Hawaii FOUR-O

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I purchased all of my Hawaiian prizes at Target last Saturday. The first item on my list was “Beach Towel” and guess what? It is NOT beach towel season in Spokane and there was NOT a single beach towel to be had in Target. So, I settled for dish towels. We all need them, and these are FUN, tropical colors …

As we (BPC) work to define our event brand, one of the things I would like to try is not having free crop time. Here’s why: I would rather people come without all the stuff and spend time getting inspired and connecting with other like-minded folks as they work on provided projects. I do like concept-based projects with lots of room for personal interpretation, that require personal pictures, so participants (live or online) would need to have specific pictures prepared. I’m curious how YOU feel about this tweak to the traditional scrapbooking event …

You could WIN these beachy, dish towels by leaving me a comment and answering this question: On a scale from 1 to 10, how strongly to you agree with me. In other words, leave me a “1″ in the comment section if you think I’m dead wrong. The thing you love most about an event is the opportunity to bring your own pages and projects and work on them in an open crop setting. If your comment contains a “10″ you agree that it would be extremely liberating NOT to have to bring anything (but pictures) and leave with completed pages or projects. Naturally, you can answer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 with an explanation. I appreciate any and all thoughts on this subject!

Happy Saturday

p.s. Yesterday’s WINNER is Cheri Andrews, with this comment: I’m not going to be specific (okay, anywhere along the northeast corridor of the U.S. would be good), I’m just suggesting perhaps someplace more in line with the budget of the average scrapper (sure I know, if Hawaii was in our average budget you’d never be able to stick to that 24 limit…). And my suggestion is totally selfish because I just want the event to end up someplace that I can reasonably get to without breaking the bank because I’d really love to join in! Okay, that said, Lancaster PA is quite scenic and has a lot to offer a scrapper. Philadelphia PA has some great historic sites – a field trip to the art museum for inspiration and a photograph on those iconic steps – the Liberty Bell – some wonderful hotels and restaurants. New York City has the hustle and bustle of metropolis – Times Square is a great place for inspiration, but there is Central Park if you want a little chill… I’d be happy to provide more particulars and help with arrangements anywhere in this general geography!

We are very conscious of the expense required by our first event and I do want you to know that we will be planning and hosting a wide range of events for a wide range of people, preferences and budgets. Thanks again for your great comments!


  1. 10, 10, 10!! Especially if I’m traveling some distance to get there. I recently attended a CK Convention and purposely did not bring much of my own stuff because I knew that I would enjoy the event more if I could focus on the classes and events happening at the convention. I did attend an open crop while I was there, but I worked on finishing the projects I started in class and only had to carry my ‘basic’ supplies — cutter, scissors, adhesive, a brown ink pad, x-acto knife, and a black marker. I love the towels, too. I certainly use my kitchen towels more often than my beach towels. :-)
    – Marilyn aka scrapmom98

  2. AnneMarie Hatch says:

    I vote for a 10 as well :) Being able to focus on the projects provided would be awesome!

  3. Elise Thomasset says:

    7.5 (I’m weird). … 10 because I LOVE make&takes where I walk up to a station, see the project & all the bits, pieces & tools are right there for me to (um) make, and… (you know) take. 5 because if I go to a traditional crop, I am partial to my own supplies, but I LOVE the camaraderie and inspiration from all the people around me. Also, I can see what other supplies people use. So 10 + 5 ÷ 2 = 7.5 :)

  4. I read this and immediately went …ahhhh….what a great idea! I’ver traveled to a variety of places for events and packing supplies is the hardest part. Plus I never end up with the right stuff or even completing much from what I bring. I buy classes to learn and having an open crop time is not learning time. So I say 10!

  5. 10+…I 100% agree! So many people show up to a crop with the intention of “getting things done.” I much prefer to go to an event and learn and try new techniques. Yes, we all need to gift of time, but being creative always inspires more creativity, and somehow I can find the time at home when creativity strikes.

  6. SueinMtVernon says:

    A big 10 from me! I’m terrible when it comes to packing for a general crop – bring too much – don’t bring what I need – and end up not getting much accomplished. I love the pre-planned project idea! Go Stacy!

