Help me out.

I used to love my blog.

Back in the day when it was hosted at Typepad and long before blogs were a recognized resource for information and ideas on the Internet, I adored the idea of instant and informal publishing. I could say something and almost immediately own it. No edit, no design, no worry about word count, just me and my voice. I could sit down and in 10 minutes report a funny incident or a new experience. I could confess my love and excitement for a product or service, while I was still feeling it! Better yet, there were comments–I knew who was reading and how they felt about my efforts.

At some point blogs become a business and they began to syndicate and advertise. Bloggers began collaborating on all kinds of creative campaigns with companies big and small–bloggers and the emerging blogosphere became more than a legitimate force in establishing individual brands and marketing them, especially in niche markets. About this time, I thought I wanted my blog to be more. I felt some pressure (mostly internal) to take a more professional approach to my blogging, after all I had visioned a magazine and managed an editorial calendar–how hard could it be?  I approached my friend Alllison (and her husband John) and together we began building a strategy that could potentially support expanded content. My plan was to lean heavily on Allison for administrative efforts, so I could continue my role at BPC (then BPS.) Not long into this venture (and due to a variety of influencing factors) I started to feel really overwhelmed and in spite of my new full-blown, super-cute, totally custom and very Stacy-esque website (with three blogs) I felt like I had lost myself just a bit. I was trying to write what I thought readers wanted to hear (on a schedule) and I while I had always enjoyed posting about products and companies I was now doing it because I needed (or felt compelled) to please advertisers. Even making public an already established personal practice of random acts of compassion, creativity and curiosity–something I had termed “sprinkles” was losing it’s flavor as it lost it’s spontaneity.

Now, please, please don’t get me wrong and assume that I don’t appreciate or approve of blogs as a business platform. I absolutely love and admire many women (some who are dear friends) that rock the blog-as-business model. I’m just at a place where with so many social media outlets and multiple ways of communicating and interacting online that I’m not sure what I want to do HERE. We’ve adjusted my job description at Big Picture Classes, so that I can focus on teaching and leading. I’m at the end of the 4Experts portion of my online class, Twelve and we’re off to California today for spring break. I’m eager to step away and really think about my life (and as part of that, my blogging.) My hope is that by my birthday (in May) I have a kind of a game plan, some sort of idea about how I can add value to my little corner of the web. I’ve learned that it can’t be over-scheduled and I know I don’t want to pursue advertising or involved affiliate efforts. I’m still navigating midlife and juggling a very busy family, a thriving business, lots of exhilarating opportunities and doing it with diminished energy–in other words, I rarely stay up past eleven anymore! Many would tell me to forget it  and walk away, but I don’t want to do that.

So, all of this is to say that I’d really like your help. IF you are still HERE after months of (at best) random posting with no intentional effort on my part, then PLEASE tell me why you come back and what I can do for you that will add value to your already limited time in this highly distracting online space.

And, that’s really it.
There is so much already out there.
What do you want to know from me?

I have scheduled a few posts for while I’m away–newsy sorts of things–but I’ll be reading your thoughts and I’ll be back after Easter to respond and figure this thing out.

Thank YOU.


  1. Carrie Alexander says:

    I always check back because I love your posts where you talk about everyday life and how your memory keeping efforts either helped you see something you would have otherwise missed, or how your kiddos appreciate what you are doing. I also ADORE anything colorful, so I love those posts too (PS-got my 5th grade students hooked on Lil Mismatched because I love them so much! LOL). I look forward to reading, no matter what the content!

  2. Hi Stacy, I’m still visiting because I love your outlook on life, your enthusiasm, your quirkiness, your honesty. I don’t need daily posts or product lists or a regular ** on Monday etc. Hope you discover the way to make blogging work for you again – I’d really miss you if you stopped all together.

  3. Hi! I don’t want anything specific from you. I just enjoy your updates and occasional point in the right direction to a product, blog, etc (I found paper coterie through this blog). I won’t say forget it and walk away, because I would miss reading your posts, but I wouldn’t worry about the “adding value” part as well. I would feel safe saying that the majority of us are here because we are interested in what is on your mind, what products you may choose to share with us, etc not because we are expecting a post every other day or something. I’ll be here whether you post once a day or once a quarter.

    Your thoughts are the value in the blog, and I am totally not say that to be a butt kisser, lol.


  4. I like reading about your family. I like seeing what makes YOU happy- new product, new product outside the realm of paper crafts, ideas, “sprinkles”, etc. Just YOU.

  5. Stephanie Robertson says:

    I always check back because your posts are well written and quite often they make me smile and laugh out loud, or even cry sometimes!!! You are an amazing writer, and in my mind anyway, this doesn’t have to be about the advertising or the scrapbooking or any thing business related. I think, personally, it should be your little space on the web to do whatever you want with it, and if that means writing whenever you can and about what ever you want, so be it!!! I will always come back and look cause, in all honesty, I love your philosphy on life and on scrapbooking and I’ve always really admired you. Now… I will hop off my soap box and go back to checking out facebook… LOL

  6. Oh boy do I hear ya! While I’m not as well known as you, I have struggled with the same things. I skim a lot of blogs for ideas and sometimes I go weeks without looking at them, but I have a section of blogs in my google reader that I love to READ..and that’s where your blog is. I’m happy to see a new scrapbook idea, but mostly I love to just read about the every day, ordinary things you do and how you incorporate crafting into your sprinkes, organizing your family, your callings, the books you read… Oh no. I better stop. I’m starting to sound like I like to stalk you.

  7. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    I wish I could give you something more important than this: You’re Stacy. You infuse everything around you with color and enthusiasm. To be honest, some days I just NEED a little of that.
    : )

  8. I have been a fan of yours for over a decade because of your positive outlook on life, giddiness over color, your simple scrapbooks outlook and just your plain fun, honesty. I do not care if you post on a regular basis. I follow you through google reader so I see when you post and always check it out. Love you Friday Five, but never think it has to be every Friday. Just post about what you love and your life and I will be a fan forever.
    Karen G

  9. I keep checking back to hear from you. I love your outlook on life. I changed my way of storing my crafting supplies because of your color videos – and I smile when I see all that color. I love hearing about your family’s goings and doings. Whatever you decide to write will be fantastic. I come back to your blog for you. :D

  10. Margaret Lante says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I think your bio says it best:

    “I use this blog to talk about whatever is on my mind on any particular day. I love to share products and services that I find cool and useful … ”

    I come back as I value your opinion. I have learned so much from you from your courses at BPC and that has changed the way I scrapbook. I am now recording my stories and I am so thankful to you and BPC for leading me into this direction.

    I read your blog because I want to learn more about you. I value so much the effort and honesty you put into your classes that I just want to hear more more more.

    Whether you post regularly or not so regularly doesn’t matter too much to me. It’s what you post that matters the most.

    Thanks so much for all that you do,

    P.S. I’m not real sure if that has answered your questions but hopeful it has given you an insight as to why I am here :)

  11. You and your voice, in whatever format and on whatever timeline you choose. There’s only one Stacy Julian. ♡

  12. Ditto to the above comments. I keep checking in for the daily tidbits of life that you share and for the inspiration that you provide (both life and work). I love the projects and the bright happiness of your blog. I come for new ideas, great inspiration, and the joyous perspective you offer on life.

  13. In the words of my 5 yr. old little girl. Cause you ROCK :) Your posts always either inspire, teach or just make me giggle so how could I not continue to stop by!

  14. I need to say that right now in my life, I’m about the same age as you, you are the only person that still inspires me to scrap. I love your outlook on the hobby, and your general outlook on life. I have dealt with a lot of family issues over the past few years that have gotten me down, but I keep on fighting through every day and your inspiration helps me do that. As others are also saying, your honesty is refreshing and appreciated. That is something that my family members are working on right now and it is helping. I’m not sure what else to say, just please don’t leave us! You would be SO MISSED!

  15. There are so many great comments that say it better than me…You have a joy for life that is easy to see and inspiring on so many different levels. Whether it is about scrap booking, products, family, books, everyday life, or whatever, it is always infused with color, enthusiasm, and a great perspective and always makes me smile. That’s a lot to offer, Thank You!

    FWIW, I follow you on facebook and twitter, and the snippets are great, and if they occasionally lead me back to a blog post, that’s even better. (and occasionally is okay with me) Thanks so much!

  16. Hi! I have been reading your blog since it was on the other site. I love reading your posts, no matter how frequently you write them. You have a really positive and unique perspective on life. Maybe you should keep on writing about whatever you feel passionate and inspired about, whenever you feel like it, and forget what the other bloggers are doing. In these times when everyone is sort of doing the same things, we need spontaneous and unique voices like yours on the web.

  17. Hi Stacy,
    I agree with the other sentiments so far. I don’t need any product placement from you. If you have found something that you love and you think we would then please share, just as you would with your sisters, but please do not feel any obligation. I enjoy the posts that show me about your life. I like to see how you incorporate fun into little moments regularly and how you celebrate life in general, and yet you don’t sugar coat the rough days. I like learning about those random days of fun, like ice cream for breakfast or the colour run. I have pondered how connections you have seen in your life may be present in my own life and try to record them.

    Please don’t leave blogging and don’t feel any pressure. Post what make you happy and help us view the world with the the same playfulness that you have.

  18. dianelynn says:

    Hi Stacy! I wanted to say that whatever makes you happy is what you should do with your blog. The value to me in reading your blog is hearing your perspective on things, your natural ability to see the everyday and celebrate it for what it is. Your Friday Fives are always fun to read, but I think you can accomplish the same thing using pinterest.
    If you say to yourself “ugh I have to think of something for the blog” then it’s not worth it. If you say to yourself “Oh! this would be awesome to share on the blog!” then totally do it. Make it organic, following the natural ebb and flow of your life. There will be times you’re totally energized blogging like a madwoman. There will be other times when you just don’t feel like it. And it’s totally fine! Embrace it, and don’t feel obligated. We’ll be here listening whenever you post. As my grandma always used to say “what ever your little heart desires, dear”

  19. Christine Mc says:

    Your blog reminds me why I scrapbook, because you write with such heartfelt sincerity and encourage us to examine our own lives more deeply. I don’t feel like I have to have the latest and greatest scrapbooking products, because you don’t push specific scrapbooking products, and I like that. There’s no marketing involved or hidden agendas. It’s truth, it’s family, it’s sincerity that comes through in your blog. Honestly – it’s a breath of fresh air compared to most other scrap-blogs! I love the 5 for Friday – you find such unique and sometimes quirky things! But I never feel like I have to have these products in order to make my layouts ‘worthy’, know what I mean?? Other blogs say, Look what I can do with this great new product? And that makes me feel like I HAVE to buy that product in order for my layouts to be good. Your blog says, “Look at the great memories I can pass along to my family” and that makes a world of difference. Please don’t stop blogging – your unique voice would be missed!

  20. I’ve been your fan since you first published the book “Simple Scrapbooks”. I was with you through the entire life cycle of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine (and I miss it terribly). I’ve been with you since you launched BPC (back when it was BPS). And I’ve followed your blog since the days when you were “altogether too happy”.

    I most enjoy hearing about the everyday stuff that makes you tick – watching your kids grow up, a product or cause that really moves you, and all the fun, quirky, sensitive, lovable stuff that makes you Stacy. I enjoy your positive outlook on life, the thoughtfulness you bring to every class you teach, the difference you are making in the world. Never underestimate the power of your voice!

    I wouldn’t care if your blog did or didn’t ever advertise another product or do a giveaway. I’m not worried about schedules or weekly repeats of a theme. I just want to hear from you when you have something fun or moving or interesting that you want to share.

  21. Susan Holliday says:

    You have so much to give to others, reading ideas and thoughts help so many. Also, mothers need to band together. We need to bounce problems, ideas, and thoughts with each other. Being women we need to bond, we have to, men certainly don’t understand us :)

  22. I love your blog! I come to see some scrapbooking inspiration (although I haven’t scrapped in years), to be inspired by your positivity, and to follow how you deal with life’s struggles and family stuff. You inspire me, a suburban working mom.

  23. I have been reading your blog since the beginning of blogs. And now that you are not posting as much, your posts are a little surprise in my blogline that I read immediately. I appreciate your blog because you are REAL. You INSPIRE. You show others that even with bumps & mistakes; life can be pretty good. That is can actually be fabulous. I love that you share your excitement for life and how you are enjoying it. I do think that with other venues of social media {Pinterest, Facebook} you don’t have to feel the pressure of product placement, or affiliate posts. Have a fun week with your family! Can’t wait for your next post whether it is next week or next month.

  24. I keep coming back because I like to watch your family growing up, and seeing how you navigate things as small as a birthday breakfast or as interesting as how you organize your home for your family. I live the unique items that you find and use and share with us. I appreciate your candor as you work through your own struggles (as someone with chronic fatigue syndrome I absolutely sympathize with your low energy).

    I think the bottom line is you’ve allowed us a peek into your life and a place at your kitchen table over the years.. I feel like I wantto stay with you both because in interested and as a show of support.

  25. Yeah, what they said! I so admire you and what you have to say! I follow you on twitter and will go to your blog like today when I see a link to it. Love to see you pin things on Pinterest –your happy colors are mine too! But your blog is always worthwhile reading–whether it’s something deep to think about or something fun to check out I enjoy it!

  26. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I read your blog b/c I always find something pretty/funny/inspirational/interesting. I follow you on twitter so I know when there’s a new post.

  27. I enjoy reading about your family, how it is growing and changing. I enjoy reading about your experiences, they let me know you are a woman, mother, friend, daughter, just like the rest of us. I like to see the fun things you do or share with your children, makes me want to share more with mine. As for products, I love to see your cool finds, even though I may never buy or use them. I may never meet you in this life, but your blog has given me a view inside your world that sometimes I feel I too, belong in. Life is for sharing, thank you for sharing yours. Please do with your blog what you want, life is too short to have worries that are not necessary.

  28. I come back because it’s you. I just love your personality and reading what you have to say. I love getting glimpses into your life with your family. I love seeing projects you are working on. I love silly, funny, or informative videos you create. I love finding out about products and music you love. It’s the same reason I take your classes over at BPC. Your personality and inspiring thoughts are what keeps me coming back. So just be you! Write/post/do what makes you happy and it will come through!

    I’m here with you through the journey and know that whatever you do it will be very cool and totally Stacy! Which is what I love!

  29. I love your blog because of your positive look at life in an honest way. You are an inspiration. I don’t follow many blogs but yours is one of the chosen few that inspire me to go and make by day a more colorful day. Enjoy your Spring Break!!!

  30. When I look in my google reader list, yours is the first blog I check for new posts. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that resonates with me. I like and appreciate your honesty and authenticity in your blog. Things that bring me back to your blog: product reviews, Spokane references (I grew up in spokane), inspiration for memory keeping, happiness, color. I think you are great and look forward to whatever you decide.

  31. Cathy L. says:

    I’m still here! I look forward to your posts because they are (usually) cheery and they brighten my day. I feel like I get to know you just a little bit and that you go through a lot of the same struggles that we all do. I especially love any post that has anything to do with scrapbooking. I need all the inspiration I can get!

  32. I will always be a follower/groupie of yours! Since CK and SS, I’ve followed and appreciated your success in maintaining your family and sharing yoour crafts. Guess you have a unique magneticsm to you! Enjoy your vaca we are noteating such aa sunny SoCal today.

  33. Sorry for the phone typo! Not such a sunny ….

  34. Are you KIDDING ME????

    Your blog is my HOME PAGE!!!…Still!!! And I salivate each day hoping there’s a new post. I don’t begrudge you for taking time out, though. You do SO MUCH and GO SO FAST I think you should rest more. So, I’m happy you’ve taken time out.

    I love seeing glimps of your craft space. I love seeing your projects. I love seeing photos of your family or your life. In your photos, I see how to capture LIFE as it’s HAPPENING. I’m inspired by your sense of “SPRINKLES” for everyday life, which shows in your photos. I think your kids are sweet and cute, but it’s more the INSPIRATION I get from seeing what you’ve captured and why. I usually leave each post with an “AH HA! I could do THAT!” and I do and I feel so accomplished and smart and creative. You have this friendly, open, “anyone can do it” attitude that inspires the creativity in others. THAT’S why I come to your blog everyday!

    I’d LOVE to see:

    - details of how you ORGANIZE your supplies and access them. Not just color bins, but your memorialilia, your papers, your spools of ribbon.
    - details of your sense of style and decorating with COLOR. You have posted a lot of that in the past, when you were creating your current home/space. This would include how you are decorating for the upcoming holiday.
    - details on how you manage all those kids AND keep your house clean/colorful/fun without losing your mind. Even though you might have help, you still have a LOT to juggle. People are interested in know how you do it.
    - PROJECTS: What are you working on now, what updates can you give on past projects in progress. For example that 180 DAYS project for Clark. What kinds of questions did you ask him, what are some of your layouts. You’ve shown a few updates, but believe me…we’d love to see MORE.
    - SPRINKLES: I loved the sprinkle posts. They were fun to try and a wonderful reminder to make everyday full of color and fun and love. I am just starting with a 6-year old and a 17-month-old and my approach to parenting has greatly been inspired by YOU! And this concept.
    - COLOR PALLET: I liked reading this part of your blog, albeit I didn’t ever take the challenge. I’d LOVE to see more results from your readers on how THEY used the color pallets for their own projects. That was always inspiring.
    - Giveways…I won’t lie, those are always fun. And you used to do a lot of them, as people sent you samples. I’ve used Paper Coterie a LOT this past year, making fun swatch books for gifts. I love them. And I’d never known about them if it weren’t for you!
    - MOTIVATION/INSPIRATION: Just in general, everyday life…you are positive and you motivate me to be positive. You often give me words to think about, ideas to ponder and I’m a better person for it. I love visiting here as one of my HAPPY places!

    You have such a wonderfully FULL life. Full of color, friends, ideas…it’s truely inspirational to see in you action…and in-action. Simple posts like an upclose photo of your flower pots on your porch to remind us Spring is in the air. A photo/comment about some class you are attending or giving and what you are getting from it. These posts don’t have to be long and involved. Sometimes just a little hello or glimps is all we need! You have to understand, I’ve been following this blog since I bought Big Picture in 2007. I’ve taken the classes 3 years in a row. And I WANT MORE and MORE and MORE of you, your approach, your style, your ideas, your color!!!!!!!

    And I am happy to come to this place each day!

  35. Everything I was going to say has already been said (quite well, I might add) by the previous posters! So I will simply say this: thank you for allowing us into your world and please keep blogging!

  36. Hi Stacy, I am one of your original followers and I still enjoy each and every post. I think the one thing that I have found in searching blogs is that some are not as focused on the simple things that really happen in our lives and how rewarding they can be. You always seem to pick the every day MOM thing that we can all relate to. I love your Friday Five. I have found some very cool things for my kids (and myself!) as a result. I love your posts on BPS as I have taken many of the classes and treasure how easy it is to be a student. And I also love the inspirational pieces you share. I have stopped checking a few blogs because they have lost the realness they started with so I understand this post as a reader. Whatever your blog is your true followers will stay!!!! <3

  37. Beth Anne says:

    What they said….! I love your positive outlook, Stacy, and you always inspire me. Please post as little or as much as you want, and I’ll always check in. Yours is the only blog I regularly read. But if you can’t figure out how to make it work for you, then I’ll understand, and I’ll be inspired through BPC and your other outlets.

  38. Hi Stacy. You’ve inspired me since your early days at CK. I agree with so many other commenters. I just love your voice. What you have to say gives me joy. I really don’t expect to or care about hearing about product or what’s new in SBing or whatnot from you – although it’s a little bonus when it happens. Although I love your style and would probably check out most anything you recommend, I really just come here to hear what’s up in the world of Stacy Julian. I have lost my way from time to time in life and definitely in the creative process, and when that happens I know I can turn to your blog like an old friend seeking kind words or a little funny from the woman who’s altogether too happy. Sometimes i pull one of your old books (TBP or FPF) off the shelf just to read and look at your layouts. I wouldn’t mind if you got rid of all your advertising and never posted about another product again. I know it helps support your business, but honestly, I don’t really pay attention to advertising on blogs, even if it’s on blogs of people I follow ever day. I would love to see you post the occasional layout. I miss that from you. Seeing your creativity in action. 

    Isn’t it interesting how complicated the creative world can be now? It’s no wonder you feel a little overwhelmed by it. I feel overwhelmed by it sometimes – all the blogs and product and tutorials etc. – and I’m just on the receiving, consumer end.

    Whatever you choose to do with your blog, I hope it brings YOU happiness. In a world of ever-increasing online resources, websites, tutorials, product reviews and especially advertisement, coming here to your site is like coming home to find a friend. And I thank you for that. 

    Have a great vacation! See you on the flip side. -c

  39. I visit because you are a great inspiration to me. Your philosophy on scrapbooking literally changed how I create. I am always looking to see what you will say/make/do next because I know you are consistently inspiring me. I know you are a busy lady! I look forward to whatever you do next!

  40. Mandy Robek says:

    Hi Stacey,

    I love stopping by and hearing about your Friday 5, seeing examples of your pages but most importantly your tidbits about life. You are living what so many of us are living – busy midlife lives. When you share about life we get ideas for photos and how we can capture life today. I really enjoy your stories and I understand the business side of your life but I don’t stop by for that. However, I do just want to hear about BPS. Can’t wait to see what your plan is.

  41. Wow. I can relate in many ways to how you’re feeling. I think that’s why I love reading blogs in the first place – because I can connect with people who have something in common with me, whether I personally know them or not. And because of that it bugs me when someone “sells out” on their blog and mostly shares products that they’re paid to advertise. I have always loved the openness and honesty on your blog, and of course the realistic and meaningful scrapbook approach. You are a voice in my head helping me to add color to my home and wardrobe and to do what I love without worrying so much what other people think. I will always follow your blog (thanks to the google reader) and I think what matters most is that you keep it authentic and meaningful to you.

  42. I’ve always loved your personal blog and really do miss your posts. I really looked forward to your “enabling” posts where you’d post your favorite items…candy at Target, little Miss Mismatch socks, etc. It was always so fun to scope out your favorite finds and find some new ones of my own along the way.

