WIN a seat in Heidi’s New BPC Class!

I can hardly believe that Heidi’s The Art of Observation starts tomorrow!

If you only knew how long I’ve been talking (insert begging, pleading, cajoling) Heidi, then you would know how very much I adore and respect her and her ART (and perspective.) Heidi has contributed so much to our industry and is one who truly (and authentically) loves celebrating and remembering. She is an incredibly busy and involved wife and mother and still finds time, not only to create, but to inspire the rest of us with beautiful products and innovative approaches and techniques.

Heidi’s most recent product release, Memory Files and all of the associated products and embellishments are nothing short of brilliant and were truly the talk of CHA–after so many years of “NEW” it is extremely difficult to achieve that “Wow Factor” and there are very few designers/manufacturers who do it consistently–Heidi is one!

In my opinion the best way to immerse yourself in both Heidi’s methods and message¬† is to take her class, so I’m giving away ONE seat today!

Heidi has dubbed April “Memory File Month” on her blog and she is hosting a live web show tonight, where you can see these files in action and interact with her … either way I want to experience the joy of learning new things and expressing yourself creatively!

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Kelli J is our WINNER.


  1. I’ve never taken a Heidi class but have always wanted to. Would love to win a seat!


  2. I cannot wait for Heidi’s class. She is truly an amazing woman. Thank you Stacy for this opportunity to win.

  3. dianelynn says:

    Thank you Stacy for the chance to win a seat in Heidi’s class! I’ve been going back and forth whether to sign up or not….

  4. I would love to win a spot in Heidi’s class than I would have money leftover to take another BPC as well!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Your post didn’t specifically say how you were choosing a winner, but I’m guessing it’s through commenting? I loved reading Heidi’s blog when she was in China and I am blown away by everything she manages to juggle, kind of like you! :) I’ve never taken a class from her so this would be a wonderful opportunity! Thanks so much!

  6. Sheila M says:

    Really want to take this class. Hoping to win because that is the only way I’ll be able to do it!

  7. Nancy B says:

    I had the privilege once of doing a make & take at a convention with Heidi when she was with Making Memories. Yes, FOREVER ago, but the impression has lasted all these years. I would love to take a class with Heidi. She has such good energy and a wonderful positive attitude. As a matter of fact, the two of you are really similar….

  8. I’m already signed up but would LOVE to win a spot for a friend who needs this outlet right now and in no way can afford it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Stephanie W says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Heidi’s class sounds like a lot of fun!

  10. Christine says:

    Have always been a fan of Heidi’s product. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  11. I have always liked Heidi’s style of scrapping. Thanks for the chance to win a seat in this awesome class!

  12. Love the idea of the “Memory Files”. The class sounds great. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. I love her new idea of memory files! Thanks for sharing!

  14. would LOVE to have an opportunity to join Heidi’s class!!

  15. Oh how I would love to take this class.

  16. I would love to win a seat in Heidi’s class. Thanks for the chance.

  17. I’ve already signed up for the class, but my cousin Jen can’t afford it and I think she would enjoy it.

  18. Heather G says:

    I would love to win! Heidi’s new line looks like fun.

  19. Alexandra says:

    I would love to win! Thanks!

  20. Thank you so much for the chance to win a seat in Heidi’s class. It looks amazing!

  21. Melissa says:

    I’ve wanted to sign up for this class since it was announced, but the budget hasn’t allowed it. Would love to win a seat!

  22. How amazing, what an opportunity, thanks so much for the chance, I love Heidi and would love to have a seat in her class!

  23. Melinda T says:

    Thanks for the chance! Would love to win a seat in Heidi’s class!

  24. I am particularly interested in learning about Heidi’s approach to observation to the life around her. I am sure that is something that I could improve on to make more of the busy life with little kids all around me. Would love to have a chance to take her class.

  25. Please pick me! Aloha.

  26. Heather K says:

    Heidi is truly inspiring! I would love a chance to learn with her!

  27. I would love to take Heidi’s class. She is an incredible teacher and I love her down to earth manner. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in her class.

    BPS is one of my favorite online scrap type classrooms. I would love to have time to take more of these kind of classes.

  28. Terebene says:

    I grew really interested in this class after I heard Heidi talk about it on the Digi Show. I’ve never been a paper scrapper so I didn’t know who she was. Her ideas, vision and even the memory files just sound like an amazing class. I would have generally not contemplated a “paper” class but I think she could really expand my way of seeing. And that’s just cool.

  29. Shannon L says:

    Heidi has always inspired me and I love her style!
    I would be more than thrilled to be the lucky winner!

  30. Karen Schmidt says:

    I’ve never seen Heidi’s work so i would love to win her class.

  31. I took Heidi’s first BPC class and I still use what I learned today. I probably actually use her diagonal concept an just about every layout that I complete.

  32. This class sounds so inspirational.

  33. For the 2nd time this year budget has kept me out of a 4experts class so I would love to win. It would be a nice birthday gift for my birthday this weekend! Thanks for the chance!

  34. Jacenda G. says:

    Love Heidi, her inspiration and her products, and this class would be great! Thanks for a chance to win!

