Friday FIVE for August 3, 2012

Hey blogland! How are you?
I actually have quite a bit that I’d like to blog about. I just don’t it. Go figure?!

Life is good. Summer is fully ripe and I’m completely in love with being home and practicing a more relaxed schedule and approach to my days.

I feel good  and I’m eager to share a FANTASTIC Friday Five …


August is Mini Month at Ella Publishing. All you have to do is say “Mini Month” to know it’s going to be FUN! I’m making Mini Month my #1 today, because of a minilicious promotion around one of MY most memorable MINIs ever …

For the entire month of August, Ella’s got a deal surrounding MY downloadable project from 2009, “Make A Smiles Mini Book.” When you purchase this ebook, you get “On the Go Photo Tips” (a little download worth $2.99) by Rebecca Cooper for FREE– PLUS … Ella will still donate $2 to Operation Smile for every purchase of “Make A Smiles Mini Book”

There’s MUCH MORE MINI goodness (like 50% off a new ebook every week) that you need to check out. Also, if you’re not currently getting Ella’s newsletter you’re missing out — it’s GOOD!


Multi-Photo Solutions

Tbis adorable girl is Aly Dosdal and she is currently teaching
a  4-week workshop at Big Picture Classes, called Multi-Photo Solutions.

Ok. Aly is super talented, brimming with experience and eager
to help scrapbookers with one of the MOST common issues we face–that
of getting MORE of our beloved pictures onto pages and into
doable projects without sacrificing design.

Check out the adorable project below …

Aly’s class started yesterday and I want to give away a seat for FREE to someone who has NEVER taken an interactive workshop at BPC before. When I reviewed what Aly had prepared, I thought “Wow! We really do have top-notch teachers and we do QUALITY stuff” I want to share what we do. If you’re brand new to BPC, or you’ve only taken self-paced or FREE classes, leave me a comment and I’ll gift one of you this experience with Aly (and friends!)
Click HERE to learn more and register.


I LOVE this book. I got my copy before our road trip to Utah, so I was able to read it pretty quickly and it is changing my life (and health) in a very positive way. I’ve read a LOT about adrenal fatigue and hormones and most recently, leaky gut and chapter 5 in this book, is hands down the MOST concise, clear explanation of how critical hormones (insulin, leptin, cortisol, glucagon, etc..) work in your favor, or NOT, and WHY. Long story (that I’ll share more of soon) short … I am now doing something called Whole30, which is one month of eating only whole, non-processed foods in combination (protein + carbohydrate + good fat) and not eating sugar, grains, dairy , soy or legumes. I have been implementing many of the foods/ideas presented in this book for several weeks, but August marked my first day of Whole30 and I’m in 100%. In lieu of keeping a food journal, I’m posting 3 meals a day to instagram with the hashtag #whole30. If you’re interested, you can follow me on instragram or twitter.

Learn much more HERE.


I’m super excited for Tracey Clark and the arrival of her latest book, Elevate the Everyday–it is a beautiful, heartwarming, inspiring, uplifting collective of awesome photography and authentic insights from women in every stage of motherhood. Plus, it’s brimming with straight-forward advice from Tracey on everything photography. If you scrapbook children, you need this book. I know that’s strong, but I mean it. For all of these reasons, this book was my pick of the week on the more recent episode of The Paperclipping Roundtable.

The BEST news is that I have ONE copy to giveaway.
I will select one random comment early next week sometime. If you don’t win, you can purchase it on Amazon.

Be sure to check out all the companion products over at Paper Coterie too!


I visited my friend Karen yesterday. Karen works from her home in her Karen Does My Hair business. Karen has cut and colored my hair for well over 10 years and she still surprises me with her passion for finding new, great products and helping her clients with their goals (yes, I have a hair goal this year!)

Today, she introduced me to DevaCurl No-Poo and One Condition. Click on the link to learn more. I’m super excited about this sulfate-free, zero-lathering, no-poo (get it?) As I grow my hair longer, I’m interested in a more natural look + I don’t want to wash my hair every day. Karen did her homework and this is (hopefully) my answer — it’s most definitely SMELLS like it is (YUMMY!)

DevaCurl Hair Products on Amazon!

Have a GREAT weekend.


  1. Stacy, these are my favorite blog posts of yours!! I always come out inspired & checking at least one thing out further!! I’m currently in Nutrition School, so I’m feeling an Amazon order coming on — It Starts With Food needs to pay me a visit! ;-)

    And that DevaCurl stuff — it’s amazing! I’m a curly girl, too, and when I go au naturale, it’s my product of choice!!