    I say forget the business side. You have enough of that in other places. Keep the blog for your personal thoughts…even if it’s just a quick paragraph. Use it for things you love, people you’ve met, miscellaneous scrapbook pages of you and/or your family that were created for pleasure, not a deadline. We’re all still here.

    • Sharon H says:

      This is exactly what I loved about your blog – those things that make you Stacy! I don’t read us much when I see product promotion, I don’t love Twitter, and I DO love your innate style and observations about life. Best of all, your scrapbooking inspires me, probably more than any other artist, simply because you know how to use color you love, photos you love, and that dash of product you love. Tell YOUR story.

  43. Stacy,

    I am still here. I follow you just because you are you. I relate to you age wise (and it is nice to have someone struggling with some of the issues I struggle with), life wise and just plain keepin’ it real wise. Your posts are always inspirational and even though I rarely leave a comment, reading your posts always give me something to ponder. You are so real, so down to earth, so not caught up in your own fame or feeling like you are above all of us ordinary people and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I hope you continue on although I get the loss of the spark. Social networking and the web are so overwhelming; don’t understand how living happens in between blogging, tweeting, FBing and on and on. Thank you for being you.

  44. I check your blog a few times a week because you always teach me something or show me a product that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without or because I think you are funny. We are also the same age with similar health concerns trying to make it all work. Our families are different, but I think we hold the same values and I love to hear about what you are doing. I also love your approach to scrapbooking and memory keeping. The only thing I want from you is what you are willing and able to give. Take care.

  45. Well, maybe you should go back to doing it the way you did it when you enjoyed it? Blog to please Stacy and the rest will happen naturally. Just because others do it a different way does not mean Stacy has to.

    • Amanda M. says:

      Yes! I love how you said this…go back to doing it the way you did it when YOU enjoyed it. :) Well said, Seanna

  46. Three words…inspiration, sincerity, enthusiastic. You are the best. Please continue as little or as often as you can.

  47. Amanda M. says:

    I like your blog! I would love it if you shared more scrapbook pages/projects, that’s been one of the most fun parts of 12 for me…seeing your stuff. Your pages/projects are different than everyone else’s…and I LOVE THEM. Would love to see more. Also, LOM/FPF posts…how are things going with your system. Your workspace….in other words, I want to read/see more of your creative life. I don’t really look for the color stuff (on I love color) or the sprinkles….

  48. I just like reading about you and your family and your life. I like the everyday stuff. I like reading about what you are excited about, or thinking about, and about your challenges. I love how you are so open and out-spoken. I, too, appreciate the blogs that are business-y, but I am more drawn to real life reports…the “This is My Life” kind of blogs.

  49. I’m here because I like your attitude and your ideas… this blog lets me know more about Stacy-the-person-behind-the-ideas. I subscribe with a Reader so I don’t need to check back all the time to see when you’ve posted. Good luck finding a way to make blogging work for you. Like all other endeavors, it should bring you joy or fulfillment, not be a chore.

  50. So many have expressed, better than I could, why we visit your blog and will continue to follow whatever you do. All I can add is that you have toiched many lives and we hope that what ever you decide brings you joy.

  51. I love your sense of reality. I love your sense of humor. I love your writing style. Your Friday FIVE posts are always fun and enlightening. I can’t always buy the stuff, but I enjoy seeing what you love! I love when you talk about the real-life, inspired scrapbooking. Inspiration along that line is always needed. Like I said the other day among some friends, encouraging helpful words always bear repeating! :) We’ll be here. You live life. Stop in and blog when you can! It’s reality. It’s life. And you are doing a great job!

  52. Jennifer C. says:

    Like so many others, I truly enjoy the sneak peeks we get into the life of the JUlian family – anxiously waiting for that mission call, a home office redo & those fun favorite things posts. I’ve been a fan since the beginning of SS & like getting to know the woman behind my simple approach to scrapbooking only what is important to me. Good luck in your decision making on this – do what feels right to YOU!

  53. Diane Standish says:

    I understand what you are saying-with all the blogs and all the ideas out there, it becomes overwhelming-what blogs do you subscribe to without a list miles long and then unable to look at them without spending all day online instead of creating! I am so guilty of doing that. But I come to your blog often because you have been here since the beginning-Simple Scrapbooks was my favorite magazine and always will be because you made doing things easy. So whatever you decide to do I am here to support you! Love your work, your vision and your expertise!

  54. Kimberly Goon says:

    I’ve been a part of your blog for years. I don’t care about the advertisements, or plugs for products or any of that. I enjoyed getting to know the Julian family and the mother with all the creative ideas when it came to raising her kids and family fun and traditions. I liked reading about a family with the same religion and values that I wanted to raise my family with. I love seeing the colors and ideas of decoration your house and yard and the fun scrapbooks that you do for your family. I love reading your thoughts on different stages in your life and health problems and new callings and just life. That is why I have and will continue to read your blog.

  55. LOVE your blog & everything about it! I don’t have advertisers but have found that a sort of schedule works for me – but ‘articles’ – [really topics] are only visited about once a month [except for the weekly re-cap - monday musings] and it’s working for me…

  56. Beth Kohl says:

    Hi! I hope you enjoy your Spring Break in California and truly have time to unwind and relax! For me, I have continuously followed you in some form since about 2000. This may sound strange, but I’ve “seen” your kids grow up, heard about your successes and disappointments, watched you & yours grow & evolve as all families do. It’s been an exciting and fun journey. Though our family is Catholic, we relate spiritually to your family and love that you share that in your blog as well. Love your mommy, wife and family experiences and advice you share as well. Enjoy your craft tips, home organization tips, exercise tips, etc. -just all things women love to know & learn from each other. Your blog should be a relaxing outlet to you – not something you should ever feel obligated to do. I think that would take away from it actually. So, follow your heart and do what your conscious tells you. Watching you the last 12+ years, you make wonderful decisions that bring you & your family much happiness ultimately – even if you, like we all do, can’t see that when you have to make the decision. I hope and pray that you find the peace in your decision by your birthday (or before!) :) We your readers will appreciate you & follow you in whatever format, be it twitter, blog, classes, magazines, podcasts etc – so don’t worry! And someday when/if you want to step away from it all, we will miss you but understand that too! Have a safe and happy Spring Break and Easter Stacy!

  57. Hmmm . . . I think the best way to tell you what I “want” from you, is to tell you the types of blog posts I love the most and why I read them:
    *I love your sense of style and color. I love seeing your home decor and it encourages me to bring my color and whimsy into my own home.
    *I love your sense of celebration within your family. I love reading about your traditions, both big and small. I love seeing how you celebrate holidays and special days and every days.
    *I love that you are a fellow adoptive mom. I love seeing Addy grow and I’d love to know more about how you parent and do family as a family that now includes a before-unknown-culture and heritage.
    *I do love your Friday Fives and the products and ideas you bring to us . . . but really, I’m pretty sure all scrapbook related/industry related posts are not near the top of why I read your blog and look forward to new posts.
    So really . . . I guess it boils down to the fact that I’m a mom who loves reading another mom who inspires her to be more colorful, more joyful, more celebratory and more purposeful.
    That’s who you are and what your blog means to me!

    • Tammy W. says:

      Karen – very well said – I second everything you posted as to why I come here too! I just purchased a turquoise lamp and pillow from JCP because they make me happy – part of that philosophy came from your inspiration Stacy.

      Learning from you in BPC classes as well as here has also allowed me to be more creative in my endeavors as a professor- which at times can be constraining, but my office now bleeds of my happy colors, my name plaque is in a super cute font with a graphic that represents me, and I have read books I am not sure I would have come across other than from your recommendation (i.e. marketing and creativity) which makes my teaching more fun – this is part of who I am and over the years your teachings have inspired my mothering, my family, and my students. Thank you for that.

      Working in the health profession field I encourage you feed your creative soul first and then share what you can with us – no time lines, no pressure. Have a wonderful spring break.

  58. Stacy, I come back to your blog because you are the one who freed me of unrealistic expectations about my scrapbooking. Simple scrapbooking and Photo Freedom gave me back my enjoyment of this hobby. I got back to my primary reason for scrapbooking – to leave a record for my children of their lives and mine, our memories, our connections. So I think that if the joy has gone out of your blogging, you should think back to why you started in the first place. Think about what is it about blogging that makes you happy and stick to that. I keep checking back with you for the inspiration and ideas. I don’t care about giveaways and freebies. So I say, follow your heart and do what’s best for you and your family.

  59. I just want to tell you thanks for all the cute ideas that I have found through your blog. I loved loved loved the scrapbook that you made of your son’s senior year. That was the cutest, easiest idea for an album ever and it motivated me to do something similiar for my kids, who by the way are out of high school. I think that’s what I love the most about your blog here is the ideas and just generally the help that I have gotten from here. Thanks again and I don’t mind that it’s not on a regular basis, I just know that when I come here I will catch up and get inspired.

  60. I love the everyday stuff, the color, the changes that mirror so many of us. I have your blog on my top sites page so when new content comes along I know. Yes I have been following you and SS and BP for quite awhile. I have gotten to know Darci and many others through you. You do what is best for YOU, I would miss you here but certainly understand the evolution we all go through. Maybe it is that evolution that you eloquently describe that we all love. I admit the advertisers are not of any interest to me, however when you talk about a product you use, I look it up and sometimes purchase. I am here in support you. You go girl, and look at the amazing accomplishments you can be so proud of.

  61. It has been many years!! You have “kept us” through thick and thin…the joy of adoption, the move, the many albums (graduation year instantly comes to mind). I have said before, I look forward to five for fridays–there are many things I have gotten for myself, kids or grandkids from those choices. I don’t read a lot of blogs, and some have come and gone. Some have too much information and I feel like I am invading. Others are strictly business and selling. You touch lightly on both, and none of it feels wrong. Yours is the only one that I can say has been a constant. Mostly, you add color to my life…and life happens so when it does, DON’T FEEL GUILTY BECAUSE THE BLOG ISN”T REGULARLY POSTED TO!!!!!

  62. I love learning how you apply your creativity to your family – the fun, creative things you do! I can be creative in scrapbooking and crafting but I have learned a lot from you on how to apply that to creative activities with and for my kids. Thanks for all you post! It is so encouraging to see someone with a strong faith live it out in such a successful way :)

  63. Heather G says:

    I like the “random posting with no intentional effort on my part” posts I’ve been reading. I’ve been in a bit of a scrapping slump (and it has gotten pretty deep!) Your posts about how you handle everything, reassure me that I’m not alone. That even a scrapbooker who I have long admired has a busy life, schedule, family. I like hearing the updates on your kids and seeing them grow. I like hearing what product, scrapping or otherwise, has caught your fancy. I appreciate that you don’t promote the latest and greatest just because some company told you it was.

    In other words, I like what you’ve been doing. Even if you don’t feel like it is enough or just right, I’m still here (among many others) reading again and again. I love the Friday Fives and the Sprinkles. But honestly I think I like them more when they aren’t scheduled, when they are random bits of fun.

    I hope you find what you are looking for!

  64. Stacy I love your blog! The reason I started following you was based on listening to you on Paperclipping Round Table. I love your outlook on life and your approach to scrapbooking…EVERYTHING COUNTS! I am too busy for much traditional 12×12 scrapping anymore (2 and 4 year old) so I come here knowing that even though you are in the business of scrapbooking you are also a busy mom who wants to capture the story and have some awesome systems and ideas on how to do this. I love all the awesome colors and finds you share! Hope you have a great spring break and enjoy your family time! Blessings to you on your new blog and all of your projects! I love TWELVE too by the way!!!

  65. I just like to hear stories : )

    I go through periods on my own blog (which turns seven years old today!) where I post a whole lot, and then others where I struggle to get more than one thing posted in a week… but in the end, it’s my space and I decided early on that I won’t apologize for it. My own blog has just been a record of our family, quirky stories, just life in general… and clicking through my archives once in a while is the best reminder of why it’s one of the most valuable endeavors I’ve ever undertaken. Click through your own archives when you have a little time and just read what you’ve written over the years in no particular order—you’ll be drawn to the things you want your blog to be about most : )

    Happy Spring Break!

  66. I like your voice. The happy with life and excited to share it voice, even when you surely don’t feel that way. I even like that you’re a sprinkles person; I am not. Frosting, however… :)

  67. Your blog is one of my favorites! I read because I love seeing everything from how you use your creativity in decorating your home, to your latest scrapbooking layout. I love when you talk about color and the importance of it. And your posts about having fun! I think, the bottom line is, your blog is happy and inspirational and it makes me think about how I can incorporate more fun & creativity into my life & my family. Thank you!!!

  68. Hi Stacy,

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for a long time, and a huge fan ever since Simple Scrapbooks. I don’t think I could adequately verbalize how much I’ve loved your posts. I guess it was the same with your scrapbook layouts — everything about them spoke to me — your easy-going style, your love of family, your embracing simplicity, your kindness to others, your FUN take on life. I don’t know much about the business-side of things, and I don’t ever have an expectation that you should meet some ‘quota’ or word count. I just really like your perspective.

    If you didn’t have your blog any longer, yup, I would miss it. But I would not want you to do something that isn’t bringing you joy. I would like you to do what makes you happy :)

  69. Hi Stacy – For me, it doesn’t have to be complicated. I like your 5 on Fridays but it doesn’t have to be consistent. I love when you find neat products and share. I love your simplicity and scrapbooking systems. I love your project ideas and I am working on paint colors for my house and all I hear is your voice telling me to go colorful. I love that I can hear you on the Roundtable, and your tweeting. It doesn’t have to be deep or full of content. No pressure! Just share bits of you, scrapbooking, and life!

  70. If it’s not authentic you, it’s not worth doing. I come to read your blog and listen to you on PRT and take your classes because you strive to be authentic and real. I don’t share your views on everything, or scrapbook “your way” only. That’s okay by me — and by you, I’m guessing. It’s all about doing what makes you happy and what makes you feel balanced, productive and fulfilled. I love the ideas you share and your take on things. If you want to keep sharing those on your blog, awesome. If you want to share things in those other ways only, good. Do what works for you and allows you to be authentically you. good luck with whatever you decide. I’ll still be reading and listening and learning from you wherever you end up.

  71. I like your cheerfulness! I enjoy seeing things that inspire people, and you always have interesting posts – mismatched socks, kids photos, scrapbooking, etc. I like knowing that while you accomplish a lot, it’s done within a real life environment with kids, messes, school events and more. It’s refreshing to see someone be a mom, a business woman, and artistic all at the same time. :)

  72. YOU MAKE ME HAPPY! I think the randomness works well.. No pressure on you (or us to keep up with you every day…) We’re just happy to have a little peak into your life and inspiration when you feel like sharing.

  73. Madeline St Onge says:

    I love that you always seem cheery no matter what, you sprinkles of colors that are bright and happy and all your design ideas rock. Love keeping up with you

  74. Honestly, I unsubscribe to a lot of those blog-as-business, post-every-day blogs. It’s too much to keep up with, even on a Google Reader. If I do keep subscribed, I skim a lot. Admittedly I really don’t know much about business, period, and I make a pretty crummy consumer (I rarely buy much of anything, period). So take that with a grain of salt.

    I read here because I like you! I am a digiscrapper and didn’t “meet” you until the Paperclipping Roundtable shows (and then I hunted down an old book of yours at my library). Your enthusiasm for scrapbooking and just for life in general always leaves me feeling inspired. I love the “it all counts” approach that keeps me from overthinking things (that’s my downfall!) and just DO something. As someone who’s also LDS, I also enjoy the occasional LDS-perspective you share (I think you posted on the “Forget Me Not” talk — I liked the talk and liked hearing what you thought about it).

    The bottom line is that whether you post on something specifically scrapbooking-related or just a story or even a little tidbit from your life, I leave here feeling inspired.

    I agree with all the above commenters that blogging should not be something you feel obligated to do. To me, it’s also a scrapbook (just more word-heavy than picture-heavy) — it should be a fun, random collection of memories, big and small.

  75. I love to come here to feel your joy, feel good about taking a simpler approach, and to be inspired to be better in multiple ways without going overboard. I also appreciate the bits of normal life you share with us, so that we feel normal. I know you are not perfect, but I like your take on life (especially since I am so serious). Thank you and good luck with your decisions!

  76. I very rarely follow advertising links on any blogs so you could leave that part out and not bother me at all. I read your blog because you are funny, creative, real and inspiring just because you are Stacy! I love hearing about your family, your house, your teaching and your projects. I read you because you are a person who inspires me and because I got to meet you in real life (when you were in Edmonton, AB)! Please blog when you can and don’t stress when you can’t! Enjoy spring break!!

  77. I have a blog and I have a button on it for not feeling obligated to post all the time, I have you in my google reader so when you update a post it comes there, and I love seeing your colour updates, that lifts my spirits a lot especially with all unique things that you seem to find to go with them. Life isn’t about the computer it is about what matters most and if you feel that you can share some of that creativity with others then do so but only when it is convenient for you not us. We will still be here no matter what.

  78. Honestly, I read because I feel like we could be friends “IRL.” I hope that doesn’t sound stalkerish! We have a lot in common and I just find it fascinating (I’m a mom of 6, 5 boys and 1 girl, my hubby is a physician, I was recently released as YW President, my oldest should have his mission papers submitted tomorrow and I have had a health crisis the last couple of years. Oh, and I live just a couple of hours south of you in Walla Walla!)

    Over the years, I have enjoyed reading about your family and your love of color and your journey through health issues (no joy there, but definitely interest and empathy!) – I love your tidbits about scrapbooking and keeping it real and simple. I get inspiration, and a laugh :) I love your Friday 5 (and have definitely picked up a few new things because of it.)

    Random is great – I’ll be here any time you decide to post :)

  79. As someone who hasn’t found the motivation to blog in ages, I look forward to seeing what kind of comments you get & how you move forward. Meanwhile, it looks like the weather’s going to be great in SoCal this week — enjoy your vacation & email me if you need a tour guide!


  80. I read your blog in a reader and it is one of the first ones I read when I see that it’s been updated. I see no reason whatsoever to blog on a schedule unless YOU want to. I love seeing updates on your family; I love the practical projects you do for your kids (the little clipboards you made one summer, maybe for a chore checklist, was one of my favorites). I love that you share your real life struggles and trust us enough to be vulnerable. I love that you are a FUN person, and that’s a quality I very much admire. I will always remember that you posted about someone painting your house as it was being built who commented that yours was going to be a Happy House. You inspire me to make my home a happy, fun place. I love seeing how your family makes a big celebration out of birthdays and the simplest of holidays (I am not at all good at this – I learn from you). I remember from one of your posts that you made your son pancakes equal to the number of his age on his birthday. I adapted that idea for my own son’s birthday when I bought him sixteen boxes of his favorite candy and sixteen glow bracelets to share with his friends.

    I think you should just post what you want, when you want, with no schedule, no worries about making a “business” out of your blog (like others have said, I never click on ads in the sidebars because I don’t know what I can trust). Forget about what WE want to hear and focus on what YOU want to say (which is probably the same anyway!)

  81. Stacy–I love how you see the world, I love when you share your real life and your perspective on it. I love seeing how you juggle things, and how you handle disappointments. You have a gift of being able to inspire women all over the world, from diverse backgrounds and in different life situations. We love YOU and your originality. You are not a scheduled, detail-oriented kind of person, you are spontaneous and I think you should do what you want and not worry about what you think you SHOULD be doing.

    I would really miss your blog. I want to see pics of your Target shopping trips and what’s inspiring you right now. It always helps me in my creative endeavors and as a mother.

    Have you heard Sis. Julie B. Beck speaking about blogging? It was on a Q&A on and I just saw the clip this week. She encouraged us to use our blogs to do good and share your testimony, and that’s exactly what you’ve been doing. Thank you.

  82. Lynsee Womble says:

    There are many reasons that I come back to read your blog. You are a fun and cheerful person and I think your take on life is interesting. I love your Friday Five posts and I absolutely love any post about your family. I don’t have kids yet but I think that I want to have a big family. I’ve noticed that I gravitate to blogs that are about families with four or five kids and it’s fun to see how each family interacts, etc. I enjoy any tips or ideas about things to do with kids and even ideas about how to run your household. Of course, I would love to see some random posts about scrapbooking. I think that if you finish a page that you love, post it here. It would be a great source of inspiration. Also, I would love to see more pictures of your house. I’m really tring to incorporate more color into my house and would love to see how your decorate. You can even post something as simple as the slime receipe that your shared in the Twelve classroom. I love your blog and I hope you are able to find the right balance so that you can enjoy blogging again. :)

  83. I love your blog: the randomness, the product features, the fun ideas you found, your sprinkles, your color videos, your ideas, your family, your home updates, Friday finds, your trips, YOU! I kind of like it when you post irregularly…it makes me look forward to your posts more! My folks live in Spokane and I always secretly hope I’ll run into you when I’m visiting them and shopping at your nearby Hobby Lobby! You’re inspiring! For some reason, whether you realize it or not…just being YOU gives me inspiration! Thanks for all you do! Have a great Spring Break!

  84. I started reading when I first started scrapping and was trying to sort out “how to keep up” or “how to GET caught up” I was starting to see pages that were so full and beautiful and I had no clue how to do something like that. Your simple approach spoke to me. Along the way I grabbed hold of your Finishline Scrapping idea and even found I was already doing parts of your Photo Freedom process. That made me connect with how you scrap and kept me interested. These days I scrap less but gather ideas so that when I do scrap I feel more productive. And even with that I know I am not behind!

    Blogs….well, I deleted mine. Too much work to keep up or to post something that seemed interesting. Then there was always the question of who was really reading and did I really want all that info out there in the world.

    With that said, like someone else, I use Google Reader. I have plenty of blogs to give me something to read. If you miss a day or even a week or a month, I may miss you, but there are plenty of blogs with multiple posts every day to fill my list with plenty of mindless reading material. I enjoy yours because more often you are sharing something because you want to and not just because it is necessary to get a post out for the day. I’ve enjoyed learning about your family and watching the changes. I many times wish my son was young and growing up (instead of being a married dad of 2) so that I could try some of your family ideas with him. No matter, the ideas are there and I now have grandkids to share some of them with.

    You should enjoy what you are doing. If blogging every day or every week does not bring you joy, then don;t. There are so many other ways you share yourself with all of us. Please definitely keep teaching classes. In person when possible! Your class at CKC a few years ago was my absolute favorite ever!!

