Calling all Dropbox Fans!

This is one of those things that I might add to a Friday FIVE, but I’m not to going to save it, because it’s been on my mind …

I absolutely LOVE listening to the lectures sponsored by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program because I learn from the smartest and most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, from the comfort of my iPhone!  As I cleaned and painted last Saturday, I listened to Drew Houston, co-founder of Dropbox. I could listen to start-up stories all day!

Anyway, as I was listening, I realized how much I really do LOVE the little blue box that sits atop my computer screens. For example, I keep all of my current and recent content for my Twelve class in Dropbox, so that I can access it from any computer–even when I was at my sister’s house. My blog folders are Dropbox folders. When my Mom and I were working on a special scrapbook about my grandfather’s life, I set up a shared Dropbox folder for us to keep our stories and photos in. When I served as our stake’s young womens president, I set us up  with Dropbox so I could communicate with my counselors and secretary and nine ward presidents. I even have the iPhone app, that allows me to review files on my phone.

Of course, after listening to the Dropbox story, I’m even MORE enthusiastic and loyal than I was before (power of story!) Dropbox is continually iterating their user experience and adding helpful features — so, if you don’t already have it, you should totally get it.

If you’re not convinced, watch the video …

And then, by all means, share your Dropbox LOVE in the comments.
And, have a great and productive Wednesday!


  1. Wow, you are always in top of new, cool things! I have Dropbox but really didn’t ‘get it’. Now I do and I see so many uses for it , from organizing our GS camporee to connecting with my family across the country! Thanks!
    And good luck with the Whole 30 plan!!

  2. Glad that you have had success with this product. Trying to use it now between my computer and church computer to share files for ProPresenter that we use on Sunday morning and it just isn’t working. It was, but lately we have had so much trouble with files disappearing and not loading. Hopefully it is just a problem with us because I love the idea of DropBox, just not real happy with its performance at the present.
    Thanks for sharing all of your cool and useful finds with the rest of us. Learn so much.

    • Barbara,
      Make sure you have enough space. Presentation files are probably pretty big. If you see a little red “x” by your dropbox, you’ve run out of space and may need to upgrade and earn MORE free space by referring your friends!

      Good Luck!

  3. Stacy–2nd post for today. A few more clicks and I found your bicycle posting!

  4. dianelynn says:

    I LOVE dropbox! I use it to transfer files between my personal and work computers as well as to share photos with family and friends. Recently my daughter was trying on flower girl dresses and I took photos of her in each dress to review later. I dropbox’d them to the bride and she was able to see them instantly on her phone. coolest invention ever!

  5. Love it!

    My hubby introduced me to it when we were starting a new business. We used it to store and sync files.

    We also use it for storing photos from family events and provide passwords to family members so they check out the shots and add some of their own.

    Your post made me thing that I would like to use it to collaborate with my mom on her memories from childhood and her time as my mom when I was growing up.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I just LOVE LOVE Dropbox. We share family documents, accounting documents and what not. I mean it is just the best. I can access it from my iPhone, from my ipad or from any computer.


  7. Love you Stacy! I am sure I have more to say but I wanted to let you know that you are just fabulous.

  8. Without a doubt one of the best and simplest concepts. My brother turned me on to it in February this year. I make all things technical the most complicated process on the planet because I want to understand how it all works before I get started. Drop box is soooooooo simple. I tried to make it complicated but it just wouldn’t wrinkle up. Now just getting everyone else in my world to embrace it to. Not exactly difficult just takes a little time. Just to share photos quickly across the country was the reason I started, but now starting to share files with other volunteers and it’s just so slick. I’m conserving space by sharing it and then pulling them out again, once they have them they don’t need to stay in my box.

  9. Love that cloud computing is finally becoming more readily available now that I use my laptop and iPad at home and my desktop at school. Unfortunately, Dropbox is blocked by my school’s server (not sure why), so I’ve been using Google Drive. Same concept though..but I have to watch my limit with all the powerpoints and video clips I use.

  10. Dropbox ROCKS!! I tried a couple of different things before I found Dropbox. Now? I’d die without my Dropbox!! It is simply the easiest most efficient way to keep files accessible from anywhere! I set it up for my boss while she was away on a business trip but needed a lot of files. Emailing them would have been a nightmare! Dropbox made that whole adventure so easy and the boss was impressed!

  11. Be very careful with Dropbox, it has a tendency to delete files.
    I have just lost loads of files in numberous folders, and told by Dropbox it is my fault (although they do not explain how on earth you delete so many files). Not an uncommon issue. Search ‘dropbox missing files’ or similar on the net.

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