  7. 10! I’ve always had trouble packing light and I’m sure scrapbooking events are no exception! And besides, I always agree with my friend Stacy! :):)

    P.S. Did you take the photos? They look great! Totally Hawaiian with the shells and everything! I’m so excited that you get to go somewhere tropical during a long Spokane winter! :)

  8. I also say 10! I love weekend crops where all we do is scrap our own projects, but if I’m paying to come to an event I’d rather learn and connect. Especially if I’m traveling a long distance! And those kitchen towels would look awesome in my kitchen! ;) Thanks for all you and BPC do!

  9. A BIG TEN!

  10. 2. I’m going to go against the grain here and have to disagree. This weekend I am facilitating a weekend scrapbook retreat for 30 women. I have been doing this for 10 years. We used to do alot of make and takes and classes, but have found that people just want to come and crop and get work done in their personal albums. Their time is limited and they just want to utilize their time to get as much memory keeping done as possible. I have attended CKU, CKC, and other scrapbooking events and taken numerous classes. Many of the pages and projects that I made have gone unused because they just didn’t fit my style, weren’t the right color for what I needed, etc. All scrapbookers want to document their memories, but I think some do it as an artistic outlet while others just simply want to get their pictures off memory cards and on pages. I see this distinction now more than ever. So I guess it boils down to which group you are trying to reach. This type of event would not interest the women with me this weekend. They would rather spend their time and money printing pictures and working on pages that match their style while laughing and eating chocolate with their friends. Just my 2 cents!

  11. 10 as well :) I’d much rather connect and play with stuff I might or might not normally use. There is more freedom when you don’t lug a bunch of stuff (that is always too much, or never the right thing). Great thinking Stacy!

  12. Gaye Larsen says:

    I will have to say 1 (or even -1, if that is possible). For me it is about the creative process. I would not want to leave an event where my pages looked like everyone else’s except for the photos. I go to an event or class for inspiration not to mimic someone else. Please don’t tell me to cut a 2″ square because I will probably be thinking, why can’t it be 5 inches or why does it have to be a square at all? You say you want folks to be inspired, but how can they be “inspired” if they are told what to do? Teaching a technique does not mean all must mimic the instructor. A good class experience is one where a teacher inspires a creative project they have allowed the student to create from the lesson. This requires that students be given the opportunity to have free play with newly acquired skills, otherwise they may never feel confident enough to try those newly learned techniques again and then they may question why they even went to that class in the first place.

    • Gaye,
      I probably didn’t do the best job of explaining my approach. Trust me, BPC is not a “cute a 2″ square” education model — I am very much about personal interpretation and creative process that allows you to express your uniqueness. I’m suggesting presenting participants with a project concept (well defined, but very open) and providing them with lots of fun product to explore and adapt and create. I think we share the same opinion actually, so forgive me for leading you astray! I’m so glad you commented–now I know I wasn’t 100% clear!

  13. 10. When it is an event like this I want to learn techniques, play with product, and meet new people…besides who wants to pay the oversize, over-heavy luggage fees at the airlines to get stuff there and hardly use anything we brought. Go Stacy! Love the beachy towels…thinking Hawaii in December…Yes sun! Yes warm!

  14. I’ve never been to a live event but this past year I joined a group of ladies that meet once a month. The ‘hostess’ picks the page we’ll do and often times there is a choice of 2 different colour themes. You bring your own embellishments, based on the colours. The pages never look the same but even if they did you are taking them home to your album so no one knows (or cares) if there are a dozen other layouts out there with the same design. We often have free time afterwards and packing for that is the hardest part. There is a reason kindergarten teachers don’t have free time – it creates chaos. Without structured play there are just too many choices. If I’m going to committ the time and money to get somewhere like this large scale BPC event I don’t want free time, I could stay home and do that for free.
    So I guess that is my long winded way of saying 10!

  15. Having never been to a live event or crop (I know, I’m strange!) I would say I agree with you – so 10!

  16. Karen Cummins says:

    10! What a better way to be inspired to be creative than a clean slate!

  17. 10!!!

    I would love to come and do something completely out of my comfort zone. Plus – deciding what to bring and what to use on each layout/project is where I waste most of my time. I loved taking the class with you where we brought photos, a bag of one color embellies and left with a completed album! It was the best!!