  85. Thank you for what you have shared with those of us who read your blog. I always feel like you write to your friends and I love feeling a bit of a relationship with you and your family. I love your big picture view of life and values and family and constant learning. The way we spend our time needs to be flexible depending on our stage of life. Take care of your family but thank you for sharing tidbits of inspiration that help us get our big picture well focused. With blog readers these days we will all just smile and happily click whenever we we see a new post. I don’t buy a lot of stuff but I really appreciate your sharing of how you live your life and celebrate your family. Sometimes it inspires me to copy your great ideas.

  86. I love keeping in touch with you even though I have only met you once. If you blogged regularly on BPC I would follow you there. You have addictive inspiration and you have a wonderful sense of humor. I only read a handful of blogs, mostly skim them. I love pictures in blogs, keeps my attention better. I am inspired by your heart to heart blogs because it makes life real. But mostly I love Addie’s smile – her smile is so darn contagious. Just posting her picture everyday would make mine a little better. Have a great trip ~Ann

  87. Stacy -
    I have learned so much from you from the creative, to organization, family, product etc that any little tidbit, no matter how random, I enjoy. I enjoy reading your take on things, ideas for documentation and snippits on cool things in and out of the scrapping world. I enjoy your blog, and have to admit, I would be sad to see it completely go away. I have a blog too — personal, but public however there are no advertisers — just me and my computer — posting things now and then that I want to remember or feel like I am sharing with more than my family. I have been reading your blog for years — ultimately it is obviously up to you — but I would miss your ramblings, photos and product picks. Have a good and restful spring break. However, I want to think you mentioned that you were goign to Disneyland — we went to Disney World on our spring break trip (just back a few days ago) Lots of great family memories, but no so relaxing!

  88. I love the randomness of your blog. I love hearing about your summer clipboards, the fun (and often super cute) products you find. I love your comments about scrapbooking. Mostly when I read a new post from you it makes me happy and usually makes me say, Oh I should try that or oh I never thought of it like that.
    I find you inspiring. I don’t need or want a regular schedule of posts from you (although I do like your Friday five posts). I just like to know what’s going on in your world (that you feel comfortable sharing) and your thoughts about it.

  89. As I’ve previously shared with you, I’m a big, big fan and still waiting to register for my ice cube making class so whatever you do, whenever you do it on this blog will be icing on the cake for me. My favorite blogs are the ones that find a way to share a bit of themselves and their families as they feel is appropriate, are authentic in their recommendations (ie, recommending it because you love it) and make me smile. I will consume whatever meaty material you want to share with glee but will be just as happy to have a moment to connect with what’s up for you anytime it works out. Your original vision is what creates the best blogs for me. Daily posting or rigorous schedules aren’t something I expect anyone to adhere to. You’re providing something for free to me. You should do it in a way that makes you your usual happy self. You will remain in my blog reader as long as I have one and you have a blog no matter how often it shows me there is a new post (which ALWAYS makes me smile before I even see what you wrote!).

    And now I’m babbling. LOL Have a wonderful vacation!

  90. Rhonda Z says:

    I love your blog. It’s a happy place. I love hearing about your family, new products, fun items you’ve found. I love hearing about new things in the scrapbooking world and I like hearing about the classes. I pray you find peace while you relax with your family and that you find the direction you are meant to go.

  91. I love your blog. My favorite blogs, like many of those who have commented before me, are those that share insights into their family lives, show unique finds that we might find useful, share a bit about how they “balance” it all, and give some creative inspiration. Your blog does all of this and more. Don’t blog because you feel like you have to, blog because you want to. If that means less posts but more passion than that is even better!

  92. I like YOU, Stacy Julian. I like watching your kids grow up; like your fun decorating sense; like how passionate you are about spreading your ideas to enrich the lives of others; like how you always try to remain positive despite life’s trials. Are you still scrapbooking outside of your classes? I hope you are because your message has always inspired me. I still own all of your books and participated in LOM classes for my allotted three years.

    I read blogs in Google Reader so updates are not hard to follow, no matter how infrequent. The reader does not even show any blog ads (love that) and personally, I have unsubscribed to blogs with entries that seem to be thinly disguised shills for products, sponsors or classes. I want authenticity, not sales pitches. Strongly dislike the blog hops where it seems everyone on my reader list is shilling the same thing that day or week.

    You have to do what makes you happy. Maybe Twitter is enough for you right now? Loved the photo of the kids all dressed up as superheroes at Target the other day. Maybe that is how you make sense of juggling it all right now and let this slide? No matter what, as long as we can find you, people like me will continue to follow you.

    Have fun on your Spring Break!

  93. I enjoy the bits of life, your sense of humor and inspiration I find in your blog. I certainly don’t expect you to be writing every day, which in a sense makes reading what you write even more fun to find in my reader.

  94. I come here(well in google reader actually) because I love seeing the real life stuff. I love the fun products you find and blog about. I love that you talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. You are real and it’s so nice to see that!

  95. I came in because the topic resonates for me. I’m going to leave my comment before reading the others, so I may be repeating.

    I’ve been blogging for eight years, and have gone through several changes. The onset of “social media” has certainly altered the blogging environment. This is where I am moving now:

    Facebook profile: For friends, online and in-real-life, and other poets. My blog posts and status updates are automatically posted here (via And here I play, surf, read, and post links to things that catch my eye.

    Facebook page (sbpoet): This is my ‘public’ Facebook page. My blog posts and some status updates are automatically posted here.

    Twitter: Mostly friends & other poets; some unknown followers; public status updates and links to blog posts are automatically posted here.

    Blog (Watermark): This is public, and I do make some effort to be interesting, but this is mine. Anyone can subscribe, but it’s for me. I post poems, pictures, and sometimes other things. I have no advertisers to please, and I like it that way. I used to post many more links, but this is dependent on energy levels, which have been low lately.


    I do agree that, with the expansion of sites it’s possible to participate in, being overwhelmed is almost inevitable. posts to several sites where I am otherwise not active. I found I had to cut back, in order to have energy to make things, which is what matters most to me.

    I think, even with advertisers, that you could go back to having fun with your blog. Use your Facebook Page for ‘business’, and this for what pleases you. I do think that what pleases you is going to be what pleases your readers.

    Otherwise, you would not have such a large following.

  96. Stacy, I read in a reader, too, and I have also unsubscribed from blogs that I don’t get anything out of. I love when you are on Paperclipping Roundtable – I feel like I am getting the real Stacy Julien – excited about memory keeping and fitting it in with all that goes with a busy family life. And don’t we all have to do that? Just keep it real, girl, and I will keep reading.

  97. Penny White says:

    Stacy, Your blog was the first scrapbooking blog I ever read; I met you at Treasured Memories in Oak Park, CA when you spoke there and signed your books for me. I loved your ‘old’ blog, but I have never really warmed up to the new one – I think because it’s just not you. While I only know you through your blog and that one quick meeting you strike me as – spontaneous, warm, funny, deeply loving, questioning, and totally random at times, and not afraid to tell the ‘real truth. And, not someone who lives by a tight schedule that doesn’t have room for real life with children, and husbands, and faith, ….. And, like me and lots of us at that midlife stage – reexamining how we live our lives and use our time, discovering that some of the old passions have faded and new ones are emerging and being ok with what others are doing but not wanting to join them. So, be true to your passions – whatever they are – there will plenty of us who will be cheering for you and being encouraged and challenged by your blogging. That’s why I have your blog on my feed and why I am excited when there is a new post. Thanks for the wonderful encouragement you have given me over the past 5 years.

  98. Hi Stacy,
    I have been reading your blog for years… I loved Simple Scrapbooks and Loved watching you on Scrapbook Memories on PBS. I am a fan! I have noticed changes in your blog over the years but I will always come back. I think you have great ideas and inspiration. My favorite though are your more personal posts. I love hearing about your kids, our daughters are the same age (If I remember right, their birthdays are close as well) I also love when you talk about your faith. We belong to different faith’s (I am Catholic) but I still enjoy hearing about your faith and admire how loyal your are in your walk… It has inspired me to be more loyal in my own faith and to get more involved wiht my church. Even though we had never met I have always thought of you and my friend… I know, I am a weird-0! :) I did finally meet you at CHA (January 11) with the help of your friend over at Doodlebug Designs. :) I was so happy to learn that you are exactly the same in person that I thought you would be. I was so excited after meeting you, that when I came home from CHA and told my family, my two “tween” daughters said “gee mom, it sounds like you met Justin Beiber so something” LOL so now I refer to you and the Justin Beiber of scrapbooking. :) I will continue to follow your blog no matter what changes you make. I hope you have a great trip to California…

  99. Stacy,
    First and foremost, I hope you have a fabulous Spring Break vacation. I enjoy your blog and have for many years. I love the real life updates. I love your authenticity. You are colorful and creative and I find that refreshing and inspiring. Make the blog something that makes your heart sing.

  100. It is your genuine nature that attracts always brings me back again and again. Your true enthusiasm and excitement for the simplicity of life. Your thoughts and tips to enable us to to enjoy all the things that we want to do without being overwhelmed by all the things we want to do! Your blog in many ways epitomizes that – I love when you just dash off a few sentences about something the kids did that made you smile, or a new pic, or new affirmation you have experienced!

  101. Stacy, I read your blog because I enjoy your upbeat yet realistic look at life. I like knowing that life isn’t always smooth and easy in your part of the world either! I love hearing about your family and your service in the church. I don’t really come here looking for ‘technical’ input. Rather I come for your enthusiasm for life, your talents and love of organization and color, and your encouragement.

  102. Hi, Stacy . . . I’m still here! I’ve been following you & being inspired by you for years — first @ CK, then @ SS, then @BPC, & finally, here @ your blog[s]. I took a couple of CKU courses with you back in the day, & remember once telling you after an especially exceptional class that I would pay money to see you stand at the front of the room & pick your nose, I was that consistently inspired/moved/touched by you & your spirit [ok, that story sounds even weirder told in retrospect!]. I still am that consistently inspired/moved/touched by you & your spirit, which I guess is why I’m still here. I’ve invested years getting to “know” you & your beautiful family, watching you all grow & change, & always sending positive thoughts & prayers your way, through celebrations [like the addition of Addie!] & challenges [like the passing of your dear grandmother]. I would miss you terribly if you didn’t surface once in a while with a moment of scrapbooking philosophy, family news, awesome product or color-based conversation. So, for my own sort-of-stalkery, selfish reasons, I hope you find a way for this blog to work for you . . . so you can keep on brightening my life as you have for so, so long. Happy happy spring break . . . I’ll still be here whenever you surface once again!!! :)

  103. Lisa in AL says:

    Stacy, I originally came because you inspired me with your magazine and a CKC appearance in Seattle a few years ago. I LOVE your simple approach, and felt you talked to me in a language I could understand with your message “Have Fun and Scrap!!” I love your grateful attitude, and colorful outlook. And the fact that you address the times when you don’t feel so colorful! I miss your posts about just scrapbooking, which I think is why I continue to come back. I keep looking for those. I do also enjoy the products you personally find and like, not necessarily are endorsing or giving publicity to. I say keep it simple sister!! One blog with whatever strikes your fancy at that day and time! Would love to keep checking in with you! : )

  104. MichelleGB says:

    What Kristen said… You are inspiration to me – personally, professionally – and you always seem to provide a needed creative spark when I can’t find it on my own. And I love hearing about your kids, your life and the world you live in. You’d be missed if you were gone to long. :)

  105. I come because I enjoy your perspective regardless of it’s frequency. Your blog is always bright, fun and upbeat. I love the little reports about your boys and Addie. I like how you do family, and always enjoy any updates. I also like your “favorites” when you do those posts.
    I’ll come back regardless of any change to your content. I’ve got a number of your books, I like your scrapbooking philosophy and I’ve taken a few of the BPC courses.
    Have a great holiday with your family Stacey!

  106. I keep coming back because I enjoy seeing what you are up to. Whether that’s new stuff from BPC or kid updates, or just pictures, or whatever! You have an interesting perspective and I find it inspiring.

    Have fun on vacation!

  107. Hi Stacy,

    I am here because you are lovable.
    I’m not going anywhere. :-)

    Look after yourself,

  108. I come for inspiration and I absolutely love your honesty! Since we are almost exactly the same age it is nice to hear your perspective on family, life, scrapbooking, new products etc. Your blog makes me feel like we really are friends living next door to each other! Your positive, colourful take on life is a joy to peek into. I have been following your blog since I met you in 2005 and no matter how little or often you post I’ll continue to blog stalk you!!!
    Hugs, Veronica

  109. Gail Evans says:

    Well, as I am not a “writer” I could not say it any better than many of the previous posts. You just have such a great outlook on things and have great ideas and always inspiring. I’m sure whatever you decide to do, we’ll all keep coming here to see what you’re saying! :-)

  110. Stacy, I read your blog mainly because when I am done reading I feel that I have been uplifted in some way. You have a realistic and positive outlook on life and I don’t feel that you are only showing the world the sugar- coated version of your life. I appreciate that you are willing to express your disappointment and discouragement too.

  111. I am here because I love Color and Stacy Julian!!!

  112. I first ‘found’ you through your first book, then Simple Scrapbooks magazine, and on to your blog. I enjoy whatever you post, but it’s your scrapbooking (and scrapbooking philosophy) that first drew me in, and that I particularly enjoy seeing (ie I agree with what Lisa in AL said).
    Like others who have posted before me, I feel I ‘know’ you and your family, having watched your kids grow up and followed you through life events good and bad, big and small. I recognise this as a wonderful gift from you to us, and thank you for all you have shared.
    I have to admit that I preferred your earlier blog and your random posts to the scheduled businessy blog of today – but I follow you now and will probably follow you no matter what you do (I hope that doesn’t sound scary, it’s not supposed to)!
    I enjoy your approach to memory keeping and to life – when you come right to the nub of it, that’s why I keep coming back.
    Enjoy Spring Break and California!

  113. SueinMtVernon says:

    Dear Stacy,
    Your blog is one of the few I love to read. I love your honesty and your outlook on life. Your family is so blessed to have someone like you in their life because you make the everyday fun. I wish I had known you when my little guy was little so that I could do some of the daily joys you share with your kids like sprinkles and leprechaun kisses. I just wasn’t clever enough and wish I could go back in time and do it all over again. I can only hope that someday I will have grandchildren to spoil and do these fun things with them. You also find some of the most clever gift ideas. Gurgling pitchers? Really?!! Please don’t feel pressured to post daily, but I hope you don’t stop blogging. Inspiring and happy and fun – that’s what I treasure about you!

  114. Stacy – My job is HIGH stress, many hours, and extremely demanding. My time for blog reading is very limited and because of this, I’m very selective about the blogs that I frequent. I enjoy your blog because I always learn something and get happy vibes from it. The unique perspective, honesty, and passion for love, life, and scrapbooking emulates throughout your writings and is the reason I keep coming back. Choices are always difficult but I am a firm believer that ones choice must be based on what is personally right for the individual and their family. As the author Howard Thurman says, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Good luck with your decision!

  115. you were one of the first blogs i started reading! i’ve always enjoyed the ideas you’ve shared, the glimpse into your family, your creativity, and your thoughts. i guess i love the YOU part of your blog :)

  116. I keep coming back because of your optimism (one of things I lack). This world of instant everything can so often be focused on what is wrong or negative. It is so nice to see the positive side of things and you are so good at showing it to me. You have helped me to see happy colors even when it is dark. You are a very inspired woman with the confidence to act on that inspiration. You inspire me to trust myself.

  117. Hi Stacy, I am not a blog reader, I rarely sit at my computer for longer than a few minutes but I must say that over the years your blog is one that I return to again and again. You have an amazing spirit and energy that radiates in all that you do. We have very similar tastes so I love to see what you like and anything new that you have discovered. My daughter and I huge fans of Toms and Mismatched socks which we learned about from you. (sadly Little Mismatched is no longer being sold in Cananda :(

    I am currently in your ’12′ class and especially enjoy that I get to connect with you on a regular basis. I love that you are real and honest, that you don’t appear to take yourself too seriously That you love your family and you love to play!! I am continually inspired by your strength, passion and your wisdom. Please keep blogging….and take care of yourself!!

  118. You are very real on your blog, and even though you are mostly optomistic, you are also good at showing your human side. After all, none of us have a picture-perfect life and sometimes life is just hard. I hope you continue, since I will follow you no matter what format your blog is, but I do make yourself happy first. Write about what you want, when you want and maybe take the pressure off and don’t allow advertisers for awhile. We all need to change it up sometimes, and maybe this is a good time for change for you, too.

  119. Heather C says:

    I keep coming back because you make me think lighter, happier thoughts which in turn bless my family. No matter what it is you have always given me that. I think it the fun, and definitely the color in your personality. P.S. You inspired me (along with the Clover Lane lady) to “rainbow-ize” the top shelf of my bookcase. It just makes me happy to look at that shelf arranged in color order. There’s somethign about it that just soothes my soul.

  120. scrapper al says:

    I read your blog because I like hearing your “voice.”” You include a great mix of memory keeping, fun, and family. When your blog changed to have all these categories and sprinkles and tabs, I was disappointed. While I thought the colors and designs were very you, the whole website became overwhelming so I limit myself to just your blog. Good luck finding a balance and direction for your blog. I think that lots of bloggers find the focus of their blogs change over the years (I’ve changed the name of my blog three times and am considering another name change).

  121. Please continue to blog about your life no matter how infrequent it may be. I used to read a few (you, Cathy Z., Ali E., Ree D.) daily, but now I log on once a week and catch up with you ladies and your lives. I feel like I get so much from each of the blogs I read that I can’t imagine where I would get that same inspiration from! It sounds very selfish on my part, but keep blogging, sister!

  122. Michelle says:

    I enjoy your blog. I have all boys about the ages of yours. I like to see your perspective on life and family. I like all the “fun” things that you do. I am about the same age, with some of the same changes. You help me feel more normal. I just like your honesty and carefree, fun attitude. Please, keep blogging.

  123. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    I come back for your inspiration, ideas, first blog I’ve read, practically the founder of scrapbooking,lol! How could I not come back! Your upbeat and cheerful! Keep it coming!

  124. Jeannette says:

    Stacy, I just really enjoy reading your blog, hearing things from your perspective. I like how you keep things real. You talk about your life, your role as mom & working mom, and how that affects you & that you are normal like the rest offs. Reading your blog feels as though I’m having a conversation with a friend (which probably explains why I had a dream about you as my next door neighbor!). I say all this to say that it doesn’t matter I you don’t post often, but it matters to me that you do post. I enjoy reading your blog:-)

  125. Stacy, I have loved your outlook on life, the world around us and scrapbooking since I first heard you speak at an early scrapbook convention in Ogden many years ago. I keep coming back to your blog( coming back only because my life is hectic and I lose track of doing things for me) to fill my cup and broaden my outlook. After reading your blog I am sure that the things I do are important, the scrapbooks do not need to be “caught up” but each story I tell no matter what order I choose to tell the story is the right way for me. Your blog for me has been an outpouring of a women caring and uplifting other women it is the Lord’s work. I will always love and support your decisions but hope that some way you will blog or tell the story in a way that fits your changing and evolving life.

  126. Cheryl Smith says:

    I can top just about everyone for how long I’ve been a Stacy Julian fan. I took classes from you when you taught at Paper Hearts in Salt Lake City and only had two sons at the time. (I have five sons and you thought that was a lot!!) I’ve been a fan through your “Core” book and then all the other things you have done along the way. I’ve been inspired by your creativity, your honesty, your vision and your spirit. I’ve identified with a lot of the things you have talked about and tried books, products and websites that you have recommended. I love it when you are a guest on the Paperclipping Roundtable….you have such great insight and can handle Izzy with flair. Your blog has always been one of my favorites, no matter what form it takes. I check it regularly and hope that you will continue to write…in whatever form you chose. When push come to shove, you need to do what makes you happy. That will be the best thing for all of us, since that will come throught loud and clear. Keep up the great work. I will forever be a Stacy Julian fan!!

  127. Stacy,
    I’ve been a huge fan since your early days at SS. I keep coming back because you always manage to both inspire me and make me feel like I just shared a cup of tea with an old friend.
    I adore you. You made me love lime green. And brownies. Please keep the posts coming.

  128. Lisa - Saner4 says:

    Stacy, I’ve also been following your blog for many years now. I met you at CKC right after you brought Addie home and you had her in a little carrier in front of you. Anyway, I’ve followed you all these years because you have a gift for uplifting and inspiring women (and prob some guys too), helping us to let go of guilt and embracing imperfection and where we are in life, yet continually striving to be better people, more aware of our surroundings and special people in our lives. You also encourage us to share real life moments in our scrapbooks; you share fantastic ideas, give great reviews of products and inspirational books, and give us idea on fun things to do with/for our kids, like sprinkles on things, bday pancakes, leprechaun kisses, ginger bunnies, etc. I’m here because you inspire me.

  129. A lot of well-written and heartfelt comments to this post…and I agree with all of them. We love you and your family, and we love reading your blog. I hope you can find a way to keep it going. We don’t need a regularly scheduled post, just pop in once in a while to keep us in the loop of your life. We are all customers of yours, and that is unlikely to change. For me, I am inspired by you and your life, not your advertisers or business stuff.

  130. cassie l. says:

    I think I started following your blog when I saw a video you posted where you went through a color bin. It was interesting to hear you talk about organizing by color. I like your blog however you want it.
    Frequency doesn’t matter much to me as I have it in my Reader. I sporadically get to read through the blog posts that pile up in there and so I just take them as they come.
    I have a blog and I also got to a point where it felt like too much pressure…so I say do what works for you.

  131. The first I ever heard of you was years ago when one of my girlfriends dragged me to your Core Composition class in Redmond. I was impressed with your wonderful teaching style and your general joyfullness of life. I was thrilled when you gushed over one of my layouts and encouraged me to submit it. (I never did, but I loved that you made me FEEL good, and that what I was doing was important, and valued by more than just my family.)

    I’ve taken many more classes with you (and have been a fan of your magazines) and have been impressed that, despite your success, you are still such a down-to-earth and joyful person. You, and the way you raise your family, are an inspiration to so many of us.

    I keep you in my Reader and grin whenever one of those random posts pop up.

