Emails, Flowers and Design Challenges!

Hi Stacy!

I just had to tell you about something that happened last night that you can share with your readers and followers of Library of Memories if you want. I completed your Library of Memories class several years ago, and I have kept my drawers up-to-date since then (no minor feat!)  Anyway, my 13 year old daughter came to me about 8:30 last night and said, “We are doing a scavenger hunt for science class and I need to bring in either actual plants or pictures of things that will fit in these categories (and she gave me a list of about 25 types of living things she had to find!)  Well, all I had to do was go to my handy drawers, go to the “Things” drawer, look under my “Outdoor/Nature” file, and voila! There were pictures of our vegetable garden, “still life” shots of our veggies, flowers, plants, pictures of coconut trees from a vacation- even pictures of the kids in a pumpkin patch when they were little!  Needless to say, she found many of the things she needed, and I told her to “never make fun of me for constantly taking pictures” ever again! :)  So, I just want your readers and followers to know that, while at first it’s time-consuming to sort, organize, label, etc, it is SO worth it in the end!!!!   Library of Memories has saved me several times over when one of my 4 kiddos has needed pictures (usually at the last minute!) for some school project!

Thanks again for a WONDERFUL concept, and for bringing it the rest of us!  Have a colorful weekend!

I so appreciate ALL the emails I receive that share success stories like this one — thanks Lisa and others! NOTE: I’ll be teaching Finding Photo Freedom again next February. If you’re registered at BPC, you’ll get the emails notifying you of the registration deadline.

The Daffodils are on their way out already and the Tulips are in full bloom.

As it turns out, we’re enjoying a magnificent spring and I just want to savor it! You may or may not remember that I’ve had toe issues for quite awhile and chose surgery last November. I don’t believe the results/recovery are ever as quick and painless as the doctors/surgeons make you believe (and I’m married to one!) But I am happy to report that I jogged 2.5 miles today (without stopping.) It was super hard–and don’t worry, I’ve been doing the walk/jog routine for some time now. Anyway, my foot/toe is sore, but not painful and I’m very hopeful that there is still some running in my future. Just wanted to share :)

It feels like there are so many FUN things to do (in regards to scrapbooking) lately, but I’m very excited about joining Elizabeth Dillow in her Design Challenges class that starts tomorrow (Thursday.) In fact, I can’t believe how easily my pages have come together with her challenges–and I’m currently creating a LOT of pages, thanks to my Twelve class! I’m creating right alongside Elizabeth with every challenge–AND, I’m recording a video to boot! If you’re not yet signed up, leave me a comment with a design challenge or question you have and I’ll select a winner  tomorrow night at 8:00pm.

Just think, four weeks from today, you could be enjoying 12 completed scrapbook pages!


  1. Love the “Pinterest” layout. Such a clever idea!
    My design challenge is usally just getting started. But once I take that first step, it (usually) flows pretty well.
    Looking forward to the Doodle bug event!

  2. My design challenge is breaking out of the collection kit – thinking of things in my stash that i could use on my layout – i forget what i own and also forget to even look to use it. i am forever forgetting to get out my muffin tin. is that a design challenge or a process challenge? no sure – hope it still counts :-)

  3. Cathy Holiday says:

    My design challenge is that all of my pages look the same, I would love to change it up a bit and not make it so boring for me and really give my pages meaning. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from this class

  4. I’m glad your toe is feeling better.
    My design challenge is that I just don’t get ‘it’- design, that is. Thirds? Balance? What?

  5. I am SO excited for your class with Elizabeth Dillow :)

    I LOVE that pinterest page – how cool would it be to make those for your LOM catagory pages?

  6. My design challenge is figuri g out how to put my journaling on my page, I know what I want to write but it sometimes looks out of place on the page!

  7. heather crawley says:

    Just trying to break out of a scrapbookkng rut and finding the fun in scrapbooking again!

    • Heather — come hang out with Elizabeth and me and we’ll give you a creative boost. This is exactly what you need! Good to see your name btw!

  8. Kimberly Kalil says:

    I really struggle with incorporating more than one photo on my layouts. I just can’t seem to figure out how to use more than one and still like the page.

  9. Congrats on your run! I’ve been struggling with herniated discs for the past year, so I think my fifth marathon was my last. :( But maybe not, you’ve given me hope!

    I’ve been doing Ella’s Take Twelve project (and I LOVE it), but am want some creative designs that fit that many photos on a layout.

    Thanks, as usual for your happy blog.

  10. Cathy L. says:

    Glad you’re feeling up to running again, even though I’m not a runner myself, unless someone’s chasing me! Your weather is similar to ours here in Missoula, it’s been so nice, but I think we’re in for a change.

  11. Raewyn A says:

    I too struggle with multi photo layouts so any help I can get I will appreciate. Hope you are feeling better. =)

  12. Debbie D says:

    My design challenge is how to get out of the rut of using the same colors over and over!

