Ode to Becky.

So … here we are, back in maybe 1998?? I had just published my first little book, Core Composition and was invited to present at a small (but fun) event in Las Vegas. I attended with my good friend Kris Parkin and her niece (if I remember right) Jen. Becky Higgins, creative editor from Creating Keepsakes was there and we got to hang out (I felt so cool) and I was really impressed with how nice and totally normal she was.

After ice cream, I somehow got invited up to Becky’s room — where as you can see, we had a good time in the FANCY bathtub. Yes, I know how that sounds!

Note: Previous to this event, I had been invited to Barbara Tanner’s house (first ad rep for CK) to make some layouts — this was long before anyone got paid for submissions. We simply worked for FUN and for the chance to use FREE product from Hot Off the Press and Fiskars (enough said.) After about an hour of scrapbooking, Becky arrived and Lisa introduced her to everyone. Again, if I remember correctly … she was working on a column all about creating borders or mats for your photos (with punches and the like.) I was sitting at the far table, so I just listened to the chatter and felt extremely grateful to be in the same room as Lisa and Becky! It was after this crop, that I was asked to submit my first article to Creating Keepsakes– I was SO excited. If you have back issues, you might look in Jan/Feb 1998. I know. That’s a long time ago.

Fast forward to today. Becky is now an icon in our industry. She has single-handedly changed the way thousands upon thousands of women document their life with Project Life. She has literally extended the joy of taking and living with your pictures to people who don’t view themselves as creative or simply don’t enjoy the messy, creative process of making pages. Becky has taken away every barrier–even running out of adhesive doesn’t give you an excuse to NOT put pictures you love in an album for the people you love. And this is what else I know about Becky. She is REAL. She does not profess to be a super-woman, but she does feel passionately about the importance of documenting everyday life and she makes this, along with her family a top priority. She leads by example and that is 100% refreshing. All of this is (of course) to say that I am absolutely THRILLED that registration for Becky’s Project Real Life is NOW OPEN. Ever since launching Big Picture Classes, I’ve hoped to someday convince (and that is a carefully chosen word) Becky to come teach for us and my dream is now a reality. The last thing I will say is that I know something of the challenge it has been for Becky to make time for this class and as I have reviewed her content I am truly amazed at her ability to organize ideas and information and present it in an approachable way. This is good stuff.

I sincerely hope you will consider taking Becky’s 4Expert’s class.
You can register HERE.

I heard Becky speak at The Creative Connection last year in Minneapolis, MN when she shared her journey to Project Life and I asked if she would be willing to record an audio for that slide presentation so we could share it in her pre-classroom. As a BONUS when you sign up, you get to watch this slide show — which is truly inspiring.

If you are using and loving Project Life, you will love this chance to spend more time with Becky in Project Real Life.
If you are one (of the few) who has not yet jumped on the Project Life bandwagon, now would be a great time to START.

And, naturally I’m dying to give away ONE seat, but you’ll have to tell me about your first Becky encounter (like I did above) and I will select  a comment that makes me smile (no randomness over here!)

Have FUN.

p.s. If you have questions about Becky’s class, I would encourage you to read the Q+A posted on her blog!


  1. Rachel :0) says:

    My first, and one of my most cherished meetings with Becky was at a scrapbooking retreat at a resort in the mountains of Chache Valley Utah. She had just published her first lettering book and I was doing some letting work in the industry at that time as well. I was thrilled to meet Becky, share notes and chat. She is definitely one of the most genuine and real people I’ve had the priviledge to meet. ~ R

  2. A soft-cover book by Becky called “Scrapbooking Secrets” that I purchased at a Borders bookstore in or around 2001.. I’ve been a stalker ever since and this is my first week of PL!

  3. I was around when CK had their first CKU. I had talked about Becky Higgins to my husband for a long time. When I got to meet her at CKU I was so excited. She was nice and approachable and just like anyone else. When I got home I showed my pictures to my husband and with every single picture he said “Is that Becky Higgins?” To this day when I say something along the lines of “guess who I met?” He will say “Becky Higgins?”

    On a side note, my sister and I met you at CKU a loooong time ago as well. We saw you in the parking garage and chased you down for an autograph only to find we didn’t have a pen. When I showed my husband the picture of you in the parking garage he said “were you stalking her?” I’m so glad my husband has such a funny scrapbook personality sense of humor!

    Thanks for bringing Becky to Big Picture Classes

  4. I would love to meet her, but have never had the opportunity. I “know” her through her sketches books, that are still my go to books for layouts.

  5. Michelle Urteaga says:

    My first Becky encounter was through the creative lettering books and then became addicted to those sketches in CK. I am now 2 years into project life and love everything she does! I am so happy she is teaching this class!
    Michelle U.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I have never met Becky but I would love to take this class, because to me, it’s more then just about scrapbooking, it is about life. I have suffered with depression almost my whole life, and only over the past six months, have I started to heal and move on. I really think that Becky’s class could help me to carry on to my goal of good mental health. It would mean the world to me.

  7. Allie.Duckienz says:

    I am a latecomer to hearing about Becky. I occasionally got scrapbook mags here in NZ but I am not sure if they contained Becky or not. So my first taste of her was hearing about Project Life and heading over to her blog. I fell in love with her straight away. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. My first and only chance to meet Becky was soon after the release of “Our Family Scrapbooks” with Lisa B. Becky was at a local scrapbook store signing the book. I picked up copies for me and my two scrapbook buddies and headed out. I waited in line for about an hour and when I got up to the front I found a very pregnant Becky still signing books for people and chatting. She was the most gracious and kind famous person I’ve met.

  9. For me it came via learning about Project Life 2 years ago and it has been my most cherished project. I am so happy that Becky has brought a way to documenting to us because as for myself I don’t have really anything from my childhood so doing this for my children means more the I could ever say. I would love to take part of this class so I thank you for the over the moon chance.

  10. I know this with wasn’t my first encounter with Becky but it is by far the most memorable and one of the things I cherish most about her. I was taking a class at a CKC on mass producing cards and Becky was talking with a few of the other ladies (I’m sure they were friends of hers). She mentioned something about her mom, LDS Family Services and her brother-in-late Darrell. I sucked in my breath and started to cry. My stepson was a patient of Darrell’s and was at that very time in a mental facility for teenagers. It had been a long hard week and Becky just walked over and put her arms around me and cried with me. I was a total and perfect stranger (OK, maybe not so perfect!) but her caring nature and compassion for me and my family (my mom was with me) was overwhelming. I will never forget that day. Becky will always have a very special place in my heart. Becky is real and geniune and loving and everything else you just imagine her to be and more.

  11. Kelly Koesters says:

    I had just started scrapbooking circa 2003 and had 2 young children at home. I “escaped” for the evening for a girl’s night and a friend at the crop mentioned Becky Higgins and showed me her book of Sketches. I have been hooked ever since. I was delighted to find her blog (and yours) a few years later! I have never met her in person but would love to someday. Her down to earth style is genuine and somehow I feel a bond with her. I am about 10 years ahead of her in family life (my kids are 15 and 18) and I truly admire her for all that she does.

    Thanks Stacy!


    Pickerington, Ohio

  12. Christa Allgood says:

    I can’t remember when I first heard the name Becky Higgins….seems like I’ve recognized the name forever…but I became more familiar with her about 2 years ago when I started researching Project Life. I’ve been a PL “stalker” since then. I FINALLY started my first PL book on July 1 and I love it!!

  13. Heather G says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure to meet Becky. My first introduction to her was through CK. I loved reading her articles & seeing her layouts. I lost track of her as the years went on, I stopped my CK subscription and then she left the magazine. I rediscovered her when she started Project Life. I was now the mom of 2 little boys and trying hard to keep up with our family scrapbooks. I loved her idea and bought the first kit. It is such a great way to have a snapshot of our lives. I still do layouts in a more traditional fashion. I love that I can record the memories, the stories and the little everyday things in such an easy (and almost automatic) way! I would be thrilled to take her class. I wanted to sign up so badly, but finances aren’t such that I could right now.

  14. Oh my first encounter was meeting Becky in Christchurch, New Zealand. She was doing some awesome classes and I was hooked on Scrapbooking. I remember having such a great conversation with her about her having 5 brothers and being the only girl as I had 5 boys and one girl. She is so lovely and inspirational! Still a huge fan of hers today

  15. Dee Dee Sparks says:

    The first time I met Becky it took me hours to walk up and talk to her at an Expo. This was during the time when she was showing us all how to use markers and doodling to make great titles. I had a question about how to use a certain type of marker tip (can’t remember which one). My question was rehearsed over and over in my head. But when I opened my mouth to speak, what came out was, “Do you know how to use this marker?” Duh! Of course she knew how. She was so gracious and, after a little pause, she showed me the answer to my question I never did ask. :)

  16. Hmmmm. I’ve never met Becky and I can’t say I’ve ever been a “fan” or stalked her or bought her books or anything else memorable. I certainly know of her (I mean, come on, I don’t live under a rock, right?). I loved CK magazine back in the glory days when she was a creative editor. I may have even used a sketch or two in the 14 or so years that I’ve been scrapbooking. Project Life seems to have taken the scrapbooking world by storm. I’ve drooled over the posts by Cathy Zielski and Ali Edwards and all the wonderful things they do with it. I’ve drooled even more, to the point of slobbering all over myself, over what I’ve seen some of my blog friends do with it. And I’ve been curious. But hadn’t brought myself to make the leap of faith to try Project Life myself yet. I’m sure this class will be exactly what I need to take that leap and dive into another way of documenting everyday life!

  17. I have horrible handwriting, so my first introduction to Becky was a CD I purchased (years and years ago) of her fonts. I still use some of them today.

  18. This is so awesome! Two of the coolest things I’ve done in the past year is embrace Project Life and start a friendship with Becky. She’s a gem. This is going to be a hit!

    P.S. The photos are classic!

  19. Carolyn HP says:

    I’ve never met Becky in person, but I’ve been doing Project Life for 2 years now and read her blog often. I loved her columns in CK, I started scrapbooking in 2000 but had been art journalling in my own ways since I was a child. I love her easygoing attittude and how freely she seems to give of herself, she just seems to want everyone to enjoy memory keeping which is such an important part of documenting our histories. So glad to have the chance to win a seat in the class, but I’m going to find a way to put it in my budget as I am getting married in 8 days and will have so much more to document :)

  20. I am a Becky fan from wayyyyy back. I went to a Scrapbook Expo in Florida many moons ago – maybe 1999 – and the absolute highlight was meeting Becky in the CK booth there. My friend and I just referred to her as “BH” back then – we’d say “Did you see the latest BH sketch? Love it!” and we were SUCH geeks when we actually met her. I stopped scrapbooking about 6 years ago when I started my family and didn’t have time for it. I absolutely LOVE that the person who made me so excited to scrapbook my travels way back when is the same person who is pulling me back into it once again with Project Life. Love Becky so much!!

  21. I first learned about Becky when I purchased her book “The Art of Creative Lettering.” I was just getting started in scrapbooking and I loved the look of Becky’s handwriting. Then there were her sketches…I sure do miss those. It has been fun watching Project Life take off and to follow the growth of her company. It would be wonderful to win a seat in her class!!

