and through your family expereinces. Being directed to information on Missions and Missionaries was very helpful and will allow me to ask more questions and be more open.

    I wouldn’t presume to guess, but I could hope that he ends up in Santa Rosa, CA so I could me him.

    My well wishes for Clark and all the family as you anticipate this adventure in faith.

  119. No idea how, you can wait to open it, I’d be dying to know! I have no idea where he could be going so I’ll say Australia as thats where I am!

  120. Pittsburgh PA (near me!) or Australia…the suspense, oh my!

  121. I’ll say Enland Birmingham. Bless him for his work!

  122. Linda Matthews says:

    I say North Carolina.

  123. My guess is Cleveland, OH!

  124. one fb friend was doing something in Tanzania…that’s my guess.

  125. Birmingham, England jumped out at me. Wherever it is, I pray it will be a wonderful experience for him!!

  126. Kathy Jo Camacho says:

    I can’t believe this day is already here! Congratulations! There is no way I could wait a day before I tore into the envelope. I’m thinking… Dominican Republic – Santiago

  127. I was surprised to see so many missions available (not knowing anything about this) but I took a wild guess and chose Honduras Tegucigalpa. Good luck to Clark and your family

  128. We’d love to have him in the Houston TX East mission! My boys served in Poland, Japan and Calif. I know he’ll have a wonderful experience wherever!

  129. I’d love to meet Clark so I’m hoping Western NY which I believe is based in Rochester, NY. Good luck and best wishes, Clark!
    Lynn Wigren
    Jamestown, NY

  130. Wow how exciting and scary at the same time. My guess is Peru Lima north. Best of luck. When will he have to leave?

  131. Completely random, I’m guessing Toulouse, France.

  132. I’m going with …..the UK! Just because it’s where me and my family are. :-) if I’m right then my door is always open wih a good home cooked dinner if he needs it. :-)

  133. I’m guessing GA, because we have missionaries here all the time. Some are renting an apartment from my father in law right now and they are such nice boys! If he does make it here, I’ll make sure he has home cooked food and treats when needed! :) I always feel so maternal when I see the missionaries around town grocery shopping or at the library.

  134. I will guess Japan! If I have to choose a city, I think Fukuoka.

    I have heard some radio broadcasts about the needs in Japan, so I think God could use him there.

  135. I will guess a Spain mission. My son is at the MTC as I type this. We dropped him off last Wednesday. He will be going to Calgary Canada on 3/6. Talk about an adjustment, our last child, and gone for 2 years. My heart hurts…

  136. I’m so excited for you! My son leaves for San Diego in April. What an exciting time! My guess for your son would be Brazil! He will be a great missionary wherever he goes!

  137. Washington DC South mission, Spanish speaking.

    It could be anywhere!!! Missionary service is one of the best things any 19 -21 year old boy can be doing.

  138. Indonesia – Jakarta

  139. I’m guessing Brazil! So exciting!

  140. Indonesia- Jakarta

  141. I think he is going to Haiti, Pot au Prince. Just had two young by my house last week from Ca. They were experiencing their first Canadian winter. What a wonderful experience for them. Clark is blessed where ever he goes.

  142. KatieKelley says:

    Praha, Czech or as us Americans call it Prague. A close friend took me & my 2 boys there back in ’05 along with her kids to visit family & friends. It is beautiful country full of friendly folks that love sharing stories.

  143. Panama City, Panama — it’s where my husband was born while his dad was stationed there in the US Army

  144. Cindy McDannol says:

    I’m saying Fukuoka, Japan. Where ever it may be I’m sure Clark will let this Mission be a truly amazing time in his life.

  145. Jenny McGee says:

    Not really sure, but I will guess Boise, ID, like your husband. How exciting for him and your family?

  146. Massachusetts?

  147. Maybe Charleston, WV?

  148. Guatemala!

  149. Karen Smith says:

    England Manchester

  150. How exciting! I’m voting for San Diego California.
    It is the most colorful place I know. :)

  151. It must be an exciting time for your family! My guess is….


  152. Honduras Comayaguela

  153. Stephanie E. says:

    I’m going with Auckland, New Zealand!

  154. I’m guessing the Philippines!

  155. Good Luck Clark! I think it will be Singapore!

  156. Since I’m from Wisconsin, I’ll guess Milwaukee!

  157. Well, since there is not North Dakota location, I’ll go with our neighbors to the east…Minnesota!

  158. My guess — Mpls Minnesota

  159. KristiGilbert says:

    Munich, Germany is my guess.