  2. You’re right! I do need that book! :oP Great picks today :)

  3. Jenny McGee says:

    That photography book looks like a winner. I would love to win a copy. Oh, and the other book, I know I need, but don’t know if I am totally ready to give up carbs and sugar. I do need to lose a lot of weight though. Take care and good luck on your eating journey.

  4. Kim Burningham says:

    That book is definately what i need to thing back to where they should be!!!! its got my name on it! so glad you are feeling well!!

  5. I went to Tracey’s website yesterday and watched her video. She sure is inspiring! I’d love to win the book. :)

  6. Cathy L. says:

    I’ve been following you on Instagram and wondering what the Whole30 thing is. Your meals look delicious!

  7. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Whole30 is wonderful. Have you read the book Wheat Belly?

  8. Yay, yay, and yay! Don’t enter me in any of the drawings, but I just wanted to say yay!!! :) I love Tracy’s new book and I love BPC! :) Love you too, Stacy! You were great on Paperclipping this week, as usual! :)

  9. I’m very interested to learn more about the whole food program. And I’m going to try the no-poo. I’m already taking Aly’s class and I know I will like it a lot.
    I enjoy your Friday Five posts (and all your others).

  10. Alas, I’ve already taken many Big Picture classes, so don’t qualify for winning the free class, but I would love to win Tracey Clark’s new book. Also, I’ll be interested to hear how things go with you following the Whole 30 program.

  11. I LOVE your Friday Five’s and your blog!!!! Always inspiring. Busy day ahead so will come back at look at everything but I quick checked out the Multi-Photo Solutions class and signed up and am very excited to get on board with that!!!!!

  12. I am so happy for you that you are doing the Whole 30! I hope you love it. I have been eating Paleo for a year and a half, and there is no going back for me. It’s amazing how much the right diet can bring good health to your life.

  13. Hey Stacy,
    The book sounds awesome!!! I’m feeling lucky!!! I love your Friday Fives!!! I will have to check out the Whole 30….. I think I have the same “stomach issues” as you.

  14. Welcome back to the blogging world; I’ve missed you. Glad to hear that you are starting to fell better. Best of luck to you with the new diet plan; I admire your strength and dedication. Your Friday Five is AWESOME! By the way, I would LOVE to win a copy of that book! I’ve currently got 17,548 digital photos in my iPhoto program. “Elevate the Everyday” may help me to take BETTER photos.

  15. I will definitely be checking out both those books. Thanks for the hot tips!

  16. i would love for Multi-Photo Solutions to be my first live class. I just started taking self paced classes and I am in love with them. I can’t wait for Photo Freedom…I need a little (a lot) of freedom. The book looks great. I will add it to my amazon wish list.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Would love to have a seat in this class. it looks so interesting!!!

  18. Linda Smith says:

    I would love to win the book-new grandbaby coming and the mommy and I could both benefit! And I’ve never tried BPC, so would love that opportunity also!

  19. I was paper coterie the other day and immediately noticed the “elevate the everyday” items. Awesome. Pure awesome!

  20. what a great friday five list. i’m going to check out each and everyone of these products. I’m especially curious about the book :)

  21. I have Tracey first book and knew she had another one coming out. Some how I missed that it was out. Thanks for letting us know.

  22. you will love no-poo. My hairdresser tells me to use no towel on my hair too. Just let it air dry when you get out of the shower. It will make the natural curls shine through. Enjoy!

  23. I’m currently (slowly) reading “It Starts with Food” and also highly recommend it. I read a few pages every day & expect to do a Whole30 when I’m done. I’m amazed at the info in this book & how wrong our American Diet is & the damage we are doing to ourselves! I’m definitely going to need to check out the Deva products too.

    I would LOVE to win a copy of the book. Even for this mom with grown kids, the everyday is really about the important stuff of life.

  24. Michelle McKean says:

    I have two boys under two and would love this book to learn more about child photography.

  25. sharolyn says:

    Always enjoy your blog and your Friday 5′s~

  26. Just bought the “food” book, can’t wait to dive in. Tracy’s book looks super cool, too! Will have to add that to my wish list :) and Congrats! to whoever wins the free class. I *love* BPC classes!

  27. Hi! I’ve never taken a BPC class and would love the opportunity to take one and develop my skills. All the classes look amazing! What a fabulous opportunity, thank you xxx

  28. I’ve been following your Instagram pictures of your meals and they look wonderful!

  29. Michelle C says:

    I was so excited to see your Instagram photos with the Whole30 tag this week. I, too, recently read “It Starts with Food” and started my first Whole30 on August 1st. I had already started to implement many things from the book (as well as all the other Paleo books I’ve been devouring over the last couple of months) But my husband and two kids went out of town this week and it seemed like the perfect time to work on ME! I’ve had what sound like very similar issues to what I’ve read about yours on the blog and I really need to be proactive about finding a healthier me. I’m so excited because I can already see and feel the differences in how I feel.