  22. Whitney S. says:

    I have never had the chance to meet Becky in person, but I do follow her blog. I love reading it! She has fresh ideas, a beautiful sense os style and seems just like the nicest person! I love her decorating ideas and tips. I hope to get to meet her someday! Her class sounds great, just like her!

  23. I first met Becky around 1997. I was working at Provo Craft corporate offices at the time and she came to the warehouse and picked out products to use for layouts for Creating Keepsakes. Of course I let her have whatever she wanted. I was the Assistant Marketing Director and sent samples of new products to CK all the time. It’s amazing to see how Becky and the scrapbooking industry has evolved over the years.

  24. I’ve never met Becky IRL. I remember her from Creating Keepsakes and her Creative Lettering. But now I’m so glad to have “gotten to know her” through Project Life. I love that she is so REAL (as are almost all if not all you fabulous icon scrapbook ladies!! Seriously…it’s wonderful inspiration! Cathy Z, Al E, you, etc! Look forward to reading more about Becky’s new class!

  25. I met Becky about 13 years ago when one of my HS best friends had a church youth group activity at her house. At the time I had no clue who Becky Higgins was other than she worked in the scrapbooking industry, had amazing handwriting, was SUPER nice, and had the most amazing wall of scrapbooks.

    Fast forward to about 5 years ago and I started following her blog. Somewhere along the way it dawned on me that this Becky Higgins that was starting Project 365 was the very same Becky Higgins that I had met, albeit in passing, so many years ago. I have been an avid Project Life user since she introduced it as Project 365 5 years ago. How nice and warm and welcoming Becky was to me as a “intruder” on her youth groups activity has stuck with me. That is very much evident in how she runs her business now.

    I even have a random picture in her living room of me and a friend that was at that activity. :)

  26. I was introduced to Becky through reading Ali Edwards Project Life posts. I simply wanted to know more. And once I arrived on Becky’s site I was hooked. I loved her product, but most of all I loved her smile as she shared those products on video. Her personality and passion for what she was doing just drew me in. And I’ve been a fan ever since! I would love a spot in her BPC class! But mostly, I’m so happy that so much is happening for her with this dream baby of hers! Project Life is simply awesome!

  27. Melinda T says:

    I think we all have our Becky moments! I “met” Becky in the inspiring pages of Creating Keepsakes! This was back in 2005, I was pregnant with my first child and wanted to document everything, but didn’t know where to start! So, off to Joann’s or was it Michael’s?!? I went and I picked up the CK mag and started flipping through it. Her column was amazing and she’s never let me down once! I love reading and seeing her layouts, lettering, sketches, tips and advice. I have several of her books that I still use and reference back to. I was sad to hear when she left CK, but thank goodness for the internet, because I follow her blog, fb, twitter, instagram…yeah, Becky Higgins obsessed much?!? And Project Life?!? No brainer, love it too!

  28. Though I have never met her personally, I feel like I’ve known Becky for years. Her articles in Ck were always the first ones I read. I flipped to her sketches time and time again. I was always drawn to the skillful simplicity of her designs. (that lady can get a ton of photos in one layout!) ;) what I love most is that she has remained true to her heart about documenting memories. This is important to me because somewhere through the years (and 4 kids later) I lost the ability to keep up with all the trends of scrapbooking. I no longer have the time to make each layout a mini masterpiece. And yet, through project life I can feel like I’m up to date on the latest trends (her designs are amazing) but most importantly I can still have time to document all the things I don’t want to forget. I appreciate what she has done for the scrapbooking industry as a whole, but also the way she lives her priorities. She’s the kind of entrepreneur I want my daughter to look up to.

  29. S. Bailey says:

    I met Becky at CKU-Dallas. All I had to hear was that Becky was teaching one of the album classes and I knew I would be going. Like you said, she was REAL. My friend and I had a blast in her class and all the classes at CKU. When I heard she was leaving CK, that was a bummer, so I found and started following her blog…and I don’t think I have missed a blog post since! Love her ideas, love her products, love how approachable she feels.

  30. I’ve been scrapbooking since about 1998 and would just devour anything written about the subject. I have Core Composition!!!! It was probably one of the first scrapbooking books I purchased…I thought you were so creative (still do) and remember one layout in particular that you pieced a football stadium as a background – Something it would never have occurred to me to do. You were so articulate and explained the design concepts so well, you were my hero :) Of course, I have Becky’s Sketch books, her Companion, and lots of her fonts. I haven’t met either one of you, but I feel so cool seeing you both online, or listening to you on PRT. Thanks for a chance to win a spot in the class. Cool beans!

  31. I haven’t actually met Becky. My first introduction to her was through CK. I have the Sketches magazines and the binder/book. My Aunt Cindy does Project Life and that’s how I found out Becky was the “it” girl for that awesome activity as well. I enjoy reading her blog and watching her videos. I definitely can learn a lot from her.

  32. I know exactly when I first learned about Becky. I was just starting to scrapbook, and I bought a couple of Creating Keepsakes books. As I looked through all the layouts, I noted the ones that jumped out at me. And they were always hers! By the end of the book, I began to test myself, so see if I could guess which were hers.

    It’s amazing to see how project life has caught on and shaped the scrapbooking industry–both the process of scrapbooking and so many products are now designed for PL. It’s cool to witness the changes as they are happening.

  33. I have not been able to scrapbook for years because of energy and pain issues with my health- it is just too overwhelming. Earlier this year my sister told me about Becky Higgins and Project Life. I bought a few supplies to tentatively try it out… and I am totally hooked. It is such a JOY to be able to quickly put together an awesome layout. I can do as little or as much as I want and am physically able, and it always turns out great. Since then, I follow Becky on Facebook and on her blog, and when she announced that new products were available, I had some ordered within half an hour- and I was glad, because they sold out so quickly! I love that she had such a great idea and is being so successful in sharing it with the rest of us.

  34. Catherine C R says:

    I had a stack of photos from my grandparents and I knew I wanted to do something special with them. All my life I have been taping receipts, brochures and postcards to a book to preserve the memory. Never knowing it was called scrapbooking. Then at 18, on the advice of an art teacher I walked into Archivers, and left with one thing. Becky Higgins Creative Sketches for Scrapbooking. I have never met her face to face, but reading that first book helped me fall in love with scrapbooking. And as I have matured and life has changed I still feel impacted by her passion for this industry and today I use the Project Life approach to memory keeping.

  35. Michelle Price says:

    My one and only Becky encounter was when I opened my front door and there she was standing on my front porch! My husband was her 8,000th fan on facebook and she featured me on her blog because of it. (The link is here – http://www.beckyhiggins.com/blog/2010/03/8000/) As a surprise, she decided to visit me as part of this since she happened to sortof be in my neighborhood. Boy, what a surprise! I was going through a VERY difficult time in my life (money problems, severe depression, my grandfather dying) and she literally was a ray of sunshine at the darkest time of my life. Her kindness helped me make it through and ask for the help I needed. I will ALWAYS be indebted to her. She is the perfect example of kindness and how we should treat others. I want to be just like her!

  36. Well if only I was lucky enough to have a “Becky” encounter!!!! I do have a friend who’s friend was able to get Becky to autograph a copy of one of her books, “Our Family Scrapbooks” for me!!! So I guess that’s a 2 degrees of separation encounter with Becky.

  37. I haven’t had a Becky encounter if you mean a face to face meeting. However, I have followed her through the various scrapbooking magazines for years–followed her pregnancies, her moves, her children as they have grown up, her variations of hair styles. I kind of feel like I know her :-). But probably the biggest impression Becky made on me was when her scrapbook studio was featured in Creating Keepsakes and I remember thinking, she’s not just a clean and simple scrapper, she lives that same clean, organized life!

  38. Jenny in Wellington, NZ says:

    I first met Becky when she was doing a scrapbook class here in Wellington, New Zealand.

    It was held at a Hotel in the centre of the city in August
    2004. Anyway, we were having a GREAT time in her class
    When the fire alarms sounded and we were all evacuated out
    onto the street below, on a cold, rainy dreary winters day.

    Well, this was a great time to meet Becky! I managed to talk to
    her and I’ve got a wonderful photograph of her and I together,
    standing under cover across the road from the Hotel. She is such
    a lovely person, I have always loved her Scrapbooking style and her
    Project Life product is the best thing to happen to
    Scrapbooking, for at least this decade :)

  39. My first encounter with Becky was in August of 2003 at CKU-Provo! I had never scrapped before and was attending CKU in place of my sister. I met Becky during the make and take time and she signed my event bag. I had no idea what I was getting into, but love scrapping!

  40. Liz Brown says:

    I’ve never met Becky face to face, but I’ve been following her ever since I first saw a Creating Keepsakes magazine probably in 1999. I really love her Project Life approach, and even have my Project 365 album from the first kit she sold. I love that she has made it so accessible to all kinds of scrapbookers including the digital ones and through Shutterfly. There simply aren’t any excuses for not finding a way to keep your memories fresh in an easy way! Thanks Becky!

  41. I “met” Becky through Creating Keepsakes Magazine many years ago, maybe around 1998 or 1999. I had her creative fonts (? It was blue), two sketch magazines, and the little rectangular book. Fell in love with her sketch concept and I took those magazines *everywhere* I went to crops. I got a chance to meet Becky briefly and take a class from her at CKU-Vancouver. That. Was. Awesome. My friend Kristin and I used to fantasize about being Becky’s neighbor. :-) I am always amazed by this people that have the ability to inspire. Becky is one of those people. So are you Stacy! :-) thanks for the little walk down memory lane, and for the chance to win. Have a great day!

  42. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Becky Higgins, but her book, Scrapbooking Secrets (or something like that) was one of my first intros to “modern” scrapbooking. Loved her then and love her now (even my husband knows who Becky Higgins is!).

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    P.S. I have met you, Mrs. Julian, at CKU in Houston many moons ago! You actually used my sister and I as an example in the class! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I’ve been keeping up with your 12 class as well as doing Project Life and have never scrapped so much in my life. I love it!

  43. I became a fan after reading and article creating keepsakes. To say she revolutionized the way I scrapbook would be an understatement. I have been using the project life model for scrapbooking these last 4 years and would like to use it for my school of life albums as well. I would love a chance to be in her online class!

  44. I was first introduced to Becky through her creative lettering book and Creating Keepsakes magazine. I worked at a scrapbook store at the time (I was 16 or 17) and when the store was quiet and all the tidying was done I would pour over those pages. As the years went on I subscribed to CK magazine and always found myself turning to Becky’s articles first – I just really love her style. I finally started ripping her articles out and put them in a separate binder so they were easier to refer to. I used her sketches quite often and have “scrap lifted” many a layout from her. I love the concept of project life, it got me scrapbooking again after traditional scrapbooking took a backseat to real life. I somtimes feel like a Becky Higgins groupie but I just find her work so inspiring! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  45. Kirstin L. says:

    I have been a fan of Becky’s (and yours) from way back in the beginning. Side note: I met you before you had moved on to bigger and better things at a class you were teaching at Paper Hearts (now Pebbles Inc.). It was how to incorporate stamping into scrapbooking. I enjoyed getting to know you better through Library of Memories here at BPC. It has been fun to follow your journey in the scrapbook world.

