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There were SO MANY great comments on yesterday’s post. Wow!!
I’m selecting  MMarie, as my WINNER, because she blew me away with her awesome list of potential sponsors. Some of her ideas:
American Crafts, Bazzill, Shutterfly, Scrapbook.com, Apple (yes!), Canon or Nikon, Compendium, Target and Legos! BUT … Marie was among several who took time to really think BIG and think through the possibilities and share their thoughts. I’m also going to share a download for the first-ever Ella/BPC eBook, that just came out with Kristie H and Lisamarie

Click on image to learn more and purchase!

Scrap CHIC is authored by ALL of the 14 BPC instructors and Ella authors that participated in the Big Idea Festival! I was truly impressed with the information and layouts when I reviewed the final copy, because the intent is to honor and highlight recent trends, while also learning from experienced scrapbookers about the importance authentic storytelling. It makes me just giddy to be working with Angie again and this time with her awesome Ella team! So, if you haven’t yet ventured into the world of electronic books, now would be a good time to give them a try!

Ok, all of that is because I have such awesome, loyal blog readers — thanks so much to all of you.

Today’s prize is Alba Botanica Hawaiian towelettes and body wash as well as some  Just Relax: Maui music!

Today’s question is …
Where should we go next?
Which destination would you like to see in 2013?

I can’t wait to read your responses!


  1. Come to the uk, please! Seriously, there are loads of scrapers here who would just love you to come & if you do, I promise to show you round some of my favourite haunts … I’m not in London, I’m in the Midlands – and round here we have beautiful countryside, historic and beautiful stately homes, the ultra modern with science museums and the National Space Centre – all this and still only an hour from the seaside, and an hour from London on the train! I can provide everything you need, including the settings for the most awesome pictures for scrapping! I know you would love it, and I’d love to be your host, so please seriously consider the UK, but not London!

    • Lorna Schreck says:

      May I add a small suggestion of taking a longer trip and cruising to the UK on the QEIi. We could scrap,as we sail. But this would need a year or 18 months to plan.

  2. Please come to US east coast but closer to the Canadian border! I want to do a road trip with my girlfriends to the event.

  3. something on the east coast (only because I’m in NJ & it would be easier for me to get to)…maybe Cape Cod or somewhere near Accadia in Maine?

  4. How about the Happiest Place on Earth? But I’ll settle for Orlando.

  5. How about West Edmonton Mall? Some place prettier in Alberta would be Banff National Park.

  6. I think you should come to NYC!! Not only because its close to me (best reason!) but also because its a whole different scene and source of inspiration and fun!

  7. Ok, my selfish answer is San Antonio because that’s where I live, but it’s also a wonderful destination for tourists!

    But my next answer is Mackinac Island because you REALLy get away from the hustle and bustle there (no cars allowed!) and I’ve always heard it’s just beautiful.

    More good options – Galveston, TX; Annapolis, MD or San Diego.

  8. I’m not going to be specific (okay, anywhere along the northeast corridor of the U.S. would be good), I’m just suggesting perhaps someplace more in line with the budget of the average scrapper (sure I know, if Hawaii was in our average budget you’d never be able to stick to that 24 limit…). And my suggestion is totally selfish because I just want the event to end up someplace that I can reasonably get to without breaking the bank because I’d really love to join in! Okay, that said, Lancaster PA is quite scenic and has a lot to offer a scrapper. Philadelphia PA has some great historic sites – a field trip to the art museum for inspiration and a photograph on those iconic steps – the Liberty Bell – some wonderful hotels and restaurants. New York City has the hustle and bustle of metropolis – Times Square is a great place for inspiration, but there is Central Park if you want a little chill… I’d be happy to provide more particulars and help with arrangements anywhere in this general geography!

  9. Selfishly I think you should do a hometown tour and hit Seattle so you can show people why BPC loves Washington State. Other places that would be great Mackinaw Island, Savannah, The ACE hotel in Palm Springs, a spa in Sedona or anywhere that is beautiful, fun, and inspiring.

  10. Karen Schmidt says:

    I’m glad other people are saying Mackinac Island because I live in Michigan about 4 hours away. Traverse city MI would be a good place. Great Wold Lodge (indoor swimming for the family while we scrap) Its scenic, Grand travse bay, Cherry festival,wine country, Light Houses. How about Ludington MI beautiful beaches, light Houses, very scenic.
    Really I would love any place you pick, you and your team always can pull anything off in high class.

