Stand Still.


I’m here. The last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind of activity filled with out-of-town business meetings, holidays, extended family visits, Dozen Day (the 12th of every month in my class, Twelve) a quick trip to Dallas, TX to speak at the Close To My Heart convention and finally (yesterday) a road trip to Utah to gather and hang out with both the Julian and Hall sides of our family (as well as the McDougals.) We get to be here a whole week and I am very much looking forward to relaxing.

I’m enjoying a quiet moment at my brother, Theron’s house and I want to share a fun video I made for the CTMH presentation I gave on Friday morning. In case you don’t know, I got my start in this industry as a D.O.T.S. (now Close To My Heart) demonstrator and so hanging out with that company and those women has always felt like going home. I was able to briefly see and reconnect with so many familiar faces–women that taught and mentored me, as I found my passion and the confidence to share it.  I love the CTMH mission, their message and their products! Thank YOU to everyone who was there and special thanks to Monica and Tiffany, who arranged the details of the trip and took such good care of me. Thanks also to Allison, who has traveled with and helped me for over ten years.

This video is set to music and words, written by my amazing friend, Hilary Weeks. It is a song called, Stand Still on her latest album, Every Step. I hope when you’ve finished listening, you’ll go download it!

If you’re having trouble playing the video. You can watch it here on Vimeo.

My message is that time moves so very fast and most of the time we do too. But, we can choose (with practice) to slow down and to savor simple everyday moments. We can pull out our cameras and take pictures and we can live with these pictures and let them work magical things inside of us. Doing so will make us more grateful, more content, more aware and more happy. There is so much that is overwhelming and challenging in life. Efforts to capture and share your memories should be neither.

Enjoy your day.
Take pictures of things that make you happy!


  1. Ruth Ann says:

    What a beautiful family!! Love the video and thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Susan R. says:

    What a beautiful song! It could be your theme song. Thanks for sharing your family’s memories.

  3. I love this video. My three daughters are in their twenties and my oldest just turned 30. My middle daughter is a social media specialist for flight centre Canada and she told me it was all those years I took pictures that inspired her to take up videography . I always thought my girls thought my scrapbooks were a waste of time and money but now they get it. I am so happy I have taken some of your classes as it is not about the artwork but rather the message we interpret in each photo memory that is important. I need to get back to Scrapbooking again.

  4. Cathy L. says:

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I love Hilary Weeks’ music.

  5. Oh, goodness. I’m a mess now.

    I’ve been horrible lately about using my camera to capture the everyday stuff, and I think your video has re-lit that fire. Because as much as I want to believe my mind will hold on to all of it, I know better.

  6. Angie Kyle says:

    LOVED IT!….makes me cry…and validates the effort we put into taking pictures and scrapping. Thanks for sharing. You have such a beautiful and happy family thanks to all you do.

  7. Ah- that got to me. My youngest will be sending in his mission papers this week. I want him to go- but yet….wish that time could stand still.

  8. What a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing Stacy :)

  9. Wonderful Stacy!! I used to be a DOTS demonstrator too, and loved every second! :)

  10. Oh, my gosh, you have me crying! Such a lovely montage and you have a real gift for capturing really precious moments. Thanks for sharing this and enjoy your time with the family!


  11. Ginny Petitt says:

    Song is beautiful and like many of the others, made me cry! Great video, too!

  12. Julie S. says:

    Thank you Stacy for an awesome reminder! Beautiful, touching video to a phenomenal song :) Going to download now!

  13. Kelly L says:


  14. What a lovely video! I loved how the words and the photos worked together. Thanks for the message – I needed to hear that today.

  15. Terri A. in Redding says:

    Stacy…love your story, love you!
    Fantastic video. Reminds me of my old CTMH days to
    see your smiling face.

  16. I’m weeping! I don’t know your family at all, but a few weeks ago I looked at my nephew, who is growing into a teenager very quickly and I asked him to please stop growing. He was silent for a minute then he whispered to me “I can’t promise.” I wanted to scrap that moment, but I didn’t know how. This song and your pictures describe it beautifully. Not to say I’m glad I missed CTMH Convention, but this would have been so so hard to watch and try not to cry! Thank you for sharing it.