    I finally had the chance to meet Becky at a blogging conference in 2011 (Creative Estates). She is the real deal and I loved meeting her. She was so kind and gracious even after I stood in line MULTIPLE times to have her sign her photo business card for each of my scrapbooking friends. I then had the chance to meet her again when she came to Utah for a local TV show a few months later. Suprisingly, she remembered me and was just a delight to talk to again. I joked that I was her stalker. But what a small world for me to meet her twice in only 2 months time. It was my first blog entry on my short-lived blogging stint.


    I am thrilled to be registered already for the class, but hopefully, I will win a spot and I can spend that money on fun supplies :)

  46. Melissa H says:

    First I want to say, I have been a Becky Fan for YEARS. I started Project Life in January of 2011 and I have been doing it faithfully ever since.

    Last year at Scrapfest (Sept 2011, Bloomington MN) I was just standing there, by myself, waiting in line for a make-and-take. I looked down the hall and saw a very cute couple walking my way. I was shocked to realize it was Becky and her husband!! So shocked, in fact that I was unable to think clearly. I just stood there like a dummy with my mouth hanging open. She was kind enough to say “hi” and luckily I could still talk and was able to form a coherent response. I said “hi”. They kept walking down the hall until I could no longer see them. It was at that point that I finally realized how stupid I had been. I should have talked to her, told her how huge a fan I am, got my picture taken with her. Anything…aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!

    Oh well, it’s a funny story I guess…

  47. My first encounter with Becky was back in 2001; I just graduated college and moved to Chicago land all by myself. I had recently discovered that there were actually stores that solely sold paper, stickers, and fun little goodies. After a search on the internet, I found one close to me. I walked in. The angels were singing. It was glorious. After wandering blissfully yet aimlessly, an employee walked up to me to chat. That is when she introduced me to Becky Higgins, AKA Scrapbooking Secrets. My world hasn’t been the same since ;)

  48. Julie Lueck says:

    I have never had the opportunity to meet Becky Higgins in person. Feeling nostalgic I looked her up on line and started following her blog. I noticed that she had random give aways and thought I would see if I could barter for one of her old sketch books no longer in print. She had blogged about the then newly released “Justin Bieber” movie. I thought,”Hey, it couldn’t hurt to ask,” because my husband had gotten a handful of the DVD’s from work.(Note:Many men too macho to own up to even thinking about taking a Justin Bieber DVD led to many extras) Well, she very graciously replied to my request and got quite a chuckle over my resorcefulness, but she did not have any of her (CK) books. However, she is so cool that I offered her the DVD’s anyway and she had them as give aways on her blog during her big week of give aways. Bonus: She put up my photo of me and my PL album!
    PS: I beg to differ from previous blog comments today, for I am the real Stacy Julian stalker ;)

  49. I’ve never encountered Becky H. in real life. I have encountered her through several of her books. Scrapbook Secrets was my first then all her sketch books. If she’s half as fun in person as my Becky G. is- then we would get along great! And I am most definitely interested in trying this Project Life class.

  50. My friends and I flew from NY to Utah for the very first CKU. Not only did we get to meet THE Stacy Julian (exclaimation point!), we also got to meet and greet, and take a class from Becky Higgins! Her Scrapbooking Secrets book had just been released and at the first night’s pep rally, the entire ballroom was whipped into a frenzy of crazy, hoot and hollering, cheering women who were beyond excited to meet their hero. I had never experienced anything like that in regards to scrapbooking. It was like a rock concert! She changed the way I scrapbooked with that book. I still like a good 2-pager with 3 pictures across and three pictures down!

  51. stephanie c says:

    I first “met” Becky through all of her skectch books/articles (as my overflowing bookcases will attest!) and am a full-fledged PL devotee. I love that I have a system to actually scrapbook something on a regular basis (I love the “caught up” feeling of PL) and as there are major changes going on in my life I feel that this is a sustainable project. I’m saving a spot in next week’s project life spread for the blog post saying that I’m the lucky winner – you wouldn’t leave me hanging, would you?

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. It is actually very funny…Becky grew up in the same town as one of my best friends. My best friend and Becky were classmates together. While I can not actually remember meeting Becky when we were in high school, which I am sure that we did since we actually knew a lot of the same people, I have had the chance to meet with her a couple of times. Once was at a scrapbook store that was in the owners house in Frederick County, Maryland when Becky was visiting her family. She gave a lettering demonstration and we talked about her hometown and the people we knew. The next time Becky was once again home visiting her family and was signing her books in her hometown bookstore. I always have loved her style and of course, I love supporting someone from the same area that I grew up in. I do believe that I am a month older than she is though!

  53. Elizabeth Eason says:

    My first Becky encounter was when she was working on a little book about Sketches. We were on the Memories Expo cruise out of Port Canaveral, FL in Oct. 1999 ( I think). She was representing CK on the cruise. She was sitting on the floor and I walked over to talk with her and asked what she was doing. I got to see her first preliminary pencil sketches of her book that she was working on. Over the years I’ve met and talked with her several times, (I owned a store for 9 yrs), and she’s been just as pleasant and friendly as that first meeting.

  54. Like most of us, I’ve never actually met Becky, but I feel like I’ve known her for years. I started scrapbooking in 1999 and loved her books, fonts and all her sketches. I still have a binder of my favorite sketches that I used today. I fell back in love with her late last year, when i stumbled onto Project Life, don’t know how I missed that for so long. She lives her life so openly that she makes me feel like I can ‘cutltivate a good life’ too!

  55. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I got to meet Becky many yrs ago when I was working at CHA (then called ACCI) in Chicago. The pic I had taken w/her has been my profile pic @ 2Peas, ever since.

  56. Sonja Akins says:

    I first met Becky in CK magazine. I seem to remember an introduction by Lisa saying her mother met Becky at church and introduced her to Lisa. Becky was doing creative lettering back then and she showed us how to hand draw and color in several kinds of alphabets. Those were some fun times! BTW, Stacy, I still have my copy of Core Composition.

  57. I first “met”becky through CK magazine. I have her handwriting book, Scrapbook Secrets book and have followed her blog for years. Project Life is the only way I scrapbook now, I love it and tell everyone I know about it. I would love a chance to take her first BPC class.

  58. Seana Tupper says:

    My very 1st encounter with Becky is dear to my heart. It was Feb 2011, and I was running off of hormones and trail mix (more homornes). I gave birth to my daughter 1.14 after being on bed rest for 25 weeks. I had went to visit a friend. While in tears, I told her what a horrible mother I was that my daughter was a month old, and I hadn’t made a single layout in her baby book (those hormones blow things way out of whack)…I remember her looking at me and saying,”I know exactly what you need.” she pulled out her kit and laid it all out for me to see. She had started in Jan, and those 4 or 5 pages gave me new hope! I ordered my kit the next day, and I’ve faithfully followed Becky’s blog and FB page. I’ve even shared a few POTD ideas that she’s posted. I’m expecting our 2nd little one, and I can’t wait for the baby kits to arrive! I would love to take this class to get insight on the scrapbooking world and a fresh take to preserve my family’s memories in a way that everyone will cherish!

  59. Jacqueline R says:

    I first “met” Becky through her sketches and CK magazine…but I feel like I have gotten to “know” her more through blog. She is so genuine in her posts and shares a piece of her heart. It only makes me appreciate her talent that much more. And her genius creation of Project Life has completely changed the way I scrap! LOVE Becky Higgins :)!

  60. Jennifer K says:

    Sketches, Sketches, Sketches!!! This is how I first “met” Becky and borrowing (Actually copying) her sketches and style!! So simple, yet beautiful!!!! Since starting the Project Life system, “scrapbooking” has become so “doable”. I love traditional scrapbooking, but life gets hectic and time goes by WAY too quickly!! I would this opportunity to attend Becky’s class!!!! Pick me, pick me!!!!

  61. Christine says:

    I’ve never met Becky, but my scrapbooking has “grown up” along with her. I saved every Becky’s Sketches feature any time I saw it in CK mag. The first year she offered Project Life (the now-named “Cherry” edition) I watched Becky’s video on YouTube and I loved how real and approachable she was. The following year I took the plunge and bought the Amber edition. It’s the first scrapbook I’ve ever “finished”. At the end of the year, I showed the book to my husband (who is NOT a fan of my hobby), and he said, “This is really cool”.
    I love PL. it keeps me scrapbooking on a regular basis, it’s my time I spend with ME. It makes me appreciate the little moments as well as the big ones. Thanks for giving me a chance to win.

  62. It would have to be Becky’s sketches! I love reading her PL blog and am really thinking about jumping in feet first to PL.

  63. Hi Stacey, I remember the time I met Becky — it was around 1999 at CKC! And, I also remember meeting YOU (at the CTMH convention in Salt Lake City in 1999 – you were an AWESOME keynote speaker) — we chatted while waiting for the hotel elevator and you had one of your boys in the stroller sleeping and your mom was with you and you were saying how exhausted you were ’cause the baby hadn’t slept the night before!!! (lol don’t ask me what I had for breakfast today ’cause I won’t recall…but I can remember meeting you in 1999 clear as day!!!)
    Anyway, thanks for the chance to win this class — and for all these years of bringing us awesome scrapbooking related FUN.

  64. I also followed Becky through her Sketch column in CK. I remember how excited I was the day that I discovered that she had a blog 6+ years ago. I really felt that I had hit the jackpot when I could read her ideas on a more regular basis. Love this hobby, love PL, admire the woman that started it all.

  65. Sara-Jane says:

    My first encounter with Becky in person was when she came down to New Zealand (with David) to teach at the Craft House event organised by the the lovely David Roberts. I was lucky enough to look after them while they were in Auckland. She was so lovely, and natural and interested in everything she saw.
    My most lasting memory of Becky was standing at the bottom of the Auckland Sky Tower (328 m (1076.1 ft) high) in the landing pit with my camera focused on the top of the tower to capture the photos of Becky when she launched herself off the top of the tower over a thousand feet off the ground. And with a huge smile on her face she landed next to me.

  66. My first encounter with Becky Higgins was in 2009 when I first found her blog through online surfing and was instantly hooked onto the whole concept. She made it so easy for me to document such precious memories over the year. I am slightly J of people who have had the chance to meet and talk to her. But again, thanks for her amazing product and thanks for a chance to win a seat in this class. :)

  67. I am pretty new to Project Life and Becky Higgins, but i fell in love right away. She has this style and personality that just makes me smile. I love how “real”she is and how she does not pretend to be able to do it all. I am really looking forward to this class!

  68. I first met Becky through her beautiful fonts and her awesome sketch books. Having that book while I cropped was like a gold mine. Becky is AWESOME!!!

  69. Fran Spooner says:

    My friend has been Becky “obsessed” for awhile and she introduced me to Becky probably 3 years ago. This January will be my first time trying Project Life!

  70. I first “met” Becky through her sketches which were a lifesaver for me. I can be creative but work best when I’m spring boarding off another person’s idea. I just recently discovered Project Life (life had gotten in the way of scrap booking and I lost track of Becky for a while). I’m planning to start Project Life Sept. 1 and document an entire school year rather than a calendar year since that is how our life seems to be divided – can’t wait (especially since very little of our past year was documented due to job changes and the like)!!