  11. Hey! I use their coconut shampoo and conditioner to control my hair! :) It’s the greatest!

    Orlando is always a fun idea because there’s a certain mouse I like to visit whenever I get a chance. If you’re going tropical, I adore the Caribbean Sea. Martinique is beautiful and you can just wade out and inspect a coral reef, right at the edge of the water. Of course, that could be distracting. I know! San Francisco. They have some really neat and unique craft supply stores and places that aren’t craft supply stores, but have really neat things that you can use as craft supplies if you’ve got a little imagination. Plus my favorite tea shop is there! :)

  12. Michelle Huegel says:

    Personally, I’m a big fan of my own new home city, San Antonio, TX!! Warm weather, lots of history, art and culture, and the Riverwalk!! A gorgeous place to host any sort of event :) – and we have tons of ranches and beautiful resorts, bed-and-breakfast, and more places all around if you want out of the city!

  13. You remember what an awesome time you had in New Zealand, right?
    I’m sure it’s time to share the special NZ magic with BPC members!

  14. Dear Stacy,
    I’m so looking forward to reading Happier at Home…I know I will devour it..thank you SO MUCH!

    What another great question! I suggest Salt Lake City because of all the great companies that tie into the heart and soul of BPC. (American Crafts/Studio Calico/etc, CTMH, Doodlebug, My Minds Eye, BasicGrey, and I’m sure there are others.) It’s also a hub for at least one airline so not super hard to get to, and accommodations would likely be reasonable.

    It would be fun to take a double decker bus ride to tour some/all of these companies to see how they design, manufactor, store, and/or pack their merchandise. It would be great to have a time to shop too if they have a store attached to their corportate office. (Whenever American Crafts have had their warehouse sales I’ve so wanted to jump on a plane and go!)

    I know you have quite a few teachers/staff who live in the SLC area so it would be fun if they could bring some of their favorite projects (Layouts, art journaling, home decor, etc) for the attendees to look at, gather ideas from, take photos of, etc. It would be a showcase of the local teacher’s best work.

    Of course you’d also have to include the option of a hike, led by Darci, to some beautiful mountain or trail…there are so many!

    My other ideas are 1) Spokane to see where this all started with your and Kayce’s favorite places…the cute store you took your mom and sisters to, your local DQ & Target, Service Station that I think Kayce likes…though in reality it may not be best for your audience. 2) some spa experience for pampering 3) a mini cruise in US waters…CTMH could give you great ideas/info as they’ve done many.

    I’m loving seeing BPC grow!!!

  15. Lorna Schreck says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I was thinking of the coziness of home and remembered a time when my family reunion was held in a small hotel. We took up the whole facility and no matter where we were w e ran into someone with whom we shared a common bond.. Most of us had never met before…there were 157 of us from all over the world. We met in Nova Scotia Canada, but Halifax would be grand too. I would also suggest San Francisco, or Martha’s Vineyard as great off season places that could be affordable with easy airport access. But best of all, come to Sonoma County, be basked in the wine and spa country. I would love to have you all here.

  16. How about Minnesota, we’re centrally located and there’s a really nice Archivers at Mall of America…

  17. Someplace affordable in the US just because that is where I am from. Some place that is off one of the major airline hubs so the cost of flying there is not exorbitant. Yet, I also thought Glacier Ntl Park would be unusual because it is in both the US and Canada. it is my favorite US Ntl park and has the beauty of Yosemite and Yellowstone without the people.

  18. Denise kerut says:

    Please come to new Orleans! Such a fun city! Beautiful! Delicious food! Nicest people! No scrapbook event has ever come here and I think it would be fantastic and sell out fast! Great hotels and international airport. I would be happy to help you plan it!

  19. Julie Fallon says:

    San Fransisco or Australia or Ireland!!!

  20. Julie Fallon says:

    Yosemite too!
    tenaya lodge or Yosemite lodge at the falls

  21. Please come to Canada! The Rocky Mountains have some beautiful hotels and the scenery is spectacular! If money were no object (ha!) I’d love to do a cruise or hang out in one of the Caribbean islands with you :)

  22. So many fun ideas. Lorna, you are hilarious, I loved your idea of taking over a hotel so everywhere we are we’d run into another BPC chum, but an entire cruise ship, hehehe. Love it.
    Glacier National park or the Canadian Rockies is ideal with many natural wonders to savour while gathering our own creative thoughts.