  13. Oh my goodness, I identified the challenge for your Pinterest page immediately: your page is GENIUS. : )

  14. carol in seattle :) says:

    I’ve been thinking of a page I want to make that is based on a product package. Take Scotts Turf Builder for example:

    I would use the package as inspiration for my page. Photo in the upper left corner with the bottom cut off at an angle. An oval with white letters for the first word in my title and red letters for the rest. Does this make any sense?

    (and yes, I’m loving spring in the PNW! My daffodils are blooming like crazy!)

  15. My design challenge is knowing when I’m done – sometimes I’ll finish a LO, put it away (or in the pile waiting to go away) and when I come back to it realise that it needs more…

  16. Jette Gad says:

    Wow-what a giveaway…
    My designchallenge is actually to put more in my layouts-can you believe that? I always have a lot of white space… I like that but would love to be brave and learn how to put more on to my pages..

  17. I woud love to take this class with you but I’ve blown my budget for classes already this year – so many great classes! Can’t wait for FPF – looking forward to taking it again.

  18. I’m not entering the give-away as I did the Design Challenge class last time around. Just posting to say that class was one of the BEST BPC classes I’ve done, and to wish you well as you complete the challenges!

  19. My challenge is to leave more white space and avoid the urge to fill every space with stickers and stamps.

  20. Lisa - Saner4 says:

    Congrats on your run! I want to get back into running too and your post is getting me excited to try it again.
    My design challenge is to stop over-thinking things, to just let loose and have fun, and not rearrange my pics 100 times before I actually glue them down. Oh, and to randomly mix and match different pattern papers more often.

  21. My challenge is using 4×6 pictures in a creative way. I feel like my layouts all look similar.

  22. I would love to take this class! I’m already planning on taking Double Take if I can swing it. My design challenge is that I tend to use multiple photos and all my layouts look the same. I want to do more single page layouts with a few great pictures. Also, as a Library of Memories veteran, I have lots of success stories like the email you shared. It was SO difficult to take the plunge and organize my photos like this but I have NEVER regretted it. Thanks Stacy!!

  23. Karyn H. says:

    Hi Stacy, I am so enjoying Twelve but would love to join you with the design challenge class! I am relatively new to scrapbooking so I always feel challenged and I would love to take your class next February so I can understand the system of filing photos!

  24. I love to scrapbook but still struggle with the scary white space and simple clean layouts. This class totally looks like it would fit what I struggle with and I’d love to participate! Thanks for the opportunity.
    P.S. I had toe surgery last week…totally wasn’t anticipating the pain I would feel :(

    • Oh Michelle,
      I feel for you and your toe. I’m almost six months out and my foot/toe are still sore after I walk a lot (or jog!) BUT … it is getting better.

      Be patient!

  25. I struggle with clean and simple designs with white space and spend way to much time trying to plan. Would love to take this class for some help with that. Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Jenny McGee says:

    A design challenge is sometimes following a sketch. It is fun, but sometimes I have a hard time making it my own. I almost always copy it literally. SO, I would like to learn to just take bits and pieces of a sketch and make it my own. Thanks for a chance.

  27. My challenge is just getting motivated, turn taking the time to get everything together.
    Thanks. This looks amazing.

  28. My design challenge is getting away from grid layouts, I am an engineer so I always want all my pictures to be lined up neatly and without many embellishments – not very pretty!

  29. karen keiper says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo glad you are doing library of memories again. I know you said you were working on it ( I emailed you about it) But now you’ve put it on your blog you have to do it!! hahaha!! Oh and i am just design challenged! I know you work in colours but i can never find the colours( papers) that go together. Is that design?? probably not. sigh….

  30. First let me say I adore how you used Pinterest as inspiration for that layout! So adorable!

    My design challenge would be how to use large bold patterns in a visually pleasing way. I lean toward small tone on tone patterns but I have several bold patterns that I love. I just can’t figure out how to use them…

  31. My design challenge is to incorporate black and white and color photographs on the same layout.

  32. Hi

    My design challenge is to incorporate more mixed media into my pages. Thank!!!

  33. My challenge is to embellish. My layout are sort of bare.

  34. First I have to say that I love my photo drawers and the whole “system” I learned from you. THANK YOU!!! I find using more than one photo or trying to decide on the size of photo to use one of my design challenges. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. My most current challenge is turning off the “I’m overwhelmed” by all the choices (pictures, product, etc.). I am having a hard time just focusing and I miss losing myself in the process.

  36. Glad to hear your toe is slowly recovering. It is hard that it takes so long to get better. I just signed up for Design Challenge and I can’t wait to start today!! Hope i can keep up with 12 and that and walking and all the rest! Ah well, the more there is to so the more I get done!

  37. kimberly jones says:

    OK I’m not going to say I have a stupid questions because that’s an oxymoron to me however….:) 1st off – I don’t seem to have a style, but I really would like one and am wondering how to do find yours? 2nd – is Design Challenges just geared towards clean and simple style – because I’m def. not that; I’m more like a “Heinze 57″ and I think that’s what tends to slow me down/hold me back. Needless to say my stories are getting told which is what is important to me, but if you only new how many pictures I take and how many I have still that I want to scrap…a little efficiency / design plan would certainly help. Thanks!! Have a great day.

