Hawaii FIVE-O

It’s Hawaii FIVE-O day in more ways than one!

Tracy B. left a comment a few days ago to let me know that tonight is the premiere of season three for Hawaii Five-O on TV (CBS), how funny is it that I planned my little blog series and it just happened to coincide with this TV premiere?! I haven’t yet, but I may just have to watch tonight! When I was at BYU, a long time ago, the library would play the Hawaii Five-O music to indicate closing time. Students would often hop up and start “surfing” as they packed up to head home. Just thought I’d share that little snippet of a memory with you.

But the best Hawaii FIVE-O (for me) is the fact that TODAY is the day that you can register to attend the LIVE portion of our Mini-Albums on Maui event on December 12th. We’re SO EXCITED to think that by this afternoon we’ll know at least some of the women that will be joining us in Hawaii … I have a funny, nervous feeling in my tummy!

The prize today is a GREAT yellow hat and a FUN woven beach tote. So whether you are planning on registering for the live event or not, you could be donning these totally HOT accessories. All you have to do is answer my final question:

WHO should be out next live event instructor? There may be multiple teachers at our events, but one will be the headliner, who will help us define the main purpose and project at the event, so which BPC instructor would you like to travel to meet?

And, again I want to thank YOU for playing along and for sharing the great and thoughtful comments. I have read each one and will take them to heart as we make decisions and plans for this and future BPC events! My Hawaii FOUR-O WINNER is Roseann Hoyle, with this comment …

1. I love to go to crops to work on my own stuff, get caught up, and visit as I wish. I like to learn new techniques, and love looking at what other people do to see what is new and how they are using stuff. At the crop I was at last week, I was painting letters to match my layout, and my friends were amazed. They had never thought to do that. I told them I use paint, ink, stickles, and just whatever else comes to mind. (Thanks May Flaum and many more at BPC) Also, many times the classes or projects just don’t fit my style or I’m just not into it. I actually had a friend go home after an album class we had done and tear all the pages apart! I have never gone that far (and I actually really liked that project) but I have left some unfinished and put the papers, embellies, whatever in my stash. So I am going to stick with my (1). I love the colors of the towels and would so like to be able to go with you to Hawaii (one of my all time favorite places). But it is just not in the budget this year. Looking forward to the online version :) Roseann

NOTE: Speaking of the online version, the “Mini Albums on Maui” classroom will open for registration on October 12th.

Also, I will post In Monday’s Mail as soon as registration opens!
Have a very HAPPY MONDAY!


  1. Amanda Susan says:

    The new season of Hawaii Five-O starts tonight but it’s the premiere of the 3rd season.

  2. Stacy Julian! I would travel to meet you! It is on my bucket list and I even made a page about it for the Big Idea Festival 2012.

  3. I agree with Cyndy. It is you Stacy that if I could pick any person to take a Big Picture class from it would be you. The next ones on the list would be Becky Higgins, Heidi Swapp or Ali Edwards. I have never been able to travel far for an event but I would try especially if it was you!!!

  4. My first pick would be Stacy Julian…I’m always inspired. Next would be Becky Higgins.

  5. I would vote for Ali Edwards. I love her scrapbooking and presentation styles.

  6. My first pick would be you Stacy. Second would be Ali. You two have alot of similarities: stories, mixing photos and memories, everyday.

  7. Stacy, you are my first choice even though I have attended many events where you have been featured. You are always so delightful, entertaining and provide down-to-earth advice for the novice and advanced scrapper. Now, if I would be asked for a second person because you can’t be included then Ali Edwards (just don’t tell her she was my second choice). I have never had an opportunity to be at an event with her but I do follow her blog and love her scrapping style and life philosophy. I am looking forward to her Expertise next year.

  8. Karen Schmidt says:

    My first pick would always be Stacy Julia. The next ones on the list would be Becky Higgins, Ali Edwards or Heidi Swapp.

  9. If plane tickets to hawaii wouldn’t be so expensive and If i wouldn’t have just gotten back from Hawaii in May, I would defintly fly my happy self over to take this class! But suggestions on other instructors. Would love to take a BPC in person class from Amy Tan or Becky Higgins.

  10. There many scrapbook artists/teachers that have a wonderful way of expanding our scrapping horizons, there is NO ONE that defines “why we do what we do” better than you! You have an amazing way of relating to all of us, mothers, aunts, sisters, friends, design experts, design newbies, journalers, wanna-be artists, etc. Your perspective on accepting life as it comes, the good, the funny, the sometimes not-so-good, and finding the real stories that we want to preserve cannot be compared to anyone else.

