Clark’s latest (and last) Vid …

for a LONG time. Clark is coming home late Wednesday night. We Skyped last night and he mentioned he was uploading his latest snow boarding video. I’m the mother, so of course I like it, but have a look-see and see if this doesn’t impress just a little. I think he’s got a gift for “seeing” and for editing, but again, I’m biased.

We gave Clark a GoPro HD HERO2 video camera for Christmas and I can honestly say it was the best gift in terms of letting me “see” what my boy does. I’m not a skiier–and even if I was–I couldn’t go where he goes, but I LOVE that I now to get witness what he does and how he does it. If you have an adventurer in your family, help him/her capture their passion and efforts–for me, it was worth every¬† penny!

By the way, he was asking the other week why his knees and back were hurting. I’m thinking it might be all those hours sitting in uncomfortable chairs listening to long-winded college professors — what do you think? Or maybe it might possibly be the flying through the air and landing hard thing–hard to tell, right?


  1. Carrie Alexander says:

    Oh, it’s TOTALLY the long hours spent in class that’s making his back and knees hurt…(snort) HA! What a GREAT vid; I’ve done a couple of family ones and trying to get clips to match the music is such a trick, Clark has really mastered that! You might have a budding Warren Miller in your family.

  2. Stacy, this is a great video! My adventurous son, who is 21, also has a GoPro camera and has recorded himself snowboarding, quadding and dirt biking. I agree, as much as I worry about his safety at times, it is fun to really see his adventures. As a girly girl with sons, it helps me to see things outside of my comfort zone!

  3. Love it!!

    He may get a bit wistful on beautiful sunny winter days while on his mission in view of those gorgeous mountains :) My husband and I skied quite a bit when we were at BYU and it always seemed like the most beautiful days occurred on the Sabbath.

    When does he enter the MTC? Such an exciting time!! My oldest should get his call this week – I’m freaking out a little :)

  4. Perhaps he is sore from skiing? Just a comment from a college professor (me)-if his professors are teaching right, then they are getting the students involved and he isn’t just sitting there listening and getting a sore back. Hopefully he has some professors who aren’t long-winded! I hope he is having a good college experience!

  5. Brenda DellaVecchia says:


  6. Karen Schmidt says:

    Love it.

  7. I agree with the chairs! I went back to school last fall and for 6 consecutive weeks threw my back out every wednesday morning. It took a while for me to figure out it was the chair I was sitting in Tuesday nights. Thankfully we now have new chairs. :)

  8. Julie MacManus says:

    what a great video. In NewZealand we are several hours (at least) away from Snow and its uber expensive so I’ve not got a lot of experience with snowboarding. BUT what amazed me was how impressive it all looked and how they just seemed to be using their bodies to jump and get up onto the rails – AMAZING! i was in awe as i watched – they must be so strong !
    thanks for sharing Stacy :>

  9. Children really do show you the world through new eyes.

  10. I feel OLD (I’m 35) to say this, but… Oh, my… my heart STILL feels as if it is racing faster from that adrenaline rush. I’ve always been afraid to go downhill skiing for fear of falling so, THIS was the closest I think I will ever come to hitting the slopes. I admire his handy work; he’s obviously got A LOT of different skills, making him a well-rounded individual. Stacy, you’re not just biased… he DID do a great job on the video! :)

  11. Christina says:

    OMG, there is some talent! Not just in taking the video but in the snowboarding too! I skied a lot growing up and I thought I did some daring stuff, but not compared to what kids do today. Of course, I am a girl so my level of risk is not the same as a boys. They are impressive. I want to know how he films without running into some one or something! And which one is Clark. When I see the boys faces, I recognize him, but with all the gear on, snowboarding I can not tell.
    Thanks for sharing. I can not wait to show my boys. They love seeing your boys vidoes!

  12. I’d say he is very talented- with the camera and with the snowboard. And I agree- it certainly MUST be the sitting that’s made his back and knees hurt. Couldn’t be anything else. ;)

  13. that. was. awesome. i enjoyed each and every minute of it. cool editing. love the assortment of shots and views. wow, clark. bravo!

  14. I have only boys as well and i love watching boys be the unique, strange, awesome creatures God created them to be!

  15. Karen Freeman says:

    Wow , seriously it’s not just the biased Mom view – that is spectacular – not just the videoing and shots and editing to put such an entertaining piece together but to actually be able to be right there to be involved in the actual adventure is so cool. Thanks for sharing and please pass on my thanks to Clark also. And my give my best for his mission.

  16. Impressive is all i can say. Way to go mom and dad for all the encouragement too. I will be thinking about this video all day.

  17. oh a definite gift, I work along side a videographer (who is a amazing, Shakinghands Productions, and Clark has “it”! He’s going to go far, definitelY!

  18. Very cool! And fun to watch!

  19. Stephanie E. says:

    Clark is very talented! Both on the snowboard and with the video camera. I truly enjoyed watching this video.

  20. This was fun to watch & I especially like the introduction!

  21. Loved it – way cool

  22. Jennifer A says:

    this little video was a bright spot to my morning! Thanks for sharing your talented son with us here. Way Cool!

  23. Wow, he did an awesome job! Fantastic footage and the editing is amazing. What a talent, snowboarding and videography. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Wow what talent! Both in the film making and in the boarding! My 13yr old son thought it was cool too!

  25. Sue in Canada says:

    Excellent video and snowboarding!!! It is truly amazing to watch your children create isn’t it? We spend so much time teaching and guiding them, then to sit back and see their interpretation of the world in their medium is really awesome. Great job!!

  26. Ruth Ann says:

    WOW! How great was that.

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