  17. Stacy,

    Thank you for sharing your truth and your passion with us and the world. Your message resonated with so many people in ways that I can’t describe.

    We are all better for knowing and connecting with you. Feeling super grateful to have been part of your presentation.

    Sending you much love,


    P.S. My convention mini album is COMPLETE! I did it while I was there and thought of you the whole time. xoxoxo

  18. Loved your Keynote at the CTMH convention and this video brings tears to my eyes again.
    Take good care of yourself so we can continue to be inspired and encouraged by your talks, classes and books.

  19. This video is absolutely lovely…and I am thankful for the reminder to savor moments – whether it’s capturing them on camera or in my heart. =)

  20. What a great video!!! When I first heard this song at TOFW I downloaded it right there. It really reminds me about how the everyday moments are it!!! With my husband’s illness I just know scrapbooking is what I need to be doing for my kids. They need to have the everyday memories of their dad. The video is such a good reminder that time isn’t on our side but we can stand still and take in the moments. Thanks

  21. Barb in AK says:

    Beautiful song. Beautiful photos. Beautiful family :-)

  22. I have loved you for years! Thanks for the reminder- I needed it!

  23. My favorite part of this year’s CTMH convention: YOU! Every time I see you speak, I am touched by your heart, your message, and your ability to inspire others. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to let go of the guilt and find what’s *enough.*

  24. *Love* We just got back from a family weekend and I consciously chose *not* to take photos so I could be present in the moments as they happened (and I knew my niece would share her photos LOL). This was just the song I needed to hear today after returning home and facing the laundry mountain. My family lives 6 hours away and I don’t get down there or they come up here nearly as often as I’d like. I haven’t scrapped in awhile but I think I’m gonna this afternoon.

  25. You were a highlight of Convention for me Stacy! So loved your presentation, your message, this video & song . . . I was so very touched & inspired. Thank you so much for taking the time to be here with us in Dallas! So glad to be able to hear you speak in person & to meet you afterwards! Take care!

  26. I bought the song as soon as I watched the dozen day video. Thank you so much for sharing Stacy!

  27. Cheri Stine says:

    What a wonderful gift! Thank-you so much for sharing your video and more importantly, your life philosophy. You blessed me today.

  28. Jennifer h says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  29. Wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your story with us at the CTMH convention. you really touched my heart with your words and opened my eyes to a new way of view scrapbooking. love your video…once again thanks again for sharing.

  30. Gorgeous Stacy. I’m definitely teary eyed.

  31. Debbi G. says:

    Wow! Beautiful!!

  32. This is so beautiful and speaks to me on so many levels. Thank you for sharing it!

  33. I was thrilled beyond words when I saw that you would be the keynote speaker at the CTMH Convention, and you totally blessed my heart. Thank you for reminding us that while preserving our memories is important, so is living them. You are an amazing person, and hearing you speak was definitely a high point of convention.

  34. Karen K says:

    I loved that fact that you spoke with us at the CTMH Convention in Dallas. You made me think and cry. Thank you for reminding us to make MEMORIES with our loved ones. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  35. Your presentation to the CTMH Consultants was so moving, so inspiring, so real. Thank you for reminding us to remember who we are in the grand scheme of things and not just the “photographer” of our lives’ memorable moments. And for reminding us that it’s OK to say “no” and it’s OK to say “enough!”. You are special; you are loved.

  36. It was an honor to listen to you speak and this video moved me to tears (the first time and every time after). Thank you!

  37. Thanks for sharing your beautiful video and reminding me to slow down and live in the moment.

  38. Christa Hamilton says:

    Thank you so much for speaking at the CTMH Convention. I have seen you speak several times and you always have an inspirational message. This time was no different!!!! This video was so thought provoking and had everyone in the room balling our eyes out. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and thanks for all your inspiration throughout the years!