    On a serious note, I actually “graduated out” of a home based scrapbooking business as I needed to use more of what I had and hoped to simply hang out with scrappie friends instead of doing sales. I was sad, though, about missing the conventions and thought it would be so nice to meet up with other BPC and LOM kindred spirits. Cheers to future BPC gatherings in whatever Living Colour form they may take.

  23. My selfish answer–Portland, Oregon! Come in July, August or September for perfect weather! :)

    But really, Denver, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Memphis are all easy to fly to… or what about Kansas? It’s smack dab in the middle of the U.S. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…maybe if we all get some ruby slippers we can just tap 3 times and be there! :)

    I’m sure BPC will try to do events all over the country and maybe the world, so hopefully we’ll all get to go to one eventually! :)

  24. My vote goes to
    San Francisco- beautiful, good food, crafty people
    Las Vegas-fun, good food, cheaper to go to than other places
    Washington DC- great places to visit
    Australia-alot of scrapbookers here, beautiful

    I like these places because alot of them are on people’s top 5 places to visit and have things that the rest of the family could enjoy. I’d love to see a mix of more exotic get togethers similar to what Maui will be like that will be more intimate and also the more commonplace where more people can join in.

  25. New Orleans is a place I’ve always wanted to go — what a great reason this would be! And the food!

    What about a lodge in one of our national parks? Maybe photography could be one of the topics. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is lovely.

    Las Vegas, Disney World — fun places, lots to do, photo ops galore.

    Oh, I could go on and on!

  26. Elise Thomasset says:

    I am smiling that someone actually said Kansas! I live here, so it really is a great idea, especially in the spring or fall.

    Rocky Mountain National Park is an amazing setting with 2 unbelievable YMCA camps/ conference centers that organize events… That’s their specialty. Gorgeous!

  27. Jan Simon Clark says:

    I see some of my favorite spots have already been mentioned.

    San Franciso – one of my favorite cities – Cable cars, Golden Gate bridge, not too far from the wine country, BART, beautiful gingerbread trim on houses, Chinatown, and the fog

    Vancouver – there’s this park with a suspension bridge where you can walk across a gorge – lovely

    Banff – the Canadian Rockies are SPECTACULAR

    Moscow – beautiful city and amazing subway stations, ok logistics would be a nightmare and the cost would be through the roof, but it is a wonderful place.

  28. Nicky from Okotoks says:

    The sunshine Coast in BC – amazing and peaceful and breathtaking.
    Wouldn’t it be fun.

  29. SueinMtVernon says:

    Alexandria, Virginia, of course! So much to see if you are a history buff – just miles away from Washington DC and Mount Vernon (and the airport!). Old Town Alexandria has fantastic little shops and wonderful restaurants. I just know the Julian Family, the BPC Family, and all the scrapbookers in attendance would love it here.

  30. I live in Hawaii, and there is no way I can afford to go! Even without having to travel across the Pacific (well, not very far since I’m on another island). I will enjoy having an event in my time zone for a change though.

  31. I would love a little cruise so we don’t have to deal with traffic! and all the meals are already provided SO you can focus on projects and creativity.

  32. Stacy,
    Today I came across the Oct 2011 Sunset magazine with an article about award winning places to visit. Based on their photos, I’d suggest Cavallo Pt Lodge in Sausalito CA. They offer amazing views of Golden Gate Bridge and the hotel has a “soulful, creative use of a historic site.” It sounds amazing. Check it out: http://www.cavallopoint.com/ (It would also allow you to have a live online event at the same time vs my SLC idea!)

  33. I wanted to suggest CO also (I know, selfish!) but one option beside the Y camps (there’s also one outside Frisco too) is that there is a LOVELY scrapbook retreat right outside the gates of Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park. I’ve been there and she’s lovely and I bet she would be beyond thrilled to host a small, intimate event or maybe you could overlap and do 2 back-to-back or something. There are a couple of others in CO but I haven’t been to them.

    I also wanted to throw out there that it might be nice if there was a Western US and an Eastern US event each year or some similar rotation.

  34. Banff, Alberta; Jasper, Alberta; Victoria, BC; I do love San Antonio and San Francisco, too. There are just too many places to have it!!

  35. theresa Ferran says:

    Doesn’t anyone want to come to Miami, Florida!? (LOL) hint hint

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