Clark has been paying attention …

I was creating in my studio.
Clark walked in, sat down at my computer and said, “Wow, you’ve made a 116 videos in Photo Booth?!” I said, “yep, I make them for my classes all the time.”

He said, like this … (watch and see!)

Clearly, Clark has been paying attention.
I especially like the idea that you can make “your story, your style” — that’s a good line!

I do want to apologize to Wendy, who creates wonderful pages, not at all represented by Clark’s example.

btw … Happy National Scrapbook Day!


  1. It looks like you are enjoying having Clark home for a while & what a great sense of humor! Happy National Scrapbook Day!

  2. Kids make our world better and richer and fuller and little crazy, too. What a fun sneak into your everyday life.

  3. That is fabulous!!! I loved watching it!

  4. Jill B says:

    Children of all ages bring such JOY to our lives. They also mimic what we do. I guess today is a great reminder to do the right thing, as you have demonstrated here. Way to go and I love Clarks interpretation of you. Have a great NSD.

  5. Love it! I know you’re glad Clark is home with you right now!!! Happy NSD!

  6. AnnieB says:

    Love that he know all about ‘simple”!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Hilarious. And can I just say that Clark is looking so grown up and ready to be a missionary? I’m glad he’s home for a while so you can enjoy him! :)

  8. Oh, gosh! I have a six year old daughter and watching this made my heart shine a little, as a mom. You must be so proud of him!

  9. Vickie says:

    Loved it! (And he is all grown up and handsome, isn’t he?)

  10. Totally cute!

  11. that was soooo cute! I have two boys and just love em, especially when they show me that they’ve listened and demonstrate it so well.

  12. That was HILARIOUS.
    (and hello, I had no idea you could do video in Photobooth!! Where have I been?!?)

  13. Allison M. says:

    Too cute. Made my heart smile! Happy NSD!

  14. Terri Torrez says:

    Story, Simple and Bright Colors – he got all the key elements. Definitely a Julian.

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  16. wow that totally made my day, so funny!
    And omg how cute is he? Team Jacob or team Edward? no I think I’m on team Clark ;-)

  17. Loved it! Thanks Clark!

  18. LOL This is hilarious!! He sure knows his mama! My kids are 8 and under, I LOVE THIS STAGE OF LIFE…BUT…I am looking forward to this kind of relationship with them also. I’m so glad you posted this, I LOVE IT!

  19. Karen Freeman says:

    Loved it – and what was particular good was the giggling in the background and his straight face to the camera but subtle reaction everytime you laughed. Very funny. Thanks for the show of humour Team Julian.

  20. Oh my goodness, that made my morning! What a joy he must be. Thanks for sharing, and many Birthday Blessings to you today!

  21. Roxane F. says:

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed watching it with my am coffee! Totally cute!

  22. Fran Chopp says:

    What a great kid. That was wonderful. Also, great scrapbooking space in the background!

  23. I loved this! Thanks for sharing and making my day a little brighter!

  24. That was hilarious! Totally brought a HUGE smile to my face!

  25. I love sassy sons…and have one of my own. That’s classic!

  26. This is great. I love when my husband and kids tease me about my scrapbooking.

  27. Julanne says:

    Hilarious! Totally cracked me up this morning- thanks for sharing. And thanks to Clark, too!

  28. Cynthia H says:

    This is hilarious – so funny to see what our kids pick up on about what we do!

  29. What a great video! :) Looks like the two of you are having fun!

  30. theresa Ferran says:

    OMG….he’s a crack up.

  31. Julie MacManus says:

    thanks for sharing your life with us to brighten our days.
    Full credit to clark for not only having enough ‘sillies’ to make this video but enough guts to let you post it – he’s a credit to you :> , thanks

  32. ana smith says:

    this put a smile on my face, I needed that. thanks!

  33. That is so funny!!! I love how he was so determined to tell us his information.

  34. Allie.Duckienz says:

    Oh adorable! Gosh Clark is becoming such a man now. It is so funny to have seen him grow up through your layouts then suddenly see him as a man. Now I am only 30 so not too scary but he sure is handsome :D
    I loved your laughing in the background too Stacy. You both made me smile. Just what I needed after a weekend of full on scrapbooking and the total exhaustion that follows!

  35. Rhonda H says:

    What an awesome kid. We know scrapbooking makes awesome kids, right??? That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
    -Rhonda (mom2h)

  36. Too Funny! I can’t believe how much older Clark looks since I last saw him in a photo/video!

  37. Lauren says:

    Love it!

  38. LOL! Thanks for sharing, Stacy. I loved celebrating NSD with the BPC challenges. Hope you had a happy birthday!

  39. Aubrey R says:

    Oh how funny! :) Thanks for sharing that!

  40. Molly McCarthy says:

    That is an adorable video!!

  41. Thanks for the party you threw over at BPC for NSD — even though I couldn’t play until after church on Sunday, I was inspired to make three layouts, all of which make me smile. Happy to be part of the worldwide scrapbooking family. :)

  42. Thanks for sharing this! I couldn’t stop laughing. :)

  43. Susan R. says:

    Clark put a smile on my face. I hope some nice girl is ready to snatch him up!

  44. Lori Mc says:

    How adorable! My 20+ son surprised me one year with a homemade card he made all by himself. He went into his grandmas craft room and had a great time – I tried to convince him he should do more of it, but he said no! LOL Happy Mother’s day Julian!

  45. LOL! Hey, just to let you know what a computer dufus I am…I did not know you could make videos in photobooth. We switched over to Apple two years ago and just found this out. Thanks Clark! :-)

  46. Clark is so cute…I mean handsome! That is too funny. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Lindsay says:

    ummm…. next BPC teacher? I’d bet he’d sell out his class ASAP. He certainly isn’t shy! What could his topic be… dealing with a scrapbooking mom? How to make your mom happy? HA!

  48. Lynn Moll says:

    What a handsome, charming guy you’ve got there! It’s apparent he loves his mom, loves to hang out and have fun with her, and admires the wonderful work she does. It just doesn’t get any better than that! Happy birthday and Happy Mother’s Day, Stacy!

  49. Ha ha!! That was so funny. This boy knows his mother, the best part was when he talked about the bright colours and that they make you happy… You know, Clark, your mom is SO right, bright colours do make us happy. Actually she made me love this bright green that I used to hate…

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