  71. Leanne Butler says:

    The first time I saw Becky I was excited! I was at a CHA Show. I was a big fan and I wanted a picture with her but was too shy to ask – so I had my husband take part in a make and take at the booth next to the one Becky was in (my husband was not thrilled) I pretended to take a photo of my husband doing the make and take (which in hind sight would have been a good photo to have ) but instead I zoomed past him and got my photo of Becky in the next booth. A few years later she was teaching at CKU in Boston and I finally got the photo of us together that time – I still have both photos and last year put them in my project life book – fitting I think.

    I’d love to win the seat in the class (I don’t need one for my husband though he still doesn’t scrapbook!!) Thanks

  72. Crystal M. says:

    I have been following Becky since she first started writing a sketch column for Creating Keepsakes. I have a couple of her books and I am now on my 4th year of Project Life. I absolutely love how simple Project Life is!

  73. Deanna C says:

    I have been a fan of Becky’s scrapbooking style from the Creating Keepsakes days. I started reading her blog and have been doing Project Life for all 4 years since she developed the product. Love. Love. Love. All of my friends tease me because I talk about Becky Higgins like a personal friend! Becky does this or I learned this on Becky’s blog……..

  74. I have never met her in person, but I feel like I know her. I watched her Christmas videos a few years ago over and over again, until she changed servers and they can’t be watched anymore. I first became aware of her with her creative lettering columns. I used to practice every single one. And once I even had a layout published in her sketches column in CK and was THRILLED (even though I *think* another editor was picking the layouts at that time.) I <3 her. :)

  75. I first discovered Project Life while reading a blog called Elisalou. She would occasional make a blog post about her progress with Project Life. I was very intrigued and I googled Project Life and was so bummed to find it sold out. I was able to buy the binder and plastics and just jumped into it. It has really changed my life. I was never a scrapbooker. I think of it as my weekly therapy. My kids save little bits of their findings and drawings and frequently ask me to take a picture for PL. They love to show their friends. I take way more pictures now and have saved so many treasures that would normally get tossed because I didn’t have a place for it. Everyone I’m close with knows I use project life and will graciously allow me to take pictures of the little things I want to remember. I wish I had this product when my babies were born! My one friend even texts me pictures when my daughter comes over to play because she knows I will put it in PL. That’s like the nicest compliment for me :) I’m a huge fan!

  76. Yvonne Cristman says:

    I hate to put it like this, but I have been a Becky “stalker” for years- I fell in love with her fonts, her many sketches in Creating Keepsakes, her blog, on FB, instagram, etc. She inspires me daily and I am on my second year of Project Life. Love it!

  77. I first ‘met’ Becky through the scrapbook pages of CK. I would tear out any articles pertaining to her and carefully slip them in page protectors with post-it notes through-out. Most notes were marking an element about her pages I wanted to recreate. But some would mark what I saw of her ‘home-style’ in her pictures. Her different colored chair pads, her curtains, etc. Ha.
    I remember having lunch with friends and one of our topics was all about Porter’s birth (or what we knew about Porter’s birth). Ha. Another friend asked , “Who is Porter?” I was embarrassed for a split-second when I had to explain that I had never met Becky nor her child. Ha.
    Becky has been ‘part’ of my life since I picked up that first CK magazine. And now I am ushering in a new phase as I am embracing Project Life. What a mark she has made in my home style, my scrapping style and my life:).

  78. My first encounter was drooling over Becky’s beautiful lettering in my Creating Keepsakes subscription. Every issue I would look forward to the middle of the issue where her alphabet would be colorfully depicted and I would practice, practice, practice! After a lapse in time and Scrapbooking (and my subscription) I rediscovered her online through a reference on another site I rediscovered a few years ago.. @aliedwards. I fell in love with Project Life and the style she designed. It fit perfectly with my crazy busy life as a mother of 4 and a full-time 911 dispatcher. I needed to get those lives documented and I needed something fast (because you know what happens when you blink!) I admit I haven’t started a single layout yet, but I’m all.excited waiting for them to come in stock! It’s been a long time since my first encounter but I’ve never looked back!

  79. I first “met” Becky through the sketches column in CK and since I am a total sketch person that column and her sketch books are still a huge resource for me. I jumped on the Project Life bandwagon this year since I was having my second child and knew I’d have less time to document. I have since become OBSESSED with PL and subscribed to Becky’s blog and come to admire her for how real she is. I can not wait for this class – I think it will be the perfect end to my year!

  80. Michelle Bazeley says:

    I still have Becky’s sketches in a binder-I use them ALL the time!

  81. My first encounter with Becky was through her Project Life products. It has made my scrapbooking so much easier for the last two years. I love it!

  82. I first “met” Becky through the lettering sketches in the back of the CK magazines. I have the first project life album and the original school kit…and several in between! I enjoy both of your blogs. Thanks!

  83. Leslie M. says:

    My love of copying people in anything creative brought me to sweet Becky. I found her Sketches book and fell in love with it all! Now, I get giddy when I find something in the craft store that Becky has used, because she gives us perfect examples on how to put it to good, creative use! Her dedication to her fans, family, and church is so motivational and uplifting. I feel like we are best friends and we’ve never even met! Thank you Becky for your inspiration and example!

  84. Rebecca Y says:

    I first remember seeing Becky’s wonderful work in a CK mag. I scraplifted her pages, loved them so much that I got all the back copies of CK the local library had and spent a long time scraplifting a lot of Becky’s layout. My scrapbooks contain a LOT of Becky inspired pages.

    When PL came out I jumped in and it is great to be able to look back and see what was I was doing, last year on this day and the year before. I am hanging out for her Childhood and School albums (an excuse I am using not to scrap my kids photos at present).

    Instead I am going thru my parents photos and inserting them into a PL style album then meeting up for dinner every couple of weeks and getting my parent’s input into what they remembers about each photo and adding it to the journalling cards. This is becoming an amazing and very precious album.

    Thanks for the chance to win a spot in what I am sure will be an amazing class.

  85. While I’ve never actually “met” Becky, I did first learn of her through her products. What a genuine, down-to-earth person who inspires us all to follow what we are truly passionate about.

  86. krysta b says:

    I first ‘met’ Becky through her sketch column in CK magazine. I was instantly hooked on her style and sketches and still use them today. I have my own ‘Becky binder’ with all of her columns and couldn’t scrap without them! My husband has jokingly accused me of being a stalker, especially when I talk about ‘my friend Becky’!! I check her blog daily, looking for inspiration, and would love to win a seat in her online class.

  87. Laura Plunk Davis says:

    Back in 2006 my girlfriend and I took a scrapbook cruise and Becky and her lovely family were with us, took some great classes and had her mom there to help. Claire was just the cutest little baby back then some place I have photos of this wonderful time and also Heidi Swapp was one of the instructors ahhh what great memories, met some wonderful ladies and have remained in contact with some of our dinner mates too…

  88. I first met Becky at CKU-Indianapolis. She had just had Porter, so she wasn’t teaching any classes that “semester”. But she was there on Make and Take day (or whatever it was call- I’m old) When they announced that Becky was in the lobby signing autographs, I literally ran to the lobby to be first in line. Which I was, until someone totally cut in front of me. She was lucky I didn’t have my zig zag scissors, because I totally would’ve zig zagged her hair.
    Later in the day I was able to capture a cute picture of Lisa Bearson holding Porter with a sign that said something like I Love Becky’s Baby (or something like that- like I said I’m old)

  89. Well, this won’t make you smile, except for the sweet kindness of Becky’s response to meeting me. I was first supposed to attend CKU in Aug of 2003. But I had a miscarriage a week before and was not allowed to attend by my doctor. Of course the deadline to get your money back was long gone, but they offered to send me the class kits. That was very nice but just not the same. So, I went then next year (newly pregnancy again) and was so excited to actually get to CKU. I remember meeting Becky and my friend that I was with explained something about how I was supposed to go the previous year but missed it and why. Becky was so sweet and took my hands in hers and said, ” I remember hearing about that and I am so very sorry!” Her look and words were so heartfelt and she touched me so much. I have been a Becky Higgins fans since then. I love to buy her products because I am a big believer in supporting the “good guys” in business! She is truly one of the good ones!

  90. My first Becky encounter was an e-mail she sent me in November 2010 (and I still have it – crazy?). I had submitted a picture of the “thankful” poster that my family made after her suggestion and she replied. Not only did she say that she liked it but she signed it “Warmly, Becky”. Now I love to joke around with my sister that Becky and I are friends, you know, cause she e-mails me and all :)

  91. I too first knew Becky through her sketches when I started to seriously in the early 2000s. I am pretty sure I have quite a few pages that totally copy her sketches.
    And I remember seeing a baby shower invite for a mutual friend at my mom’s house that when I saw it, I totally knew it was a Becky original. I am totally jealous of that friend and others who know her personally.

  92. I have never met Stacy Julian, Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske or Becky Higgins, but I feel like they are good, dear friends that are all invited into my home and life on an almost daily basis. Whether they know it or not, they join me each morning with a cup of hot, chai tea while I sit at my iMac in my jammies (that are good until at least 2pm, I think) and see me regularly with my crazy bedhead hair and lack of makeup, but these FRIENDS don’t mind one bit. Their blogs, books and products inspire me SO MUCH! They make me laugh and cry. (Come on, admit it… Cathy Zielske has made YOU snort your drink out of your nose while reading her blog at least once. Right? I can’t possibly be alone on that.) I first knew of Becky through her sketches and articles in CK magazine. I fell IN LOVE with Project Life because for the first time IN YEARS, I could tackle some sort of scrapbooking in my busy MOM life and ABSOLUTELY LOVE that sense of accomplishment, as well as sharing these FANTASTIC albums with my family and future generations to come. I also enjoyed the “Where Women Create” edition that welcomed me into your home (Stacy) as well as Becky’s and I got to see your “happy places”. It’s nice to know that the four of you (Stacy, Ali, Cathy, and Becky) are all friends… to me, you’re like THE DREAM TEAM and I am LUCKY to have you all as my “internet friends” as well!

    Thanks SO MUCH for the chance to win a spot in Becky’s new class. I’d love to continue my journey to cultivate a good life with Becky as my teacher.

    • Marjorie Nienhius says:

      You should SO win!!! You took the thoughts out of every CK and SS fans head and put them to “paper”!!! Cathy Z has made me crack up more times than I can count!! THIS is the best answer!!! It sums up millions of womens thoughts on these four FABULOUS ladies.
      Good Luck!!!

  93. I have have 2 stories – first how I met Becky and then how I met you! First I met Becky while taking her creative lettering class at a scrapbook convention in Milwaukee. Iwas already a huge fan – and getting to meet her was wonderful!! I met her again at CKU Album in Chicago. I am such a big fan that my husband not only recognizes Becky by sight but also by her “style” either sketches or PL. I know I did marry an awesome guy. But the better part was how I met you Stacy! I was at a CK Scrapbook convention in Chicago (before CK-C even existed) and you were talking about Simple Scrapbooks – they asked who was from Chicago and my friend Kymm and I were photographed with you and made the CK Magazine with 2 adorable soccer boys on the cover!!! I was famous – well not as famous as you, but still famous =).

  94. Like most people here, I “met” Becky through her CK columns, sketches and lettering. She was one of the first blogs I followed (along with this one). The one thing I admire about her is how she allowed herself to evolve when scrapbooking began to change. She didn’t stay pigeon-holed in her sketch persona (or even her lettering one). She’s become a wonderful advocate for the scores of women like me who just want to make their lives meaningful, even when life gets crazy. I love that she created a product to open up the idea behind scrapbooking to people who never would have picked up adhesive.