  18. 8. While I agree no open crop because you don’t want to have to drag all your extra stuff but i don’t use the open crop for previous personal scrapping. I don’t bring pictures to add to any projects when I attend an event such as this one because I often want to go home and contemplate which pictures to add. In the open crops, I usually use the extra time to personalize the project I was working on so I may use some of the extra supplies I brought to add my own touch to the projects. I also work slower then some people in classes so I often just spend the time in the open crops to finish up with a project. Also, I tend to chat a lot in the extra crop to.

  19. Amy Ferguson says:

    10! one of the hardest things is to pack up all of your stuff and plan for every page for me.

  20. Roseann Hoyle says:

    1. I love to go to crops to work on my own stuff, get caught up, and visit as I wish. I like to learn new techniques, and love looking at what other people do to see what is new and how they are using stuff. At the crop I was at last week, I was painting letters to match my layout, and my friends were amazed. They had never thought to do that. I told them I use paint, ink, stickles, and just whatever else comes to mind. (Thanks May Flaum and many more at BPC) Also, many times the classes or projects just don’t fit my style or I’m just not into it. I actually had a friend go home after an album class we had done and tear all the pages apart! I have never gone that far (and I actually really liked that project) but I have left some unfinished and put the papers, embellies, whatever in my stash. So I am going to stick with my (1). I love the colors of the towels and would so like to be able to go with you to Hawaii (one of my all time favorite places). But it is just not in the budget this year. Looking forward to the online version :) Roseann

  21. 9.9.
    Because I do agree with you, but I always need a little wiggle room ;)

  22. 10
    The stress of trying to pack just the right thing and then realizing that everyone else’s stuff is cooler than mine is just too much to deal with! I can play with my own stuff at home and at crops around here…if I’m going to a creative retreat, I want to do things I’ve never done before, connect with people, and stretch myself

    …as to locations…New England is lovely any time of the year ! (shameless plug!)

  23. 10! I love packing light–especially where air travel is involved. Adds to the surprise/fun of the experience, too.

  24. 10!! – One I don’t have to think about what I am going to work on, someone else has already done that for me. Two, I like to support the event. Three, when I travel to a crop sponsored by someone, I like to support their cause. For example, going to a crop at a store. I bring just tools and buy items from them. This way I feel I am keeping them in business and helping survive in today’s economy. Four – It is easier. Five – I am not an “out of the box” thinker” and like to follow what other do and having the supplies makes that easier. Six – I love getting new product. Seven – I save my back and not have to haul all the stuff that I think I might use but really in the long run I don’t. Eight – There might be back up if I make a mistake. Everyone is using the same thing and may share their leftovers. Nine – I love to share my leftovers. TEN – It would be FUN!. ~Ann

  25. Based on my understanding of what you have planned I think that I would go with 8.5. It sounds like what you have planned is similar to taking your Finish Line Scrapbooking class. I took it in Calgary and loved it. I enjoyed just walking in with photos, glue and some black embellishments and trying something new. Everyone’s album looked totally different even though the supplies were the same. There is also a great deal of practicality in only bringing photos, and everyone loves to get stuff at crops. That being said, for those who are faster workers or more organized, they might like to have the opportunity to work on something in the downtime, like working on their LOM or making some cards. Not all crops should run like this, but in this case I think it will work well.

  26. 10!! I would love this! Whenever I pack for a crop, I spend forever trying to decide what to work on, what to bring and then half the time I get there and I don’t “feel” the stuff that I’ve brought. I would love to try scrapping this way! Great idea!

  27. I attend very few crops but I’d agree with a lot of ladies here and go with a 10 and the reason is this: I trust the creative minds at BPC. The last crop I went to, about 3 years ago, we were to bring a few photos to go with a certain theme. It took me 2 years to finish that layout. I did part of it that day but realized I had the wrong photos with me then let it sit in my “layouts to finish” project bin until I finally finished it last year. I like it but not sure that I love it. I most likely won’t make another layout like it in the future (I do repeat designs that I really like). On the other hand, take your Finish Line albums (by the way, I’m so happy you have detailed instructions on your blog now!). Bringing 25-50 photos of a single event and leaving with a completed project, where everything is provided, just works. I have made MANY Finish Line albums both for myself and as gifts. They are all different and all loved.

