Friday FIVE for April 27th, 2012


Sprout Watches
Who’s heard of them?
I hate to say this, but I think Swatch has some serious competition for my watch-purchasing dollars (ha!)
You can learn more HERE, but what impressed me the most wasn’t there “Who We Are” statement, but their “What We Want to Be” statement. I’m always eager to grow and improve and yet it’s overwhelming when you think about everything you want and need to change–the idea of sharing where you’re headed really appeals to me both as business owner and a human being.

By the way, this is NOT the watch I ordered.
If you have time, you’ll have to visit their website and see if you can guess which watch I ordered.
Naturally, I will let you know when it arrives!


Ha. If you have a wood floor, you could be dusting while wearing your slippers …

and YES, I think this is one of those “As Seen on TV” type products, but still it’s ingenious. These are called Microfiber Cleaning Slippers and you can purchase them at Amazon. The best part is the dusters can be removed and thrown in the washing machine and they come is several colors too!


I’m not eating many cookies these days, but I want to give OREOs a Happy Birthday shout out because, hello?

They are 100 Years Old (that’s crazy!) You can learn more HERE. The real reason I’m posting this is because I LOVE this commercial …

Every time I see this 30-second message, I’m struck with the idea that happy memories are so powerful. The children on the train are simply reminding all of these people of some earlier association with OREOs and the result is a magical transformation in mood. OREO is using this “power of memory” to celebrate their brand and sell cookies, but you and I can use it to elevate our lives.

Think about that!


The newest Ella e-book — because it is so UNIQUE.

It is called Book Crafting and it just might be the first electronic book dedicated to the ADMIRATION of traditional (old) books.
It opens and closes with layouts about loving books and reading which then sandwich dozens of ideas for using, enjoying and celebrating the beautiful elements of books that we cherish and *almost* miss as our culture becomes ever-more about digital delivery.

To see one of the projects in this book, you can watch Wendy and Angie on The My Craft Channel.


If you’ve read my blog in the last two weeks, then you already know that I’m helping to host, TWO super-fun events for National Scrapbook Day on Saturday, May 5th …

BUT, you might not know that you can now BRING A FRIEND for free.

Here’s the deal …

If you know me at all, then you know I’m pretty spontaneous.
We decided to pull these LIVE events together at the very last minute.

Registration is going well, but I want it to go BETTER — Doodlebug has invested a LOT into making this a really WONDERFUL day and I want to remove as many barriers as I can, so that if you could physically come, you will. This is now and $100 dollar value for $25 if you bring a friend.

Click HERE to register!
After you sign up, email with your friend’s name, address and phone number. If you’ve already registered, you can simply email Allison the same information.

I really am looking forward to seeing everyone that is coming — including Crystal from TEXAS (yay!)

BTW: Nancy B is my winner in yesterday’s Design Challenges giveaway.
Her “challenge” really spoke to me, she writes …

“My most current challenge is turning off the “I’m overwhelmed” by all the choices (pictures, product, etc.). I am having a hard time just focusing and I miss losing myself in the process.”

I know Nancy is not alone in this. It’s so interesting that as our options have multiplied we’ve actually become more paralyzed than ever before — back in the day when colors, patterns and products were limited, it was easier to start a page and be productive! I’ve found that Elizabeth’s challenges have completely helped, because I have something to act on and don’t have to invest mentally energy in eliminating the possibilities. It has been FREEING to say the least.

Congratulations Nancy.
I’ll see you on the message boards.


  1. I think you ordered the rainbow strapped one! ST/5508MPMT

  2. We LOVE the cleaning slippers at our house. Zoë and Eden actually fight over who gets to clean the floor with them. (Seriously!) I need to get a second pair. Usually one girl gets to spray the floor and the other gets to skate around scrubbing it. Do we know how to have fun or what?!

  3. Ohmigosh! I’m so excited!! Thank you, Stacy.

    And I have to agree with Jen – the rainbow strap with the funky cool numbers. And what is not to love about those watches? Environmentally friendly and sustainable, renewable resources, how cool is that?

  4. Yup, I’d also say the rainbow strapped/crazy numbers one. ST/5508MPMT (That’s the one that jumped out as the one I’d order, at least!) So cute!