    Also love Tracey Clark’s new book. I just picked it up this week and am really impressed with the whole thing. I’m reading it slowly so that I can really digest it all, little by little.
    Thanks for posting this.

  30. Love your post today! I love the smiles mini book and had no idea there were “interactive” classes at BPC. I’ll have to check out Tracey Clark’s new book too. Thanks for the informative post! :)

  31. Teresa Blue says:

    Just watched the video…looks like a fun and informative class. I have not participated in any class as of yet. Thanks for the opportunity.

  32. Very fun stuff!

  33. I would like you to know that because of you mentioning your health issues in a past blog and also the podcast Dishing up Nutrition, I have begun my own quest back to better health!!! I will definitely check out this book. I too am eating protein,good fast, and low carbs, no sugars or processed foods and am really feeling better. I have been doing it for about 5 weeks now and have already lost a few inches and pounds. The cravings have also disappeared. Thanks so much for blogging about your finds. I work full time and surf the net some in the evenings, and am a nurse, but that doesn’t mean I know all. So much out there to learn about nutrition. Hi Five to you Stacy. Keep us posted on your health updates and thanks for sharing your heart and home with us!!!

  34. I have a lot to blog about and just don’t, either. I’m so glad you’re back, even for a bit, Stacy.

  35. Missed you, but so glad you’re back with a Friday Five. Need to check out the no-poo.

  36. Thanks for the chance to win. The class looks AMAZING.

  37. Love the class idea. I have so many Disney photos from a holiday last year. This class sounds ideal.

    Glad the new eating regime is helping

  38. Hello Stacy,
    So good to read another posting! I’ve been wondering how you were and wanted to leave a comment to say hello but couldn’t figure out how! I’m in Aly’s class and am so amazed at her ability to come up with simple, beautiful layouts and to explain the process so simply and clearly! She’s a winner for sure. I loved hearing your suggestion of Tracey’s book on Paperclipping Roundtable and it’s on my wish list!

  39. Karen Freeman says:

    Your Ella book looks gorgeous and Tracey’s book looks amazing. GLad everything is swimming along nicely.

  40. Tracey Hespe says:

    Hi Stacy I would love to take Aly’s class have never taken a Big Picture Class before.
    Thanks for the chance.

  41. Thanks for the multiple giveaways. I signed up for Aly’s class right away because I almost always do multi photo layouts. I am very excited about mini month at Ella and can’t wait to see the new ebook with lots more mini inspiration. I would love to win a copy of Tracey’s new book, I’m sure its fantastic. Good luck with the new diet, I hope it works for you.

  42. Susan Ruffa says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! BPC rock! I’m doing the move more eat well with CZ and she mentioned the same book this week. Looks like a winner!

  43. Am definitely going to look into the food book. I really want to find ways to be healthier! Elevate the Everyday is also on my list, but thanks for the chance to win it!

  44. Jayne Bucy says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I am wanting to improve my eating habits. But I am wondering if your kids are on the Whole 30 plan too or if your preparing two different meals. Thanks for sharing.

    • They are in (by default) sugar, cereal, bread, milk and other things are slowly disappearing and they are doing OK. Now, my boys have all been out of town this last week (scout camp) so it made it easy on me, but I’m ready for them to come back!

  45. Very cool, but really responding to the post with your video, but comments there are closed. Oh my, grab the Kleenex box! Thanks for again reminding me that I need to stop look and listen….will be watching this again…you know it is funny, after a while when watching I stopped seeing your kids and started picturing my own, very cool Stacy, very cool.

    • Heather, that was exactly my hope (that you would see your own kids and life), so I’m thrilled you would take time to comment and let me know it’s true.


  46. Karen Bagfonas says:

    Would love to take this class! Thanks for the drawing.

  47. I would love to take Aly’s class – I need some inspiration

  48. Nancy Shaffer says:

    I love your Friday five posts. You always pick the most interesting items – sure makes my gift giving easier! Thanks :)

  49. DeeAnn Cummins says:

    Aly’s class looks wonderful, but I am NOT NEW to BPC!!! I would love to win a copy of Tracey’s book. Thanks.

  50. Kim Ket. says:

    I would LOVE to win a copy of Tracey Clark’s book! And I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better. Take care.