  28. i think i’m a 9! at first i was taken aback by ‘no crop’ but it totally makes sense the way you’ve explained it…..and i have to admit that when i pack for a crop i go overboard….no pun intended!!! most of the time i don’t use half the stuff i brought, just in case! here’s to wishing i was in hawaii with you in december!!

  29. From what I understand about your (developing) vision of these events, I would definitely be a 10. This event would be something we would be coming to do a specific project or set of projects or whatever. I like the idea that it is a project intended to be completed with pictures at the event so that I assume we would have guidance as to the pictures we might want to include. I haven’t had good success making a blank page and then coming home and finding a picture to go on it. Rare that those make it into my book but something like the mini I am envisioning for the Hawaii event would be really cool and if it wasn’t exactly my style, no worries, it exists independently. A crop weekend would be a very different vision for me and while I enjoy those, that’s not something I would want to do with someone I want to learn from right there with me. I would want to focus on learning from you (and other experts I expect you might envision).

  30. 10

  31. My rating would depend on the project and the amount of information given ahead of time. The concept is very appealing, but I’ve had similar situations in the past where the photos I brought did not work with the intended project at all. I’m also one of those who often needs to let an idea “percolate” a bit to make it work and really love it. And I can never quite complete a project as shown – I’m always tweaking to “make it mine”. So… if there were a very clear concept presented in advance as to what the project is and the type of photos (amount, sizes, etc.) needed to make it work, then I’m all for it! If I have to give a number, I’m going with an “8″ just to reflect my slight discomfort as to whether or not I would have photos to work with the project as intended.

  32. Stacy, I agree wholeheartedly, so count me as a 10! Even though I will not be able to come to Hawaii (BOO!), I am looking forward to participating from the comfort of my own little scrappin’ paradise! I hope you go the route you are testing now – I would love to put together some layouts based on the inspiration provided on 12/12/12. Thanks so much!

  33. 5. Completely ambivalent about this.

    Love the no need to pack or choose supplies. However, without knowing what kind of project I’d be making, how much space I’d be using, I would have a horrible time choosing photos or story to tell.

    And the story and photos are the most important part for me.

  34. Denise kerut says:

    10! Luv your ideas!

  35. Lisa M. Zepponi says:

    I think there are two types of crops:one like the Hawaii event, where I agree with you, so 10 is what I rank your answer. A crop full of inspiration, not free time. The second typed of crop is one where you only crop, no classes, no planned inspiration, you take everything but the kitchen sink.

  36. 10. I’ve never been to an event, but think it would be to overwhelming to figure out what to bring. I think I’d definitely tend to overpack.

  37. 9, my only slightly negative thought is that whenever I make something that’s not “me” I’m disappointed with it, and it’s likely to never see the light of day again. The idea of only needing to bring photos soundds great though.

  38. 10…and I would be happy to brake the bank to join you. Just not in December:) but I will do my best to join you online!

  39. It sounds like a 10 to me. The less “stuff” I would have to take while traveling, the better. I love trying new things, and who better to get inspiration and project ideas from than the BPC instructors?!

  40. Kathy Jo Camacho says:

    I say 10! When you are traveling, less is more. To have the crop preplanned where I could work on either projects that were started during the day or ones that are “assigned” would be fantastic. Having taken your classes before, I have no doubt that you would be specific in instructions on what pictures would look best prior to the event. The person would have to do their homework to get their pictures together, but there is nothing wrong with a little preperation. I think this is a great idea… and could be the start of a new trend.

  41. 10 for sure! Of course, I won’t be able to go to this years event, but that doesn’t stop my mind from thinking and planning. lol. And one thing I did decide in my make-believe trip dream was that I would not want to pack up my “stuff”. I would for sure do better with just taking the amount of pictures you suggestions and go from there. Even in a prepackaged Kit there are so many different ways of dealing with the papers that I would think no two peoples pages/project would ever be the same. In any kit there is several sheets of paper/tags/adornments…. to use any way you see. The beauty of having the project out would be less worry for me. I would probably spend more of my time looking at everyones elses projects and wondering from table to table. I might be more giddy about being in Hawaii with all these nice people than worried about if my take-home project was completed. On another note, I do LOVE the towels and I sure could use them while I staying home dreaming of my dream to Hawaii. Thanks Stacy and your BPC team, you all rock.
    Martha/Calis Nanny

  42. tonya dieterlen says:

    Agree! 10! I can NEVER complete pages @ a public crop. I’m completely overwhelmed and just want to take everything in…and talk! I then become inspired to do fun things when I get home and have all my tools at hand. I do like to make smaller crafts at public events. Sometime it introduces me to a new technique, color combo or other creative, practical inspiration! Love you and love BPC!!

