I’m still doing clipboards …

This summer, they look like this.

My kids are getting older and they need less specific direction, but they still need expectations with a little motivation thrown in. They have all summer (10 weeks) to complete (or exceed) the following:

50 Miles (on foot or bike)
50 Chapters or Articles (reading)
30 Jobs (bigger ones, like windows and weeding)
30 Worksheets (they each have a book or two of math problems, etc..)
20 Projects (anything they want, approved by mom)
20 Adventures (playdates with friends, neighborhood games and family outings)

The Goal: Daycation (our annual one-day, end of summer BASH.)

We are only one week in, but everyone is off to a good start. Trey is at camp this week and Taft is taking advantage of the extra time to establish a healthy lead (not that any competition is intended!)

His most recent project is duct tape, and he has mastered several techniques and been impressively productive. I’m headed out of town today with a new pair of flip-flops (not pictured here.) My favorite is of course, the rose …

How is your summer going?


  1. Adrienne says:


    I am very impressed with your goal setting for the summer. I am even more impressed that Taft is ahead of the game, even with camp this week. I think he deserves an extra helping of sprinkles!

    I am not sure how old Taft is, but he looks roughly the same age as my 13 year old son. He starts his summer holidays on Friday (he goes to school in England) and I can tell you that he would be way behind after the first week. He has a tennis tournament on Saturday, but after that, he will be “relaxing” for a week to decompress. This means watching Wimbledon Tennis on TV, facebooking his friends, eating me out of house and home, and taking naps when the tennis is not on.

    Have a great summer.


    • Hey Adrienne,

      Taft is 11, Trey is 13 — and I would love a tennis tradition like yours! Don’t worry, there is much relaxing going on too!

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Beth Kohl says:

    Love your goal sheets! We are on week 2, but I think we need to implement these as well. My daughter is in middle school and also way into duct tape projects as well. Quite popular here in the South too! Love the flip flops! Have to show her these! :) Have a safe & fun trip!

  3. That’s a fantastic idea for a ‘chore’ chart. Much more interesting than the regular ones.

  4. SUMMER? You have SUMMER????

    First, we are still at 57 degress and RAINING! The term “Junuary” certainly fits over on this side of the Mountain, this year, as no one I know has bagged up their winter parkas, yet!

    SECOND…and worst still…we are STILL IN SCHOOL!!!! One more half day and we’ll be released, but GOODNESS GRACIOUS we are SO DONE!!!!

    BUT…we have TONS of activities, projects and ideas on our bucket list(s). We are studying CHINA and MEXICO and rooting for those athletes in the OLYMPICS. We are going to make lapbooks for each country and the Olympics. We have a few Girl Scout gatherings planned, including a beach bonfire next month. A couple of little family roadtrips. And we are going to make a paperbag scrapbook towards the end of the summer with all our awesome photos.

    For today, we are making FAIRIES from pipecleaners and silk flower petals to go in our little fairy gardens at tomorrow’s year-end GARDEN PARTY, hosted by our AWESOME Girl Scout Troop!!!! Thanks for asking. Glad to see your post!

    • Hey — I’m with you on the weather thing. It stinks this year! It sounds like you have some really FUN ideas planned and more brewing — I adore the idea of studying countries in the Olympics and then rooting for them. Cool! Good luck with the end of school. When do you go back in September?

  5. BTW…LOVE the clipboard!

    Have a stack of them here to decorate over the summer for my Scout Leaders. Might have to add a couple for the girl’s chore lists. Great idea! THANKS!

  6. On another Stacy-Julian-Scrapbooking-Idea note…this summer I’m determined to set up my OWN 180 album for my soon-to-be FIRST GRADER. I’m considering making up TWO together, so they match, but putting the second one aside for her SENIOR year, with all the same questions. (Obviously some will improve over the years, but want to capture the answers to some basic ones now and then!!!).


  7. I have my 3 older boys (ages 12, 6 ,& 4) participating in the Kidding Around 3 class at BPC
    We are a few days behind because the 2 older boys just finished their school year this past Thurday & then spent Friday – Sunday with some kind of stomach bug and today we had an injury that resulted in the 6 year old visiting the ER…
    We really know how to start a vacation off with a bang in this house

    • Oh no! So sorry to hear of your summer illnesses. Hopefully, you’re all on the mend now and you won’t have to be sick the rest of the summer!
      I’m so glad you’re doing the Kidding Around class. That’s awesome. Taft has done that the last two summers and really enjoyed it.

  8. We may never have summer here in western WA but atleast we don’t have hurricanes or terrible fires. Actually the “official” first day of summer in W WA is July 5th

  9. I love this idea and would love to copy it for my 3 boys, they are a little to obsessed with video games, where can I learn more of this or can you email me some direction…my boys are 4, 6, almost 9… and anyway school just finishes for us tomorrow so this I think would help them and me with them getting more out of the summer than just playing inside video games. Thanks Melissa

  10. I hope you’ll post about how you plan Daycation. Sounds like a great reward!

  11. Rhonda H says:

    Well, the whole month of June has been dedicated to “Shakespeare Jr.”, a kids theater camp at our local university campus. They are doing an abbreviated version of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We are looking forward to the production this Friday night, except for the fact that it is to be presented in an outdoor amphitheater, with record high temps near 100! BUT, one COOL thing: he does get 3 hours of college credit. REALLY. And talk about some scrapbook fodder!!! You should see the LIVE ACTION pics from the day they learned about stage combat. Hilarity ensued.
    Next month we plan to have friends over to swim regularly, which we haven’t done much yet due to the theater schedule. We’ll get back on our “Summer Bridge Work” (worksheets) and violin practice, and I hope to do some one day craft camps for my local homeschool group.
    I found your health report very interesting. I wonder how many of us could feel SO much better if we only knew what we should and should not be putting into our specific bodies. Keep us posted. I learn something new every time.

  12. Love this idea – especially that it includes a combination of chores & fun. My summer goal is to do one thing productive, and one thing fun every day.

    We know blogging isn’t high on your list of priorities these days. Just know that we love your insight & inspiration whenever we get it!

  13. AnnnieB says:

    The updated clipboard idea is GENIUS!!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Michelle C. says:

    Really struggling this summer.Our daughter is in a morning camp and son is in baseball.Just feels like I have so little time for me.

  15. Love this clipboard idea! Does Addie have the same list? I have a daughter the same age so just wondering if you have modified it and how. Thanks for sharing.

    • Addie has the same clipboard, she wouldn’t have it any other way. I told the boys that we all need to help Addie complete her clipboard too. If they read or walk with her they will help earn Daycation for the whole family!

  16. I’m doing a Summer Manifesto (a la Ali Edwards) but may incorporate some of these ideas for myself – it looks like a great way to have a good balance of activities throughout the summer! Hope you are still doing well – you’re in my thoughts daily. Would also like to hear more about your Daycation plans.

  17. I was wondering if the clipboards would make an appearance again this summer! I like the updated ideas for your older kids and the goals sound reasonable and leaves a lot of room for choices. That duct tape rose was really good! Duct tape is NOT an area I’ve tried but I do have several ideas I’d like to try.

  18. Love your ideas… we have a new one added to our daily lists…pull 50 weeds (so far so good)

  19. Kathi Lamb says:

    Taft ought to try the duck tape wallet. My daughters friend made one a few years ago and still uses it. Google duck tape wallet.

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