    • Kimberly — these are NOT stupid questions. Hopefully, I’ll get back to blogging b/c I would love to respond to your question about style, that bothered me for a long time! If your stories are being told, that is what matters most. So good to hear!

  38. Kathleen says:

    I’ve been doing this for 20 years Stacy and it’s the never-ending challenge of being content with knowing there is no one “right” design. It’s being content with just documenting life. No rules, just joy.

  39. My design challenge is to get anything done and also to think outside the ‘box’, so to speak. I haven’t really completed a scrapbook layout in many, many months and I really need to get going again.

    So glad that you are able to do some running again, Stacy! Must be such a good feeling inside!!

  40. Lynn Hamm says:

    My design challenge is mixing pattern paper.

  41. Not sure mine is a true design challenge. I just seem to have lost my scrapbooking mojo all together! Could use some help finding it! Please and thank you! :)

  42. Kate Possing says:

    My design challenge is to have creative layouts–I feel like I keep using the same template.

  43. Deb Hyden says:

    my design challenge is not feeling like it all has to be perfect…it takes me 3 times as long to put a page together than anyone else when i go on my scrapbook weekends.. also doing more journaling…hate my handwriting but dont always have a computer handy…

  44. Stacy,
    Design has never been my strength but I continue to work toward improving. I love your family/Pinterest page! I love how you combined those gorgeous photos in both color and black and white into your layout….and how fun that Elizabeth said you are genious!

  45. Mine is a question. I know that you were a big fan of I was so bummed when I heard they were going out of business. I loved using them for their great square picture sizes. So for someone who likes to vary picture sizes on a layout, do you have any advice for any companies that print those odd picture sizes?

    • Sue,
      I think the best thing to do is invest in a small at home printer. I’m doing more printing at home and can print any size — it’s so much easier!

  46. Brenda in Sunny SoCal says:

    My Design dilema: what do you do when you have this great picture and you feel that everything you do with it comes out wrong?

  47. I’m too ‘simple’! Very Cathy Z unless I push myself. So how do you add more to a page when really you want to leave it at just one flower?

  48. Julie MacManus says:

    thank you stacy for all the honest sharing you do with us and the great INSPIRATION you provide to us all :>
    i’m having a few knee issues and worried that at 36 it might be with me for the long haul.
    I’m sooooo pleased to read that you got out for a run today – it’s uplifting to know :>
    cheers julie

    • Don’t give up. That’s the important thing. We are too young NOT to be active — I’ve had to learn patience that’s for sure and I’m much more appreciative now! Life is hard, but it’s so good!

  49. Rhonda Z says:

    I love your blog. I have a question. I keep hearing about Instagram. Do you use it? Do you know if it is comparable to Snapbucket? I feel like I’m waaayyy behind the Technology curve. Thanks, Stacy!

    • I do use Instagram and I do really ENJOY it. It is a photography app for a smart phone — it’s FREE. Download it and just start playing, that’s what I did. It allows you to snap quick photos anywhere, add a filter to make it look better and then share it with your FB or Twitter friends.

      IF I can do it, so can YOU!

  50. Justasiam says:

    My design challenge is that I usually scrap in 8.5 x11, and a lot of the layouts I would like to scraplift something from are in 12 x 12. I find it challenging to translate the design layout from one size to another without sacrificing the design principles that were evident in the original layout. Make sense?

    • Absolutely makes sense. I think you can “lift” element and translate it to your page, but I too struggle borrowing a layout design concept from one size to the other. Elizabeth and I scrapbook in both sizes — you should come join us!

  51. Rhonda H says:

    Stacy, I am in TWELVE, and due to some day-to-day challenges, I have not met my TWELVE challenge for this month yet. I hope to be chosen for Elizabeth’s class to re-start the mojo I had the first 3 months of TWELVE! (Even if I don’t win, I’m signed up for the May 5 event! YAY!)
    Question: Just bought an new iPhone. Do you use any special settings on the phone camera that help get better pics?
    Thanks,Rhonda (mom2h)

  52. My challenge is using embellishments. I have tons of pretty stuff and I just don’t know how to use it! I always end up plopping down flowers with buttons on top. I’d love to learn how to layer my embellishments better.
    Glad your toe is better and that you got out for a run!

  53. Stacy, just wanted to congratulate you on your running. That is so, well, it’s just GOOD that you can pick it up again! I’m happy happy happy for you!

  54. Krunberry says:

    My design challenge is getting sidetracked from doing any designing. I am also taking 12 and when April came I stopped scrapbooking. I was doing so good too! Life happens…we bought an iPad and it has been kind of a distraction. That and getting started with a new venture I signed on to do after attending TOFW (I’m selling Shelf Reliance).

    • Wow. You do have a LOT going on — I say snap photos of your new toy and your new business and make TWO layouts for April (wink)


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