  43. Definitely 10!

  44. I would say 10 as well.

  45. Kathy Meredith says:

    10 to the Hawaii 4-0 for me! It is much easier to pack for eiher a crop or classes, not both. Also, if I am going to spend this signiicant amount, I want to spend my time learnng from the pros. Even if a particular project isn’t something I would normally make, I alway learn a new technique or something and then have a completed gift for giving later.

  46. 10!!! I can tell you that at almost EVERY SINGLE scrapbooking event I’ve attended there hasn’t been enough time for me to actually DO an scrapbooking at an “open” scrap time. I’m too busy re-connecting with old friends, making new ones, etc.

    It would be fantastic to just bring pictures and not stress about which pages to prep, how much to bring, etc.

    KUDOS to you Stacy!

  47. I’m going to say 9 because right now I just need a jumpstart and not having to worry about planning pages and bringing 100 lbs of scrapbooking supplies would just be awesome. The missing one is because it would probably take me forever to find photos as my LOM is not complete. This would be total motivation to get that done!!! Thanks Stacy!

  48. 9…Sounds very liberating. I don’t go to many crops because it seems more time is spent deciding what to take, packing it all up, unpacking once you get there and then packing it up again and then getting it all put back in place once you get home. So, not much time to actual get pages done! Seems easier to just stay at home. BUT I do like being able to look at other people’s projects and get ideas.

  49. I give a 10 for both your concepts. In all the scrap events I have gone to that involve classes, I never bring additional things to work on, because I find I use any free crop time to work on the class projects. But the KEY point you mention is the preparation of pictures. In the early days – I have been at this a long time ;) – class instructors would always give a list of photo sizes needed to complete the project. This has apparently gone out of favour these past several years and makes projects completion at an event very difficult. I like to know the paper line or theme that will be used and the photo numbers and sizes to bring. That way I can actually complete a project during the event, and not have multiple unfinished class projects languishing in my scrap room….

  50. I’d say an 8–I really like the concept overall, though I would slightly miss seeing all the very different things going on during an open crop. At the same time, I can work on my own projects at home on my own time, while I’d like to work on the provided projects (with everyone’s twist) at the event.

  51. ABSOLUTELY! A friend at a crop brought a project for us to all work on (spur of the moment project) I was very reluctant because I don’t alter anything. I attempted the
    project, as did 8 other women and it turned out to be my most favorite thing of the
    weekend. They were all so unique, so creative and so fitting to each participant!
    I love mine now and am so grateful that I took the plunge and went out of my
    comfort zone. That’s the way to have fun, be productive and become more creative!
    You deserve a TEN!!!!

  52. theresa Ferran says:

    O.K. so I think what you are suggesting is a “project” to be completed type event on Dec.12,2012?… If I am correct in understanding , then I say a 10. While I enjoy “crops” and taking along all my stuff, I think for this type of event it would benefit everyone to have a project type of event happening. Something where maybe we can even purchase a kit if we wanted to (for the stay at homers), and have something specific to be able to complete. Tell me what to do and I in! LOL. Honestly, Stacy, whatever you guys decide, I have faith that it is going to be inspirational (like the Big Idea festival) and all the other classes I have taken. For me, personally, I love the “project concept” Thanks for asking.

  53. I agree wholeheartedly with your idea of not having free crop time. Getting ready for a crop outside of my home is stressful to me, no matter how near or far it is. That is not to say I don’t attend crops, I certainly do. But I”ve determined that I work best at a crop when I have a very specific project to work on. I know exactly what to bring and can get by with nothing more. So completing a project at an event that had provided me with a list of exactly what I would need to finish it, that’s good! But free crop time? I’d rather not do that at an event.

  54. I am going to say a “9.” I totally agree with the idea of not having to pack up my entire scrapbook room for an open crop. I love the idea of project-based activities, but the only reason I said “9″ is because I love to crop too!