    You ask what we want from you. I think that’s the wrong question. You should be asking yourself what YOU want from blogging. I realize you’ve linked it to your business, but think of how you did it before that. I’m not famous, but when I blog, it’s because I want to. (And because my mom really wants me to!) It’s like my online scrapbook…only without so many pictures and with a lot more words.

    Bottom line, find a way to keep your joy. That’s what I have always admired so much about you.

    • Susan has explained this so well … I don’t know how to say it any better, so I’m clicking the “like” button on this post … just as soon as I find it … ;-)

      Stacy, what do YOU want now from blogging? Or with your website? That is the right question.

      I was hooked the moment I first read and heard about you Stacy – you are a real person trying to live a good life and share your love, happiness, joy and energy (just to name a few things) with everyone around you. Thank you for that!!!

      Because of you and Simple Scrapbooks and Big Picture, I love what I do as a scrapper even more. I have a more clear understanding of why I scrapbook and why I document our lives – because it’s worth it. Life is worth it.

      You have an amazing way of sharing yourself – just by being you. Even if you choose not to blog, I will still follow you – somehow. ;-) Please continue to share your thoughts and life as you see fit. You help all of us “followers” live better lives … THANK YOU!!!!

  132. Stacy, I’ve been reading your blog a long long time and I’ve been excited to get involved at BPC too. I think the thing I loved about your blog all along (even in the intermittent times) is your humor and your fresh perspective. And somehow you always make me feel excited about scrapbooking. That’s what I love. Thanks for all you do.

  133. Dearest Stacy, the reason I still read you and keep coming back are the same reasons I ever read you and started following you: you are a fresh voice. you are sincere and humble. you are funny and happy. I think the content on your blog, however sporadic it has become, still has those qualities. Ultimately I think people read you for who you are. Please do not change that essential part of what makes your blog Stacy-esque. I love the stories, I love the advirtisement, I love the project ideas, I LOVE the colors and the photos that go along with your posts. It all makes sense to me.

  134. Stacy – you inspire me to remember why I scrapbook. I am the unofficial manager for a small local scrapbook store (attached to a family photo business which is the only reason why we can stay open – no rent and small staff hours needed allow us to survive on paper sales!). I have been in this industry for many many years as a lover of colour and all things paper. I have watched this hobby that I love change with the overwhelming nature of technology. I love being inspired by so many other lovers of paper, but at the same time I notice that I am spending more time watching others create and less time creating myself. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we have seen out customer base slowly shrink – they are doing the same thing! All this to say – figure out what you need to do for yourself and the craft that you love. Inspire us in whatever way you are able to manage and still love what you are doing. I love your passion for this industry and your enthusiasm for the things that you love. I feel like when I leave your blog I am encouraged to keep going in this sometimes difficult industry and to just be grateful for this passion for all things colourful. Just like your scrapping mentality (wonderfully simple – miss that magazine), why not keep your blogging the same. As simple as you want it to be! Thanks for all that you do!

  135. I read and love your blog because the way that you break down scrapbooking and memory keeping is simple, straightforward and always refreshing. When everyone else in the blogosphere is jumping on the current bandwagon (technique, method, etc), you stay true to your vision that keeping it simple yields the greatest results for your personally. Because you have done this in various ways, you can share what you have seen works well (ie. photo freedom) and release yourself from the guilt of being “behind”. It is liberating. You think outside of the proverbial box. It is refreshing. Trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, methods, etc. always takes the JOY out of doing something. Other things can become a chore and demand too much attention, defeating the purpose of being creative. I have been a scrapbooker since high school (graduated 1985) and started with archival supplies in 1994. I have never tired of it because it is my passion and brings me great joy! I know you have joy in what you do and pray that you can find your happy place amongst the busyness of your life. We, too, own our own business and while it is crazy busy (and we homeschool three teenagers), scrapping is my therapy and I won’t trade it for anything!! Hang in there!!

  136. Stacey,
    I have loved and followed your blog for a while now. What I love most about your blog is just your stories about your life and your family and your faith. I love when you talk about what inspires you and touches your heart. The more professional end is nice,but when I read a post about you, I feel I’m touching base with a friend. So that is why I keep coming back. To touch base with a friend who loves life, her family, her God and her scrapbooking. I dearly hope you are able to figure out a way to keep up the blog, but I totally get how difficult keeping all these balls in the air can be. Know though that as long as you keep blogging, I’ll keep checking in. God bless.

    • nomad scrapper says:

      MaryZ echoes my sentiments. I read only a few blogs (including yours) on a regular basis, b/c frankly, there is no way I can hop around the ‘net reading several blogs regularly and still get anything done around my house, let alone for/with my family or my hobbies. But I enjoy reading yours b/c I like your approach to scrapbooking and I, too, feel like I’m having a visit with a friend when I read one of your posts. I am more interested in the personal side of your blog and also how you’ve been able to adapt new products/techniques to your scrapbooking methods/system. I also love hearing your album & other project ideas. The latest scrapbooking fad that will be gone tomorrow is not as interesting to me.

  137. Stacy, I’m “here” because I like you. I get happy when you are a guest on the Roundtable podcast because you always have something meaningful to say. The name of your business seems like no accident — you are a big picture thinker. Since I am not, I like listening to your ideas and expanding the way I think about scrapbooking. But not everything has to be deep. For example, I loooooved your cute color videos where you showed what was in your bins. Made me laugh out loud. Hope this is somewhat helpful and not just “fan mail.” :)

    Happy Saturday,


  138. I adore you. I love your heart. I admire you as a woman, a mom, an entrepreneur, and most of all as a fellow journeyer through this maze we call life. You’re in my reader and whenever a post pops up I read it and fondly remember the times I’ve run into you at a show or a random place and you never cease to inspire me. Thanks, friend. I know that technically we’re only acquaintances but I in my mind we are friends… I like to think we’d be “real life friends” if we had the opportunity to hang out often. :)
    Don’t stop. Adjust. Take a break. Explore. Find a voice that speaks of who you are now… :)

  139. I read blogs in a blog reader, so I don’t see any ads. I’ve recently been deleting many of the blogs that seem to spend more time promoting their sponsors than writing about life. As soon as I see a PL/365 post, the blog gets deleted from my reader. I don’t want to see any more layouts with 7 pictures and 7 random thoughts and receipts. I’d rather see 1 picture and 1 meaningful story a week. Give me a picture and a story and tell me why it was worth sharing.

  140. jofromidaho says:

    Ditto what everyone else is saying-your enthusiasm, upbeat attitude, ability to deal with FOUR! Boys and a darling girl, and still blog for those of us waiting for the next fun idea. I miss the SIMPLE of scrapbooking! I also love that you live in Spokane-just 100 miles to the north of me-makes me feel personally connected with you.

    Good luck with ‘finding’ what YOU want to say to us. Looking forward to your return.

  141. I have followed you since Simple Scrapbooks and Creating Keepsakes early days. I have always loved your enthusiasm and honesty. I like that you have shared some of the trials you’ve been through more recently because that makes you more human. You are a huge supporter of women and their efforts and I applaud you for that. I am also an adoptive mom, with a completely different story, but with the same desire to encourage and uplift other moms so they know they are never alone. However you use this blog, I applaud you!

  142. Simply put … you sometimes say interesting & uplifting things …. as well as share some great ideas for home, craft & life in general. You’re on my blog reader grouped in with my “Everyday reads” so that I don’t miss a new post when it comes. As for your feeling of obligation … not from this reader – I figure just like everyone else, sometimes life just gets in the way of time management and well intended plans. Enjoy the vacation!

  143. I LOVE hearing from you in between Big Picture Classes classes! I really like that it’s not as formal as a classroom setting.. more like a chat between friends. I love to read about the random fun things you find (colorful things, projects, new stuff in the scrapbook industry like Paperclipping Roundtable.. love them, too, btw. Thanks for that find!). I love the tidbits about being a mom, raising great kids, owning a business, and trying to balance it all. Reading your blog reminds me of reading Simple Scrapbooks, a very joyful publication that I still miss (and reread). In this crazy universe, I try my best to fill my online time with positive, sparkly, energetic, pretty, inspiring things, and your blog (+ Pinterest finds) seem to do just that. I agree with Becky, above – especially about your “enthusiasm for life”. It’s pretty contagious!! Please keep it up if you can! :)

  144. Stacy, I follow you because you are a real person with a real family and a great outlook on life (yes, even when you are struggling with it yourself) and it is encouraging to both relate to you and be inspired by you. So I say blog when you feel like it and what you feel like. I think that is what most of us followed you for originally and I think that is what will keep all of us hanging around for the future. Love ya!

  145. I only read very few blogs and those blogs involve the women who I followed through scrapbooking – you, Cathy Z, Ali E, Becky H. I love reading these blogs because they are written by women who are (mostly) just like me – normal, everyday people with trials and tribulations, happiness and sadness. I appreciate that you don’t blog every single day because you are a busy person! But I love reading your blog because you are honest, funny and let us be a part of your life even though most of us have never met you. I hope you choose to continue your blog with everyday, random things about you. Thanks Stacy!! You rock!

  146. Hi, Stacy! the thing about this blog – which is very Stacy (by that I mean bright, colorful, organized and informative but almost too much information) – it seems overwhelming – because it is. This blog if working to capacity would be like producing a magazine every couple of weeks. Whew! You do have BIG visions. However, most of us who follow your blog are happy with a little bit of Stacy. We like your BIG visions and your eclectic love of family, information, color and cool stuff. The thing is you’d need a staff to make all the components here keep up. So, since that seems like a demanding job and you already have several other very demanding and fulfilling jobs, maybe just offering a little something now and then when you are inspired would be enough. I think you could keep the blog structure as it is and add content here and there in the site as you feel inspired. Or, you could scale back to a simple blog format like most folk use and post a comment and photos now and then. I hope you do exactly what you like! I’m very happy to know you and enjoy your stories. Take care of yourself and your family and use your blog to sound things out or share things you want to talk about with your fans. I’m a fan and I hope by now, since we have been lucky enough to have met a few times, a friend. Make this a spot just to play. I think that may be what you intended but the magnitude of the site turned this place into work. Big is good but sometimes small is nice, too!

  147. Stacy – You inspire and motivate me. That’s why I’m here. Inspiration is born from joy and passion. Take your time (post infrequently). I’ll still be here. If it’s a burden, stop. I’ll be at BPC or any place you share your “sprinkles” of color, wisdom, and optimism. Breathe deeply, rest well, and enjoy your vacation.
    — a loyal fan of SS, FPF, LOM, 12 and you

  148. Terrie in AZ says:

    I have been coming back for years because, well, I like you! Pretty simple. I do miss it when you don’t post for awhile, I pray that you are all well and that there is nothing besides being a busy mom, business women and all around do it all that is keeping you from posting, but I keep coming back because I love your Friday five, I love hearing about and seeing your kids. I love your philosophy about documenting the connections in your life and although we are not the same religion, I love your spirituality. I would kind of like to read blogs again without all the ads and add ons up and down both sides. Just to read a little something from a friend is how I look at it. Whatever you decide is good by me, I will keep coming back because, well, I like you!
    PS Can’t wait to see and hopefully meet you at the Close to my Heart convention in July!

  149. Stacy,
    I loved Simple Scrapbook..
    I met you at Heritage House and felt inspired by you..
    I come back to your blog because your insight to life makes me happy

    I don’t love ads and affiliate
    Honestly they annoy me
    I just want Simple Stacy… hope this helps.


  150. Stacy,
    I am still here. You are real & inspiring. I love your practical take on life & your ability to embrace things that make you happy. I share some of loves (color, telling your family’s stories), while others completely escape me. (Running? Really? Can anyone really enjoy that?) But I still love hearing about your real life, your real family & how you constantly have to reassess & renegotiate. We all do, but some of us are more articulate than others.

    I don’t need a professional, “snappy” blog from you. Whatever you are willing to offer will help feed my spirit. I hope you can find a way to continue to share of yourself with us without it spreading you too thin. I hope you can find a way to love it again without it being just another task on your list demanding attention.

    Have a wonderful vacation & return safe!

  151. Stacy,
    I completely agree with what everyone else has said. I have especially enjoyed the simple posts where you share a slice of your very real everyday life. I love when you share your beliefs because it strenghtens my own testimony. You have been a great source of inspiration and an example of love, fun and focusing on family.

  152. I am one of those who keeps coming back to check and see if you have a new post. I like your blog because it feels so real. You are not trying to be clever or funny or contrived in any way. You can talk about the latest at BPC without sounding like a salesperson. Similarly, when you do a “Friday Five” or otherwise write about products you like, it feels like a recommendation from a friend, not a way to promote advertisers. You have a gift in being able to share snippets of your life that resonate with others – even those of us who do not share the exact same lifestyle, the same faith or the same experiences. Your core values always shine through your posts, and who among us does not value family, hard work and a desire to love life?
    I truly hope you will stay the course with this blog and just keep doing what you have been doing – however often you get a chance to do it.

  153. Melinda Kirk says:

    Stacy the struggle you describe with blogging is exactly the reason why it is one of the things I say ‘no’ to. The time, the obligation, the scheduling, the complication. I come back because you speak to me. Me. Here on the other side of the pond in Oz with the same frustrations, jubliations, challenges and desire for creativity and fun to be slotted into the little niches of life that are left with all the other stuff has been fitted in. To borrow a word from Ali I come back for story. Your story. It inspires me, delights me, gives me an opportunity for empathy and gratitude and reminds me that there are others out there all over the world riding the family roller coaster. All that is about me and why I choose to follow you. The real question is what part of blogging is enriching you? If it doesn’t do that any more then stop. I will find you at BPC and Paperclipping Roundtable, where I hear you say all the time: this is Stacy… so what is Stacy? Maybe it’s not blogging and that, my friend is ok.

  154. I wish you all the best with your decision that is best for your soul and family. I read your blog because like many have said it reminds me of Simple Scrapbooking. It is playful, honest, and cheery– a way to be uplifted and inspired even if I dont accomplish nearly as much as you do. I also love seeing your choices in Pinterest!! They say alot with a picture. Please narrow it down to what is good for you. If blogs become boring to you or a chore then it is not good for your spirit. You pick one site ( & Pinterest) make it colorful like you and we will follow. You are the Pied Piper of Sprinkles & all. Have a wonderful trip.
    PS I love when you and your friends ( Ali & Becky) shut down for time to be with family— helps us remember what is important. And to advertisers, these blogs will survive even if there is no ” vacation guest writer” .. everyone needs a break.

  155. Mercedes says:

    To be honest I keep coming back for YOU. I know that is going to sound corny but after years of reading Simple Scrapbooks you kept me inspired. For a time you were more of a role model, kind of like a scrapbooking celebrity. Then one day things changed, I read on your blog that Addie was having problems with her speech, something that two of my own suffer from. That made me feel so much closer to you, knowing that someone that I admired was going through something I myself had gone through was a very powerful experience. Then yet another thing happened, I took Library of memories and in the early days I was having problems and I posted on the BP message boards about it. Not only did you reach out to me but you CALLED me personally to help me through it, it meant the world to me. So now you are not only this “figure” out somewhere that I see on my computer, you’re someone REAL to me. So I come back for YOU.

  156. Glancing at comments made already, I apparently will merely echo them with a “Yeah – what they said!” I’d say it’s pretty safe to say most of us don’t stick around here for your advertisers and know darned well anything you post will NOT be on a regular time schedule. Which – likely makes your posts that much more special when you DO post in the midst of your busy schedule. Maintaining 3 blogs within this ONE? Good grief, woman! Talk about set-up for burn-out! I set myself up for regular posts on ONE blog I maintain for others – and THAT burned me out! Still recovering – will rejuvenate it when the mood strikes me – it’s as good as it’s going to get (I refuse to force it). We’re here to hear how STACY is doing – you’ve become a dear friend to us over the years. Mentor, yes – but you do NOT need to maintain that role ALL the time! You mentor merely by writing and sharing your days, the family, and what you’re working on/is on the horizon. We’re satisfied with that. Keep it simple. You don’t need to be in the “business” of blogging. Just – journal when the mood strikes you. Good ’nuff.

    Hugs to you with much love!

  157. Oh Stacy, I remember the first time I read your blog. A loooonnnnggg time ago. I have read through alot of the comments, and all the women have put out to the blogosphere, my sentiments, in so many different ways. Everytime I met you, I would get tongue tied. My friends couldn’t believe that I became speachless around you. All the years I have followed you, in so many venues, I have experienced so many emotions. I have cried, laughed, agreed, gotten mad, inspired, loved, felt empathy, compasion, kicked in the back side to do something, loved, and well you get the idea. (smile) Probably the thing I would miss the most is your ability to present your ever so real life, and evoke all the emotions, and more, that I mentioned. I know that this is not your ‘job’ (‘not my job’ is a well used phrase around here) because my ‘job’ is to support, inspire, love and accept my family and friends. Which is, my blog friend, what I get from you. AND I WOULD MISS THAT. Truley, though, no pressure. Because that is what friends are for. Even if those ‘friends’ have never really met, only a few times, and one of those friends never could get out an intelligent phrase. As has been stated already, I will find a way to get my Stacy fix from you, somewhere. You, my friend, need to do what is GREAT for you. I will survive. (smile)

  158. Stacy–I subscribe to your blog via e-mail and am always excited to see when something comes up new on your blog. I’ve just enjoyed sharing your random everyday life and inspiration for creativity. I have enjoyed your posts on the joy you find in life, your testimony, resources you’ve liked and shared, how you have made life work for your family, etc. I’ve really missed you, but also understand that time and sharing is at a premium for all of us!

  159. YOU! You! You you you you you. I read your blog, I keep coming back to your blog, I stick around even with “erratic” posting for YOU. YOU have a very unique view on life. YOUR enthusium for life is a breath of fresh air for me the pessimist. YOU encourage me to sprinkle my life with happiness just because that is what YOU do and I see how fun and exciting life can be when YOU do.
    How can you add value to this YOUR little corner of the web? Just show up. Just post. About whatever strikes your fancy. Because its in being able to see the world through YOUR rose colored glasses (usually) and your “Love this” attitude toward whatever that I am encouraged to dust off my own rose colored glasses and see my life differently.
    YOU don’t have to DO anything to add value, just come here and share YOU. What’s happening in your life, what you are in to, what you love, what made you laugh, what you are contemplating. That’s extreme value to me, and I think it’s enough.

  160. KathyinMN says:

    I follow your blog because its in my blog reader. And its in my blog reader because after Simple Scrapbook’s demise, I needed a place that still spoke to me, and at that time your blog did that.

    I really miss simple scrapbooks. I had only found it a year before its demise, and its the only magazine that had a style I followed. If you do kill the blog (and that’s your prerogative for sure) could you lead us to other places that still spout the SS philosophy?

    I’ll finish by adding that I am doing project life this year, but in my own, SS way. I may not be capturing a picture a day, but I am capturing our life and getting it down (and done!). You taught me that.

  161. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time and the posts (albiet sporadic) are like little nuggets of wisdom/fun when they pop up in my mailbox. Please don’t stop blogging. Just step back from THREE and pick ONE and pour your energy into that (whatever energy is left after doing everything else!) – I love having glimpses into your family life, your creative life and your spiritual life. You challenge me to think about things differently and you give me great ideas – to try in my scrapbooks and with my family and faith. I’d say figure out what works for YOU and the rest of us will be happy and enjoy what you choose to share.

  162. Laurie T says:

    Stacy, I have followed your blog for a long time. I also subscribed to Simple Scrapbooks. Bottom line – I love your style in scrapping and decorating. I don’t always read everything you post, but I check it a couple of times of week and love it when I find you’ve posted about a new mini-book or scrapping idea you’ve made. :) Even though my kids are almost grown (still have a 22 yr old daughter at home) I remember the days when they were young and how busy it was! I would miss it if you totally gave up blogging, but I admit to only reading your main blog.
    Have a wonderful spring break! I am currently in a hotel outside an outlet mall in Michigan – took my daughters and daughter in law on a shopping weekend and we’re having a blast! So blessed with the family God has given me! :)

  163. Rita Legge says:

    Stacy….I’m here because I simply love your style of scrapbooking and your approach to life. I have 2 teenaged boys and “try” to blog too. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and it’s the first thing I take off my “to do” list. I have been a “fan” of yours or years, and taken some of your classes at CKU. What I like best about you is the raw honesty in your writing and teaching. I love the way you make things that might seem significant into something more……sprinkles for example can turn the worst day into a much better one!!! I like your approach to colors and your love of God & family. I say make it something YOU love & I’m sure those of us that have been around for a long time, will still be around because we genuinely like YOU.

  164. Stacy, your “Big Picture” scrapbooking philosophy and Library of Memories classes changed the way I scrapbook.I went from feeling guilty and “behind” all the time to scrapping what I wanted when I was inspired to! I remember the first time it hit me that I could scrap an event “out of order”… we had spent a wonderful day at the Space Needle with my mom and dad, a first for them which made it all the more special. I had taken some really good photos, and was inspired with how I wanted to scrap them. Before you, I would have put the photos away for when I was caught up to that time. But I remember thinking “I can do this right now and put the layout into “Things We Do” or “People We Love”!!! So I did, and that made me so happy!
    That said, what I love about your blogging is you sharing YOU, your life, your inspiration, your family, what you enjoy. You and I have met a couple of times here on the west side of the mountains in WA, and I often wonder how Stacy is doing. You have shared on your blog struggles that I too have been having in my life; lack of energy, busy-ness of five children(mine), health issues, etc. I wish I could step through the blog sphere and give you a BIG hug! I would love to see you keep blogging, because I feel like you are a friend and I would really miss you! But you need to blog for you, and enjoy it like you used to, whatever that looks like. Take the pressure off, take care of yourself, and know you are loved out here!

  165. Kathy Jo Camacho says:

    Stacy, I can only imagine how busy you must be with all the juggling and the balance you need to maintain. But blogging like scrapbooking has to be fun. No pressure. If there is pressure – there is no fun. Remember when the vision came of Photo Freedom, and you found the release of no pressure… the blog should be the same. We love to read your blog. We are inspired by your creativity, by the “permission” you give us to scrapbook the moment based on the feeling, or product, or picture. Your blog needs to be the same. No pressure and blog when you want to share something. It doesn’t have to be every day and it doesn’t have to be about everything. Who could keep up with that? And three blogs may be a bite much. Bring it down to one and love the one.