    I’m one of those people that gets intimidated about meeting powerful and important people. But I would LOVE to meet you. Just getting to know you through Twelve has had an amazing impact on my life already. So to meet you person… well, I can’t even imagine it.

  11. I would love to meet and learn with Cathy Zielske, because she is so fun and honest in her online classes. I imagine a live event with her would be a hoot and a real treat.

  12. Kristigilbert says:

    You’re my obvious first choice, but if you’re looking for someone else, i’d love to meet kolette and i think she’d be a wonderful event teacher…and hopefully she could bring jason and cole, too!

  13. Hi Stacy,

    I would love to hear Ali Edwards at a live event — she is such a thoughtful scrapper, someone who really grasps the importance of telling a variety of stories and keeping memories for ourselves and our posterity. I think it would be extremely invigorating to be able to “sit at her feet” for an extended period of time while she not only led us through a project, but also a sort of philosophy of memory keeping…and knowing Ali, I’m sure that any class would touch her mindset.

    As a second choice, and for similar reasons, I would like to see you work with Noel Hyman to co-teach a course — even though she isn’t part of the BPC family of instructors, I absolutely love the dynamic when you two are on the Paperclipping Roundtable together. I love Noel’s whole “design your story” approach and I think you and she complement each other in important ways and are just pretty hilarious in conversation with one another.

    Best of luck with the new endeavor! Hopefully this is a sign that your energy levels are back up and your are feeling physically as you should.

    • Lorna Schreck says:

      Sarah, Wow -you took the words right out of my mouth. Ali’s writing prompts and Stacy’s triggers have helped me with the stories, and listening to Stacy with Notell on the Roundtable has been full of insstruction, inspirational and laughter. What a dynamic duo!

  14. SueinMtVernon says:

    I’ve been privileged in the past to have participated in classes taught by Stacy J, Donna Downey, and Ali Edwards. And I would do it again in a heartbeat! But if I could choose someone new, I would love to meet and take a class from either Cathy Zielske or Tim Holtz.

  15. Jennifer C. says:

    Well, I don’t know too much about most of the instructors. I have only been taking classes at BPC for less than a year. I have fallen in love with absolutely every class that I have taken. I have talked soooo much about it that my three year old daughter pretends to be Stacy Julian teaching how to scrapbook. It is really adorable, and I need to video it and send it to you, Stacy.
    The instructors (top ten) that have stuck with me the most, thus far, has been:
    1. Stacy Julian- energy and enthusiasm is contagious and completely inspiring,
    2. Cathy Zielske- honesty and straight forwardness about why she does what she does and that is just how it is type nature is refreshing (really helpful in MMEW)
    3. Nic Howard- dimensional knowledge to die for and inspirational (plus can we say awesome accent),
    4. Heidi Swapp- not only is she an awesome designer but her thrill for attention to detail is amazing
    5. Tracey Clark- Knowledge in photography is just awe-inspiring (even suggested to my sister who is showing talent in that subject) and could never be duplicated,
    6. Ali Edwards- trust that you can change yourself with just one thing at a time is wonderful and I am slowly learning that (thank you),
    7. Tami Morrison- her knowledge and ideas that get even the family involved is totally a high point for me; I always want to pass on this fun (as well as enjoy it with them) to my family,
    8. May Flaum- Knowledge of different mediums and how to use them has become very useful as I have expanded my crafting portfolio,
    9. Courtney Walsh- documenting and scrapbooking what is most important to you as an individual has been refreshing; I never think to put myself in there and when I do I don’t think that I have anything worth saying, &
    10. Lisa Day- finding and enjoying the things that matter most to you has been something that I have struggled with for years, her energy and ideas on how to accomplish it has been useful and inspiring.
    I appologize for such a long post, but this has been on my mind since the question was asked in BIF and it feels good to get it down. Please pass on my thanks to each of the instructors, as I truly appreciate their help and inspiration.

  16. Roseann Hoyle says:

    Stacy, my first choice would be you. I love how down to earth and real you are. You relate so well to everyone. I always enjoy your classes. Some other good choices would be Cathy Zielske ( I love how honest and funny she is), Ali Edwards, May Flaum, or Nic Howard. Everyone at BPC are great-so of course there are no wrong choices.

  17. I also have a college-related Hawaii 5-0 memory! The pep band played it when the score was 5-0 at our hockey games (and, sometimes at other times if begged to!). Too funny.

  18. That’s a hard choice. So many great teachers out there so . . . Amy Tangerine.

  19. Stacy, of course! You keep everything so relaxed and within reach. But next on the list would be Noel Hyman. Her approach to design really appeals to my style of thinking…

  20. I would have to pick you Stacy. I love a lot of the other instructors, but meeting you would be like an Elvis moment for me. Your style and honest approach to scrapbooking is what I find most inspiring. I so wish I could go to Hawaii!