  35. Aimee Smith says:

    I would love a spot in that class!!

  36. Love the idea of the memory file system and using it to add to LOM…..this would be a great class and I would love to win a spot…thanks for all you do!

  37. Teresa Ciarleglio says:

    How exciting! I would love a chance to win a spot in her class! Heidi is very inspiring. Thank you for the chance.

  38. Marjorie says:

    I would love to win a seat in Heidi’s class! Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. Would love to learn from Heidi!

  40. Kerry G. says:

    Those Memory Files are amazing! I love them!!! I bet this class will be fantastic.

  41. I really need something to keep me sane in these last few weeks of my college education. Please pick me!

  42. Heidi is definitely an innovator. Love the look of these files!

  43. marinamendes says:

    Heidi is a super teacher! Would love to win a seat! Thank you for the opportunity!

  44. I would love to win a seat in Heidi’s class!!

  45. Antoinette Naude says:

    Oh dearest Stacy, are my last hope to win a seat.
    I’ve entered almost every blog give away with no luck so far.
    Pretty please (coated in chocolate sprinkles) pick me!

  46. I have never taken a class from Heidi, and I would like to get to know her, her creativity and techniques!

  47. Alison C. says:

    I love everything Heidi! Always so practical and useful and a little bit of fun thrown in!

  48. Sounds super fun! Hope you have a great day.

  49. nicole Q says:

    I love the inspiration I receive from Heidi! It’s so fun to see all her new products and innovations!

  50. Heidi seems to be one of a kind. Would love to be influenced by her enthusiasm and skills.

  51. I am a long time fan of Heidi and of BPC. I would love love love a seat in her new class.

  52. This would definitely be a lot of fun!

  53. kathrynb says:

    Heidi’s work makes me “gasp” everytime! I l-o-v-e the file folders. Thank you so much for the chance to win a seat in such a wonderful class.

  54. Wow!! When you start blogging, you do it in such a nice way. Thank you for sharing!! I would just be over the top to win a seat!!!

  55. I would love to take this class! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  56. Lauri Bauer says:

    would love to win a spot in Heidi’s new class!!!I love her and BPC!

  57. I love Heidi!!!

  58. Looks like a amazing class.I just love those file folders.

  59. TracyBzz says:

    Love Hieidi’s new products, don’t have my hands on them…yet. Would love to win a seat in her class.

  60. Would LOVE to experience this class!

  61. I would LOVE to win a spot! :)

  62. Meredith says:

    Thank you! I would love to win that spot!

  63. ari macias says:

    i would love to win:)

  64. Would LOVE to win a seat in this class!!

  65. I find the memory file system intriguing and would love to experience Heidi’s class. Would be a great way to continue now that the weekly content for 12 is done. Alas, with a new baby it’s not quite in the budget. Maybe I’ll get lucky today and win? :) please? :)

  66. I’m loving this new way of documenting and the interacting aspects of these memory files, can’t wait to get my hands on some !

  67. Wow! So cool and looks like so much fun!

  68. scrapper al says:

    How generous of you and Heidi! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in Heidi’s class.

  69. oh it all looks so exciting and motivating, thanks for the opportunity to win a seat :>

  70. This would be a dream come true. For me to win
    This class. Hoping and praying I do.

  71. I love heidi swapp and i love memory files!

  72. I’m so in need of a kick in the pants where my memory keeping is concerned!!! this would be a lot of fun. thanks for the chance to win.

  73. I so want to be in this class, love Heidi, love BPS…pick me! or pick the girl above me…she needs it too :) sigh.

    • Congrats Kelli — You’re the WINNER. I’ve just enrolled you in Heidi’s class! Thanks for supporting BPC and reading my blog :)

  74. This sounds like such a fabulous class!!!

  75. I have followed her blog for a very long time and I love all of her products! Taking her course would be positively wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  76. Becky E says:

    I would love to be in Heidi’s class because she is such a great inspiration to all! My car just cost me a small fortune to fix so I could afford it at this time. It would be totally awesome to win a seat in her class. Thanks for the chance Stacy!!!

  77. What a great experience this would be. I would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  78. Selenaintx says:

    I would love to take Heidi’s class!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  79. Oh oh oh – I would so love to take this class! Love her style – she really inspires me!

  80. I would love to be able to take this class, as I think it would be challenging and I would learn new ways of looking at life and memory keeping.

  81. LOVE Heidi, would love to win her class!!

  82. I haven’t taken a BPC in so long… I need to get back into the groove!

  83. Diane reyes says:

    Yes please and thank you! I love this concept Heidi has come up with. Colors sre fantastic.

  84. Danni Perez says:

    Gorgeous as always, I <3 mme!

  85. I love Heidi’s ‘work’. Very creative.

  86. Katie Scott says:

    Would love to take this class!

  87. Kirsten J says:

    Pick me, please. Although I’m already enrolled. My husband would be really happy.

  88. It’s been too many years since I’ve seen Heidi. I’d love to take a class from her! :)

  89. Love Heidi and BPC, and I’m so excited about this class! Thanks for the chance to win.

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