Excited About This.

Happy Friday!
Guess where I’m going to be on Saturday, May 5th?

Here’s a big, fat colorful hint …

The Doodlebug Designs Warehouse!!

So, first off … I’m thrilled to announce Doodlebug Design as our title sponsor for the National Scrapbook Day Creative Crop with Creating Keepsakes Magazine.

This means that I’ll be kicking off this FREE BPC Online Event with a video chat from the bright and happy Doodlebug warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah. This also means that Doodlebug will be providing a super-cool and very generous GRAND PRIZE (more on that later) But, it gets better …

We decided that since I was already going to be in Utah, that it would be FUN to create two LIVE Crop & Shop events later in the day (as a BONUS!)
Each three-hour event will feature a lecture-style class with me and a hands-on, create your own 8×8 album with Wendy Smedley and Doodlebug designers. The final hour will give you time to enjoy delicious food, make & takes and a special National Scrapbook Day store chock full of Doodlebug products at special prices.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

Registration will be limited (and very affordable) and I’ll be posting all the details very soon.

So, what you need to do is check your calendar and tell me if you can get yourself to Salt Lake City on May 5th.
The first event will be from 11:30am to 2:30pm and the second, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Seriously, how totally FUN would it be to gather your friends–or your mom and sisters–for a girls day out and come hang out at Doodlebug? My sister is going to be there!!


  1. It certainly sounds like a good time, however I have already assured my dear hubby that I’l go tot he Frightmare Weekend convention with him that Saturday. But once we’re back home, I’ll definitely be hanging out in the BPC Creative Crop classroom!

  2. Hi Stacy! That sounds like so much fun. Do you ever get out toward DC? Please let me know if you are ever in our area… thanks :-) Hope you are doing well.

  3. So makes me wish that Salt Lake City weren’t so darned far away… and airfare wasn’t so ridiculously expensive. Oh well, I still get to play along online!

  4. Ooh,ooh! I can be there!

  5. Oh, I am sooooo very jealous! This would be like a dream come true – Stacy, Darcy and Doodlebug all together. Just killing me that I don’t live in Utah!

  6. Oh boy, I wish I could come :)

  7. I would love to come…except I live in Alberta and can’t justify the airfare for one day! Have fun though!!

  8. Connie Myers says:

    Count me in!!

  9. There is NO way I could be in Salt Lake City on 5/5, but what a fun event! I can’t wait to watch what’s happening on line, in between (hopefully) scrapping my heart out.

  10. I LIVE here, so I am planning on going-with my mom!!

  11. I am so excited about this! Count me in! Stacy and Darci together? It makes me so very happy!

  12. Kathryn Whittaker says:

    I live in the south end of the valley. I would LOVE to be there! (Just need the address.) This sounds like sooo much fun! Thanks Stacy and Doodlebug Design! (I better check with my scrapping friends to see if they can make it.)

  13. Sharon H says:

    I want to be there so much! I’m in SLC – how do I get to attend?

  14. Sharon H says:

    How can I attend? Doodlebug’s always been my favorite! I’d love to be there, just please tell me where to show up!

  15. Julie MacManus says:

    wow , wow, wow i love the bright colours of doodlebug, i love stacy and darci’s teaching styles, down to earth natures and their sense of fun. i would LOVE to be there and wish everyone a FANTASTIC time – but from wellington, New Zealand it’s a little far ( and well expensive ) to fly for 3 hours! julie :>

  16. I wish! It sounds like a lot of fun. No way can I afford to NY to Utah – need to save money to visit grandson in Seattle.

  17. Dawn Jones says:

    I’m so yellow-green with envy!! Since I’m in the Chicago area there’s no way I can be there but if I were anywhere within a 75 mile radius of SLC there’s no way I would miss it!! Have fun!!

  18. BARB TOPPING says:

    It would be awesome to be near SLC, but it is a bit of a walk from CHI., not that I would attempt to walk it. The pictures are so you, all happy and colorful. I know it will be amazing.

  19. TracyBzz says:

    I need to buy more Doodlebug – love that all their lines have coordinating colours. Love their bright colours, which match my photos more than some of the trendier patterns out there right now. While those trendier patterns are lovely colours and designs I just don’t know how to use some of them.
    Have fun in SLC with Darci!

  20. very exciting – i love, love, love their inspiring ads in magazines (and their products of course too). Looking forward to May 5th! I’ll just be enjoying the BPC event but your ‘in person’ event sounds fanstastic.

  21. Too expensive from Nashville…but I’ll be having fun with BPC that weekend!

  22. Joey Mason says:

    I can’t wait for this. Definitely will be there as we live in Park City now….yeahhh!

  23. JessicaM says:

    That sounds super fun. We live in the area, and I would love to come…

  24. I’m only 5 hours away! What are the details?

  25. Thinking about driving down with a friend from Montana…It sounds like a great day to celebrate NSD!!

  26. I took Darci loves Doodlebug class and I LOVE Doodlebug, and I will be in Salt Lake, sounds awesome.

  27. I could drive down from Seattle and hit the afternoon session. I’d love to do it. Wonder if I could find a driving buddy?

  28. Sandy Tippetts says:

    I will be there with BFF in tow! We’d love to take the afternoon sessions!!

  29. I’d love to attend the afternoon session. I will watch your blog for further details. Thanks Stay!

  30. Ugh! Of course you are coming that weekend! I love DoodleBug and adore you!! I would have moved heaven and earth to make sure I was there, but I am going to St. George to support my (somewhat crazy) brother as he participates in the IronMan race.

    Another time right?!

  31. You are going to have soooooooooo.much.fun!!! So very happy for you to have an extra fun adventure with Darci.

  32. Karen Schmidt says:

    I’m sad :(. I won’t be able to make it. I live in Michigan but will be coming back from Disney with my family that day. Otherwise, I would have tried to make it. Have fun all you lucky girls going..

  33. Oh, I will definitely try to be there for that!

  34. What happy colors!

  35. I would love to come! I’m a SLC local and I would love to be able to attend!

  36. Hey Stacy! The pictures above are so bright and colorful! I live in SLC and would love to come and hang out at the Doodlebug Warehouse! I am sure my mom, SIL, nieces and daughters would love to join me :) Thanks for the chance to win – this sounds like a blast!

  37. DorothyCC says:

    I wish I lived in Utah because all the best scrapbook events seem to be there. Have fun!

  38. Would love to go to the first session

  39. I am so there at either available session :)

  40. My SIL andI will road trip from Idaho! Need more info…..

  41. Annette H says:


  42. OOOOOOOOOh gosh, how I’d love to go to Utah for this event. I have had the opportunity to be part of Doodlebug’s first design team and I have been head over heels since then. Cynthea and the Doodlebug staff have been so very generous, kind and awesome!

  43. I just registered!!!!


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