    But I love to read what you write – in testimonty and guidance, in creativity and excitement.

    Balance is always a good thing. One blog will be plenty. Just be sure to tell us where you will be and your readers will follow. We always have. We love what you do and you inspire us all.

    Thank you for all you do.

  166. Laura J says:

    Wow, it feels like there’s a blogging pressure to be a certain way that mimics the scrapping pressure to scrap chronologically and be caught up…you know how to react to the scrapper’s pressure, now it’s time to release yourself from the blogging pressure!

    Stacy, Stacy, Stacy…guess what? I don’t follow your blog for anything other than your voice…you’ve always managed to convey so much of yourself in your blog posts and I enjoy it. There’s something I just really enjoy about YOU and that’s what I want out of your blog. I enjoy hearing about your beautiful family or about some neat thing that you found or nifty place that you went.

    Relax and don’t be pressured…I say that there’s no rules for blogging, just like there’s no rules for scrapping. Find your blogging freedom and just be you! :-)

  167. Annette Kuusinen says:

    Dear Stacy,
    I’ve been a follower for a long time – all the way back to Core Composition. You’re a colorful, fun-loving influence in my life. You’ve influenced my life in more ways than I can count, just by sharing your life. Not everything has worked in my life, but you always inspire me to try different things. (My kids thought I was crazy when I put sprinkles in their yogurt and wouldn’t eat it.) I also appreciate when you share real moments, the not-so-perfect stuff, reminding me that no ones life is perfect.

    I mostly enjoy hear you voice as you write. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is. I always feel like a friend is telling me about their life when you write.

    Have an awesome time in CA! I’ll still be hanging around to hear what you have to say.

  168. Haven’t read the comments, but I’m sure I’m not the only one saying this.

    Quite simply, Stacy, we are here because of YOU. Your unique perspective, your voice, your enthusiasm, your very real life that you are not afraid to share. This blog can be whatever YOU want it to be. And we’ll still be here.

  169. I skimmed the other posts and sounds like many of us are on the same page. I enjoy your inspiration, your look at life, your creativity, your honesty. You are real! It’s like you are chatting with me – friend to friend. I do hope you continue blogging – but understand if you step back for a bit. There is a time and season for everything. And we cannot do it all. You need to find what is the right mix for me…and balance that with the rest of your life. Blessings!

  170. Meredith says:

    Hi Stacy,
    As many have already stated, I subscribe to your blog to hear your take on life–its ups and downs and how you are trying to keep it all manageable, to hear your take on motherhood and how you are striving to raise your kids to be really good-hearted people, to see what fun new colorful gadget/clothes/scrapbook stuff/furniture you have purchased, to connect with someone for whom I have a growing admiration–who I hope I’d be friends with if we were neighbors. I would be very sad if your blog became ad-filled and so busy with give-aways that it lost your personality.
    Yes, I started reading your blog because of scrapbooking, but now I subscribe because of the person you are. I enjoy each and every entry, and appreciate your openness to share your family with all of us cyberadmirers. Whatever route your blog takes, I plan to keep on following because your voice is a little ray of sunshine in what sometimes can be a very gloomy day.
    Thank you

  171. Stacy—

    I really enjoy your Friday Five and Sprinkles. Your charismatic personality comes through even in your blog. I love learning though reading how you manage both family and business. Since you blog infrequently, I know you have something interesting to say and look forward to reading it. I have subscribed to numerous other papercraft blogs that come out every day. It has become a chore to read some of these as I think some days the people really don’t have anything interesting to say and are mainly fill up space and wasting my time. I congratulate you on not being one of these type of bloggers. Please don’t stop; you have introduced my to many interesting site (not just paper crafts) that I wouldn’t otherwise be enjoying.

  172. While I love your site and design, I subscribe to your blog through google reader. Thus, the advertising and design is not present, just the message. As I check my list of subscriptions, yours is one I check first. I’m not really sure why – I like how you say things and why you say them. I enjoy seeing new finds and interests. You were the first source of inspiration I found to live a colorful life. Since finding your blog, back in the day of typepad, I have found several other blogs but somehow feel less compelled to follow them. I know your writing comes from a basis of faith that I share and that makes it more personal Thanks!

  173. Others have already said it ..We follow your blog because its YOU! I love your look at life, memories, scrapbooking, stories, products, trends. Decide what makes you happy and we’ll be there!!

  174. Megan C says:

    You! I loved your videos on how you have everything by color,not product, the five for fridays, and sprinkles! I don’t know where else i would have found out to eat ice cream for breakfast. It doesn’t matter if you post here daily, but i do love the random topics that you do post about (dr suess backwards day).

    • Katie Scott says:

      I love that you have an awesome audience of women who actively seek the good & happy things in life.

  175. Oh Stacy!! I have been through mid-life, menopause and empty nest. I read your blog because of YOU!!! I also love to listen to you on PR CauT when you are a guest. You make me laugh. You don’t have to change a thing on your blog as far as I am concerned. I enjoy your take on life, crafting, kids, the everyday things. It lets me know you are real and there is no pretense about you. I think you put more pressure on yourself that the industry puts on you. I realized there is competition out there, but you have proven yourself and have a huge following. Just be you, simple as that. Enjoy spring break with your family!! Will be checking back to see how it went and how you are!!! Cause, you are awesome!!

  176. Amy DeMordaunt says:

    Your blog posts come to my email, so I check in when you do. One of the best stories ever is the one about you being altogether too happy. I love the energy you have, news about your family (we started out in Chicago at the same time), and your happy approach to life. I don’t understand the scrapbooking part or the classes you teach, but am constantly amazed at all you do. You are a influential person in the blogosphere and your voice matters. Do what you have to. Be happy. Stay amazing.

  177. Katherine says:

    Why do I continue to come back? Simply because I love you voice, what you have to say and the way you say it. You have such a real and honest outlook on life that I enjoy reading. I hope your plan includes blogging in a way that feels comfortable and effortless to you.

  178. I enjoy reading your blog because a. I am inspired by you and b. you seem like someone I would be friends with in ‘real life’ and c. yes, I like peeking into your personal and family life!
    I like your random postings- family, scrapbook, fun things you like, whatever- I enjoy it all.
    I also feel a connection with you because I’ve had missionary sons and my baby boy will be 19 this year. Bitter/sweet.

  179. jennifer says:

    I come here because I love your message about scrapbooking – that it all counts. I love that you are doing the best you can in the middle of the craziness of life. I struggle to find time for creativity and with believing that it matters…your blog encourages me and inspires me. =)

  180. Stacy – It has all been said above – we check your blog for the connection with you. I don’t expect anything from you. I just like hearing your “voice,” like a long distance friend, and know you are still there.

  181. Stacy,

    I love your blog! I don’t always comment because there just never seems to be enough hours in the day! I love to read about your family in particular. I’ve watched your boys grow up through your blog and at your events. That’s my favourite part about most blogs. I don’t mind the business aspect, but I just love, love, LOVE when a blog adds some personal aspects.

    Just keep doing what you do best!

    Love you!

  182. Kim Ket. says:

    I am sure I will be echoing the sentiments of others when I say that most folks read your blog because of YOU! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Blog the way you want to! If you are happy, then the authentic Stacy voice will shine through…and everyone will love it. If you want to lighten your load, then maybe you don’t need the separate “color” and “sprinkle” sections on your website. Perhaps you could “sprinkle” that kind of thing periodically throughout your regular blog. I have been reading your blog for a long time. So I am happy you don’t want to stop completely. Just be you…and we will show up!

  183. Jenny McGee says:

    Stacy, I love your blog. It is one of my favorites. I love your scrapbooking perspective and classes at BPC. I love hearing the stories of your family. I love it all. Please keep the blogging up. It is a happy place to come and visit. Thanks for all you do.

  184. lynne moore says:

    I was just wondering, lately, why you had this big website with little in it and was missing your basic blog. There are others I follow and the top ones are the personal ones, not the company ones. I do miss the emphasis on scrapbooking, because that is what I am looking for, but it is not why I follow. (Everyone else has also seemed to move on to other topics). What I follow is the voice that says life is not perfect but it’s fun. The part that says this is the stuff happening today and this is what I think about it. I was just looking at a quote on photography, probably found at BPC, and thought a blog is like a picture. It is the one thing that is on my mind right now. And once it’s out in the world, I can move on to the next most imporant thing.

  185. Hey Stacy? I saw this yesterday morning, I think it was barely a few hours after you had posted and you’d already received 50+ comments. We all love our Stacy. “PLEASE tell me why you come back and what I can do for you that will add value to your already limited time in this highly distracting online space.” That’s it. You are some kinda golden. Like a great girlfriend who gets that life is full of limited time and online distractions. For me you are an island of sanity and calm and common sense and positivity. You are engaging and witty and real. And you shouldn’t feel a need to entertain or fulfill us, the readers (and fans), you should just keep being you. If the energy is there, let it flow. I’ve had the pleasure of taking several classes/lectures with you in person, and at BPC, and would truly be happy to listen to you read the phone book. I’ve introduced several people to scrapbooking, and when it comes to journaling, I always say what you taught me: just write your journaling as if you were telling me about these pictures. I think there are countless “Stacyisms” in my life, from sprinkles to patterned napkins. Your passion for simple memory keeping comes shining through and constantly inspires me. So, I guess I don’t have a pat answer telling you how to use your blogging space in the future, but I hope you don’t put undue pressure on yourself to perform. Your perspective of the day-to-day stuff of life may not be exactly my own, but it is something I adore. Satisfying advertisers is, in reality, a joke. I have relatives in the internet advertising industry and it is a frightening ‘house of sand’ if you really think about it. I have a good old typepad account, which I neglect these days, but looking back, I see that it has been a cheap, fun way to document our lives, make some connections, and entertain myself. Whatever new path you chose, I hope you will share, because I’d love to follow you on any journey.

  186. Honest response?? I miss the real life blogging of the scrapping queens, Donna Downey, cathy zielske, you etc etc. I checked your blog every day in the days before you brought your baby girl home. I lived it with you, the emotion, the excitement and the joy. I still visit once a week and I love your style, your enthusiasm for life, your ability to create masterpieces and your use of colour, but I miss being part of your real life. Keep blogging, any way you want because you not being on the blogosphere would be a huge loss xx

  187. Stacy,

    I don’t read too many blogs consistently, but your blog is on my “Favorites” list in my reader. You are what I call a “blog friend,” a person I’ve never met in real life, but have enough of a connection with that I’m touched by your stories and your life and often share them with others. I hope that you can come back to blogging with your authentic voice and just be you. Your real fans don’t care about advertising. They love the way you scrapbook – just think how many people have a Library of Memories who wouldn’t have had anything at all if it weren’t for you! Take your time, decide how you want to share yourself with all the fabulous people who have commented around me, and then share it – in your simple, fun, authentic way. :)

  188. julie M. says:

    Hey Stacy, I’m so glad to get this post from your blog and I think it has been a long time coming.
    When I first started following you I couldn’t believe you had four boys (i have 3) BA (before Addie). and do the things you did – I grudgingly had to admire your tenacity and figured you didn’t sleep. I couldn’t believe how much you could PRODUCE on your blog, post every day and continue to have lavish giveaways, make brownies and oh yeah still take care of yourself and your family, much less do laundry-(i hate laundry it is never ever done arggg). Additionally I have always loved your style of scrapbooking especially the color priority and i loved the magazine- which is how i found you.
    So here it is from me to you (eventhough we don’t really know each other I believe we have enough in common to be honest woman to woman) You DO NOt have any thing to feel bad or guilty about. Also if blogging ,for your, is no longer fun or inspiring, it should never be a chore, you don’t have to do it and all your fans and followers will be better for having known ya!.
    Your family, church and yourself (mental health, physical health and peace of mind ) are your priority – period. Please don’t feel guilty whatever decision you make – advise yourself like you would your KIDS! You’ll make the right decision for you and your family.
    So to answer your question about what I got from your blog: Scrapbook inspiration based on simple layouts that are colorful and fun. To treasure every sweet and stinky moment because it is slipping by too fast!

  189. Katie Scott says:

    I love reading about your life & your creative ideas for kids like summer Bingo etc but also Love & Logic etc.

  190. I also come back for you, your family, for scrapbooking, all going back to liking you and Simple Scrapbooks. I think in that way, the scrapbooking industry is interesting, because of the nature the product that you are selling/crafting/publishing you share stories about you and your family. And so, I think, in the blogs the blogs that we all visit–it’s because of liking scrapbooking, but it’s also about becoming interested in the person and following her story.

    And, BTW, I am a big believer in finding what you want to do most, and put that first, and then letting go of some other things. Even if those are things you really, really, really want to do, you can’t do ‘em all. And by, “you”, I mean me, because this is a conversation I have with myself on a regular basis. It’s not easy.

  191. Margaret Burton (Meggie) says:

    I read several blogs but always start out with yours. It puts me in a positive mood. I have also found you to be very encouraging. Thanks for all your help with scrapbooking that’s what I love about your blog.

  192. Krunberry says:

    I used to follow many, many blogs. But now, yours is one of very few that I still care to read. I love your attitude about life and love your down to earth writing style. I like to hear about what is making you happy because it reminds me to find joy in the little things. I’m glad you aren’t calling it quits.

  193. Stacy I simply enjoy your candidness. I love that you share your random sometimes quirky thoughts. I have had you on my go-to blog list for some time and am always pleased when you have something new. I see you as one of the original pioneers of this industry we all love so much and I love to watch how you evolve with it. I’m an LOM grad and love the new way I look at and interact with my photos because of you. You are an inspiration and I would love to continue seeing your periodic slices of life. I’ve watched your kids grow up this far and I can’t stop now! :-) However, whenever, wherever and whatever you post, always know I will be stopping by to check on how life is in the Julian household. I wish you luck with your decision on the direction this blog will take. And if you decide that you’re done with this part then thank you my friend for all the sprinkles!

  194. Michelle says:

    Stacy- I was in one of your classes at a CKU and I love your energy!!! I would rather hear from you when you are inspired to write. I love your short posts and your long ones too. I think your advertisers should respect YOUR style. Your readers will be with you no matter what you do because you have qualities that inspire us – techniques , energy, thoughts, etc. Becaused you have shared with us, we feel like your friends and that’s what keeps us coming back. I think if you do what inspires you then eveRything else will fall into place.

  195. Hello, Stacy – What I love most about your blog is when you share your projects. I love your point of view, and I am almost always inspired to try to follow along. I enjoy the family news too – you can’t help but feel close to people whose lives you read about, and we get worried when we haven’t heard for a while, you know? =]

    I loved sprinkles, I love your color columns, and I love that you focus on what you can get done and not what you can’t. I hope you will keep blogging, even if it’s just once in a while. Thanks!

  196. As my daughter has tried to make me more of a “wild and wacky woman,” (at age 60, no less!), I found your blog to be an encouragement to that. As a result, between you and my grown…28 years old.. daughter (but still not a grown-up, as she freely admits!), I have become more relaxed, more colorful, more enthusiastic, less concerned about what others think. I’ve loved your LOM and FPF classes and other classes, so you have influenced my scrapping organization and my style. You have been you, and you have shared your family. You started my favorite scrapbooking magazine, which I still miss. However, you could walk away from it all, and I would totally understand. Just know that the influence you’ve had in my life has been immense…from the Toms shoes to the LMM socks to the Christmas bells with red ribbon (In my yellow and blue scrap room!)….
    Whatever you decide to do with this blog, your life, your scrapbook business, I would support totally. I hope you have an awesome spring break and that you come back with some answers and some joy and hope for the future. If that means no more blogging or way less blogging, it’s all good.
    Praying for you…for God’s discernment and wisdom and peace.
    Cathy <

  197. I love your site and have it saved in my favorites – I have since the “Simple Scrapbooks” days. I enjoy your projects, seeing your kids grow in photos, hearing about your life, noting your comments and insights about the church. I love your scrapbooking syle, so any of your advice, loves, thoughts in that area are always appreciated. I have a son that will be a senior in HS next year and am SO excited to make him one of your albums, like you did for your son. I am already starting to prepare. My only complaint, is when you don’t post often enough :) but I do understand, having a busy life, I just look forward to more!

  198. Why do I keep coming back? You. Simply you and your wonderful, inspiring, creative perspective. Whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once a month, you offer the rest of us a big slice of wonderful, real everyday life, enchanced in a way only you can. I love the little touches of creativity that sprinkle through your blogs and your family. I read all your blogs and appreciate your reviews of products and your inspirations, even if it’s just a picture. I love the color challenges and your work, scrapbooking or other creative products. I’ve followed you for years and years. I’ve taken your classes and read your work. However you do it, please keep providing your special source of inspiration and knowledge!

  199. i read this blog because i LIKE you! i love your family, i love the little bits of your life you choose to share with us. i love your creativity. you are always coming up with new ideas. and thought i dont comment often because i read this in google reader, i read every one of your posts and am inspired every time.

  200. Since your creation of Simple Scrapbooks magazine and then Write. Click. Scrapbook. blog, I’ve been a big fan. I enjoy your blog and the photos of your family and your posts of ‘what’s happening’ within your family/life. I’ve always enjoyed your section on colors and any crafty post as that is what drew me to you in the first place, right? It’s nice to have sponsors, I guess, but don’t let it ‘make’ you have to do something you really don’t want to. Be YOU and do what YOU want. The rest of it will fall into place. Happy Spring Break!

  201. You make me happy and inspired, that’s why I come back :-) I really love the way you view life, and how honest and real the things you write about feel.
    You are awesome, never forget that!
    Lots of love from your biggest fan in Linköping Sweden :-D

  202. I come back for you, the authentic, real, honest, courageous, funny, mother, woman, leader. YOu are encouraging and hopeful. I love your approach to things, and the way you share how you make it through your struggles. I love hearing about your family and your approach to raising your family. The fact that you do share the good and the struggles helps me through some of my own, you make me want to be better, to try harder, to keep moving forward. You give hope to many I’m sure.

    I have enjoyed hearing and learning from you since simple scrapbooks and before that even I think at CKU, I don’t care about the advertisers, or what you think you HAVE to post about, I follow your blog simply because of you!

  203. Melanie says:

    What I always enjoyed about reading blogs is the honest stuff … when you (or others) tell us about a product you love … or something that’s inspiring you today … a happy personal moment … or “the good, the bad, & the ugly”. Life.

    Where I start to “fluff” off blogs is when people are posting for the sake of posting. It’s always obvious.

  204. I always look forward to what you have to say and it doesn’t matter how often…once a week, once a month, once a..? You arrive in my mailbox and I read it! You are very inspiring. Your family is precious. I just enjoy hearing about your life. I even like to hear about the products you use which I usually never heard about before. I also like when you share a recipe or things you eat to stay healthy.

    I was getting too many e-mails in my inbox, and I unsubscribed to others, but not to you! Thanks for sharing with us!

  205. Hi Stacy, What I love most about your blog is your transparent honesty. You are not afraid to tell us what you are struggling with. And I like that because it makes me feel like I’m not the only one who struggles with life. A lot of the people around me make it look so easy and sometimes I wonder, “What’s wrong with me? Why is life so hard for me and they make it look like it’s a walk in the park?” I also like it when you tell us that your scrapbook pages aren’t perfect and that’s okay. I need the encouragement to do SOMETHING with SOME of my photos and to let go of the guilt and unrealistic expectations that I put on my self. I need the reminders to overlook the dirty kitchen/house/laundry, undone work tasks and focus on what I have to be thankful for.

  206. Melinda Wilson says:

    I have you set up in my google reader so I can read all my scrapbooking blogs together. I usually scan down the list to see who has posted and there are certain ones that I look for that I know I will enjoy the most (Cathy Z., Ali E., Moxie Fab World, YOU, etc. plus some of my favorite scrapbooking supplies companies.) I love reading the day to day bits of info, the basics of color & techniques (I loved your different color baskets series), and seeing other’s opinions of the newest products or techniques.
    I look for inspiration a lot on blogs but some days, I just need to see something that makes me laugh! Since I have met you in person, I am able to read “in your voice” the things that you share and I feel where you are coming from . . . that makes me happy.
    Thanks so much for all you do for the crafting industry and also for the little things you share . . . Listed below is one of those things you shared that has impacted my life.
    At the Scrap Etc. Event in B’ham, AL, you shared your list of songs and listened to some of them. You told us about the song “Unwritten” – one that is a very popular hit and the other by Hilary Weeks. I wrote down her name and checked out her blog (it is also in my google reader). I have purchased Unwritten and He’ll Carry You as accompaniment tracks to sing at church. Both of these songs have made a huge impact in my life . . . and it’s all because I was listening to what you had to say one day back in March of 2007. Thank You!!

  207. Kathy C says:

    I am extremely busy too and know how overwhelmed a person can get when she does all the things that make her happy along with all the things that are required in life. The only thing I wish you would do is keep making posts…. Whenever. Any old time. Not regularly, because I don’t have time for that….. and that you keep sharing with us the fun things you happen to find or the AHA moments you have along your own personal journey. I have always thought you had great ideas but everyone knows every day is NOT an inspiring day! Honestly, sometimes whole months go by with no inspiration. Don’t stress – just enjoy! (and share when you want!)

  208. Stacy, I love your classes – they are more important to me than your blog. Take care of yourself!

  209. Barb in AK says:

    Stacy, Stacy, Stacy…. Why do I hang around here? Well, I met you through “Simple Scrapbooks”. You always seemed like a friend–your “voice” and your personality came through your articles and your projects. You brought the best of the best in the scrapbooking world to me. Then it all stopped :’-( . But next, hip-hip-hooray, I found you at BP(S)C! I don’t even remember how I found the site, and I can’t tell you how excited I was that you were back in my life again! The first thing I did was get into the Library of Memories class (which also has a new name now). :-) You invited me to your blog, so I visited–often.
    I particularly love to see your projects and organizational ideas. Please keep that going. Know that we all understand the demands which bombard your life. Please don’t allow yourself to feel guilty if you can’t be with us as often as you think you should. We just love the fact that you come around :-)

  210. Nicky from Canada says:

    love your classes – love how inspiring and real you are!!!