  51. Tracey’s book sounds great, would love a chance to win. Obviously I don’t need to be entered in the first time class draw.
    Glad you are finding food solutions that work for you. I too am enjoying summer, time to savour what’s left of it.

  52. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    Hey Stacey! Just glad to hear you are having a wonderful summer & u are feeling well. I miss your regular blogging, but when u return u never disappoint! For me too its been a summer of getting in touch with myself and figuring out what my mind & body needs. It has been a real feel good summer! Thanks for this weeks Friday 5. Everything seems so interesting! I’m going to checkem out now!!

  53. angela g a says:

    Thanks for introducing me to 5 great new things. I have not taken a BPC like the one you list and would love to try it. Thanks for your generosity in sharing a seat in the class with one of us. And with a 2 year old, I will certainly check out Elevate the Everyday.

  54. Yeah! You always have such good stuff to recommend!

  55. Know I would love Tracey’s book. Thanks so much for sending us 5 great ideas on Friday!

  56. Gina Maserang says:

    Excited about Tracey’s book and the opportunity to win. I always love seeing what you recommend and wonder how you always find such unique items.

  57. So excited about Tracey’s book. It looks amazing. I think it will help me take better pictures of my niece and nephew.

  58. willimena says:

    Thanks for sharing your health info. Am on thyroid med and still exhausted and read about adrenal fatigue the other day. Then you mention it.. But I get so confused with what to do about diet – one says gluten free, another cabohydrate free and am vey interested in how you make these changes when in my case, their are a number of other people to feed. Look forward to hearing more when you have time.

  59. Stacy
    I love all your finds and your zest for life and making it better. I have never attended a class other than those free forums. Smile intrigues me because it looks happy. Your blog is really helpful. It exposes me to things I don’t see any where else! Thanks.

  60. No, I have never taken a class other than the free ones.
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  61. Kathy Weeks says:

    I would love to win Tracey Clark’ s new book. I also will be glad to hear how your health is improving and the why behind it. So many of your symptoms are like mine.

  62. I’ve only taken a self-paced workshop even though I’ve drooled over many of the other classes. I would love to win a seat in this class!

  63. Wow the book sounds exciting and what I need to understand my body…the one I leave out of those family pics.

  64. I would absolutely love to win Tracey’s book, I have 4 children and am always searching for a great picture, I am usually disappointed so would love to win the book.

  65. I’ve had Tracey’s book on my Amazon wishlist since you mentioned it some time ago. I can’t wait to see it in person. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  66. Stacy, I am glad to see you are still alive. I have missed your posts. With six kids, I would love the book. Even though they are still little, I already miss those special moments and know I will miss them more as they continue to grow.

  67. Tickled to see you blogging the Friday FIVE!

  68. Karen Schmidt says:

    Hi Stacy, glad you blogged… Tracey’s book sounds great. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to take pics of my 4 girls. Glad your feeling better.

  69. Your topics are so everyday…which is why i’ve missed them! Would love to tackle healthier eating and embrace it with zest, as you have, but worry about feeding my finicky family. And I use DevaCurl Angel for my natural curl. LOVE IT!

  70. The Whole30 eating looks very interesting. Can’t wait to hear more about your experience with it.

  71. Can’t wait to read Tracey’s book! I would love a chance to win it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  72. Debbi G. says:

    The book and class both look awesome! Thanks for the chance :)

  73. Having a big family I always has a lot of photos to get onto my pages, so I’d LOVE a place in the class!

  74. I i never thought about the subject in the manner you do, it gives it just about all a new viewpoint that makes one wonder if there are more between heaven and earth that one would believe, thanks for the input and keep all of them comming, I will view and read every time for sure!

  75. I have really been missing you. For some reason you have not been showing up in my mail box. I have thought from time to time that I need to check out what is going on with Stacy and I am so happy to have finally remembered today while I am at the computer. I wanted to let you know what a big part BPC and scrapbooking have had in helping me quit smoking. Four weeks ago I quit this habit that I have had for longer than you have most likely been alive. Scrapbooking and other paper arts are pure pleasure and make me feel wonderful. When I am occupied creating, organizing or exploring the BPC site and all the wonderful affiliated instructors, I am not smoking. I know to you and your readers it probably does not sound like a very good connection because there could be so many other factors. I admit that your blog and BPC are not the only helping hands along the way, but definitely amongst my happy favorites. I apologize if this post sounds corny, but thanks anyway for all the inspiration.

  76. Would love to win the book. And, can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the book and how it has helped you.


  1. […] first heard of the Whole30 program two years ago when Stacy Julian shared her daily meals on Instagram. Even then I was attracted to the colorful plates of fresh, […]

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