    I would love the opportunity to take her class!

  95. I met Becky and her amaze balls mom at cku a bazillion years ago. She was preggo with her first baby and we just the cutest! I would love to have a seat in the class…lots of scrapping left to do!

  96. My first ‘Becky’ encounter was when I first started scrapbooking and saw her layouts/sketches in the CK magazine! Have been following her ever since!!

  97. I have to agree, Becky is real. She is completely approachable and genuinely a true joy to be around. I met Becky at an event where her last book with CK was just being released. At this event, she saw the book in print & held it for the first time. She did exactly what I do with a new book, smell the pages. This just made me smile. She was signing books & giving them away. She talked to my good friend & I like we were HER good friends. Sharing hair secrets, and the place where she purchased the shirt she was wearing.
    I would love the chance to take this class. I have many books authored by Becky, and when I need to re-focus & remind myself what all this creating is about, I turn to her books.

  98. My first Becky encounter (besides the magazine) was at a Scrapbook Expo, probably around the year 2000 or so. I had stopped at the CK booth and she said she liked my wedding ring. Not knowing what to say, (duh, “thank you” would have been good), I just said, “I just got it cleaned.” Pretty lame. That was the extent of my conversation. She was really sweet and took the initiative to talk to me first. And I’ve loved her layouts/philosophy ever since!

  99. I met Becky (way back when, I don’t even remember the year) at a creative lettering class. It was a community class she was teaching upstairs in the old Provo Craft building on Center Street in Provo, Ut. I think she was probably a college student. I took the class with my sister and one other friend and I think there were about 3 other students. I remember the hot pink handouts, sitting on the folding chairs at the banquet table, using pencils, rulers, markers, and trying so hard to make my lettering/handwriting look anywhere close to Becky’s. It was a fun time. Then I remember thinking years later when she became well known in the scrapbook industry about the fun times we had at our creative lettering class with her.

  100. Although I have never met Becky in REAL life, she has been the driving force behind my scrapbooking. I remember meeting a Creative Memories consultant one day {Spring 2003} while in town with my three kiddos and she gave me her best sales pitch as a way to persuade me into scrapbooking. As my children continued to run circles around the both of us {as we stood in the grocery store isle}, I kindly told the sweet lady that there just wasnt enough time in the day for me to be Mommy, Wife, Domestic Engineer AND adhere some photos to some pretty paper in hopes of documenting this crazy thing I called LIFE!!! Fast forward three months…

    My oldest daughter graduated kindergartan and like any proud Mama, I had a TON of photos to show of her special day. My husband simply sat and stared at me as I attempted to organize the photos into an album…yeah, just a plain ole photo album {sigh}. The following week, I grabbed an issue of Creating Keepsakes to pass the time as I stood in the LONGEST CHECKOUT LINE EVER at Walmart. I simply opened the magazine to the center {a habit of mine!} and there she was….Becky Higgins!!! The article highlighted a layout {that she had created from one of her numerous sketches} and it was as if I had seen the light!!! It was right there in front of me…PROOF that one did not require a ton of time to simply tell their story. Needless to say, I went straight home {with that issue in hand} and started shopping for the perfect paper, embellishments and tools to create a layout of my daughters graduation. And that was just the beginning!!! Thanks to Becky, I have always been motivated to tell our story!!!

    FWIW, I have never used Project Life. It just isnt something that I have taken the plunge on as of yet, but it is very appealing and may make its way onto my workspace soon!!!

    Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway and for ALWAYS inspiring!!!!

  101. Kirsten J says:

    Not sure of my exact first encounter…but I was the proud and inspired owner of her creative lettering book :)

  102. Kathleen Ducharme says:

    I have been aware of Becky for a long time because of CK. I had been debating starting Project Life for a year or so and was following her blog. I remember she made a huge impression on me as I admired her photos. She had one photo of a dining room chair and I LOVED how she creatively incorporated her PL logo into her formal furniture. I was impressed. It took me a few weeks to realize that (DUH!) her logo really was not painted on her furniture, it was that she places her logo in every one of her images. :0S

    Appreciate your generosity in giving away her class!

  103. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    My first encounter with Becky was reading her sketch article in Creating Keepsakes and absolutely loving the fact that she was obviously in the wrong magazine, because her designs were linear and simple and would have been perfect in Simple Scrapbooking. Her feature article was one of the only reasons I continued to subscribe to CK.

  104. Tirzah Shirley says:

    I have been admiring Becky and her artistic lettering, clean scrapbooking style, and organizational genius since the early days of Creating Keepsakes magazine. I remember one of my favorite issues was of her creative space with the 3-drawer system, which I tried to reproduce for myself. I remember dying for her to start a blog, as I was already enjoying yours and CZ’s and AE’s so much. Oh, and her cardmaking books. I love them! But most of all, for both you and Becky, I just love seeing what you’ve got up your sleeves in the “all-around good people” category. So many things on your blogs are put there to uplift others, that means more to me than all the rest! That’s what I tell my kids and my friends about your blogs, “These ladies are scrapbooking icons, but they are just really great people who are trying to make a difference in the world to “cultivate a better life and record it.” What’s not to love? Thanks for your contributions to living life more fully.

  105. I am was introduced to Becky Higgins Project Life about a year ago and it was love at first sight!! I am blown away by all Becky does and creates and her willingness to share her life. She has taught me to appreciate even the most simple of moments. (Never thought about taking a picture of my laundry before following her blog!) :-)

  106. Stacy, I first heard about Becky when I noticed her “sketch” column in Creating Keepsakes and it became my GO TO place every month.

    My first personal ‘encounter’ with Becky came with the launch of Project Life in late 2010. I created a video for my blog readers about the product and how I had set mine up. Shortly after posting the video, I had the AMAZING honour of becoming her International Distributor for Canada, Europe, South America, South Africa and Asia.

    What I have learned about Becky in the last couple years is that she is everything I had imagined her to be – in Real Life ** Kind – Down To Earth – Genuine **

    With Becky, what you see is what you get and I consider it a HUGE privilege to say “I know Becky Higgins”

    I am so looking forward to being in her class and learning more. Thank you for encouraging her to create it :)

  107. Dana Klinkner says:

    The first time I “met” Becky was when I saw the front cover of her first “sketches” magazine – you know, the one with the pink layout on the front and there’s a picture of her and her mom on the front. :) I immediately thought, “Wow, I love that lady’s smile & radiant eyes and how cool that she’s got her mom in this picture with her right on the front cover!” And that was that – Becky was a “friend”!

    I loved reading through her layout ideas and how she made me feel excited & capable of doing this “thing” called scrapbooking. I bought her next couple sketches books and have followed her all the way until now with Project Life (which has totally transformed the way I scrapbook & I love it – makes me ooze with excitement every time I get a chance to tell someone about it!!!) – she is a very inspiring lady and I’m so thankful for her!

  108. First introduced when saw her sketches, briefly.. But then saw the project life everywhere.. Finally dove in doing a page a month and love that for capturing stories that i want to record but do not requre a whole layout… The little and big moments.

  109. Jeannette says:

    the first time I really encountered Becky was when she started project 365 a few years ago…I got about halfway through that album…however, I started Project Life this year, and so far I am keeping up with it!

  110. I have never personally met Becky but I do remember her on Creating Keepsakes magazines. She was one of my favorites! I followed her to her blog and have been watching closely for years. Her recipes are some of our family favorites.

  111. I first encountered Becky and her work through her sketches, which I loved using. After my own hiatus from scrapbooking, I rediscovered her through her blog as Project Life was emerging. Wow– her products are why I am back to joyfully and freely documenting my family’s life together.

    I’d love to be a part of her class.

  112. I probably “met” Becky around 1997-98 as well. It was through the Creating Keepsakes magazine and I just had to be able to letter like her. Well, even with lots of practice, I have never been able to make titles/letters like her. But I have every book she’s been involved in and did Project 365 with her first kit and this year started Project Life and love it! Now I know what to do with all of the seemingly random pictures I take all of the time. I keep my album out on my desk and my family loves to look at it-even the weeks that aren’t done. This was pretty long but thanks for the chance at this great class.

  113. I wish I have met Becky in person, but no such luck!! I actually owned a font CD of her handwriting (I think it was called Creative Lettering?) that I bought probably 10+ years ago at my local LSS. Not too exciting….

    Thanks Stacy!!!!

  114. Hmmm…not exactly sure what article, but know it was through Creating Keepsakes magazine. I remember when she had her first child and I was so excited for her…weird since I do not know her, but that is the way it is when you follow scrap booking writers…they use their families in their layouts and as a reader you cannot help but feel that you get to know them and their family. I have both of her sketches books and this is my 2nd year in project life. I have to say, though, my FAVORITE Becky moment came this past year when she revealed just how real she is, and made a video that shared her empty albums, piles of children’s work and that even she is a real mom, with real commitments and real clutter. Even though scrap booking is her profession it can be difficult to fit in at times. It was encouraging and also helped me let go of some of the stress and guilt of projects unfinished and projects that get you behind. I agree, she is real and I love that she does not hide it but admits it and shares her attempts to deal with it. Becky is inspiring, for sure!

  115. I have never met Becky but happened to stumble upon Project Life at the beginning of 2011 through someone’s blog. I was fascinated but thought oh I can just make up a scrapbook ahead of time and just stick the pictures in. FAILURE!!!!
    So this year I ordered Project Life and due to the huge back order I just received it 2 days ago.
    In 2 hours I have put in 7 months of photos and all the Project Life cards, now I just have to copy down my journalling from paper that I kept up through the wait and I will be completely up to date this year.
    Sadly last year is still not up to date.
    I will definitely be ordering Project Life every year from now on.
    I’d love to win a seat in her class.

  116. Roxane F. says:

    I first “met” Becky in a article from Creating Keepsakes magazine and all her sketches.
    I love project life, this is my 2nd attempt and I am almost caught up this year! Thanks for a chance to win!

  117. My best friend and I met Becky at the SLC airport after having just flown across the country to attend CKU. I’ll never forget Miley looking at Becky and giddily proclaiming “I know who you are!” We then proceeded to offer her a ride to the Provo Marriott which she graciously (and probably wisely) turned us down. It was early in her career and she looked shocked and bewildered at being accosted by two crazy girls from the Midwest! :)

  118. I have never met Becky, but would absolutely LOVE to!!! I fell in love with her sketches many years ago and have continued to be a huge fan! Project Life has totally changed the way I view scrapbooking and photography and I am loving this new adventure every single day !!

  119. I fell in love with Becky’s “sketches” books and articles. I had the pleasure of finally meeting her at a class of Ali Edwards in Cleveland, Ohio…. They were both so kind! I would love to win a seat and be inspired, yet again, with the fantastic Becky!