  21. Elise Thomasset says:

    1. You! [I was disappointed to miss out this time...]
    2. Ali Edwards
    3. May Flaum
    4. Karen Grunberg
    I have watched, listened and taken classes from the inspired women on this list. I truly enjoy connecting with independent, professional women who are not afraid to speak their mind and create their own path. Such a wealth of creative energy!

  22. Wow, so many choices! I would love to take a class with Ali Edwards, May Flaum, Heidi Swapp, Karen Grunberg, Cathy Zielske, Nic Howard and the list goes on. So many amazing inspirational scrappers out there. Musn’t forget you Stacy and how about Tim Holtz

  23. I endorse all the previous comments about the wonderful team of BPC instructors, and add my votes for Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske in particular. But I’d also like to add the name of Amy Sorensen to the top of my list as she has been the most influential on my scrapbooking – I write so much better as a result of taking Write Now (the first class I signed up for, a few years ago now), and I would absolutely adore to meet her (and perhaps to go on a trek with her in the mountains of Utah – now there’s an idea for a theme and venue!).

  24. First choice would be you
    2 Becky Higgins
    3 May Flaum

  25. 1. Stacy Julian
    2. Ali Edwards
    3. Cathy Zielski (even though I know she doesn’t love doing live events)
    4. Tim Holtz

  26. I have loved every class I have taken at BPC, so to choose an instructor is dificult. I think I would love to attend an event with Ali Edwards, she is such an inspiration.

  27. After taking Heidi Swapp’s Art of Onservation, I am a true devotee! Her energy and outlook is awesome! I also would LOVE to see Ali Edwards live.

  28. Ive been reading everyone elses comments and they aree wonderful. you have so many amazing instructors, and truly you are an inspiration. I think you know I am a big fan of yours and you teaching and philsophy, it would be an amazing thing to take a class co-taught by you and Noell having conversations for hours, I would certainly enroll in that one if I could!!
    I thought I would put forward a different name, who hasnt taught at BPC but has appeared in one of the Ella (now in BPC) books, I hope that is ok. I would like to suggest a class by Shimelle Laine, in beautiful Sydney Australia. That would be my dream come true and I would love to sign up for it (though I hope it would be less pricey so I can afford it, Twelve was just about my top limit for classes… Hawaii more than I can take from the family)
    I live in Australia (obviously) so you dont need to add me to the competition, (the postage would be insane to send a lovely hat and tote out here, more than they cost I am certain) but I still wanted to add that idea to the table for you to consider, she is an inspiring teacher.

  29. Cathy Zielske!!!!! Forever and ever!!!!!

  30. Staci, You would be the one for me. My husband and I had hoped to come to Hawaii. We will be saving hoping you can do it again! (Next year will be our 30th anniversary.) You may have had a quicker fill up of the class if we had a little more time to save for it.

    I wanted to let you know for an event as you have planned, I would not want it to be a crop where we need to plan and bring what we need. I like to pay for YOU :) to do all the work! Or hopefully your staff so you can enjoy it with us as you share your talents with us.

    You are a neighbor of ours as we have a home in Spokane, and a Condo in CDA where we live most of the time. I had hoped to meet you. HAVE A GREAT TIME in Hawaii. I will enjoy the class at home.

  31. If I hadn’t booked a family trip to Hawaii for February the day before reading your announcement I would have been there in a heartbeat. Scrapbooking in Hawaii sounds fabulous. I always have so much fun with you, and I think it would also be great to scrap with Cathy Zielske. I find her clean and simple style so inspiring.

  32. 1. Stacy Julian
    2. Becky Higgins
    3. Heidi Swapp

  33. 1. Stacy Julian
    2. Heidi Swapp
    3. Becky Higgins
    4. All of the above.

    I also wanted to answer questions from the other posts that were locked. My favorite live event was Scrap Etc 2007, in Hover Alabama – and the speaker was non other than YOU, Stacy Julian. I had read your book, ‘The Big Picture’ a few times in the year leading up to that event and it literally changed how I scrapbooked. I was sooooo excited I couldn’t contain myself. I even purchased my very first big picture class “think happy” (or it mght have been free, i forget) before the event. After that event, I did the “finish line scrapbooking” mini albums so many times i’ve lost count. it is my go to for gift albums as well….

    Also, for an event, not having ‘crop time’ is fine. i got to where i used that time to catch up on my projects from classes so i didn’t come home with unfinished projects that never were completed. also, if i had to fly, i never took all my stuff with me anyway.

    please do more of these, in the states, hawaii is way too expensive for me! :) Atlanta, Orlando, anywhere near Georgia sounds good. :)

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