Flamingos and more

Every now and then I think to yourself, “I’m just NOT doing enough volunteering.” I had one of those moments a week or so ago, as I skimmed and deleted emails from my kids’ schools, each brimming with opportunities to help out.

Well. I am now on flocking duty this week (what was I thinking?)
Each morning before 7:00am, I round up willing and unwilling children and we go “flock” someone’s  lawn. We return each evening to collect the required flamingo removal fee. Our family was flocked back in September and I’m happy to report that you have several removal options. We chose the payment that would put us on the “no flock” list and allow us to target the next family.

I probably didn’t need ONE MORE thing to do this week, but I have to admit that it has actually been FUN to be a part of the fundraiser. In my mind, it beats the heck out of buying a cookie dough!

I have to show-off a layout that one of my Twelve students, Veronica Norris created.

This page is inspired by the Twelve journal that students received as part of the Twelve kit (HUGE thanks to Paper Coterie for their amazing generosity!)

Veronica’s page is a 12×12 with a 6×12 companion page and it documents our journey in Twelve and our friendship.
When I saw it and read it, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for ALL of the amazing women that have come into my life because of scrapbooking.

HUGE side benefit of what we do!

And finally … I’m having a blast preparing for The Day at Doodlebug this weekend. After my lecture, we are all going to make two cards from the Create-a-Card product line (Adorable!) I am also going to announce a very FUN (ongoing) Happy Mail campaign.

More on that coming soon!


  1. Ha! That is a hilarious fundraiser. And yes, a thousand times better than selling cookie dough.

  2. Cathy L. says:

    Right-who REALLY needs a TUB of cookie dough in their fridge?! Love the happy card colors!!!

  3. “flocking duty” – chuckle, snort! Veronica’s layout is SO COOL… I feel a scraplift coming on!

  4. Vickie says:

    I think I’ve figured out what ‘flocking’ is- but what happens if someone likes the flock and doesn’t want them removed?

  5. Melinda T says:

    LOL, definitely much funner than selling cookie dough! Great layout layout, Veronica! BTW, Stacy, will TWELVE be available again?

  6. christene says:

    Tell me more about this flocking business! Totally hysterical, and something I bet we could pull off here in FL. I imagine there is a pre-sign up list (to make sure the family could afford to play along?) We are so over the cookie dough… :-)

  7. WOW yours are stylish–here they use the ugly pink ones!! :)

  8. The flamingos are cute! That would be a fun to do, even if my kids aren’t in school yet. I am so excited for The Day at Doodlebug. Seriously-almost jumping up and down happy.(A little past giggle-out-loud-for-no-reason happy.) Thanks for this treat!

  9. Such a colourful post – love it!
    (And ‘flocking’ – unheard of until now (at least by me) – I wonder if it would take off (hee, hee, unintentional pun) in New Zealand?!

  10. Would love some more details on this fundraiser to take to my parent council. Looks hilarious!

  11. Christine says:

    More info on the flocking fundraiser details please! Our high school youth group at church is looking for nothing to sell fundraisers to do for their spring break mission trip next year. This sounds like fun!

  12. I love the “flocking” program! How cute! A local group does something similar when raising funds for our HOPE walk (a local walk to raise money for local people who need help when suffering with cancer.) You come home with pink flamingos on your hard and have to pay a fee to have them removed!

  13. I’ve never heard of “flocking”. Would love to know more about it. Your cards are super cute!! Love Doodlebug!!

  14. I love flocking!!! I hope we get on the list this year. Zoë and Eden were so sad to see the flamingos go. If they had there way our yard would be infested year round. LOL!

  15. Janine says:

    I’ve never heard of flocking – can you explain what it is please? :-)

  16. Jen Day says:

    What fun, this post made me smile! Hmm, and I have a good idea for a school fundraiser!

  17. carol in seattle :) (aka giraffemom) says:

    LOVED your chat this morning at Doodlebug! So sad that I don’t live in Utah anymore, so I wasn’t able to be there. I do hope that next time I can. Thanks for reading my note to Cynthea. Doodlebug makes my happy colors too!

  18. what an honour that you included my page in your post – thanks so much! i am loving your twelve class as you know and am really glad i finally scrapbooked the first time we met, it’s been on my to-do list for a very long time!!!
    also hope you had a wonderful birthday this past weekend! all the best for a great 47th year! i am right behind you girl…it will be fabulous!!
    hugs, V


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