  5. Kirsten J says:

    I’m thinking rainbow, too. Maybe just the white strap though? And thank you. That Oreo spot totally made me smile :)

  6. I think you ordered the coloured numbers on a white strap – but you would’ve asked if you could have an orange strap first.

  7. Love that Oreo commercial! I think that you ordered the watch with the green numbers and the camouflage-kind of band. That’s one of the one’s that I would order! Have a happy weekend!

  8. Those watches are quite delish. And I love those slippers. I have all wood floors, so that might be helpful.

  9. I am sure you bought the rainbow color strap with colored numbers. Just seems so you.
    ST/5508MPMT So bright and fun.

    Karen G

  10. Cathy L. says:

    I see someone already guessed, but I also think you would choose ST/5508MPMT! Myself, I like the one on your blog, purple is my favorite color and the owl is too cute! My daughter has a birthday coming up and I’ve been keeping my eye out for a cute watch. I think one of these will be perfect!

  11. ST/5508MPMT
    The striped band with happy little multi-colored numbers
    is the watch you bought…hands down!

  12. Cute watches! I thought maybe the multi-green one with funky green numbers, until I read the comments and went back and saw the rainbow one. Now I don’t know! They are all very cute!

  13. Hee hee, I went to the Sprout watches site and also guessed the rainbow one. Will look forward to finding out if we’re all right!
    I think the polishing slippers are extremely funny – thanks for putting them into your Friday 5!

  14. I think you bought this style

    Hard to guess whether you got the pink or white one… I’m leaning towards white

  15. Thats for the link to sprouts! I love the site, know what my next purchase will be :)

  16. And I thought it was the green one with funky numbers! But maybe that’s just cause it was MY favorite… just pinned it to my “Products I Love” Pinterest board!

  17. BARB TOPPING says:

    Stacy, you really do come up withe the cutest “make me happy” products. I love cute, funky watches, but some of my faves are my Mickey watches. Besides having a great product this company is eco friendly. Cool. I believe I need to invest in the cleaning slippers and then design some for my little dog. I am on my way to check out the Ella e-book. Just yesterday my cousin and I were talking about our love of holding a book in our hands, turning the pages, etc. I hope that this love affair will not be lost to the digital age. Thank you for another fabulous Friday Five. You are the best. Happy weekend to you and your family.

  18. If you didn’t order the rainbow striped with multicolor numbers, I will be shocked! It screams “Stacy” to me! You’re so cute and colorful…it just HAS to be the one. Just sayin’! :)

  19. Stacy-
    I just love your Friday Five! I am looking forward to meeting you at the Doodlebug event this coming weekend! Thank you for the opportunity to bring a friend. I’m bringing my dear friend who is battling cancer and would never be able to do this otherwise and I am so excited to be able to take her with me! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Just a side note- on the Big Picture Classes website the email address to ask questions and invite a friend is spelled wrong- your last name has two L’s.

    • Sally,
      Bless you! Thanks for correcting the email mistake AND for bringing your friend. We will treat her to a wonderful time (and you of course!)

  20. I’m guessing it’s the WHITE strap with rainbow numbers!! haha I really liked quite a few of their watches!! Might have to send some subliminal signals to my hubby with mother’s day just around the corner! :P

    Wish I could come to the Day at Doodlebug Event! It sounds like it is going to be so much fun and full of great information and instruction! I hope it all goes well for you and all that attend!

  21. Of course you got the most colorful watch with the rainbow stripes!

    I hope your new watch brings you joy!

  22. I guess the green and yellow one with the large numbers. So cute!

  23. I totally relate to what Nancy said. That sense of overwhelm can just stop me in my tracks.

  24. I guess multi color ST5508MPMT – love these and affordable too

  25. I’m thinking you might have gone with the green one with the tree. It’s green and very pretty, althought I did think one of the brighter ones at first.

  26. Love the watches. Thanks for introducing them to me. I may have to buy one (or two… or three…) for my kids.

  27. Love those cleaning slippers here too! Mine are green and I should totally get a pair for my kids. Though, they are happy to “skate” on just about anything.

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