  160. I guess Birmingham, Alabama! Wow, that would be hard not to peek! What an exciting time for your family.

  161. I’m guessing Atlanta. Good luck to Clark! You must be one proud mama!! :-)

  162. I guess Nigeria Lagos….and I cannot believe you have the strength not to tear open the envelope!!

  163. I’m guessing South Africa – Johannesburg.

  164. Michelle C. says:

    A guess for me would be Haiti.May peace and safety be with him where ever he goes!.

  165. Carrie Alexander says:

    Pusan Korea. Two of my cousins served there…it’s where they learned to wear white socks with their dress shoes! LOL!!!

  166. My guess is Brazil. . . they send a lot of boys from WA and OR there because the VISA’s are more easily expedited for some reason through your consulate.

  167. We’re biased toward Russia, West Africa, Brazil and Okland Ca!
    but whatever people he is called to serve will become a huge part of his heart!

  168. Karen Cummins says:

    Illinois–Nauvoo! What an exciting event at the Julian’s! And an awesome idea to CELEBRATE!

  169. How fun!! I guess Atlanta, Georgia!

  170. Costa Rica…….just because I want to go there!

  171. theresa Ferran says:

    Dominican Republic, Sanatiago….good luck

  172. My guess was going to be Germany Munich but as I scrolled down someone has already guessed that…are duplicates okay? Not sure so, I think I will guess France Toulouse now. Clark probably already knows this but wherever he goes he will grow to love it as well as the people and it will be the best two years of your life! Congratulations!

  173. Cheri Stine says:

    how reassuring to know that wherever “it” is, God has already been there and planned a remarkable experience for him. My guess is near me: Harrisburg, PA. Good Luck and God’s Blessings!

  174. Oh, how exciting! I’m going with ITALY.

  175. scrapper al says:

    No guesses as to where, but I love that this big moment is being shared with so many members of your family (and with us!).

  176. Between random scrolling along the list of possible places, and clicking with my eyes closed, I came up with Uganda, Kampala. I hope for the sanity of his mother that I am wrong (since it is so far away!) But whereever he goes, I hope he is blessed and enjoys his mission time!

  177. maine

  178. I think the Raleigh, NC mission would be exciting!

  179. Laureen Dean says:

    I think Clark’s destination will be Paris, France. Thanks for sharing this life experience with us.
    Best Wishes, Clark!

  180. Terri Torrez says:

    I’m guessing local – Baltimore MD.

  181. I closed my eyes and pointed and my finger landed on Lansing, Michigan! Wherever he goes, I wish him many blessings!

  182. Nagoya Japan out of the country
    Lansing Michigan or Texas in the USA
    Good luck, know it is exciting for all.

  183. Debby F - Wa. says:

    Scotland Edinburgh

  184. I am thinking Knoxsville TN.

  185. Bec Kilgore says:

    I know we aren’t “kin” but I hope you have a minute to let your online/BPC family know after the big reveal. Looking forward to hearing.

  186. Margaret Burton (Meggie) says:

    My guess is Portland Oregon

  187. I’ll guess Oslo, Norway…

  188. Oh Stacy thats so exciting! I will guess manhattan.

  189. My random guess is Denver Colorado – good luck and have fun!

  190. I am guessing Haiti because they are still devastated and need a youthful breath of fresh air!

  191. B’ham or Huntsville AL

  192. I’ll guess Macon, Georgia just because it was the first city that caught my eye.

  193. Berlin, Germany

  194. I am going with Quito Equador!

  195. Japan!!! It’s where my husband served his mission. It was his most memorable life experience!

  196. Don’t know if it worked. My guess, Berlin, Germany :)

  197. I guess Seoul, South Korea!

  198. Congrats to Clark and your family!

    My guess is either Colorado Springs (’cause that is where the Air Force has us stationed right now) or………Venezuela Valencia :)

  199. My guess is Tempe, Arizona.

  200. Charleston, West Virginia

    As a mom, I would selfishly want my child to remain stateside ~ but also as a mom, I’d want my child to be able to help wherever help is needed, here or abroad. Many good wishes for your family!

  201. Katie Scott says:

    How about sunny Florida.

  202. How about Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, I know its a long shot, but its a great place to live.

  203. I will vote for my home town though I don’t live there anymore. Ft. Worth TX.

  204. Kim Burningham says:

    I am going with Poland!!!!

  205. Kim Burningham says:

    well… on second thought i am going with Soa Paulo Brazil

  206. I’m hoping for Honolulu!!! Bet he is too!!! He can take a tour with this Kailua girl and her red headed daughter!!!! Hugs & Aloha.