  211. I truly love your style, your family life, and your attitude toward life in general. I love hearing about what products you love, what kind of scrapbooking projects you have been working on, and what type of family things are going on. We have children at similar ages, I have a son 18, daughter 14 and your daughter 7. It is nice to hear that others are going thru similar life changes and situations and can relate to how I am feeling. I would truly miss your blog but you need to do what is best for you at this time in your life. So I would support what ever decision you make in regards to your blogging. Good luck and have fun on your family getaway.

  212. Sheila M says:

    I love to be inspired by what you are doing and random things that you like. It’s like having a friend give me inspiration and suggestions. I think you should write what you want, when you want to. Even if it takes a while between posts…that is why I have you in my RSS feed reader. When you post, I read.

  213. janie werner says:

    I love seeing how you manage a big family.

    I love seeing how your LDS faith has influenced your parenting and what wonderful children you have as a result.

    I loved your updates when you were training for the marathon.

    I love little snippets of your scrapbooking as your are probably my biggest inspiration (that layout of your former house with thoughts of your time there written around the photo)

    I followed your adoption story with great interest.

    I enjoy seeing some of your favorite products–Jergens original lotion, etc

    love your flashbacks on when you were a kid

    love your recaps of your extended family reunions

  214. Debby F - Wa. says:

    I come back and check you blog daily! Why? Because you are simple. You are real. You are unexpected in the world of expectations. You are a mom. You are a leader. You are a partner. And the biggest reason . . . Your words make me smile! You and Becky Higgins have hit the nail on the head for bringing daily “life” back into scrapbooking.

    My favorite quote: We might not have it all together, but together we have it all.

  215. Julie Lueck says:

    I fist found you on the BYU channel when they ran that old scrapbooking show and you would sit at a little table with your tiny bowl of jelly beans. Then I looked you up on line and found your blog and I scoured the internet to find your 2 books. It was shameful, but I would read your blog everyday and yet not my scriptures(still working on that). I come to your blog because of you and the inspiration I would gain by your perspective on life, scrapbooking by telling our life stories, food, health, how you handled the good and bad in your life. Not to mention that I would watch any video you posted, because of how YOU you are. I even went to the craft channel to watch your shows. I love how natural you are and how you would start singing your words before you even realized it. I

  216. Julie Lueck says:

    I fist found you on the BYU channel when they ran that old scrapbooking show and you would sit at a little table with your tiny bowl of jelly beans. Then I looked you up on line and found your blog and I scoured the internet to find your 2 books. It was shameful, but I would read your blog everyday and yet not my scriptures(still working on that). I come to your blog because of you and the inspiration I would gain by your perspective on life, scrapbooking by telling our life stories, food, health, how you handled the good and bad in your life. Not to mention that I would watch any video (loved the color ones) you posted, because of how YOU you are. I even went to the craft channel to watch your shows. I love how natural you are and how you would start singing your words before you even realized it. I realize you need to do what you need to do, but I would miss deeply hearing from you. I even started to follow your sisters blog. I could care less about the advertisers, not that I don’t mind checking out the links on the side, because I do whether you comment on them or not. I look forward to every post and await until the next time you do. I have learned so much from you. I love the story of what your blog used to be named. I come to the blog because I don’t get to be your very good friend in real life and get to “hang” with you…lol….is that sad?

  217. I come back to read every post because you inspire me. I love both your outlook on scrapbooking and on life. You come across as sincere, honest & real. (A rarity these days!) I love that you (unlike some in the industry) seem to share your thoughts & ideas because you genuinely like to teach and share and inspire (not just to make money!). I’ve changed the way I scrapbook because of you – - it is now GUILT FREE — and with a different purpose – - to tell meaningful stories. I don’t care about the advertisers (frankly I don’t even look at that) – and I don’t care if you post on a schedule or just whenever a thought strikes you as ‘worth sharing’. I take your classes – - – and they are great! I guess what your blog adds is that your posts allow us, the readers, to get to know you a little better and make me feel like ‘hey, she’s a real scrapbooker, just like me – - what she does is real, and acheivable’. She has 5 kids and can fit in (meaningful) scrapbooking – - I only have 2 kids – - surely I can fit it in too! (and if I don’t – hey that’s ok too because life happens!)
    What do I want to know from you in future posts? I guess I just love hearing how you incorporate your very full and very real life into your scrapbooks – - by sharing that, you give me ideas on how to do the same with my life! (Just as examples – your 180 days album – - what an amazing idea – - can’t wait till my kids are in their graduating years so I can do that too! Or how you incorporate memorabilia or things your kids say, etc.)
    Thanks for all you share!!

  218. monique says:

    Why do I come back… I thought about this.. Obviously you inspire people.. you have given millions of speeches, classes and lectures… but the way you live your life and think about things is sometimes off the beaten path.. it’s uplifting and inspiring, not just for scrap booking but in optimism.. I am sure that you have moments where you need a break, will scream if one more thing gets on your plate or your children bother you for the thousandth time over something you already told them where it is, or have days where you need a little chocolate (probably as a brownie) or a good cry.. but when you blog, there is in an optimism, not only in you and what you do, but the industry too. refreshing..

    I thought about it a lot, one of favorite quotes came to mind.. it’s a little out of context, but makes my point for me..
    “my thoughts and the thoughts of people smarter than me would be much better heard and just maybe those thoughts could be turned into actions” — I think for some people, that is what you do.. take your thoughts and leave them for other people to put into action..

  219. I keep coming back for your view of life in general and scrapbooking in particular. I love
    your happy little projects that are fun and don’t take a lot of time to do, and I really like hearing how you are dealing with everyday matters that affect so many of us, no time for what we would like to do, and the demands of family. And I am trying to keep up with my photo organizing, so I love hearing any new ideas you have, and what is currently working for you. Your blog is a bright spot and thanks for that.

  220. I found you on My Craft Channel. I love your segments (and miss that you are not on at this time). You are very inspiring and refreshing.

    I check for updates on your blog about once or twice a month.

    I enjoy your blog. It helps inspire your readers so I hope you will try and keep a somewhat regular schedule but not so often that you do not enjoy making entries – it should be your sounding board.

    Thanks for inspiration and education!

  221. I was wondering if you did your “My Present” mini book this past October like you have in the past. I know I did!!

  222. I don’t visit as often as I used to, but what I have liked in the past is when you share about scrapbooking. I loved the video series you did showing all the different color themed baskets you have, and shortly after that converted my supply organization to color and I love it. I also love when you share your favorite products. Just things that you like, whether it be scrapbooking supplies, or favorite things you’ve picked up at Target, whatever. I would love to see your new scrap space, I know you have recently renovated and I don’t remember if you shared the completed room yet or not, maybe I missed it.

  223. Stacy,

    It is your creative approach and zest for the everyday that makes me come back. I love to see what you have planned for upcoming holidays and how you incorporate scrapbooking into the process. I love the honesty that you share . . . because it keeps it real. It otherwise would be easy to assume that everything is perfect in Stacy’s world. It is so easy in the internet world to see everything as polished and perfect. I enjoy your Friday Five. I rarely have time just to browse and find cool & cute things. I enjoy the websites and products that you share. Reading your blog keeps me inspired to scrapbook, keep up with my LOM and now embrace Twelve. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I know you will find the answer of how to best make this work for you just as you did with LOM when chronological scrapbooking was no longer working for you.

  224. Claudia McDaniel says:

    I’ll admit that I only read your blog when it comes up in my reader. But more importantly, when my reader is full after days of neglect and I’m about to clear it out and start over, your blog is one of the handful that I intentionally seek out so that I don’t miss anything. Whether you post daily, weekly, or sporadically, it’s always real. You aren’t trying to sell me anything or force something unauthentic (is that a word? it sounds weird). I feel like the things your say and the things you go through are coming from you, as if we were friends chatting. I never feel an ulterior motive to your posts or that you are preaching. Even when you post about your favorite products, I believe that you really do want to share with us what you like and not doing it because you are paid to do it.

    We all love you, Stacy. You are us. And you make us see that it’s alright to not be perfect, but that in our own way, we are pretty darn awesome. Post when you want, if you want. Not that you really need anyone’s permission. But just know that we’ll be here.

  225. The answer is very simple for me – I come back because of you.
    I read your blog for years, you formed me as a scrapbooker and I admire you in many different ways. Here, I said it. I admire you and I will always stick around.

  226. Tirzah Shirley says:

    Stacy, I have been following your blog since the very beginning, because you are an inspiration to me in the way you live your life. Honestly, it doesn’t matter so much what it is about as much as the attitude with which you approach your life. I feel a commonality with you as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in that we are similar in age, stage of life, callings in the Church, family life, belief system. I respect the way you handle life’s ups and downs, set goals, work hard, strive for balance and happiness amidst challenges. I love the things I pick up here whether it’s about scrapbooking, church, family, brownies, colors, organizing, exercising, things outside, things inside, children, service, worship, attitudes…etc. I just find good stuff here…that’s why I keeping checking in.

  227. Kary in Colorado says:

    I come back because I love you and the things you have to say. I really enjoy your take on life and creativity and mothering, I love hearing about your family and what interests you–I guess you seem like an old friend, even though we’ve only met once! I’ve taken every class you have taught at BPS/BPC, own your books–hmmm . . .maybe I’m a fan?!! I have no problem with random posts (although I am getting quite a bit of you with Twelve!), just do what feels right to you. You are an inspiration.

  228. Damiane Lucas says:

    Oh, Stacy, I visit your blog because I want to hear your voice! I love BPC, but I truly enjoy peeking into your blog to feel connected to you and this wonderful scrapbooking hobby.

  229. Stacy, I read your blog because I love your positive view on life. I love that you LOVE colour and I love that you share some of the cool things you have found on the net or catalogues etc. I enjoy reading about your family and I get inspired by the scrapbooking projects you share. It doesn’t matter how often you post on your blog. Give yourself a break!! Man, you lead a very full life and it would be awful to feel pressured to write on here just for US, your readers/fans :-) Write if and when you feel like it and/or have time. Enjoy the process ‘cos we enjoy reading. Take care of yourself <3

  230. Marilyn says:

    I come back occasionally because we share the same faith, I love reading the ordinary things of your life and your inspirational posts. I don’t paper scrapbook anymore but I love your creativity. I must admit, I do not care much for the overly advertised-looking trend of blogs these days. Please stay–just keeping it real!

  231. Hello Stacy,
    I am sure that I will not add anything new from others, but perhaps there is power in numbers. I come here because of you: your view on life, your honestly, your humor and your inspiring persona. I find your blog to be a breath of fresh air, and I hope that you will continue. Of course, you have to find your own life path and I don’t want you to feel pressured. I find so many blogs to be all advertising; I so appreciate yours-it feels like a good friend (even though I only know you online). You continue to amaze and make me laugh-that’s pretty great! Hope vacation was wonderful.

  232. Allie.Duckienz says:

    Personally, since finding Google reader, I just love hearing your voice -whenever you pop up. Because I am not checking every day to see if there is new content on ANY blog now, I just appreciate it. I still get a thrill when I see that you have posted and I am not disappointed when you don’t. Be authentic Stacy! That is who we fell in love with, not your advertisers etc.
    Hope that helps :D

  233. Lynn Moll says:

    Let me just say that if I had to choose one and only one blog to follow, without a moment’s hesitation, I’d choose yours! So I would be greatly saddened if you disappeared. Why? There are so many reasons…but here are the main ones. I adore your outlook on life, and the creative and beautifully “colorful” ways you incorporate it into everyday living. I love your openness and willingness to share with your readers. I love virtually everything you have been a part of…from Simple Scrapbooks to BPC (I’m an LOM alumni), to your books…I could go on and on. I’m just a huge fan, Stacy, and reading your blog, visiting your website, getting ideas and inspiration for everything from decorating to scrapbook storage from you has become one of the best “sprinkles” in my life! Let me just assure you that whatever you choose to do with your blog and/or website, there are devoted followers out here who will still be waiting to see what fun, wonderful, inspiring, creative things you’ll be coming up with next…but we all understand that your own life and family comes first, as it should! So follow your heart, and it will lead you exactly where you are supposed to be. With love, from Lynn in Florida

  234. Margaret C says:

    I read you because I admire your approach to life and how you cope with things. And I like scrapbooking – you have some pretty cool ideas on that too… :P

  235. It’s pretty simple, Stacy – I really like you & enjoy reading your blog – no matter how often (or rarely) you post :)

  236. Jessica says:

    Hi Stacy! I LOVE your positive attitude, that you allow us into your world and believe it or not, you bring out the good in people. Plain and simple…continue being YOU! I can’t believe how many times your little bottle of sprinkles or your posts have turned my whole day around. You bring color into peoples lives and we NEED that! :)

  237. Terri Torrez says:

    I come back because you post the random and non-intentional. It doesn’t matter to me if you post on a schedule (especially since I use an RSS reader). It only matters that what you post is real, authentic Stacy. A few years back, when I took GOBI I made an important discovery – I am more inspired by words than by images. So now I keep notebooks (currently my Twelve journal) with words that inspire me — and a large portion of those words are yours.

    You should do with your blog what you feel is right for you — and, funny thing, that’s what will be right for us too. Enjoy your break!

  238. Stacy,

    I began following you because I admired you as an amazing scrapbooker, but as I have read your posts and taken your online classes, I follow your blog because you inspire me in many areas of life. I love that you share your REAL life. I need to know that, although you do an awesome job at being super mom, business woman, church leader, etc, you struggle at times just like we all do. I love that you share that with us (and somehow, you can use that to inspire Scrapbooking, too!). I love that you share a variety of things including your faith, your family, and your favorite new products. I don’t care that it’s random, because that’s how life sometimes works. I know that routine sometimes simplifies things, so if that helps you, I say great, find a routine way to blog, but if you just want to post as inspiration strikes, I think that’s great too! So, thank you for always inspiring, encouraging, and helping me to remember that I do love Scrapbooking, even when life gets a little overwhelming. Hope you have a great vacation!

  239. I read your blog for a variety of reasons. One is for the scrapbooking aspect. I LOVED your magazine and was very sad at its demise. I love the simple approach with its focus on stories. So, scrapbooking was what got me started reading your blog. Currently, I have to say I like the randomness of the topics of your posts, and I mean randomness in a good way. I like how one day I can read about scrapbooking and another day read something about your kids. I enjoy reading posts about your business adventures. I’ve learned from your posts about your health struggles. And, even though our religious backgrounds are very different, I am interested in reading your posts about faith and your religious beliefs and practices. I don’t know if this helps, but I keep reading your blog because of you-I find what you say often thought provoking and always interesting.

  240. I come back for the reason so many of the others have already said, I enjoy YOU. You have a wonderful personality, and a very straight forward excitement towards life. You share little finds that I always love, and things that make me think. AND who doesn’t love sprinkles? :)

  241. I adopted a little girl(who is now a budding pre-teen) from Korea. Addie stories is why I comeback. I miss my little one these days.

    I also like your style of scrapbooking but you don’t show it much anymore. My favorite magazine was simple scrapbooks. Pages were not all blinged out like current magazine’s show. It was more about the pictures and telling a story then stuffing product on the pages.

    Stacey you need to go back to your roots. Show us what scrapbooking is really about on this blog. It would be wonderful to see a blog that doesn’t shove product down your throat.

    There is my two cents. ….

  242. Karen Schmidt says:

    Stacy, I come back to your blog because I like your zest for life, color, scrapbooking, etc…. I think if Stacy can do it then I can too. I’ve adjusted my scrapbooking into something that is not overwhelming anymore, I still have a lot of room for improvement but you give me that extra push to keep telling my families stories… I’m in the Twelve class and now you have helped me scrapbook by inspiration which I didn’t know I could. Its still a work in progress as is everything but you did that for me & I thank you. My kids love the “sprinkles” ideas. Some times life can run you out of energy and everyone needs that someone or something to inspire them in a different way to keep life interesting, that is you Stacy! You keep it real!

    Everyone that has left comments has said you inspire us but I’m hoping we inspired you to keep blogging when you can, we will still be here. Love Karen (Zadie on BPC) :)

  243. I REALLY love the Friday Five. I always learn about a new product or idea. I confess I check every Friday to see if it is there!

  244. Cindy McDannol says:

    Just be yourself…that’s enough. You don’t have to post on a schedule, search for new this or that, give us another list or cause…only if you want. In this time of over thought and reaction to just about everything, we all need to step back and take a breath. We need to unplug and look around us, because our time slowly, without notice, slips away.

    I do not wish to sacrifice you for my personal putterings on the Internet. We will be here whenever the urge strikes for you, or maybe we too will listen and be out enjoying the treasures that God gave us. Do what makes YOU happy.

  245. I’m here because thru the years I have come to value and be inspired by just about all your written thoughts, via blog, books, BPC, etc.
    I’ll keep coming back because I care about what you have to say and never fail to smile, reflect or get-craftin’.
    Do what you want, when you want, no pressure here, because I’m not going anywhere! You are awesome and have accomplished so much while managing to raise 5 wonderful kiddos!

  246. Cindy B. says:

    I come because I like to hear random bits of inspiration. Bits of information about other people’s lives. To know I am not alone in this whole motherhood thing. That the struggles and things we have are real and other’s experience them too. To see the little cool things that others find. Some great gift ideas have come from here.
    I’m starting to get turned off by all the blogs being about money and making money and advertising. To be honest – - I never look at the side bars with all the advertising. It is like commercials on TV – I can walk away.
    I check because I like your honest heartfelt posts about real life!

  247. I’m here because you’ve had some fun ideas for products in the past (I’ll always remember the first time I read about the soft ice cream machine — it rescued me for a gift-giving dilemma.) I’m NOT a fan of advertising on blogs because I think it changes the quality of the blogging — people do exactly what you mentioned — they quit blogging the things that made me love them and start blogging about sponsors and what they think people want to hear. I’ve dropped many blogs from my reader who fit that description over the years.

    Just be yourself. The Stacy we love with great ideas. ;-D

  248. Kristen M says:

    I love the fun things you share (totally random products, not always related to scrapbooking) that make you happy and that are fun and make me laugh. I love seeing the updates about your family, and also seeing the projects you’re working on.

  249. karen y says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I just love reading what you write. I love hearing about your big family and seeing them grow. I love seeing what cool things you uncover, random products, scrapbooking, all of it. I definitely love your simple scrapbooking ideas. I just like your style, your tone, and your approach to life. It’s inspiring. And frequently fun. :-)

  250. Jeanne Ann says:

    Stacy, I will always be here. I have been a follower and fan for more years than I can remember and it is because of you that I continue to stick around. Life is messy and busy and we all feel it from time to time, and when you have a public side added to that I can only imagine how overwhelming it can be but despite it all you are alway you. You make me happy and inspired everytime and I thank you for it. Because of you I have discovered my own “Happy Colors” and many other “Happy” things. Do what you need to do because you will always have people that care enough to stop in and say hello.

  251. Melissa says:

    As a mom who is right there in the trenches with you, I come back to be inspired. Your blog give me inspiration to keep doing what I know I want to be doing.

    As a business owner, mother of four, and memory keeper I love the window into your life that your blog provides. I love Friday Five, color everywhere, family updates, processes (home & scrapbooking) that currently work for you, honestly I love the whole thing!!!!!

  252. I’ll be honest- I keep coming back because you haven’t become all about your product- you’ve stayed the same in your postings however often they are and I find inspiration in knowing that others go through the same things I do. I love that you’ve shared your struggles and your life with us and I will continue to come back. I find your honesty refreshing and I will continue to check up on you, regardless of how often you post. :-)

  253. Jolene O says:

    I come back for a few reasons; I have 5 children who are roughly the same ages as yours and it’s nice to know I’m not alone!! I also like to hear how you make things work at home. We are all so busy (sometimes I wish my calendar would spontaneously combust so I don’t have to look at it!) it’s fun to see how other busy moms figure it all out. I also do not ever look at or pay attention to the ads in the sidebars. I come here for you, not for any outside advertising. I don’t scrapbook anymore, just do Project Life, but I have to say that your color bins have been a life saver for me as I do love to stamp and make cards. Love that my colors are sorted and I can just grab and go.

    I say, do what works for you and most of us will just be along for the ride:)

  254. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    I’ve been a fan since I was a scrapbook store owner 14 years ago and discovered that I wasn’t the only one who was a “simple scrapper”. We met in person at Scattered Pictures in Portland, Oregon where we talked about the reality of scrapping. At the time, I was in the middle of a year of chemo and was creating a scrapbook for my daughter…a sort of love letter to her from me. I took your Library of Memories class and was delighted to find that my scrapbooking and organization style mirrored what you were teaching. I was fortunate enough to be one of the 13 women featured in your book Photo Freedom. Your blog is real…you get to the heart of the matter. Scrapbooking is telling the stories of our lives. You share your life with us…I too have had major health problems in the last few years. While I have just one child, we share the experience of adoption and of our child growing up and leaving home. I come to your blog because you are a woman of faith, a Mom, a scrapbooker who is about the story not the products, who is honest and funny and real. Life is insane so don’t feel like you have to be “on a schedule’…be who you are and I’ll come to your blog to commiserate, to laugh, to cry and to find fun and inspiration.

  255. Kellie T says:

    Stacy-you are an awesome inspiration! I come to this blog because you are real, honest, funny & fun loving, genuine & down to earth. I have met you in real life & you are simply inspiring. I love that when I asked you on here where you got your bracelet in one of your videos-you actually answered & I was able to find them & own them too. In an industry where people can lose themselves I find you refreshingly “you” without gimmick or ulterior motive or selfish money making plans. You are you. A mom, a wife, a scrapbooker, a blogger, a business woman, an inspiration to so many. Thanks for being real & for sharing as much as you do!

  256. Can I be honest? I rarely, rarely read blogs that feel too “business.” I like reading blogs that are about the people writing them, not about the work they do, whatever the work is. Of course the content is going to reflect their passions and interests…but when it starts to feel like a daily infomercial, I’m out.

    I continue to check your blog because I think you keep things real and down-to-earth. You share both struggles and joys and that, to me, makes a blog worth reading.

    • Kathleen S. says:

      I agree completely about ‘business’ blogs; you hit the nail on the head. Stacy’s blog is Stacy herself!

  257. Cynthia says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I read your blog because I love your style, your use of color, your stories about your faith and your family, and truthfully, your honestly about your struggles. There are blogs I used to follow and then quit because they became all about selling product. You’ve never done that, and I thank you!

