the scraps…

on my work table, tell the following stories:

For Christmas I gave my mom and sisters an invite to come to a girls-only weekend in Spokane. In her The Art of Observation challenge last week, Heidi encouraged me to fill my heart with anticipation and schedule something really FUN to look forward to. As I listened to her I realized, I already have something to look forward to, but I could definitely create a little more anticipation for my guests. I covered three of the original Cricut cartridge boxes with fresh new pattern papers and filled them with colorful sweets and a little treat. They should arrive today.

btw, you can still sign up to learn from Heidi, but only through today! Her class is so good. Go HERE.

Trey is running for Vice President at Greenacres Middle School. We hosted a campaign party last Friday night and made a BUNCH of posters. His slogans are, “Hey, Hey, Hey … Vote for Trey”, “Cool as Ice. Vote Trey for Vice” — we hung these posters along with funny pics of Trey, We also made a few “Vote King Julian” posters and printed up pics of this guy to scatter around. If he makes the primary election, he’ll have to give a speech next week!

I’m joining Elizabeth Dillow in a re-run of Design Challenges. I’m creating twelve layouts and twelve videos to accompany her already super-cool twelve challenges. This workshop starts next Thursday and runs for four weeks. You get three design challenges each week. If you’re in the mood for some fast-paced FUN (or you missed my Twelve class because it was too much money) This would be a GREAT workshop to take. I bet you have twelve stories to tell?! Note: Clark (pictured above) is driving home today–I’ll be waiting up (scrapbooking) to welcome him home!

You can register HERE.

Here’s little peak at my “dazzling” layout courtesy of Doodlebug Designs, who as you may already know is our title sponsor for The Creative Crop, which is scheduled for National Scrapbooking Day, Saturday May 5th. If you’re not registered for this FREE all-day event, you’ll want to learn more and register HERE.

What stories do your current scraps tell?
I’m going to hit publish and go clean up, so I can mess it up all over again!


  1. My scraps for this month tell 21 stories! :>) Of course, the scraps are all in my sorted-by-color scrap file because I clean up after every layout. LOL

  2. Julie MacManus says:

    what BRIGHT and CHEERY scraps :>
    Your sisters and mom are sure to enjoy their treat – but remember to treat yourself too!

    and i had to giggle about KING JULIAN – my son is a big Madagascar & penguins fan –
    Go TREY! good luck, from julie and oscar

  3. I love these type of posts from you. :)

  4. Lisa Howells says:

    Science says that anticipation of a holiday actually helps the body relax in some ways too. I read it somewhere :)
    Anticipating The Creative Crop and feeling better already ;)

  5. SueinMtVernon says:

    I don’t think you could have picked better papers to go with Addie’s dress than those Doodlebug prints – so perfect! And I have already signed up for Elizabeth’s class. Two of my favorite teachers together? Who could possible resist?

  6. Those Doodlebug papers are beyond cute!

  7. Beautiful!

    I love the bring colors! I miss seeing all your COLORS!
    And that little girl of yours gets more and more beautiful with each passing layout!!!

  8. I spy a designing with orange challenge! : )

  9. Such a pretty set of colours on your blog post today – it makes me feel cheerful before I even read the words!
    I’ve fabric scraps around at the moment, as I’ve just come back from the most inspiring quilting symposium (collection of workshops) and created a fabric book. Such fun!

  10. Kirsten J says:

    Hey Stacy – I wanted to tell you, I’m on the Site Council for my daughter’s school, and the ASB reps impress me no end – hope Trey makes it!!!

    My son is at the University of Washington, and we were warned, even though he had a spectacular GPA, he might not get in. His teachers encouraged him to get on the ASB – he was treasurer. SO we’re not sure if that is what got him into the U, but it was really a great learning experience!

  11. now even more super excited for design challenges to start next week – the idea of having interpretations from 2 fantastic designers was the think that made me press that ‘buy now’ button. Hope you’ll be doing this on more classes

  12. I can’t wait for Creative Crop – it’ll for sure help me get my Twelve pages done early in the month!
    Love all the color in today’s post.
    Best wishes to Trey in his campaign.

  13. Karen Schmidt says:

    Good Luck Trey!. Love the layout of Addy so colorful. I’ll be coming back from Disney with my family on May 5th but not sure I was going to join in on the celebration. Should I anyway?

    • Absolutely. Just like every other classroom, The Creative Crop will be archived forever — so you can sign up (for FREE) and do the challenges anytime. The prize drawings are open for a full week too!

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  15. Thanks for holding this contest!
    The thing I’m most anxiously awaiting is a whole brand new world from Vicki! I loved the Zodiac world and was sad to see it end, but I have much faith that the new series will be just as easy to immerse myself in!

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