Go “Fourth” and Celebrate!

This painting is titled, Prayer at Valley Forge, by Arnold Friberg.

I’m posting it today because the older I get, the more I hold dear deep feelings of gratitude for faithful, persevering pilgrims and pioneers who sacrificed everything for a better future. I’m thankful for men and women of the armed forces who continue in that spirit sacrifice today and tirelessly work to promote and protect freedom across the world.

I’m deeply grateful for the ideals, defended in revolution that ultimately founded the United States of America.

I got up early at my mom’s house, but everyone is now starting to stir …

The town of Carnation is celebrating 100 years of July 4th festivities and it will likely be the biggest party a small town can throw. My brother Theron and his family are here and my cousin Melissa and her family will come later this afternoon.

I hope wherever you are, that you have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day. Go FOURTH and celebrate all that is good and right in the good ‘ole USA!


  1. That is a great picture- and a great reminder.

  2. Hi Stacy, I tried to find my Schoolhouse Rock DVD today to show to the kids because they had NO IDEA what the 4th of July was – I asked them and it quickly became completely obvious that they just thought it was a vaguely American patriotic holiday for summer food and fireworks. The didn’t know anything about the American Revolution and we have two different great-great+ grandfathers who actually fought in the Revolutionary War. Its time for me to school the kids a bit more about American History and our own family. I think this type of a theme would be a great BPC class btw – incorporating world history into your own family’s history to make it relate-able to your kids and to extrapolate stories from your family in terms of history – sort of reading between the lines about how your ancestors might have felt about the historical events they lived through; sort of in the vein of Ancestry.com’s show “Who Do You Think You Are.” I did a project similar to this during my senior year of college and wrote the story of my family going back 3 or 4 centuries in terms of what I knew and what I could learn about history and connect my family’s story with what was going on in the world. I used 3 or 4 books that were totally on topic – one was called “Three Generations in America” or something like that; I could look up my bibliography for that project if you were ever interested.

    Just a tangent, but seeing this post and realizing that my kids didn’t know enough about the 4th; just made me think I should spend more time teaching them about this stuff.

    Happy 4th :)

  3. Nicky from Okotoks says:

    God Bless

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