  120. I have loved Becky Higgins ever since purchasing my first issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. I have every one of her books, and I was SOOO excited to meet her at a CKU in Orlando! Funny how star struck I was! She was pregnant then with her second child, I believe. She is an amazing woman! Would love to win a seat in her class. :)

  121. Karen Neder says:

    I first “met” Becky in Creative Keepsakes mag – I specifically remember an article she did about using card stock. She had a whole page of visuals (that I immediately cut out and put on my inspiration board! I still have it!!!) and I just remember loving her clean lines and thinking, “Oh, yeah! I could use card stock that way!” and “Oh, yeah! I could put my pictures on my page that way!” and “OOOO! What a great idea for a border!” Such inspirational work. I now have her first book of sketches (that I still use!) and have followed her on her Project Life Journey on her blog but haven’t jumped in yet. I have it in the back of my mind that next year’s “yearly album” will be a Project Life album (this year’s is the slip-in photo planner that you make for your mom every year – loving that one, too!) I think you and Becky and Cathy Z. are my 3 biggest scrap-strong heros! Thanks for all you do!


  122. Maryellen O'Brien says:

    I’ve never had the privilege to meet your or Becky, but you’ve both been inspirational. I came to know you through the pages of CK and SS and then your books Photo Freedom and Sketches. I’ve got them all. I can’t sign up for Project Life as I’m losing my job very soon; I would however, have focussed time to devote to it (in between job hunting). None the less, you both continue to amaze and lift me up with your life stories, tips and honesty, not to mention how you balance being successful business women, role models and great moms. Thank you.

  123. I first learned about Becky from Lisa Bearnson’s blog years ago when she was still presenting products on QVC. I really enjoy reading Becky’s blog and using her products….Thanks for giving away a spot in her class.

  124. I started scrapbooking a couple years after these photos were taken– I loved all of becky’s stuff, back then and now. I went to CKU San Antonio in 2002 hoping to meet her- she had just gotten pregnant with Porter and was having a difficult time so she wasn’t able to make it. I was crushed but then I got over it because there were so many other people I got to meet like you Stacy! Anyway, the next year I attended CKU Indy with my mom and Becky was there! I tried to stand in line a few times to meet her but they were too long. One of the days, I had just come out of the exhibit hall and there was a very short line and Becky was at the end of it. Her mom and baby Porter were close by so I got to peek at them too, while waiting. I was star struck for sure but as always, Becky was and is still wonderful to her fans. :)

  125. I’ve never met Becky Higgins, but I’ve been an admirer of her since I read one of her first columns in Creating Keepsakes. I loved getting the magazine every month just so I could read her column and scraplift her sketches. I love her style and have her Creative Sketches book. I have sticky notes all over it and still use it today for inspiration.

  126. I’ve never been lucky enough to actually meet her. I have been a fan of hers for a long time. I LOVE her blog, she shares so much( kinda like you:) ) I feel like I’ve known her for years:) Don’t get me wrong, I, like many others I’m sure, would LOVE for her to be my neighbor! I could taste test her recipes she shares, get the “in” scoop on new products, get great photo taking advice, she could help me organize my home and the list could go on and on. I’m once again, not that lucky and am grateful she shares as much as she does on her blog. I was tickled pink when she first mentioned about her class at BPC! How cool to get 12 weeks of “hanging” with Becky!!! Thanks so much for a great giveaway!!

  127. Brenda in Sunny SoCal says:

    My first “encounter” with Becky…
    I’ve never met Becky IRL but I remember the first time I saw one of her sketch books. It was someone’s copy at my LSS during a crop, and of course the store was out of them, everyone was out of it. After many hours of online search, I finally found a copy on e-bay. I bought the next ones as soon as they came out and still use them today. I can also proudly say I’ve tried every dessert recipe on the site.

  128. Jenny McGee says:

    I never met Becky. But, my first book of hers that I own is Scrapbooking Secrets. I think I have another book that was of sketches too. I was just looking through my idea books and found the first one. Thanks for a chance to win. I have not begun Project Life, so this would be a great start to win this class. Thanks a lot.

  129. I met Becky thru CK magazine. I loved her sketch column – I downloaded the sketches on line every month and used them as inspiration. I’ve followed her blog for a few years and this is my first year of Project Life. Loving how easy it is – just pictures and words. I’m looking forward to her class at BPC.

  130. I have followed Becky since my early days with CK. I even have her book, The Art of Creative Lettering, which helped me do things I never thought I could do. I also have both volumes of My Creative Companion! I even have a couple of pictures of her in my CKU Atlanta album! She has always inspired me to do more than I ever thought i could do.
    I just have to add, that you, Stacy, have also inspired me to scrap the real life I lead, not just the “big” moments. I love my LOM system and, with the addition of PL, I have scrapped more of my life than ever before.
    Thanks, Stacy and Becky….Oh, my…THIS IS BIG!

  131. I was hoping to meet Becky at CKU in San Jose (wow almost 10 years ago!) because I loved her layout sketches in the magazine and her books. I was recently cleaning out my scrapbooking/crafting space for our move and came across her first sketch book…..needless to say that is staying with me! The sample pages may not be the same look you are going for because the products have changed but the layout designs are classic and never out of style!

  132. I first was introduced to Becky shortly after I started scrapbooking. I knew that the Creative Memories style that I first learned wasn’t me. I went to a scrapbook store and they recommended Scrapbooking Secrets. From this book, I learned about Creating Keepsakes and (later) Simple Scrapbooks. I was fortunate to meet Becky at a small cropping event East of Cleveland. She was quite pregnant with Claire and I was 2 days away from my due date with my Clara. ( I have a great spread in my scrapbook with pictures of both of us prego!) I have been watching the evolution of Project Life with interest, but am not sure how to make it fit into the way I scrapbook. I am wondering if the class will address this.

  133. I met Becky Higgins a VERY long time ago, even before her sketches books came out. At the time she was new to CK and known for her lettering style. She came to San Jose for a scrapbooking convention and I really wanted to take one class from her that sold out. I wasn’t interested in her creative letters (gasp – I know :) ), but I REALLY wanted to meet and take a class from her, so I signed up. Her class was amazing and she was so personable. I can’t say that I am an expert at lettering, but I have bought her CDs over the years, so that I could use her lettering on my layouts! I have followed her many ideas over the years – sketches, her and Lisa’s things sold on QVC, 365, and now Project Life. She was just a youngster back then but her ideas have always been amazing!

  134. I think it was CK magazine, her name has been around the industry for so long, I’m not sure where I first encountered her work.
    I have however stalked her via her blog and the internet. PL is magic for this busy mom (I have three boys under age 9), And if by chance I want to go back to a special memory and make a “real” layout, I can, because the basics are already tucked away in my PL album and I can slide a new card in saying “see big album”. And if I don’t scrap it, no biggie, its still documented! I love, love, love her and this journey she has taken me on!

  135. I met Becky in the spring of 2004 at CKU Nashville. My sister and I went on what we proclaimed to be the trip of a lifetime and flew from California to Tennessee to attend CKU where we would meet all kinds of scrapbook celebrities (including you, Becky, Lisa, and Cathy)! Becky’s class was the one we looked most forward to and I made sure we were there early for her 10 loves class. Space was limited and the class was moving at a pretty fast pace when all of a sudden tragedy hit. In my rush to keep up, I accidentally dropped my cutter bee scissors. My thighs reflexively squeezed together to catch the falling scissors, and just like that, the scissors went straight into my left thigh and stuck there. I froze for a second thinking about my choices. I decided to pull them out. Blood started coming out of my jeans but I wasn’t able to assess if the cut was bad or not. I nudged my sister, who was paying close attention to Becky, but she ignored me. I nudged her again, and said that I may need some help. She sighed, looked over and her eyes grew large when she saw my predicament. We rushed toward the door where Becky’s mom was and she pointed us in the direction of the restroom. After inspecting the slice, I decided that although it may have needed a stitch or two, a band aid would probably work, and get me back to class sooner. We sat back down in class and I am happy to say that we completed our mini albums. I still have a small scar where I was stabbed, but the story is now quite the family joke. I never knew scrap booking could be so dangerous. ;-)

  136. Christa H says:

    I met Becky at a CKU both she and Tim Holtz were there and I thought I was in Heaven! I was able to even get my picture taken with her and autograph. I have loved the Project Life concept. I keep going to her web to order stuff and it is always sold out before I can purchase…which is a major bummer! I would love to be able to take this class especially if it were FREE! Thanks for the opportunity Stacey! It was great to see to at the CTMH Convention…you were spectacular as usual! Hugs!

  137. oh. my bad memory does not help with this one.
    though i wish i had an idea for this entry to be fun.
    i have no idea of my first encounter with becky
    but i’ll comment anyway – what the hecky!

    cannot remember first – but do remember last:
    she is helping me to catch up really fast!
    years and years and boxes of stuff
    as for time – i never had enough….

    five little ones are too-quickly growing
    and their mom is the one in the knowing
    of each of their firsts and the love that i feel….
    my first with becky? our life is now real!

    real in the feeling – the expressing – the story
    real in the holding – the sharing – the glory!
    real in time spent – in recording and giving
    real in the love out of boxes – now living…….

  138. Kimmi kaye says:

    When living in Provo, Utah my husband and I were renting a little house. We were asked by the owners to select two or three of the best potential renters to take our spot. Many people came by and submitted their information and request to rent the house. One person, in particular stood out, mostly for her handwriting on the index card she left for us. It was 1997 and it was THE Becky Higgins. I guess I can claim I’ve known her since the beginning. At the time Becky was starting out as an instructor at Provo Craft where I worked. She was teaching classes about lettering. Her handwriting was impeccable. She asked about the rental home and said she was looking for a place with at least two rooms because she wanted one for her lettering! I’ve always remembered how passionate she was about her hobby and profession. Who asks for a room for their lettering? And now I wish that I had saved that information card for her to autograph. She’s become quite the rock star and inspiration in documenting what matters most! I’m so grateful she followed her heart and shared it with so many of us!

  139. I ‘met’ Becky through CK but I wasn’t really into sketches so it wasn’t until the P365 craze that I really got to ‘know’ her and I have been following her blog ever since. I love what she has done with scrapbooking and would really like to meet her someday.

  140. I first remember Becky for her lettering book. I read all of her columns in CK and have all of her sketch books and lettering books. My only personal encounter with Becky was at a make n take at the one CKU I was able to attend. She was very sweet! Now I am a regular blog reader and have been doing Project Life since the original BH kit (now called “Cherry”), though I tried to purchase the first Project 365 kit through CK KOTM but it was all sold out by the time I had saved my money! I am most inspired by Becky’s commitment to her family and always making them her top priority. It’s amazing what she has accomplished in her career and so heartening that she’s kept her family first! Go Becky!

  141. Rub a Dub Dub. 5 chicks in a tub.

  142. My first time was in Creating Keepsakes. Loved her layouts so I bought her book to inspire me. I am one whobgot overwhelemed in doing pages. I LOVE THE new generation of Becky’s. Project Life pages/sleeves Both of you inspire me without overwhelming. I love how you get Life and kids.

  143. tiffany h. says:

    I don’t have a great “when I met Becky” story but I adore all that she does and am so excited for her class at BPC. I love the photos you posted of you & Becky!

  144. I remember when Becky starting showing up in Creating Keepsakes with her amazing lettering tutorials and I thought, “Holy Smokes! I can do this!” And I bought her lettering book and went to work following the instructions! I love her simple style, and so I bought her next book. And then next ones. I’m evolving, too, and because of Ali Edwards’ encouragement on her blog, I’m on year two of PL. I appreciate how do-able it is. Sometimes I miss those simple early days of scrapbooking, when our options were so limited and we created so much with our pens and scissors and card stock. But I’m also having fun with today’s world of memory keeping and all the possibilities! Thank goodness for you (that means you, too, Stacy) visionary women who work so hard to keep re-inventing this meaningful “hobby.”

