It’s National Potato Chip Day …

Go get some and celebrate!
I know they have a few too many calories, but … you can always take a longer walk tomorrow, right?

Eat some chips and share some potato chip memories in the comments or with those you love.

p.s. I need you to know how much I LOVE my blog readers. Your thoughts/ideas/emails on Pinterest were just what I needed and my presentation benefited greatly from your input!


  1. oh mugosh I cant wait to get off of work and go get my granddaughter to celebrate potato chip day!!! She has a multitude of allergies which prevent her from being able to enjoy snacks, but, POTATOE CHIPS are the ONE thing she can have!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SueinMtVernon says:

    I read that it is also National “Pi” Day so in honor of that wonderful mathematical number, I think I will have a piece of lemon pie at my local Chick Fila for lunch! (After I eat my chips!)

  3. Loved a good PB&J sandwich in grade school. We’d open them up and put our potato chips right inside the sandwich. Oh so good!

  4. Like I need an excuse to eat potato chips!

  5. Karen Schmidt says:

    Man those potato chips looks good but I can’t enjoy them until after I get back from my vacations. I’m trying to loose a little weight before then. Every since your post about Pinterest I’ve been interested in it but have not made it over there yet.

    enjoy the wonderful weather. Here in Michigan is 72 degrees out. I will have to take the kids on a nice walk this evening.

  6. Krunberry says:

    We are definitely more of a pie kind of family. So today we are celebrating 3.14 day by eating Pi….pie. :)

  7. It’s now 15 March here in NZ, but I’ll celebrate a day late and eat some potato chips just the same!

  8. I had potato chips for lunch before I even knew what day it was. Now I can chalk it up to celebrating!

  9. I love chips. my favorite regular plain chips are UTZ brand. I know people can’t get them south of VA, not sure if you can get them out your way…

  10. OMG!!!! I LOVE potato chips. Can’t believe I missed such an important day. I will just have to get a bag and save them for a splurge this weekend!! Thanks Stacy!!

  11. Ripple chips with onion dip. Our favourite way to each potato chips as kids!

  12. I remember that I didn’t like potato chips as a kid (and hardly eat them now), but I enjoyed dipping them into my Grandpa’s homemade vanilla ice cream. It was soft enough that the chips didn’t break!

  13. Marcie L says:

    Well I didn’t read this until today and I didn’t eat any potato chips, but I do have a memory! The chips you picture look just like Ruffles (are they?) And I just remember so often having ruffles potato chips with “helluvagood onion dip” That is the brand name, honestly…with my best friend when we used to live together, when we were both single and just loved hanging out together! We still love hanging out together, but she’s in Canada and I’m in Cleveland :)
    Thanks for the memory flash!

  14. Sue in Canada says:

    Darn missed it, love the salt, even tho it’s bad for me!!

  15. TracyBzz says:

    I remember getting chips (or popcorn) on an occasional Friday night as a treat. And sharing a can of pop with my sister!

  16. Katie Scott says:

    MARCH 21st is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day – a new holiday to celebrate life created by my friend Bruce Rosenberg who was diagnosed with cancer on 3/21/11 and who passed just 9 days before 3/21/12 – the date he picked for The First Annual Worldwide Ice Cream fir Breakfast Day; he passed on Monday of this week. Please share with your followers to join the Facebook Event created by Bruce Rosenberg before he passed – I would love to see the attendees of this worldwide event grow to the thousands especially so his wife, my friend Julie, and their 2 girls can see what a difference he made. Thank you!

  17. We celebrate pi day, too :)

  18. My mom used to eat sliced cheddar and ruffled potato chips…and now I do it too! Time to break out the chips…

  19. Awww, I missed potato chip day. :( When we were kids, my sister and I used to eat potato chip sandwiches. Seriously. We would put potato chips between two slices of bread and eat it! Weird, but oh so good!

  20. I wish I had some chips right about now. Watching basketball and could use a snack :).

  21. How depressing is it that I’m not reading this until 3/19? Potato chips were ALWAYS in our house when I was growing up. I blame them for many of my current food issues :) and only buy them in “serving size” packages with a sandwich now and then.

  22. I like potato chip and ham sandwiches. Weird, I know, but very good!

    Also, the Aldi stores in the midwest sell a Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt potato chip that is TRULY addicting! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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