Friday FIVE for May 18th, 2012


Wobble Bowls.
Which you can help fund at KickStarter through next Wednesday, May 23rd.
Be sure to watch the video here.

Designed by Jessie Phillips Andersen who says …
Wobble Bowls were designed to bring the memory and experience of play to your grown-up tabletop with vibrant toy-like colors and movement. With round bottoms, they easily rock and spin, but with their low center of gravity and turn inward, they remain surprisingly stable and right themselves when tipped over. I want to make it easier to find more joy in your everyday life. I want to give you something you’ll love, something unexpected, something that will make you feel happiness when you do one of those everyday things you don’t even think about.

My friend Sue Baker turned me onto these (thanks Sue!)
I’m getting a set a three small bowls.


Check it out. Glass water bottles from Target.

I’m not saying I’m going to trade in my beloved plastic water bottle, but I purchased a few of these yesterday and I swear the water tastes better in glass!? Plus, the cool design makes me happy and the clever handle is both protective and ergonomic (ie. easy to carry!) Stay tuned for a complete review!


If you haven’t seen the 60 Minutes clip called, Is Sugar Toxic? Please promise me you’ll click HERE and watch it.

Much more on this later, but know that I have (as of last Sunday night) quite possibly given up brownies for life. If you find yourself riveted (like I was) by watching this, then you’ll want to invest another hour and a half watching this YouTube video created by the endocrinologist interviewed here.

Dr. Lustig takes you through the biochemistry of sugar metabolism. Needless to say, I’m now on a anti-sugar (more specifically an anti-high fructose corn syrup) campaign and yes, my kids are shaking in their boots. Much MORE on this soon.


Tillamook Light*Fat Free Yogurt

I do love how many companies are responding to consumer demand to create a healthier versions of our favorite foods. I’m liking this Tillamook yogurt (especially for my kids) because it does NOT have high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors and *only* 15 grams of sugar (compared to many at 25+)

Check it out the next time you’re at the grocery store.
I like to mix yogurt like this half and half with cottage cheese!


Perfectly Simple Cranberry Almond by Zone

I found these bars yesterday too — and for all the same reasons (as the yogurt) I bought two boxes. I really have changed much of what I eat over the last two years, but I think it’s time to get really serious.

Happy Friday!


  1. Nancy B says:


    It’s not your imagination; water does “taste” better from a glass bottle. My brother got a bottle of water from a friend of his that was in a tall slender glass bottle. I was amazed at how differently the water tasted coming from the bottle. The glass keeps the water colder. I’m not sure whatever happened to that bottle… hmm, makes me wonder now!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’m going to Target to pick up one of those water bottles today!!!! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    I’m with you on the sugar thing. I watched that video and swore we’d cut out all sugar and juice and so on. We’ve cut waaaaaaaaaaay back. If you haven’t seen this blog: you might check it out; she’s got lots of yummy desserts without refined sugar; they use honey, dates, maple syrup, etc. a lot. Better than the other stuff, at least. :)

    We buy plain yogurt and add frozen berries and a little honey or agave–takes some getting used to but it’s good. The hardest thing about eating healthy for me is how much time it takes–I mean it’s not that hard to stir frozen berries & honey into yogurt, but it takes a few minutes more than just opening a container, kwim? Those few extra minutes for every snack and meal really add up! But good for you–I’m cheering for you and can’t wait to hear you share more.

  3. I Plan to watch the 60 minutes video. I saw the other lecture when it came out. I have since totally removed HFCS from our diets. I do use organic cane sugar, but our consumption is very low. My kids went into SHOCK. I did buy the Newman O’s, but they still beg for oreo’s, although I think the Newman O’s taste much better!! I yell at the TV when the HFCS commercials come on……….it’s not the same as sugar!!!

  4. Cathy L. says:

    I’ll have to get a glass bottle, I’ve never liked the taste of water in a plastic bottle.

  5. TracyBzz says:

    I don’t even want to watch that sugar video. But maybe it would help me lose these 25 lbs. Then there are just as scary reports about sugar substitutes. Oh heck there are scary reports about all food, even fruits and veggies. Sigh. Makes me mad, you try and eat well and even the good stuff is bad.

    I don’t like water from a stainless steal bottle. It tastes off to me. Haven’t tried glass yet.

  6. Allie.Duckienz says:

    Stacy, check out I really think that you’d benefit from one of her detox diets. I used to have a high sugar consumption (even though I rarely ate ‘junk’ food) but now I am down to almost none. I used Stevia as a sugar substitute (it is plant based, has no calories and does not effect blood sugar levels! it is also non-carcinogenic!!!) in my decaf coffee as I love a cup or 4 a day and couldn’t justify that much sugar when we’re meant to consume less that 25g a day for health. I have a green smoothie for breakfast every day and I have so much more energy now. I think that it would really help you. Sending lots of love your way, Allie
    (who now has energy to scrap her 12 assignments ;) at BPC)

  7. Sheila K says:

    I’m so proud of your determination! I’ve been learning about HFCS, sugar, etc., over the last 9 months and making small but significant changes to our family diet. We aren’t perfect yet, be we are all eating and feeling better! My teenage girls have slimmed down, and my 4 year old behaves better. It’s really hard, but every bad food you eliminate is one great, big step in the right direction! Keep up the good work and I hope this gives you a leg-up on your health issues also.