  207. Puerto Rico!!!!!

  208. Ileana Rivera says:

    Mexico Mexico City East is my guess. Many blessings to him wherever he goes.

  209. my guess is Athens Greece… how cool!

  210. bea medwecky says:

    I’m guessing Peru. He can tour Machu Pichu and take amazing photos.

  211. Japan Sendai

  212. I immediately thought of Mesa, AZ (as I live in Phoenix). But my guess is San Francisco, CA. Wherever you go, Clark, may He keep you safe.

  213. Monique Nugent says:

    If he comes to Sydney, Australia, I can offer a home cooked meal!!

  214. My guess is Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

  215. Czech Prague jumped out at me when I looked at the list. Wherever he goes, I hope he’s happy!

  216. My guess is Charleston, West Virginia.

  217. Melinda Mustered says:

    San Paulo, Brazil

  218. Melinda Mustered says:


  219. Lisa - Saner4 says:

    Honolulu, HI :)

  220. BARB TOPPING says:

    Such a glorious day awaits Clark and your family. I could feel the excitement in your posting. I know this will be one of the most important life experience Clark will have, and I wish him joy as he is guided by Christ. My guess is Tokyo, Japan.

  221. Bec Kilgore says:

    You must be really getting excited! :)

  222. Kary in Colorado says:

    I’ll guess my son’s mission–El Salvador. I’m so impressed you (and especially HE!) can wait until tomorrow! Yikes!! So exciting!

  223. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    My guess is Philippines.

  224. Brisbane, Australia.

  225. Phillipines

  226. My guess is Brazil….

  227. My guess is Brazil…

  228. I’ll say Panama or Brazil!!!

  229. I vote for Japan as that is where I served!!

  230. Wild guess – Columbia.

  231. Paris, France

  232. Ann Werner says:

    I am going to guess Africa.

  233. i will guess New Zealand.

  234. Barcelona, Spain! Congrats to him and your whole family!

  235. teri buczkowski says:

    My guess is Seoul Korea
    Where ever he goes may he enjoy the experience


  236. Maybe he will join our grandson in California San Bernardino. He just opened his call last night. Or he could come and join us in Quito, Ecuador. Wherever he goes it will be wonderful.

  237. I guess Korea. It would be perfect.

  238. Lynsee Womble says:

    I’m going to guess Lubbock, TX just because that is the closest mission to my town. It’s so interesting to learn about your faith through your blog and I would love to know more about how they choose where to send each person. Does every single person in the Mormon Church do a mission or do some opt out?

  239. My guess is Kingston, Jamaica. It would be an interesting place for a mission!! My friend’s son ended up in Denver (we live in Alberta) and he will be home around the end of the summer. She is over-the-top excited to have her oldest home!! Best wishes to Clark and to your whole family!

  240. Although I think Korea would be so awesome for your family, I’m going with Guatemala Quetzaltenango!

  241. Anchorage AK ~

  242. I put my mouse down and it picked Papua New Guinea. If he goes there, it will be a dramatic experience. In truth, all missions will be dramatic experiences. I love how you made this a family experience. I hope that this evening was amazing.

  243. I am going to guess Billings, Montana……where my mouse landed when I closed my eyes and moved the mouse! Awesome journeys for Clark!

  244. carol in seattle :) says:

    I’m thinking Japan…good luck Elder Julian!

  245. Leeann Sammons says:

    charleston, wv

  246. Australia or Texas are my guess.

  247. Montevideo, Uruguay. What HAPPY news! Fingers crossed for Happy MAIL!

  248. Kelly Koesters says:

    I guess london, England! Not sure why, that’s just the place tha first popped in my head. Good luck!

    Kelly Koesters
    Pickerington, Ohio

  249. Sue in Canada says:

    I’ll guess Copenhagen, Denmark. My friends live in Denmark and they are truly the nicest people you could ever meet. Good luck!!

  250. Betsey Cline says:

    I am going with Billings, Montana.. no idea why? I hope he ends up overseas though -I know how exciting that can be!!

  251. Erin white says:

    I say Portugal porta… Cause that’s we’re I’d want to go:)

  252. How very exciting for your family! I’m going to guess Australia, since that is where I am, perhaps he could drop off the happy mail when he comes LOL. Do I need to be more specific than that?