  258. I don’t keep reading your blog because it’s a business, or even, really for the scrapbook pages (because I’m digital now). I read it because after all these years I feel like part of the family. You’re like my ultra-cool cousin who updates us on her family, who has wonderful taste in all things colorful, and who is super inspiring as far as scrapbooking connections. You are emotional and raw, just like me, and I can’t wait to see what you have to say next!

  259. I’m still here! I know you don’t post often, but I still check every day. I understand being overwhelmed. I quit my blog too – nobody was reading it anyway! I do think trying to do 3 blogs plus facebook plus twitter is more than you need to be doing because something might be a certain “category.” I think you could lump everything in one place to make it easier on yourself. I come because I love your philosophy on life. You know what you need to do to put your family first, and we’ll understand whatever you decide!

  260. Ditto on the above comments. I am an empty nester and still find I only blog once a week. Mainly to keep in touch with my geeky children. I actually have been so happy that you have stepped way back from this blogging world. Your children are with you a very short time. Your time is filled with what really matters. If you still enjoy writing and sharing and are refreshed keeping up a blog, do so. If it is too much, you can always return when your life is in a different stage. Your dear children are going to be very productive active contributors to our larger community. When they are independent, alot of time will be freed up to allow you more freedom. I pray today you will be refreshed, enjoying those dear little (big) gifts you are raising. That job means everything. Much grace to you today Staci.

  261. Heather W says:

    I have loved you as a teacher and have taken every class I could from you both in person and online.

    I have loved you being part of “the industry” of scrapbooking because you have never been product centric and have shared with us how scrapbooking and storytelling is oh so do-able.

    I’ve loved you as an aggregator and business owner with BPS now BPC. I can take classes with incredible teachers right from my own home. Life changing!

    I have loved you as a mentor. You are honest. You are real. You have life’s ups and downs, but yet you still have a sense of play and fun. You have helped me and oh so many people realize that sprinkles, silliness and fun are not only OK, but part of what life is about.

    So about your blog. I loved it when you started blogging. Mostly because you weren’t always the teacher, the industry person, etc. You were you. You shared stories. You shared your faith. You shared YOU and your family. That’s why I was and am drawn to your blog. I know you’ve been in transition over the past few years. Lots of life has been happening in your life. That’s OK.

    What I would like to see in your blog is the return to you being you. Sharing what you want to share. The ups, the downs, the color, the cool things you find, your faith, what’s going on in your world, etc. What excites you? Now that may be BPC, it may be fitness, it may be the cool fashion or gadget for you or your kids, it may be random. What is making you think? Oh and shock! It doesn’t have to be about scrapbooking or business or anything, but what you are thinking about.

    What I long for is to have you join my Friday coffee group in my neighborhood. A group of diverse women gather in a variety of combinations and just chat. We never know what the topic will be, the kids are playing in the other room (for the most part), and it just happens. As a former driven corporate woman this has been a big change for me, now it’s the best part of my week. I would love to come to your blog for coffee or iced lemonade and hear what you want to share and I can chat back in comments with you.

    Random is good. No deadlines or what things “should be” is even better. I have never seen you as that person. Life happens. Sprinkles happen too, but planned sprinkles take the fun and excitement out of them. They are a special treat and just like you, they have brought us so much joy through the years.

    Bottom line is drop the “should dos”. Follow your gut! Your instincts to simplify the process and have fun has changed the way we look at things. You have empowered us and yourself. Be the fabulous you you are! Hurt toes, trying to figure things out, great Mom, incredible teacher, and everything in between.

    Just know Stacy- that you are OK just as you are, you are enough, you are blessed, and you are oh so loved! Keep sharing and we will come if for nothing else, but to hang out virtually with you!

  262. I read your blog because even though you aren’t focused on scrapbooking so much you are focused on the things that matter and are worth documenting. Now that I’m taking Twelve, I see the connection here about focusing on what’s important. I am always pleasantly surprised when I see a blog post from you pop up in my inbox whether it’s been 2 days or 2 months. You are funny, happy, real, a mom, a savvy business woman and so much more and there is something that everyone can take away from that.

  263. I read your blog because you are my scrapbooking idol – reading your books made me fall in love with scrapbooking all over again, instead of feeling intimidated by it. You reminded me that keeping memories (and living life) can be FUN, colorful, and rewarding. I never know what I’ll find on your blog – some cute product that caught your eye, a scrapbooking idea, or an update on your kids. I love it all!

  264. I keep coming back for a couple of reasons:
    1. I like the “realness” of you and your family.
    2. You are a colorful crafter – and that’s just plain fun! :)
    3. I don’t craft everyday, it’s okay to walk away from it. It’s okay to pick it back up when I want to, as well. I used to think that I needed to document life for my family and those around me, but that just became another chore, another “to-do” in a stressful day. Once I changed my outlook and took crafting to be “me-time”, then I started loving it again. I wanted to do it, I craved my studio time, I couldn’t wait to get back to the cardstock and blogs. I come to this blog because I see you walking away from your blog and still coming back. There’s still something here for you, so there is still something here for me.

  265. Sherrie M. says:

    I come back to your blog time and time again because it’s happy little place where I can get fun tidbits, inspiration, and sometimes laugh. I personally am not into the business-side of the blog world…the advertisers and promotions. I prefer your wonderful quotes, reflections, and colorful updates on what’s going on in your part of the world.

  266. DorothyCC says:

    I like to read certain scrapbook bloggers who have interesting ideas and approaches to scrapbooking and card making. I also like references to new products, companies, and blog sites that have led me to interesting new scrapbooking sites. Unlike many others, I do not read blogs primarily to keep up with other people’s lives, although over time you do start feeling like friends as you learn more about them.

    I keep returning to your blog site because I have always liked and admired your Simple Scrapbooking philosophy and approach to scrapbooking. I totally understand how something that started off as a fun sideline gradually expanded into a business endeavor that has become more of a burden and obligation than a joy. I hope that your new direction is a good fit with your current life. I’m happy to continue to read & support whatever you choose to do.

  267. Really excellent info can be found on this site.

  268. Only knowing you thorough reading Simple Scrapbooks, BPC and this blog, I have found inspiration from you. I love your eye for design, cool products, and home decor. I adore reading about your love for your family and the ups and downs going on in your life. You are so brave and generous to share so much of yourself with complete strangers. I don’t share the same faith traditions that you have, but I enjoy reading about them because it is completely authentic to you. It has seemed like you have really tried in the last couple of years to put out a “polished” blog, and if that is your intention, you have succeeded. But if your intention is really to inspire other women like myself, the “polish” is really unnecessary. It is just you – living in the moment – especially in imperfect moments – when I see myself reflected back at me. And somehow, whatever I came to your blog looking for — comfort, motivation, inspiration, commiseration — I always find.

  269. I have followed your blog the past couple of years & LOVE your creativity & inspiring ideas.

  270. Kathleen S. says:

    I check your blog every day, even though I know you don’t post that much. The check in gives me a sprinkle of Stacy. Stick with Stacy, your thoughts, your life, your uniqueness. As to Twitter (which I don’t do), Facebook (which I have and don’t do) and your blog, that sounds like a lot to me. I don’t know how you’d balance one against another, except I think the blog gives you much more room to be you. I would hope you’d continue it. I suppose that depends on whether you can find that place you used to enjoy, and pare away the rest. We’re all rooting for you as you think things through!

  271. Stacy,

    I must say that I’m overwhelmed by so many neat blogs that I don’t get around to everyones all the time. I do like that your posts are delivered straight to my email so I can read what I want or have the time to.

    What I love about reading your blog in the past was that it was not forced. I loved to hear the simple yet loving ways you did things. I especially enjoy hearing your positive outlook on life. I have been making more of an effort over the last few years to keep looking at things in a positive way. I know that there are horrible things that happen in the world, too muc h in fact, that I don’t listen or watch the news. My hubby informs me of the ‘big things’ but sometimes he tells me things & I say, don’t share that kind of thing anymore. I also like your creative ideas & reviews on things you love & find useful. I have also tried to stop purchasing extra things. I am trying to be more practical about purchases so if I don’t find a ‘real’ need for it, I am trying to walk away without buying it. It is however neat to see cool, inovative products that have been created that I might not otherwise know about because I don’t come across them in my small, secluded town & because I don’t use my web time to surf for ‘neat’ products.

    Have a wonderful Easter & Spring Break. Hope you figure out what direction you want to take. Isn’t it nice that we can think on things, evaluate, & take a new direction as life changes & our desires & loves change? I think so!

  272. I used to check your blog daily, but with some family things going on, I have backed off checking blogs as frequently as I used to. Not just yours, but all of them.
    I have always enjoyed reading your blog, no matter what you are writing about. I love seeing your daily life and family and hearing what is going on with you and yours.
    I always enjoyed your “Sprinkles” and was often led to either participate in whatever way you encouraged or some other way that I could uplift someone else.
    I think you should just do what you want to do, write what you feel you want to write about and share what you want to share. After all it is your blog and you are the one that should enjoy it the most, right?
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter break and I’ll be checking back soon, if there is something to read, that’s great, if not, well I’ll just stop back another time.

  273. Sherri K says:

    I love to log on and hear your positivity on life and projects. I get some really fabulous ideas from you that I jot down to try out later. Just stay positive and continue to share the things YOU love – that’s all you need to do.

  274. ana smith says:

    Hi Stacy, I love the direct you take with scrapbooking. I lvoe they’re not just pictures to you, but memories to capture on paper. You are inspiring to me. Everytime I read that the guest spot on Paperclipping will be Stacy Julian, I know it will be a fun hour with lots of inspiration & insight.

    Thank you. Don’t quit now.

  275. I come back because I think you’re really cool. I “met” you through Simple Scrapbooks, so I started reading your blog as I was looking at the scrapbooking angle. Along the way, I fell in love with your taste (I so want your dining room table and chairs). And I got to watch your kids grow up and I also “met” your little girl, too! I love “sprinkles” in my life, but if you feel it is becoming forced and no longer enjoyable, don’t worry about it. I do enjoy seeing new products, especially gadgets, but that’s not why I’m here. I think most of us are here because we care about you. :) Enjoy spring break! I need to become unplugged for a while myself!

  276. Hi Stacy!

    I have been a regular blog reader for a few years now. I want to thank you for the 180 Days book idea that you did last year. I too had a child that was a Senior in high school. I saw the idea and knew instantly that this was the kind of book that I would create for her. I used your questions and picture ideas as guides. Since my daughter does not like having her picture taken and would not take pictures of her friends at school, I had to be very creative. I became very adept at Photoshop Elements and created many 4×6 “pages” of things that were happening in her life last year. I am very proud of the way that the book came out and I think that she really did appreciate it.

    So, even if you decide to change your blog methodology, I truly want to thank you for the idea of the Senior album.

  277. Kathy Mc says:

    Have to admit I found your blog through blog hopping. Those MME brads are just the ticket and would really pop as embellishments on cards. Have to admit I’m not really into the social media frenzy yet as just don’t trust it. Thanks, Stacy!

  278. Stacy, thanks for asking for our input. I’m here because I enjoy you, I enjoy your full and busy life. I am inspired by the things that you love, the places that you go, and the things that you do. Not in the scheduled, Sprinkles sort of way, but the spontaneous way you used to post. I admit I don’t care for this big new business blog of yours. Go back to what you used to do, forget Facebook, forget Twitter, and focus on the basic blogging of yore. That’s you, and that’s the Stacy J I love. I am part of that little fan club of yours in Oak Park, CA, the”OG Project Life” girls with Molly, and meeting and hearing you speak about your absolute passion for story telling and scrapbooking has touched my life. Please keep on Stacy, I appreciate you!

  279. Stacy – I keep coming back because I love to read your thoughts. I love and admire your philosophy om scrapbooking and memory keeping and I am just always really pleased to read what you have to say. I love to read a little about your family and how you manage to fit it in – even your struggles are inspiring because they keep you real for me. I was lucky enough to meet you (only in passing) when you last visited NZ and I read your blog as a “friend”. I don’t read for product updates or business ideas or business “sales” I read to meet my friend! Love the colour; love the reality; love meeting you!

  280. I come back, because I feel a connection with your desire to tell a story. All stories, big and small. You have a passion, love and genuine heart that I admire. I love your perspective on life, kids family and your self. I like your love of color – something that I am not that comfortable with, but I am working on it! I enjoy having a peek into your home and the fun ‘corner’ of life, how your group ideas and incorporate scrapbooking into your life and your home!
    I come back to your page – to a friend that doesn’t know I am here – and despite time and distance, it makes me happy!

  281. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    Oh Stacy! This is why I jus love u. My husband will say to me “what’s wrong? U have that ‘what does it all mean’ face happening!”. You are a human lady like the rest of us. It’s why I think u r fantastic! In my head u are my best sister friend. I trust what u say & completely respect your opinions. I am a wholistic simple scrapbooker. I’m a stay at home mom & my husband is military. I don’t have the money or the time to investigate a lot of product! I depend on your expertise & clean friendly pages for knowledge & inspiration. And when u stay away for long periods of time to take care of yourself, family, or business I go back to your book “the big picture.” I have been scrapbooking with you for at least the last six yrs! Even if it’s just once a month (b/c I know it’s not easy) I would love to hear your opinions about life, new products, new ways of doing things, etc. u have always kept it simple & somehow brilliant. I would really miss you if u let the blog go, but I do understand life, so if u have to let it go, I will understand. Be well sister friend ;-). I’ll always have “the big picture” & my old issues of simple scrapbook magazine ( that I still draw inspiration from)!

  282. tchrtiff says:

    Oh how I’ve missed you here on your blog. I know that you’re busy busy busy but that’s one of the things I love about you, you’re a wife and mom just like I am. I started reading your blog when Simple Scrapbooks magazine went away (which I loved). I love Friday Five, Sprinkles, seeing your completed layouts, hearing about your family, seeing videos you make (scrap room (which I don’t think we’ve seen it since you redid it), home, kids, organization, scrapping process, etc), projects you’re working on (love 180 days), your thoughts on scrapbboking and memory keeping in general and all the other randomness you used to blog about. I hope after this long break you’ll bring some of it back but not on a schedule, just when you’re up for it–random & spontaneous. Thanks!

  283. Sue in Canada says:

    I found you through Photo Freedom. I come back to you and stay with you for your sense of style, your stories and how you assure us we all have the same questions, triumphs, losses and you just seem to make it a smaller, nicer world. Your sharing of your ideas and family life make me feel like I am wandering through life with another friend!!

  284. ana roat says:

    Ever have one of those friendships where you don’t see eachother for a long time but when you do time seems to pick up just where you left off…that’s what your blog is like. I come back because I believe what you have to say is important. I don’t have to personally know you to call you my friend. Knowing that we really aren’t that different is what offers the most inspiration. The rest is just a bonus.

    Do what is best for you and when we meet again it will be as if we had seen eachother just yesterday.

    God first, family second and job third…

  285. I don’t read your Blog regularly (too busy trying to keep up with my BPC classes!) but whenever I do visit I see/read/ am inspired by something that makes the visit totally worthwhile….. Photo Freedom/LOM and Scrap by Colour, and now Twelve are all things that have made such a difference to my scrapbooking… and I love that through your blog it is so easy to feel in touch with you as a real person! And such a nice one, too!! I’m old enough to remember what it was like to have neighbours who had time to stop and chat most days (but not everyday)… and neighbourhoods where children could walk and play and pass the time of day with friends and acquaintances… and your blog (and the associated ‘folders’) are a bit like walking through a scrapbooking neighbourhood, with all the stories, layers and dimensions that you find in a treasured album!
    That said, you, your family and your faith come first…
    Selfishly I hope that you do find time to keep on blogging in some form or other… but if it’s not every day that’s OK.
    Thanks for all the great times you’ve shared – hope you have many more to come!

  286. Hello, I feel the same about blogging – I totally get where you’re coming from. I come to your blog to just read whatever you have to say. And you always have something to say. Sometimes there are bits and pieces of whatever thrown in, but Stacy, you’re always on it girl and your blog post about not loving your blog right now proves it. You’re always intentional. Maybe you just have to be intentional about not being intentional on your blog! Gosh, you’re a business woman and you have so many expectations to meet. Maybe your blog can be what it was originally – just your place. I don’t know how that changes things with advertising and whatever, but when you’re in the business of creating, you can’t do that on a schedule…I’ve tried and it’s hard. Sometimes we have to, but if we want to keep going forward there has to be creative joy somewhere. No joy = no fun. I usually don’t blog for Jan (summer over here), but it’s stretched to more than three months now. After two and a half years of very solid blogging, yep, nothing. I have no advertisers or anything, but I still feel like I have obligations…I’ve stepped off the treadmill and stayed off on purpose. The perpetual merry-go-round of producing content…whoa, too much. Why put in the effort when I’m sure most of it gets glossed over anyway. Truly, I have to blog for me because I don’t get a lot of feedback…so if I don’t want to do it, why bother.
    I know what you mean, I love to write and I want to, but I want it to have a purpose or something and what I’ve been doing for the last little while isn’t cutting it anymore. I’m changing direction too, but I don’t know what that direction is…so I wait. And wait I will. The answer will come. It always does. The same will happen for you.
    Basically, is your blog about you (as an outlet), us (as your readers) or them (the advertisers)?
    Who do you want your blog to be about?
    All the best to you and figuring it out :)

  287. I’d love to see your new layouts, your thought and design process, and work in process photos. I enjoy listening to you ‘ramble’ about philosophical things on PRT so love to see you do it here too. Also time management! You seem to do so much, how do you juggle it all?

  288. I love your 5 on Friday posts. I always see something I’d like to try.

  289. Fiona Lally says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I enjoy reading your blog as it feels like we’re having a conversation, I enjoy your perspective on things and life in general, I enjoy how ‘real’ you make and keep it, I enjoy getting to know you,I enjoy your approach to life and I love how you make me smile and look at the world around me differently. I enjoy you being you!!

    I just came across this quote a friend of mine had posted on my fb page:
    When there is no turning back, then we should concern ourselves only with the best way of going forward. ~Paolo Coelho♥

    Just keep being you!

  290. My sentiments will echo all the other comments. Simply put, you are a scrapbooking rockstar, and I truly admire your innovation in the industry. I have you in my reader, so I am able to read whenever you post. I’ve always been inspired by your memory keeping philosophy, and have implemented many of your processes. I am also a fellow color-lover, and enjoy your random posts, family posts, Friday Five, etc.
    I admit I wasn’t scrapbooking like I once had; it just wasn’t a priority, even though I thought I wanted it to be. So when you announced your upcoming TWELVE class, I thought, hmmm maybe that’s what I need to reinvigorate my love for scrapbooking. And, I can sincerely say, this class has changed my life….I am scrapbooking more than I have in years, and thoroughly enjoying it! I’m telling stories that I would’ve never thought to tell. This creative momentum has filtered through the other areas of my life and relationships, and for that Stacy, I am truly grateful.
    So, I guess the bottom line for me is that what you share is valued and appreciated, but I also understand that life balance can be difficult to navigate, so if/when you feel moved to post, I’ll be here happily reading.

  291. I come back out of habit to be honest.. I am a scrapbooker.. but more a sporadic blog hopper these days (time poor) – nevertheless.. every now and then I swing by usually via Cathy Zielske’s sidebar. I like your links ! I think the last time I visited you had recommended the book ‘ Where Children Sleep’ and I ordered it straight away. It was one of the best books I have purchased in a very long time. Sometimes I find things you write about very interesting.. other times not…. but you keep it varied enough to keep me coming back every now and then :) Thankyou.

  292. Your fans love you because your are “real.” I remember the first time I discovered you through a scrapbooking book at the library. I loved you immediately and wanted to know more about you and your creativity. This was 10+ years ago. I searched your name on the internet and (true story) had my one and only brush with a porn image. Did you know that a porn star shares your name?! That was a shocker. Well, you have come a long way…your popularity has out grown that other Stacy J in google’s search bar. HA! Your presence on the www is meaningful and touches people in many ways. I hope you continue to share whenever and whatever your feel inclined to share. Your fans love you!

  293. Elizabeth says:

    I hate that many blogs are turning into “giveaway” after “giveaway.” It feels like one commercial after another and when I see that a blog is having another “giveaway” I hop over to another blog that has written or shared something personal.

  294. Brenda DellaVecchia says:

    The sequel to “Finding Photo Freedom” . . . “Finding Blog Freedom”!

    Love you. Will always be following you. Real. Not product driven but process driven.

    I pondered the other day a question that sort of relates to this. Most of the “celebrities” of scrapbooking can still be traced back to their roots in published work. In a world where print media is disappearing and anyone can publish themselves via a blog – how will the next generation of scrapbook superstars be “filtered”. Just pondering. I thought it would be a good discussion for the roundtable.

    As far as your blog – I know you’ll do what makes you happy in the long run. Everyone is coming with a different perspective I guess. Those who have been following you forever are just as happy to hear about what you put in Addie’s lunchbox or some super insightful scrapbooking idea.

    Good luck!

  295. JessicaM says:

    I’ll echo what everyone else has said- I read your blog because of YOU! I don’t really care how often you post, but I read what you have to say because I feel inspired by the way that you handle life, family, the gospel and scrapbooking. I’m not quite as far along the path of life as you are and I consider you to be a role model and really just enjoy reading what you have to say.

    I will continue reading regardless of how often you post – I love that your blog is real and spontaneous.

  296. Lisa M. Zepponi says:

    I still love your blog! I like your “endorsements”. They are typically something new and refreshing! Please keep sharing those hidden gems with us!

  297. Stacy – I just like hearing form you. That’s it. I am not so interested in products and promoting other companies and blogs. I like hearing how you are doing. I like hearing about your scrapbooking. I like seeing your projects, I like LOM Q&A, I like hearing about your family. I like hearing your thoughts about life and so on.

    Maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself and this blog., It’s just a blog. It’s fun. It’s a means of self expression. It’s a way of saying, hi, howyadoing. It doesn’t HAVE to have a bigger meaning or purpose than that. UNless that is not enough of a reason to find time to do it.

    For me, I blog when I have something to say. People have blog readers and they can subscribe and see your posts when they pop up. NO need to have a regular schedule or anything, IMO. If this was a business blog and you made a living off it, that would be different.