  145. Julie Ann says:

    I first encountered Becky Higgins when I bought her creative lettering book as a college student. I remember it was such a huge deal to “spend that much money on a book!”, but I had to have it. :). Some of the letters from that book showed up in my son’s 1st year album in 2001, so I think it was money well spent.

  146. Karen Keiper says:

    Well I havent really encountered Becky yet. Other than hearing everyone talking about project life( I am one of those few that hasnt done it!!) and knowing that she is an icon in the industry.

  147. i guess you could say the first time i ‘met’ becky was the small advertisement for the 365 kit of the month through CK. i had never heard of them before but the idea of a picture a day sounded good to me. little did i know this would literally change the way that i look at life, family, pictures, love, and documentation. i spend hours online trying to order the kit, i remember the site was slow and at one point i almost gave up. I AM SO HAPPY I DIDN’T.
    since then i have picked up a photography hobby-it makes me so happy. i’m a stay at home mom that was feeling lost in my kids lives, photography has given me something to do for myself while still involving my family (unlike other hobbies-golf, fishing, ect).

    i have done project life every year since then. i follow becky’s blog daily. the way that she can put thoughts, actions and feelings into words makes me think we would be friends if i lived close to her!

    project life has made me realize the blessings that i have in life. when i’m down, too busy, frustrated, ect i take minute to look at my books-and i’m reminded of how lucky i am to have my life.

    i found big picture classes through becky and have already taken two classes and have loved them. i would appreciate the opportunity to take another…..and will probably be signing up soon!
    thank you for encouraging becky to offer this class.

  148. I became familiar with Becky’s work through the pages of Creating Keepsakes. I loved her simple style, her sketches, and her creative cards. I was thrilled to meet her in person at CKU in Nashville, TN. I took her album track and loved the album I have as a result. Becky was so nice and down to earth as she seemed from her magazine articles and books. I treasure the picture of Becky and me that she was gracious enough to pose for.

  149. I have been a Becky fan from the beginning! septBecky was my neighbor back in our college days! She was living in apartments and we let her hold a garage sale on our front lawn! It was so exciting! As a result, Becky used pictures of my twins in her borders column in Creating Keepsakes. That was the coolest thing ever! Still have the magazine, sept/oct 1998. She was the nicest person. She invited us to her apartment to see her scrapbooks. I love how real she is and how her priorities and values and beliefs are made obvious by her life choices.

    Stacy, your experts have been awesome this year! (as always!)


  150. I’ve never met Becky in person, but when I first started scrap booking after my daughter was born in 2002, I picked up one of her books for inspiration. When I took the book home, there were layouts with one of my old friends from high school all through it. Apparently my friend had married Becky’s brother!

  151. Nicky from Okotoks says:

    Becky Higgins is the Queen
    Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Seven
    Was the place and time that we would meet
    Creative Keepsakes was the means
    Creative inspiration it would be
    What a treat to be inspired
    Thanks for the journey

    Just so inspired by all of you wonderful ladies – you have made my journey life changing and changed how scrapbooking is done!! Have been scrapbooking for over 35 years, and how far we have come thanks to you every inspiring ladies.
    Always inspiring

    • Nicky from Okotoks says:

      Forgot to mention that I am tickled pink that I will be getting my 1st set of project life in the mail to start using very soon. Taking this class would be a treat!!! Thanks again for the chance.

  152. Jeanne Ann says:

    I met Becky in Nashville at CKU in 2007. I was so nervous and excited to be in the same room with her and all the other ladies that I “knew” through reading Creating Keepsakes every month. I was scared to even talk to her, and she sensed that because she walked around the table and gave me a hug and told me that she was just as nervous meeting all the people who had come to the event as we were and that made me feel better. I have been a faithful fan and follower since and would love the opportunity to really dig in and do Project Life. Thanks for the chance to win Stacy!

  153. I first “meet” Becky in the pages of Creating Keepsakes in I am guessing 2002? I am older now, haha, and my memory isn’t always right on the money. I remember being so excited about purchasing her sketch books. Loved seeing how she organized her scrap room and shared in the joy of her first child.

    It is true that we come to know you all so well from your work and what you share with use that we consider you “family”.

  154. I have been a Becky fan for awhile!
    I have one of her sketch books, I have followed her in her magazine articles and always read her blog! I started my Project Life project this year and even though I am behind I am not giving up!
    I have never met Becky, although I would love to, she comes across as such a nice, open, honest person that I could sit down and have an ice tea with and some great conversation!
    Not to mention a SCRAPBOOKING GENIUS!!!
    I can’t wait to check out her new class!

  155. Janel Hermann says:

    Over the years reading Creating Keepsakes, I was always drawn to her layouts – amazing, yet simple – which was the same look I was trying for. When I scrapbook, I sometimes achieve what I call a “Becky Higgins” layout, and it makes me extremely happy. The funniest part is when my 3 young sons will say, “Mom is that a Becky Higgins layout/product?” Apparently I mention her a lot around here! They also love her Photo of the Day approach, and borrow my camera to take pictures to add their touch to the album!

    Although I’ve never met her, she seems to have the right mix of priorities in her life, keeping everything in balance, and always reminding us to strive for the same. A role model in so many different ways.

  156. I’ve been a fan of hers for ages it seems, but my first and only in person encounter with her was when she was living in Cleveland. She taught a class at the LDS church near me and my best friend happened to be in town for the weekend and we were blessed enough to go! She was awesome, the class was great (we did a 2 page layout about ourselves) and it was a pleasure to be able to learn from her in person!

  157. Hi, I started Project Life in January of 2012 and it allows me to “feel caught up” on the current year while being able to scrapbook my other photos in the Library of memories fashion. I am enjoying both “new to me concepts” so much. Project life is giving anyone who cares to look at it a visual of my family’s life in 2012. It allows me to include such things as a picture of a sink full of dirty dishes or an always overflowing garbage can (one of my pet peeves…Grrrr!) which I would never make a 12 x 12 layout of. Then when I a feeling a bit more creative I go to one of my 4 catagory drawers and scrapbook a connection or a feeling or a relationship. I love both of these systems so much my family is sick of hearing about them so at least by leaving a comment I got to ramble on to someone who “gets it”!!!!! Thank you Becky and Stacy for being so in-tune to what is important!!!!

  158. I have only had the pleasure of encountering Becky through her blog. As a digital scrapbooker, I love watching her videos and following her. She always makes me smile. When her products came to Jessica Sprague I was over the moon. I would love, love, love to be in her class. I know I would laugh, cry and learn from her.

  159. I was at a CKU in Oct of 2005 in Stanford, CT. Lisa was there, Becky was there, YOU were there, Ali was there, and even QVC was there! I was in celebrity heaven. I almost died when Becky and her mom got in the same van from the hotel to the airport. Becky had her brand new baby (Claire) with her. I was so excited to ride with someone “famous” but she quickly seemed so down-to-earth and kind that I forgot she was a celeb. Me and my friends were from Dallas and she talked about her brother who had served a mission there and people they knew in Dallas. What a neat gal – love her ideas, her recipes, the way she talks about her family. Would love a spot in her class! My youngest is starting Kinder this month and I’ll have more time on my hands then ever before to document our wonderful life.

  160. I’ve never had the privilege of meeting Becky but have been a fan for years! Always loved her layouts in Creating Keepsakes. Took the guess work out of scrapbooking. The less “brain pain” the better for me. I’ve heard so many positive things about Project Life. Can’t wait to give it a try! :)

  161. Becky Higgins. How I wanted to be like her when I grew up.  I clipped every article she wrote, have every one of her books and then followed her blog. She inspired me to greatness. She was beautiful, creative, successful. Most of all, she had (and still has) her priorities in order: faith and family first. I so wanted to meet her. I took a picture of her with Mickey Mouse in 2002 at CKU but was SO disappointed because her classes were full. But I FINALLY got to be in one of her classes in 2007. And I made two of my favorite pages ever in her class. One of my best friend’s wedding and one with pictures of my brother and I last adventures together before he went to collage. It was a class I will never forget. And Becky was just as fun, charming, elegant and classy as I had imagined.

  162. carol in seattle :) says:

    Hahahaha! Becky held up a page I was making at the very first CKU. My friends all thought I was so cool. It makes me laugh now just to think of it.

  163. dot fowler says:

    Ah Becky Higgins….. she was gracious to send a signed copy of her book to me for a scrapbook crop to benefit a 14 year girl diagnosed with cancer.

    Very grateful to her …

  164. Met Becky at CKU Nashville in 2002. Also met many other icons in the industry that weekend–Cathy Z., Heidi Swapp, and you. Even have a photo of me standing next to you as I was called to the front to help during the class. It was an awesome experience that I will always treasure. Becky was there with her mom and I remember her being very kind and just sitting back and taking it all in. Would love to win a seat in the class and participate in this awesome class.

  165. KathleenB says:

    I think my first encounter, and only in person, was back at a CK Convention in Manchester NH, oh I think maybe in 2005 or so. I had only been in the scrapbooking world for maybe two years at that time and I couldn’t figure out why everyone was squealing and running to see who had just walked into the vendor fair room. So it was Becky Higgins….so what I thought? Who the heck is she? LOL! At that time I really didn’t see what the big deal was….she’s just like me I thought…a woman….a mom maybe…actually I think she was pregnant at the time….a scrapbooker….what was all the fuss about I thought? Well I have to say….thank you Becky….just for being you. It took me a long time, but I finally tried the Project Life approach to my scrapbooking this year, 2012, the year I turned 50 and I am LOVING it! I don’t think I’ve scrapped 10 full pages of regular 12x12s this year, but I have stayed up with my Project Life albums and really love it. I don’t know why I never tried this Project Life before, but it has opened my eyes so much to just recording the every day and I am so happy that I will have these albums to look back on and remember just what happened in my life in 2012. Thanks Becky!

  166. I met Becky for the first time at the CKC-Manchester event, I think it was 2005. Like many others, I had been a fan for many years and I was so excited to know that she was going to be there because I really wanted to meet her in person and maybe get a picture with her…
    Well, I was in an almost full elevator going down to the lobby to head to a class, so I had a white tool box in my hands with my supplies in it and the elevator stopped to let someone else on and it was BECKY HIGGINS…she stood right next to me and the elevator made it to the lobby and when she stepped off, she looked at me and said “nice tote!” and smiled… I couldn’t even move, I was so star struck! I know I smiled back and probably said “thanks” but I will never forget that feeling!

    When I got home, I was trying to tell my cousin (who does not scrapbook but does enjoy and follow fashion and entertainment) about my experience but she just wasn’t getting it. Finally I said to her, it would be as if you were on an elevator with your favorite female movie star and she looked at you and said to you “nice shoes!”… LOL

    I’ve seen her a few times since then, I even have a cute photo of us from one of the conventions that I love and have framed in my SB room and you’re right—she’s very sweet and very down-to-earth. I have been doing Project Life for 12 weeks and love it so I’m hoping to be able to take her Project Real Life class!! Thanks so much for the chance to win it!!