  55. Lorna Schreck says:

    I have never been to a crop, but love going to arts and crafts workshops because they are facilitated, I learn new tips & techniques, am introduced to tools and materials , produce a finished project, and meet new people. Great FUN! I love learning and playing with like minded folks; the group energy is wonderfully freeing, and invites the creative muse to be very present within the group and the individuals. What always amazes me is to see the same materials and instructions become such individual works while looking similar. Personal style! So I like the idea of some structure, while laughing and learning. But as i typed in my comments, i realized your question made me also want to go to a crop to see what that is like. I have not yet met other Scrappers in my area and mostly order on line. BPC is my lifeline to the outside world now that I am retired and caring for Mother (96!).

  56. 10! I’d never want to pack up supplies and schlep them to Hawaii. I think people would enjoy the opportunity to “step out of the box” and enjoy a new experience.

  57. Jennifer C. says:

    I love the idea of not bringing really anything to the event! I am always wondering what I will be inspired enough to work on when I go to these events. I spend hours thinking about it, packing, repacking, and end up bringing way too much stuff. Then I still find that I don’t get anything really accomplished, because I should have brought this, or I feel inspired to work on this and it is at home. I do always love the company at these event, so I never feel like it was a waste of time, because let’s face it, everyone needs a break to socialize with others. I think that this idea is absolutely liberating! I can attend an event, enjoy the company, get inspired to complete something, have everything there that I need to complete it, and possibly actually complete it! I love that idea! It deserves a very large 10 (personally I would even give it a 12)!!!

  58. Cindy Brooks says:

    10, 10, 10! The last time I attended an event I brought only my basic tools and left the rest home. It was so freeing! I love getting projects to work on at the event that I can finish there and learn something new. It makes me feel so satisfied and like my time (and $$$) was well spent.

  59. 9. I love the idea of not having to go through all my supplies and figure out what to bring, especially if I’m traveling by plane. I enjoy going to local crops, but find that I think of products I want to use on a layout but have left at home. I’m a little nervous just bringing pictures that may ultimately not coordinate with the products, but I suppose I could make them black and white…

  60. I think an 8 while I do love to work on my own projects, I have loved going to special events and completing specific projects. When you are travelling to an event it is hard to take everything you need so this simplifies the packing process. It is also great to learn new ideas and come away feeling you have accomplished something.

  61. 9, I like project based scrapping but I would like a little time to work on my own, I have learned not to pack my entire scraproom.

  62. YOU ARE RIGHT ON ( IN MY BOOK!)! Sorry, but I don’t want to drag a load of stuff only to find out I have the perfect embellie AT HOME. Much rather get a little direction on the type of pictures I will need and come with my laptop/jump drive with pics and be dazzled and inspired by the classes and instructors. I don’t even care if I actually finish everything while I’m there. Just INSPIRE ME! I love to create with fun product and a good challenge using product/techniques I’m new to.

  63. Definately a 10 here–you are in Hawaii,why would you want to use your free time scrapping??

  64. 10 — if you are going to be in Hawaii with Stacy Julian (and I won’t, but wish I was…)I’d say definitely use all the time you have to be inspired and do something new. Having an open-mind (who wouldn’t in Hawaii!!), free from all your usual trappings and supplies can definitely lead to greatness. Fabulous idea!

  65. 10! This is a chance to S-T-R-E-T-C-H and try new projects with new supplies. Go for it! You don’t want to be lugging all your stuff around when you have the chance to try something new.

  66. Nice one it was a worth reading. it as I have read other online views on the same. think it should be more practical. I’ll visit again to read more on this website.

  67. 10 there was a time when my scrap stuff fit in a box, then a tote, not that I have a small space in my home dedicated to my scrap stuff I wouldn’t know where to be begin with the packing. Secondly what better way to stretch your creativity than to scrap with supplies chosen by some of the scrap teachers I so admire.

  68. 10! Iwouldn’t have thought so but this kind of event screams DIFFERENT than the rest. If I ever get to go to one of your events, I would like to come come back with pages to add my pictures too and not have to drag any supplies with me.

  69. Absolutely at 10!!!! I can do my own thing at home. I would use this opportunity to soak up all the “Stacy-ness” that I could. Any project you plan would be awesome, I’m sure. :-)

  70. Karen Schmidt says:

    Its a “10″ for me.

  71. First off I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your head before writing. I’ve had a tough time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out
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    Appreciate it!

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