  298. I go through blog waves—times when I so enjoy reading them and make them part of my daily routine (usually in the evening so I can snuggle while my husband watches a show I have no interest in). And then there are times, like now, when I never click on my blog reader (—which if anyone reading this hasn’t checked out, makes blog reading FUN ‘cuz it is so visually pleasing and easy to scroll through!). Life gets busy, and when evenings turn into work time, internet time is the first thing to go.

    But there are less than three blogs that I continue to subscribe to my email box (yours, Seth Godin and Karen Maezen Miller). I like that yours and Karen’s aren’t so frequent, and Seth’s are so lucid (though there are days when I just delete due to time).

    All of which is to say, I love your blog. I’ll keep following regardless how quiet it may get because I’ve learned so much here. You’ve influenced not only how I organize my memory-keeping, but also were the spark for our shoe “bucket” and our “out the door” cubby and so many little things that make my life work better. And you led me to one of my favorite books: Flow.

    Rather than making your blog another “to do” item, I say keep it for when you are so excited about sharing some thought or idea or tip, that you HAVE to post:)

  299. I do come back to your blog at least once a week just to check to see if you left a tidbit to share. I love the fact that you are always upbeat and happy. When I come to your blog I end up smiling and usually learn some little something whether it is scrapbook related, something from your life, or just something fun. I love your blog and how your share your enthusiasm for lilfe. Thanks for making me smile.

  300. I’m subscribed to your blog and get positively GIDDY when a new post comes up. I love your outlook on life, your bragging rights about your children, the attention to potentially GREAT new products, and your giveaways for no reason, to people who weren’t expecting it.

    I come here over other sites because you’re real. You’re kind and brave and sincere, characteristics that are sadly lacking these days in business and media. Your Friday Five makes me grin from ear to ear, and I can’t begin to tell me how many products I’ve paid good money for just because I trusted your opinion in the product.

    I can’t wait to see what you have planned next!

  301. I come back because it’s you – Stacy Julian. Not your name and who you are in the scrappin’ world. You. Your personality. Your sprinkles. Your openness. You are an encourager – a positive person – someone I enjoy “having a conversation” with, even if it is only online. Yes, I first came because of the scrapbooking; and I enjoy any posts along that topic. But I stayed because it’s you!

  302. I started reading your blog a few years ago and loved the projects you shared and the cute stories about your family. Honestly, I enjoyed your blog more the way it used to be, because it was clearly FUN for you. I loved the tips about handling summer chores, scrapbooking your son’s senior year of high school, and the stories of Addie joining your family. I was basically pinning ideas from your blog years before Pinterest existed. Your ideas meant more to me because you shared your life as well. I knew you were a real mom with a real schedule and real kids, and if you were suggesting something, then it had truly been tested. While I enjoy Martha Stewart, I rarely do any of her crafts because I know they are made by professional artists and they often turn out to be too difficult, time consuming or expensive for me easily make. I can never replicate what I see in the magazine and it’s frustrating. That has never happened to me with your blog, your books, or at BPC and that is what keeps me coming back.

    Good luck in creating your future plan and thank you for everything you’ve already shared.

  303. theresa Ferran says:

    Hello Stacy! I think it has all been said, but I couldn’t resist……Your “blogging” is terrific, regardless if it’s everyday or every week or monthly ( although that would be hard for me, as I would miss it :) terribly ). You are honest, forthright, and keep it real. I can honestly say, however you change it up or not, I hope you continue because YOU are a huge inspiration to all of us who take the time to visit! thanks for it all! ….btw , I’m a may baby also.

  304. I love your personality and sprinles and energy. Yes there are times i get overwhelmed my the advertising sidebars not knowing which is a product link or a fun link so i can see why you get tired. I hope you keep writing but most of all do what is good for you and your family.

  305. I enjoy reading your blog because, as many others have said, it’s You. I enjoy hearing your “voice” telling stories, sharing crafty ideas or your philosophy. I too have been reading your blog for several years and enjoyed the feeling of it then. I liked to read what you were excited about, what you were doing at the time, what products you really liked, etc. I don’t need a “scheduled” this or that. Pop on when you have the time to tell us what’s going on in your life, what are you loving (or not loving) right now, what is making you smile, etc. You are such an inspiration to all of us and the last thing we want to be is yet another pressure on your time. Anything you want to share is what I’d like to hear! Love ya!!

  306. What a question! I first came across your blog from the scrapbooking world…but have continued to read (and enjoy) because you are a wonderful story teller. Whether it’s reading family stories, creative stories, faith stories or just daily life stories, I really enjoy seeing how you find space in your life for creativity; and it’s also wonderful to see how a Christian woman brings all the different elements of life together. =)

  307. I LOVE your blog! I come to hear about you and your family, see the projects your working on and anything else your willing to share. There are many blogs out there.
    There are only a few I have in my favorites that I check daily. Why do I check yours?
    You INSPIRE, your REAL, your a MOM. Your just like me and so many who enjoy your blog. It doesn’t matter what you write about, I enjoy it. Thank you for doing this as long as you have. I know it must be a lot of work, thank you for doing it!

  308. I read your blog because it is just plain FUN. Snippets about your family, scrapping, your adorable decorating and fashion, and the honesty with which you share all these parts of your life. Your love for family and life come across in the words you write. Your blog is very much “the cute mom next door” and I can relate. You keep it real. :)

  309. christine says:

    I read your blog not expecting it to be updated every day – and look at it as a treat when there is a new post. I can’t imagine the pressure to have something everyday – and I would hope people don’t expect that. You are inspiring, you live in the Northwest, so I don’t have to be envious that you’re talking about sunshine (you and I share the same weather). I don’t come to the blog for products, but to see what you are sharing. I read a few blogs, and yours is always so nice that it’s a good mix of family, projects and fun things. I appreciate the time put into all you give to your readers.

  310. kroybal says:

    I think I come to your blog just as a reminder that it is in fact difficult to do it all. All that I think I should do, all that I want to do, all that I really need to do–it’s tough to balance all of those things. Your blog is reminder to me, that in and among all that stuff, to have fun, to sprinkle some color in my life and those in my proximity. I’ve taken your LOM class and now your 12 class, but really I have a hard time keeping up, as much as I really want to. BUT, I love the fun you incorporate into all you do and that’s why I keep checking in. Honestly, I don’t check any other individual’s blog, or even an entity’s (like Write.Click.Scrapbook or Shutter Sisters)blog like I check in on yours. No pressure to update everyday though since I don’t check in every day either. I know that you too have a life to live and people to enjoy. I hope that you find the balance that works for you in this season of life. Please know that your online “friends” will be understanding. Since you came and talked at the DOTS convention so many years ago until the most recent 12 email I read (take a long shower!), I’ve taken away so many great ideas and encouraging thoughts from you. THank you! Enjoy!!!

  311. Jennifer says:

    You know that woman – the one you don’t see very often. You run into her at church events or the library. And you’re both so glad to be in the same place at the same time. And she shares with you about some fun new thing she’s discovered, and what her kids are up to, and what she’s been thinking about. And she wants to hear what you’ve been thinking about, and asks about your family (and genuinely wants to listen to what you have to say). And you go away thinking how much you enjoy her and what a neat person she is. And even though your lives are such that you aren’t often in the same place at the same time, you’re thankful for the conversations you share and just that you know each other. That’s how I feel about your blog, and that’s why I keep popping in.

  312. Michelle T says:

    I originally came to your blog via Simple Scrapbooks and your books. I then stayed because of your fun style, parenting tips, love of color (& brownies!) and cool product reviews. You challenged me to capture the memories that truly matter — not just the “big” holidays and birthdays. I hope you find your “voice” in the blogging world again.

  313. Pollyanna/Gina says:

    1 Thessalonians 5:7 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up just as in fact you are doing.” That is why I come here. Because in sharing you, you fulfill this passage. Just keep sharing you! ….. and I’ll keep coming back.

  314. Lee Ann Galligan says:

    I check back in often for any word, be it a post or a tweet, that gives an insight into your life, that makes my life better to live. You give inspiration by sharing your family activities, scrapbook ideas/organization, class information to those of us who want to add some neat ideas to our own lives. But you do it in true life form, not honey coated, with a touch of love and kindness. That is why I have you on my reading list, and check back every day or every couple of days, when I have the time to soak in any goodness that you have to share. Thanks for blogging and making those of us who follow you strive to be better people!

  315. At first it was because I loved the very first book that came out 15 years ago or so on scrapbook design. Then I followed you because you were such an incredible speaker. Then, although your scrapbook style is not the same as mine, it was because I could always take something away from what you wrote or what you said. You have an enthusiasm that is infectuous. Finally, it was because you were so honest in your blogging. The good times, the bad times, all about your life. We all think we know you (of course this is absurd), but at the end of the day we follow you because we truly love what and who you are. You see, Stacy, we all come back because of you.

  316. Nicole Powers says:

    I come back because I LOVE your style. You inspire me because I am a mom of 4 boys and to see someone who is not only raising 4 boys but who adopted a daughter from another country to complete her beautiful family amazes me. I would love to know how you have the energy, let alone the time to raise 5 children plus run a business plus blog, twitter, facebook and still have time to scrapbook! I can barely keep up with my 4 children and keep my house running (although I do make time to scrapbook as much as possible)

  317. I first saw you as a guest speaker on Scrapbook Memories tv show and LOVED how upbeat and fun you seemed. I loved your sense of style, your fun use of COLOR, your encouraging words. I bought your Photo Freedom book. I followed your blog. I enjoyed your sprinkles. I keep checking back; although, with 2 little ones, it is (now) less often than I would like. I liked the quirkiness… the bowl of jelly beans; your love of Brownies and sprinkles; your fun, mismatched socks. I liked reading about your family life. I loved the Where Women Create peek into your studio/office space. I love how you organize your books by color! I like your product reviews. I love that you always have kind words to say and remain upbeat. I love your generosity… your giveaways, etc. In the movie RATATOUILLE, Chef Auguste Gusteau believes that “anyone can cook”; in the scrapbooking/memory-making world, you instill that same BELIEF and ENCOURAGEMENT that ANYONE CAN DO IT and I really like that about you! You’ve got fun, do-able ideas to document and capture memories for a lifetime. AND your splashes of fun color are always SO CHEERFUL, like you! :) You keep me coming back for more!

  318. Dear Stacy,
    What do I love about your blog?
    Seeing life from your perspective. Color. Songs. Things that make you happy. Products that make you happy. Your children. Fun things you do with them. Boring, routine things you do with them. Your organization, eating, exercising struggles. How you handle all your children, family, business and still find time to be creative.
    You have made my life more full. More exciting. More interesting. I observe more. Laugh more. Collect quotations. Make mini-books. Take more pictures because it you in my life.
    That is why I check in on your blog every single day. Just in case you’ve had time to document life for me to peak into again.

  319. i love dropping by your blog for much the same reason a lot of other people said. I first started coming while simple scrapbooks was around – and enjoyed hearing the positive, real and “it’s ok” tone here. there is a lot of gorgeous product laden work out there, and you have always made me remember that it is OK to scrap in whatever style works for me, that I don’t have to be “caught up”… basically yours is a voice out there saying “breathe…. whatever you do, it’s OK” I love that.

  320. I started reading your blog years ago during Simple Scrapbooks and have stuck around! I like the positive energy you spread – the fun colors, simple ideas, fave products, random acts of kindness. I agree with the commercialized aspect … those blogs tend to lose their personal nature, and I unsubscribe. I don’t have a lot of time to read blogs, and want genuine inspiration, not just paid for plugs for products. Hope you’re having a wonderful break!

  321. Bridget says:

    While 99.9% of the blogs I read about have crafting content, I find I stop reading blogs that contain zero personal information. I think you are funny and REAL and I enjoy reading about your life and the projects you undertake. I would never miss the advertising, ever.

  322. Nancy B says:

    I love that you are geniune. You are 100% YOU. I don’t care if you are giving out scrapbooking wisdom or talking about your kids. Reading your blog is like visiting with a good friend for a just few minutes and sharing a favorite story or some really good advice. I really feel like we are “IRL” friends – just because of your blog. I just truly love YOU and I will read your blog whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you happen to drop by.

  323. i come to your blog for you. you being you. doesn’t really matter what you’re posting. it’s your voice and enthusiasm and honestly and excitement and happiness and inspiration. whether it’s kid or other family stuff, tidbits from the scrapbooking world, products you love or sprinkles or color or whatever! i just like that you share whatever feels right. i visit your blog to be inspired and to learn. and i would hate to think that you were posting what you thought i might enjoy. i want you to post what you might enjoy, because i know that i’ll enjoy it too. You’ve shared enough of yourself through the years for me to know that i connect with you for a variety of reasons and that’s pretty darn cool.

  324. I come back because you have a fresh and positive approach to life’s daily challenges. I come to hear what you are up to, what inspires you today and what you struggle with this week and how you dealt with last weeks onslaught. From you I’m introduced to so many things I enjoy and get excited about. (Most recently that was the 5K color run in Seattle that sold out lickity split.) I believe that most people who read a blog read them in some organized fashion that will tell them when there is new content. I don’t read my blogs on a regular bases and often don’t know until well after the fact that someone gave their blog a hiatus, I’m just really happy when I come and read something that speaks to me. I like to feel connect with other women around the world who are basically strangers to me, and yet they get me. I feel validated with the sharing of their feelings. A blog certainly shouldn’t be something you constantly feel pressure from or the need to apologize for. Change is a constant in life, your blog will change with you.

  325. I love the sprinkles and this is why I mostly visit. Just so sweet and simple and they really make my day! No need to blog everyday, post givaways, blog hops, or any other kind of advertisements for me anyway. I like blogs that just keep it real. Like most of us live our lives, with a little bit of everything. See more sprinkles.

  326. Bernadette says:

    I follow your blog more than any other & it is because of YOU. I admire and respect you and feel a connection to you as if you have been my friend for years. I have not taken any of your classes (although I plan to), but you have positively influenced my crafting and, more importantly, my outlook on life. You have brought joy into my life on some dark days. I am thankful that you have shared your life with us, with me. I will remain a follower as long as you blog about your life.

  327. I come back because you are just being you. Whatever it is you decide to do, I know that you have many people that will still follow you to the ends of the earth just because of that reason. There doesn’t need to be an amazing post about some super incredible, stupendous thing out there. It is just you-Stacy-and no one else. I wish you the best of luck in determining your future plan.

  328. Kelly Driver says:

    I enjoy reading your blog because of the insight and inspiration you provide, even on a very random, limited basis. I have been visiting for years and even once the daily entries stopped, I still visit. I no longer visit everyday, like I used to, but when I do visit I catch up with you and what you are writing. I appreciate that you write when you feel like it. We are all busy and trying to navigate families, etc.

    Do what you need to do for you and your family but know that at least this reader will still follow you no matter how much or how little you decide to contribute.

  329. I read your blog because YOU are an incredibly inspiring person! I admire your zest for life and your ablility to see and capture the special things in small things and every day life!! I had been stuck in a rut for a long time looking for big moments only and trying to figure my way around memory keeping and scrapbooking and trying to find that joy in simplicity. I found it when I came across your book “Photo Freedom”. I immediately started trying to find more information and consequently found BPC and your blog. I have never looked to someone for inspiration or as someone I wanted to emulate more than I do to you! You are an amazing person and it makes me want to do better and BE better! The blog posts I enjoy most are ones that are about you and your life, not so much about products (although I DO love learning/hearing about new products and services and have found things I wouldn’t have without your blog!!). I say blog about what YOU want and what makes YOU happy. After all, your blog is called “Stacy Julian”. :D

  330. I just found your blog today, from a BPC blog post.
    I have read your magazine, your books, taken your classes and in all of those what I value most is YOU. You present your experiences, your advice, your challenges to us and we can relate! I am very excited to be in TWELVE because we get to hear from you all year long! Same with LOM Community. Those little doses of your creativity and ideas are inspiring to me and help me connect with my creativity while working full time and dealing with the new-ish to me empty nest family life. When I get an hour or two a week your example helps me to utilize my time for the good stuff.
    I will subscribe to to your blog, and I would love your ideas on everything-products, classes, events, ideas, colors, whatever you share. It’s all valuable to your fans.

  331. Hi Stacy, As others have mentioned, I read your blog for your unique perspective and friendly attitude. Althought it is connected to your busineses, it is not dry and flat, yet happy and fun! I’ve been following you in the magazines and blog for many years and alsways “leave” happy and inspired!

  332. I totally get the whole conflict of the personal blog v business blog – it can be really intimidating to read the variety of blogs out there written by people who are trying to making a living out of something that feels like it should really be more of a personal journal. I’ve never found that to be the case with your blog.

    Back when blogs were the newest thing I started one up and wrote on it every day – it was just for me and my family it wasn’t open access but still as blogs became more and more business orientated I allowed myself to become influenced by others – I tried to make it more. In doing so I lost me and eventually stopped updating it now have a 2 year gap in my personal history because I felt what I was writing wasn’t good enough to compare with everyone else.

    Well here’s the thing as with scrapbooking or any other creative outlet the only person you need to be pleasing and creating for is you. If it satisfies and meets the needs of you as an individual then job done.

    I read your blog because I find that you have things to say and share as a person – your struggles and triumphs are from the heart. I’ve never felt that you are lecturing from a higher level or that you have all the answers (or think you do). I’ve always felt that you were a genuine, caring person and that I could relate to what you are saying and would love to keep checking in on you and yours.

  333. Quite simply I look at your blog because you are postive. You don’t preach; you share. Your faith though different is still something that speaks to and through me. I may not look at it everyday.

    But, when I do you share happiness and that is also another reason why I go back to BPC. You share happiness. There is enough out there that is either art, political, or opinion. But, not anywhere is there someone who share’s happiness. You do that. Through color, and your scrapbooking.

    Whether you continue or not I so appreciate it. Thank you

  334. I say to post whatever you feel like posting and don’t try to stick to a certain schedule. I love you blog for its color, humor, insight, warmth, and creativity. May the Easter bunny bring you a fresh stash of jelly bellies!

  335. I love your smart, practical style of scrapbooking. You are full of information and I enjoy reading your blog always! If you feel cutting back on the amount of blogging you do will work out for you and your family that’s fine. Just remember I truly love receiving your excellent newsletter. You are such an inspiration I always learn so much from you.
    Happy Birthday Stacy!

  336. Hi Stacy – I love reading your blog. I love seeing pictures of your house and the things you create. I love when you recommend things you like (gift ideas) and when you tell stories about your family. I get that that “having to write” must seem like too much at times – I, myself, can barely keep up with my own Blackberry status updates, but you have a lot of fans!!

  337. I read your blog because I respect you. I like that you share cool links to things you think other’s would like or the personal things about your family. What I like in the blogs I follow are:
    Links to new products and why they like them or would recommend them.
    I love when people share techniques
    Page templates and how they were used
    I love Michelle Wooderson’s blog. She doesn’t have to give you step by step how she did something but she does.
    I’m following those that are too into sponsors less and less. I understand why they do that, but that’s not what I am going to their blogs for. It’s not what originally attracted me to the blog.
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  338. Your blog is authentic. You share your real life (not the prettied up version) and you bring intelligent commentary and thought and a lot of (much needed) laughs. You make the blog special…so keep on trucking girl.

  339. Stacy, I had the opportunity to meet you and take a class from you during CKU back in the day! I was just so impressed with what a successful lady you were, your style or keeping it simple, organizing and sharing what works for you for just the sake to sharing, so others can benefit, for being a wonderful mom during all this busy time. BPC is a great addition to what you offer. I come to see what you have been up to, to ‘spend time with a friend’. I dont’ have expectations, I’m not disappointed or judge your topices. Like you mentioned…we do have so much offered to us, we can find so many opportunities. If you aren’t posting that week, I”m not to worry I have more sources to find. BUT—I will always be back when you have posted and check out what you have to share. I love google reader!
    Take care of YOU, do what is right for YOU, your family, your health. After those things us here in blogland will be happy with whatever you have to offer us. :)

  340. Heather B. says:

    I enjoy reading your blog for inspiration and your enthusiasm. I am a LOM work in progress, and seeing how your system works helps to motivate and inspire me. I have no objection to bloggers doing what they have to do to pay the bills, so to speak, but I don’t subscribe to blogs for the product reviews – I stick around because the blogger says things that I want to hear, either inspiration or creativity or humor or… whatever. I don’t care that the blogger doesn’t post daily, or sometimes even weekly, if what they do have to say enriches me in some way. I subsccribe to blogs in Reader, so truthfully, I rarely ever actually click through to the blog, so the design and ‘cuteness’ of the blog doesn’t have any impact on whether I read it or not.

  341. Christina says:

    I have been reading your blog for many years. I love the way you look at life. You inspire me. When I sit down and read your blog, I feel like I am reading something from a friend. Reading stories about your boys makes me laugh and Addie brings some pink to my world; I have three boys. Those stories also remind me how precious life is and how quickly it goes by. You gently remind me to be thankful and to live in the moment. You have introduced me to some great products, and toys. You have taught me some great ideas on organization and raising kids to be responsible. I love the cool ideas you have for summer activities, chores and motivating kids. Some of the struggles you have mentioned with your health and age are similar to the struggles I had been going through about a year before you. Reading your blog made me realize that I am not alone. Many of us past the age of forty are struggling with some of these same issues.
    Your posts are like a snail mail from a friend. I don’t need a post / letter every day or week. I am just delighted when you post. I hope that you will continue to blog. I value what you have to say and I always come away feeling happy or learning something new. I hope you will continue to post and let go of the pressure to be a professional blogger. You have enough going on in your life. Return to your own voice. That is why people read your blog. We love to hear from You when ever you have something to share.

  342. Melissa says:


    We have stayed in because we love your Stacyness. That is your unique flair, creativity, wisdom and trials. We all have many of your trials but we don’t have your unique personality to cope with it and you have helped many who are on the same path. You are a leader and a visionary. Figure out what works for you. If you build it, we will stay.

  343. So many of the replies above say what I feel: you are genuine, fun, thoughtful and thought-provoking. You look at the world and find happiness. You love your family, friends, God, and scrapbooking! I read your blog because I enjoy looking at the world through your joyful perspective on life. ((hugs))!

  344. i just love the randomness of it – the links, inspiration and real-life stuff.

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