  39. KathleenB says:

    Oh my gosh….made me cry! Beautiful! Why do they have to grow up so fast and then move out and on their own? My boy is 3000 miles away from me and it breaks my heart that I cannot see him as much as I wish I could. Love that you put photos to this song….may have to do that myself….oh but then I may start crying again….LOL!

  40. Krista Ritskes says:

    Stacy, your video and your message was not at all what I was expecting for a Keynote address at our convention! You moved me and challenged me and even made me see how I can teach all that to my customers. I have the answer now when I hear that excuse of “I don’t have time” or the complaint, “I’m so behind!”. Thank you for not only teaching us, but inspiring us to love our craft even more, not to sell it, but also for us.

  41. Powerful ! You are a highlight of my CTMH convention experience. Thank you for the time and inspiration!

  42. Thanks just doesn’t seem to say enough… I was at the Close to My Heart convention in Texas and heard you share. Be Blessed for passing on a word of truth to all. Yes I cried and that’s a good thing it cleans your eyes out:)

  43. Tammy B says:

    That was wonderful! Wouldn’t that make an awesome song at a graduation when they are showing pictures of the grads?!! Thanks Stacy!

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  45. Stacy – I was so moved by your talk at the CTMH convention. Your message was just what i needed to hear. You are amazing and I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

  46. Thank you for sharing your precious family video and for the reminder to stand still.

  47. Jeanie Wilcox says:

    Thanks for this video and music by Hilary Weeks – just love it. I am wondering about the possibility of putting together a similar video using my own family photos. We have a cousins reunion next summer and this would be so much fun to do with our family photos! You always get me thinking! I take Big Picture Scrapbooking classes – currently in Cathy Z’s Move More East Well 2012.

    Sorry I missed the CTMH convention this year – see that you were keynote speaker ALMOST made me change my mind about attending.

    Sending good wishes to you, your business and your family.
    Thanks for all you do,

  48. Oh gosh, I’m sitting here at work crying over your beautiful video. Thanks for sharing Stacy!

  49. I am forever touched and moved by your message at the CTMH Convention. Learning that it’s okay to let things go and find out what is “enough” for us is a hard thing. Knowing there’s a balance is crucial. This message came at such a pertinent point in my life. With children graduating college, to the passing of my Mom and having to go through her belongings, I have to re-evaluate and find what is “enough.”

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences. With big hugs, and a deep inhale to savor the moment.

  50. Pam Cooper says:

    How precious! Thanks for sharing the song and your lovely family photos.

  51. Amazing and beautiful video…thank you for sharing.

  52. That was beautiful, Stacy. Thank you for sharing your lovely family with us.

  53. KristiGilbert says:

    I think your video was just what this tired, bedraggled, grateful, sentimental, emotional Mom of a soon to be Kindergartener and a growing-way-too-fast almost 2 year old needed. Thank you so much Stacy!

  54. Julie Ann says:

    Thank you

  55. Stacy, absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  56. Your presentation at Dallas was life changing! I can’t thank you enough for the wisdom you shared, the permission you gave us to let it go! I’m so glad you posted this video! We were all praying you would. We loved that amazing song.

    PS: I’ve been texting silly notes to my teens daily!

  57. I cry everytime I watch it!!!

  58. Jenn Luu says:

    Stacy! Your video was amazing! Little Addie is growing up so fast and her hair is Beautifully Long! I miss your family so much! I hope everything is going great! Love you all!

  59. You know…every time I make a CTMH order (about twice a year) I think…why don’t more people know how awesome this is? I love their stuff and it made me happy to see it mentioned here! Loved your video, too. I’ve been in a sort of photography rut lately. Your video reminded me I need to snap out of it!

  60. I LOVE this so much, Stacy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  61. Wow, just wow!

  62. WOW, what an incredible collection of memories! (and a beautiful song). Thanks for sharing. You’re always SO inspiring… now, I am getting “the itch” to cross another item off of my Bucket List. (BL #52. Learn how to edit and make a video on my computer.)

  63. Stacy, that was amazing! and beautiful! You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing!

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