  253. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

  254. Nigeria, Port Harcourt – didn’t know you guys had a mission post there, but that’d be interesting

  255. I’m going to guess Sweden!

  256. I’m amazed that it’s this time already. Where does it go?

    Amazing enough, there’s a mission site here in my area, but I do hope he gets an overseas adventure! I think it’d be awesome for him to visit Japan since you and Geoff got to do so together . . . I think he has the personality for success in completely foreign areas.

  257. Im gonna say Haiti!

  258. I’m gonna say Haiti!

  259. Athens, Greece! Wherever it is, I know he’ll do a spectacular job. What a handsome guy he is too!

  260. I would say he would be successful were ever he went, but if I had to take a guess, then I’d say Norway.
    Have a great time!

  261. Maybe he will be sent up Little Rock, Arkansas. If he was I would only ne 45 minutes away and I could iron an eye on him and report back to you. LOL

  262. I am going to guess the West Indies. What an exciting time! You all are showing quite the restraint not tearing into that envelope! Can’t wait to hear!

  263. I’m going to guess Knoxville, TN. One of my close high school friends served his mission there. How exciting for your family!

  264. How about Austrailia?

  265. Houston, Texas

  266. jennifer h says:

    Somoa Apia

  267. Seoul Korea

  268. New York!

  269. I’m dying here- checking for an update- I gotta know where he is going! You opened it up last night- give me some relief! I guessed Colorado, but I agree I’m sure he will be successful anywhere he goes.

  270. Dubland, Ireland. One of my favorite places.

  271. Grr…Dublin. Dublin, Ireland.

  272. Houston, texas

  273. Greater Houston, TX area – I live in Sugar Land and have seen young men doing mission work

  274. I can’t wait to hear where he’s going, Stacy! SOOOO exciting!

    I am guessing he’s going to Hawaii.

  275. Lubbock Texas is my guess

  276. I’ll guess Leeds, England :) Can’t wait to find out!

  277. tammy perkins says:

    Alaska- Love Alaska – so beautiful!

  278. North Carolina

  279. China

  280. I’ll say Kingston, least he’ll be warm :)

  281. Bronwyn Boge says:

    Panama, panama city is my guess…

  282. Bronwyn Boge says:

    Panama, panama city, is my guess.

  283. i will guess france

  284. Melissa Norstrom says:

    I want to say New Jersey or Eugene, Oregon

  285. Okay, I’m dying to know! My husband served in Mexico Torreon, so I’ll guess that one, but wherever he goes he will be a fabulous missionary! He’s got great parents supporting him, that’s for sure.

  286. Maybe Richmond, VA

  287. My guess Costa Rica :)

  288. Kimberly Ann says:

    My guess is Quito, Ecuador!

  289. Julie MacManus says:

    as i read the list – Suva, Fiji and Barcelona both jumped out at me. Tho of course i’d be thrilled if it was Wellington, NewZealand as then his mum (and family) could come and visit with me!
    best wishes :>

  290. New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!
    gotta love the land down under

  291. I guess Watford, England because that’s where I am lol. We always give a warm welcome to the Elders we see around here….

  292. Sunny Australia would suit him well

  293. My guess? Czech Prague.

  294. Stephanie T says:

    My guess is Bogota, Colombia!

  295. I am going to take a wild guess and say Calgary, Canada…or rather Calgary, Alberta, Canada is how it should be actually. It’s cold out here right now… less than stellar weather sometimes but oh-so-close to the beautiful Rocky Mountains!!

  296. Finland! Wherever it is I hope it is a wonderful experience :)

  297. So exciting Stacy! I served in England, but my first thought was Brazil so I will go with that guess. Good luck to Clark, I’m sure he will have a wonderful experience.

  298. My guess is Helsinki, Finland!

  299. Karen Hobbs says:

    I’m picking Lima, Peru!! It is sure to be a wonderful experience no matter where it is!

  300. I am going to guess China

  301. My guess is Quito, Ecuador. Wouldn’t that be something???!!!

  302. Ogden, UT

  303. Karen Schmidt says:

    Charlotte North Caralina.

  304. What??? I can’t believe you all have enough self control to just let it sit there and not open it! I would be dying!!!

    My guess is Tempe, AZ spanish speaking. That way we could have him over for dinner ;)

    So exciting! I can’t wait to find out where he is going!


  305. Hi Stacy, So I am guessing Brazil Rio de Janeiro.. that way he might be able to take in a World Cup game… My initial reaction would for him to serve close to home… but then thought that might be harder to know he is so close and not be able to spend time together… (forgive me for not knowing knowing the “rules” for missionaries… I in no way mean to offend… ) Hugs! Jackie

  306. I’m guessing…Southern California.

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