    You have such a platform to get this info out. Thank you for being courageous and posting this on your blog. As women, we have the opportunity to lead our families to make wonderful changes and give our kids a fighting chance against all the health concerns plaguing society today.

  8. SherriS. says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I am also a sugar dodger by necessity since my hypoglycemia goes bezerk so easily. I wanted to share that there are interesting alternatives in the natural food stores. I’m a big fan of Agave Nectar (lots of hype against this though but it doesn’t affect my blood sugar so I am a big fan) and Stevia products (I prefer Purevia’s taste). I want to try coconut palm sugar but haven’t picked any up as of yet.

    Just sharing this because you don’t have to give up brownies if you don’t want to.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Christine says:

    Plain Greek yogurt plus your favorite fresh or thawed frozen fruit will knock out even more sugar and will up the protein. Throw in a sprinkle of chopped nuts or chia seeds and you have a winner! This was my junk food substitute when I decided to eat healthy. I’ve list 80 pounds so far. Nothing beats foods in or as close as possible to their original state.

  10. Good on kicking the sugar! Lara bars are also a great on the go choice.

  11. Stacy,

    Thanks so much for sharing the 60 Minutes video. (I’ve watched almost no TV since starting your 12 class!) I am a former sugar addict and now limit it severely. I feel so much better when I stay away from it! I eat a ‘paleo’ diet most of the time–’real’ food, hardly any processed stuff. The toxicity argument about sugar really makes sense to me.

    Enjoy your weekend and hope you’re feeling better!

  12. Thanks for sharing – I like the idea of a glass bottle. I find it hard to drink from a plastic container and am slowly removing all plastic containers – we’ve swapped to enamelled metal in our picnic baskets for example. The sugar video (and yep I just spent 90 minutes watching) wasn’t anything new except in much more depth – made this bio-chemist happy as well as fascinated. We’ve already cut most of the refined sugar out and this will help more.

    Your brownies can still happen – just with glucose rather than fructose and whole wheat flour… as a treat in moderation. Even better eat it alongside lots of fruit :)

  13. Peggy M says:

    I did not see the 60 Minutes video but knew this from my doctor who had advised me last fall to make the necessary changes to my diet to remove sugars (fake & real), remove processed food and add back more protein & animal fat. Most of the reading I’ve been doing supports this video as well along with the data on the early research that made us start to eat low fat etc and how flawed those studies were, as well as having been driven by the food industry. When my husband had a question about a spot that they suspected was cancer, they used a sugar dye to see if there was a reaction because they knew cancer would be attracted and basically “suck up” the sugar. That alone should give us a clue that sugar is something that cancers would use to grow itself. People did not eat sugars and added sweeteners until we became an agricultural society about 10,000 years ago. While the average age was lower, it wasn’t disease but injuries that killed us before that time.

    I’m looking forward to finding one of those glass bottles too! I’d given up pop 3 years ago & drink pretty much only water and this would beat my favorite carry bottle!

  14. Stacy,
    I love your Friday Five! I will have to find those glass bottles. I have never liked plastic bottles ( I don’t even drink from plastic cups) because I think they taste and smell funny. So this alone made my day. And I have been slowly trying to cut out sugar but I do think this video may be the thing that helps me convince my family too. Thanks for sharing

  15. I have had an energy crisis this year too! I read the book Revive by Dr. Frank Lipman and I feel better than I have in 20 years! It is a 6 week daily change your life-style book that fits so well with what you are already doing. Feel better!

  16. I laughed out loud when I read that your kids were shaking in their boots. I stopped eating gluten about 9 months ago and immediately felt 100% better than I had my entire life (and I hadn’t realized I was always feeling bad!). I am fairly certain that Zoë has a gluten or wheat sensitivity as well. When I told her that I wanted to remove wheat from her diet to test out my theory you would have thought I wanted to take away Christmas. I am working up the energy to actually try that experiment during summer break. If I tossed out all the sugar too (not that we have much) that may just put her over the edge. Ha!

  17. (sort of late in responding! But I had to comment.)

    As soon as they make a glass bottle with a Camelback straw I am totally IN! I love the glass bottles but I really do find myself drinking more water if I put it in a bottle with a straw.

    And I am SO with you on avoiding HFCS. The other thing I stay away from completely is hydrogenated oils, they are so, so bad for our bodies. It does make making a pie crust harder (shortening is pure hvo) but I’ve almost perfected the butter-only crust.

    Here’s to healthy! :)

  18. The zone bar has fractionated palm kernel oil and that’s not so good either.
    I’ve been eating the Greens plus bar. Not as high in protein as I’d like but all ingredients sound good to me.
    I second the advice of doing plain yogurt with fresh fruits or applesauce (unsweetened)

  19. Larabars fruit and nut bars are also super healthy (5 ingredients top) but high calorie. I give it to my toddler since she needs the fat and calories.

  20. Wow, thanks for sharing Stacy. I watched the WHOLE thing, while I wrote thank you cards for all of my kids teachers. Powerful stuff. I follow the paleo diet so I eat very little to none processed food and sugar.

  21. Simply a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design.
    “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.” by Albert Einstein.

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