  167. Becky has always been my IDOL! Back in 2000 when I was pregnant with my 3rd child, my friends wanted to through me a surprise baby shower at our local scrapbook store. Someone came up with this idea of telling me that Becky was coming to the store (can’t remember exactly what for) and the owner wanted to have some of us there scrapbooking when she arrived. So here I get all dolled up, the best you can when you are 8 months pregnant, packed all of my scrapbooking stuff up and my girlfriend picked me up. I was so nervous and had the worst butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to meet Becky! When we got to the store and walked into the scrap room and everyone yelled “surprise” I looked at my friend, confused as to what was going on, and said “does this mean Becky’s not coming?” They still love to tell this story.

    I did finally get to meet Becky in 2007 at CKU in Orlando. We had just moved to Florida 3 months before and I couldn’t afford to attend CKU but I got an email about looking for volunteers. I signed up for Saturday with hopes that I could at least get to see her. When I got there and met the other volunteers at the the check-in table, the gentleman today myself and another girl that we would be working in Becky’s class. I literally had to put my hands on the table to stop myself from falling over! I was sooooo nervous and I’m sure I drove the other girl crazy going on and on about how awesome I felt this woman was. Being a volunteer in her class just reaffirmed my love for her. It wasn’t that she spent much time “teaching” the class (the instructions in their packets were awesome anyways) but she spent the entire day going from table to table, spending genuine time with all of these ladies. Sitting and talking with them and autographing everything they asked for. You could tell she really does enjoy her work.
    I spent the rest of the day trying to do my best as a volunteer secretly hoping I would get an opportunity to have my picture taken with Becky. At the end of the day I did get my chance! I was so nervous I could hardly speak to her. I eventually sent her an email explaining the above stories and thanked her for being such an inspiration. I wish I could post the picture here-I think you can actually see stars in my eyes!!!!

  168. Shawna Zervos says:

    I began my scrapbooking story in 2006. My daughter was 3 and I wanted to create all of the beaufiful pages I saw for my family. Fortunately I had a great LSS with weekly classes and the owners encouraged me to purchase Becky Higgins Sketchbook which was a fantastic tool. Forward two years. I was pregnant and my LSS closed. As I moved on with juggling motherhood times two, my family, my job, there was simply no personal time for scrapbooking. How I missed the hobby; creating memories, relaxing and being creative. I continued to think I would someday return to the hobby I was so passionate about. Last fall I began reading about Project Life. This is how I met Becky Higgins. I followed her blog. The more I read, the more inspired I became. I began to see the Big Picture of scrapbooking. It was not about making pretty pages, but documenting the imperfect, the everyday and creating lasting stories. I began Project Life and can not imagine not having this beautiful record. I find my husband and daughters looking through it over and over. I am embracing my imperfections, working on myself spiritually, and living a whole and happy life. I am so thankful Becky has come into my life.

  169. This is my third year doing Project Life. I love how simple it makes keeping up with four kids and a busy life. This summer I went ack and popped 6 years of “pre-scrappin” days into Project Life format…..LIBERATING! I am no longer behind!

  170. I first saw Becky’s work in Creating Keepsakes and fell in love with her style and her simplicity — and her handwriting (how insane is that? But so true!)

    I have been wanting to try Project Life but haven’t yet because I have been wavering – trying to convince myself that my life (single, no kids, no pets…) is worth documenting. Becky’s work encourages me to have a better life in every way – I love that her class addresses more than just scrapbooking. She wants to help us (me!) beautify my life, and that really speaks to me right now.

    Thank you!! =)

  171. Right after getting married in 1997, my husband and I moved to our first teeny, tiny townhouse just a few blocks south of BYU campus–one bedroom and 500 square feet with an underground parking garage. We noticed a few random signs claiming parking stalls for various residents, but there didn’t seem to be any real rhyme or reason to it. When we asked where to park, our landlord told us to pick some free parking stalls, put up some signs of our own and call it good. So that’s just what we did. (I’m absolutely certain that the signs contained a cute, trendy font–I was very proud of them.)

    The next morning when I went to retrieve my car, the signs had been removed and there was a note on my windshield stating that the parking stall I’d claimed was not mine and that I needed to park somewhere else. We checked again with our landlord who assured us that we were in the right and that our sign did indeed claim the spot. New signs were made and posted. (This time, in addition to great fonts, I used very clever phrasing–something like “all cars that park here will be towed and melted down for scrap.” I might have laminated them to punctuate my point.)

    The next morning my signs were still in place, but the note on my windshield said, “This parking stall is not yours. It is mine. If you park here again, I’ll call Larry’s Towing.”
    This time when we called the landlord, he confessed that he might have missed a meeting where parking stalls were assigned. It didn’t take long for us to track down a parking map and discover that the parking stalls in question belonged to my (hadn’t met yet) next door neighbor and new Relief Society president, Becky Higgins.

    Apologies were made and accepted, but I never got over feeling completely stupid for being so in the wrong. It wasn’t long before Becky started to have scrapbooking parties for the ward ladies in her little apartment, but having made such a pill of myself, I couldn’t bring myself to go.

    It would be years before I would realize what an icon my neighbor had become and wish that I’d taken the opportunity to get to know her better when I had the chance, rather than letting the only interaction between us be the parking debacle. (At the very least, I should have held on to the notes she left on my car–that handwriting is worth millions, right?) And since then I’ve learned (or at least I try) not to let the little things get between me and those around me. Heaven knows it wasn’t the first or the last time I would need to apologize–I’ve just gotten better at it over the years and try to move on rather than let it linger.

    I’ve followed Becky’s career for several years–since I told a friend that story and she could not believe that it was THAT Becky Higgins until she pulled out CK magazine and, to both of our surprise, it was indeed THAT Becky Higgins. After that, I enjoyed years of CK and scrapbooking before the kids came along, and I became too overwhelmed, dropping it almost completely.

    Since Project Life was introduced, I’ve been intrigued. I’ve watched and read and researched and stewed–trying to figure out if it was for me. I very nearly dove in last Christmas but everything sold out so fast and my waffling returned. Then, a couple weeks ago, when everything restocked, I snagged a core kit and a stack of page protectors with the commitment to start with the school year. (For us old teachers, September is the same as January.) I’ve made a place on my counter (ala Ali Edwards) and I’m making a plan. I’m ready to go.

    And maybe it’s time to see if I can get over my embarrassment and finally “hang out” with Becky. You know–for old time’s sake.

  172. tammy perkins says:

    Sadly, no encounter to relate – no wonderful story – no amusing thoughts – just the desire to be in her class

  173. I’ve been interested in PL for a while now and not to creep anybody out! but I’ve been dreaming about it. LOL, so to see this post – is this a sign? haha To win a spot would be nuts! and I would love to start doing PL. I will be starting my one version today! (cuz I dreamed about it again last night, I’m sorry, I’m weird!)

    I’ve never met Becky in real life but I have clipped articles of hers from years ago. The marathon scrapping (when she scrapped at her family’s cabin once) and an organization article comes to mind. I think she’s great. Smart, inspirational and creative :)

  174. Becky’s parents were on mission here in Finland. I met them and loved them and happened to talk about scrapbooking not knowing they were Becky’s parents. What a thrill to learn about it! And long story short, when Becky and David decided to visit their parents here in Finland, Vicki (Becky’s mom) suggested to have a crop and have Becky as a surprise guest. Of course me and my daughter were thrilled and arranged it with a friend and it was a great success! And that is how I met Becky for the first time and she and David even spent a midsummer with my family at our summer cottage! She is really wonderful!

  175. Stacy Simpson says:

    I would guess my first encounter with Becky was reading Creating Keepsakes. I recall an issue that had her craft room (possibly on the cover). I remember wanting a room just like hers! I also LOVED her sketches.

    I am on my 3rd PL album. I haven’t finished up last years just yet but it is mostly complete and I love the idea of the albums and the versatility. I would love to win a spot in this class.

  176. I’ve never actually met Becky, but she is one of the top 5 people I would choose to have lunch with before I die. I have ADORED her and her simple style since discovering Creating Keepsakes back in the day.

    The closest I’ve come to meeting her is when she mentioned she would be in Utah appearing on a live Studio 5 taping. I worked a graveyard shift the night before and after, but I stayed up to attend that show. It was in May around Mother’s Day and my birthday. As I sat in the audience I noticed someone walk down the aisle and sit down about 7 rows in front of us. I was SOOOO EXCITED to realize it was Becky herself!!

    I admire her in every way and was glad to be so close to her. She EXUDES the essence of a woman and successful mother, wife, and friend.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  177. scrapper al says:

    I feel like I’m finally getting to know Becky via Project Life. I confess, I’m not really a big SB celeb follower so if I confess that if she passed me in the hallway, I wouldn’t know it.

  178. Some of us have not been so blessed as to have met Becky (or you for that matter) but the one thing that stands out about her is her overall philosophy of life. Scrapbooking just seems to be a natural extension of it. She lives first, family first, community first, embrace life…oh, and then record it. I’m Australian and I worked in the Girl Scout camp in Utah and I met so many wonderful people there who are shining examples of this way of life – they inspired me so much – they are a natural extension of my family. Afterall, aren’t friends the family we choose for ourselves? I would love a spot in Becky’s class but, more importantly, I would just like to say thanks for acting as a light unto our paths. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. :)

  179. Val Irwin says:

    It was about 3 years ago, I don’t even remember where I actually heard about Project Life, I think it was likely Ali Edwards or maybe on Big Picture Classes. As soon as I read what project life was I was hooked, I immediately ordered my first kit. I could not wait to show all my scrapbooking friends what I had found. I was so excited that just by recording a little everyday, I could stay “caught up” and then I would have time to do pages on only those photos and stories that I really wanted to instead of feeling like I had to scrapbook every picture… How Freeing!! And even if I never scrapbooked another page I would still have everything together in one spot and the story has already been recorded for my kids and my husband and me. I love project life and have been using it ever since, this year I have even tried a digital version with some of the paper products mixed in when I’m away from home (like vacation). I will definitely be signing up for the class, can’t wait!!

  180. Julie McDonnell says:

    My first encounter with Becky was in print. I have not had the opportunity to meet her in person, yet I feel like I know her and I have been in awe with her very real approach to life and scrapbooking. I was the first in my personal scrapbooking community to share her sketches and get her “PL” approach. My connection with Becky feels much like my connection with you, Stacy, as in when I first heard your approaches to scrapbooking, it was how had been aspiring to be all along. Your thoughts and processes clicked with me and resonated in my heart. PL & BPS are huge parts of allowing me and my family to appreciate all of the little moments in life and I am crossing my fingers so hard to hopefully win this!

  181. cristalfab says:

    After following Becky thru CK from the start (and buying ALL of her books), I was able to meet her many years ago at a CKC. Even got our photo together. I told her that she was my Hero and her reply was that I was hers as well. What a sweetheart! Would love to take her class!

  182. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Becky in person, but I have been a Becky follower since about 1998. This was the year I found and purchased my first Creating Keepsake magazine. I have Many of her books, copied her lettering style, and her sketches. I have been inspired by her scraping style. Project Life is ingenious and I am so glad I have jumped on board !!!

  183. Deb Hyden says:

    Creating Keepsakes magazines…loved her sketches in that magazine…helped me out alot…

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