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Thanks for all the great comments and event feedback yesterday. I adore the fact that I can ask question and get answers and insight and help so easily–LOVE my blog readers! Cheri A is my WINNER from yesterday, with this thought: I’ve been to one CKU, a slew of weekend crop retreats and an even bigger slew of day crops. What I love the most is LAUGHTER. Honestly, I laugh more at these events in one weekend than in a month or two of day to day life. When you are up late at night trying to finish a layout or project, it’s amazing how silly we ladies can get and how the mere mention of “washi tape” can bring on giggles and fits of laughter. The scrapbooking is great and I love the creativity and seeing what others are doing, but it is the camaraderie that really makes it special!

My Hawaii TWO-O giveaway is a copy of Gretchen Rubin’s NEW Book, Happier At Home.

I think it would make great vacation reading!
To make yourself eligible to WIN, leave me a comment and answer the question: Which companies (think BIG and small and inside and outside our industry) would you like to see sponsor BPC events? I’d love to hear from your perspective about the importance of inviting and securing the right kind of sponsorships and what difference good sponsors make to attendees!

And, since we’re talking sponsors. I want to give a BIG shout out to the two sponsors already on board for 12/12/12 …

We are so excited to be working with both Sn@p by Simple Stories and
Paper Coterie!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts …


  1. I would love to see Ella Publishing-wait, they are now a Big Pictue company! Umm, instead of thinking of a sponsor for this, how about a non-profit to benefit from these amazing ideas, like an alzheimer’s or foster child organization. I love scrapbooking events, but I also love sharing.

  2. Would love to see a global/int’l sponsor… so everything is not so USA centric so to speak. For those of us who live elsewhere, it’s great to have online access, breaking the barriers. But sponsors that we can’t actually find or support make it difficult!

  3. Kathy Meredith says:

    How about Amy Tangerine products? I also purchase so much from Scrapbookcom. I do love the idea of giving back to a non-profit.

  4. I’m big fans of Studio Calico and Echo Park kits. I just love their kits and how the papers don’t really match each other in color, pattern or style, but somehow they totally work together on a layout. I certainly wish I had this ability to create such great combos from my own stash. That’d be dreamy!

  5. Diane Downs says:

    I think a great sponsor would be Club Scrap. They are a small scrapbooking company based in Wisconsin that designs and produces a new kit each month. EACH MONTH! They are truly amazing. Their products are exceptional.

    ps They also do a live retreat each year in Wisconsin that is unbelievable! Give Tricia Morris a call and ask her all about it.

  6. Chris Cross says:

    I love Echo Park! When people love the products of a sponsor, it makes the event much more enticing to attend. When they say the name, they know it has got to be good.

  7. I think Crafters Workshop and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s designs in particular would be a great partner with BPC. I also think Elle’s studio has some really cute stuff that is really versatile and might pair well with your ideas and style.

  8. Since I’m a digi and (a bit) hybrid scrapper, I’d love to see Sweet Shoppe Designs (my number one shoppe) or other digital supplies shoppes as sponsors. Maybe rather those which products can be easily used for hybrid scrapbooking, I can think also of Nitwit Collections right now.

  9. Can’t believe I won for yesterday! I was really just commenting to share my thoughts on why I love event. I just got “Happier at Home” in the mail (pre-ordered) on Tuesday and am loving it! Highly recommend to anyone interested.

    As for sponsors for BPC events – I’d love to see digi companies get involved for those of us who are digi scrappers. My favorites are Designer Digitals (hello, Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielski both have stuff there!) and Sweet Shoppe Designs (they have a special section devoted to hybrid stuff for those who are still paper scrappers) and the beauty of these is that since the products are downloads, there are no geography barriers! Closer to home, I’d love to see BPC do something fun and special with Tim Holtz/Ranger products which crosses a lot into the mixed media arena that many scrappers are starting to embrace.

    And since I already own this book and won yesterday, Stacy please don’t consider me for this prize! :)

  10. What about companies that support/preserve the use and art of film photography? As much as I love digital photography, I find myself consistently intrigued and inspired by articles, blogs, etc. that feature film photography (especially features like polaroids, fisheye lenses, and so on) as part of the creative process. =)

  11. Love Amy W’s idea of a non-profit like Alzheimer’s Association or something like that – seems like memory keeping and Alzheimer’s research are linked somewhat. Anyway, that isn’t a sponsor since you wouldn’t want to take money from them, but I liked her idea of a partnership.

    As for an actual sponsor, how about The Daily Digi or The Digi Show or Sweet Shoppe Designs. I’m a paper scrapper at heart, but have lost most of my scrap space in the last couple years and have turned to digi scrapping for my creative outlet since it requires only a laptop!

  12. I would love to see Becky Higgins, Persnickety Prints, and Jenni Bowlin be sponsors. I love all of their designs and products! I would’ve said Paper Coterie because I LOVE them, but you’ve already got them! Yay!!

    I really love that this is going to be an online event for those of us who can’t afford a trip right now- I wish other companies did things like this!!

  13. I would definitely say that you should remember those of us outside the USA – I know we are small in number compared to the USA folk, but you’d attract a whole bunch of new people to BPS if you were to link up for just one thing with a European company. One of the big paper companies in the uk are Papermania, though many diehard scrappers find them a bit tree they are very very popular and more importantly available all over not just in specialist stores. I think you should grab some of the very talented people too like Shimelle, Dyan Reavley (she does a lot for Ranger now) and so many more than I could possibly name.
    I would totally like to see a link with a uk photo site to do odd sized prints at a decent price too!

  14. I loved Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project and I’ve been waiting to read this one too. As to your question about sponsors, I think it’s important to look for sponsors outside the scrapbooking industry that still have the same ideals and sense of fun that BPC has. For example, the last big music festival I went to had sponsors like Garnier and Meyer’s cleaning products, along with 7/11 and Odwalla bars. They had nothing to do with music. It would be fun if you had a smoothie sponsor at your event that could bring samples in to your guest or even other fun food items. I think other fun clothing places, like the sock place you like would be good too.

  15. I am big into Doodlebug, Amy Tangerine, Echo Park and am super psyched for @nap!!!

  16. I think Apple should be a sponsor of BPC events! It’s the least they can do for you and all the wonderful scrappers who support them ;). BPC certainly supports innovation and creativity, something the people at Apple can appreciate.

  17. I would love to see something like Shutterfly, or maybe walgreens or cvs, something to do with the actual printing of photos for those of us that have not gone Digi yet. Mainstream I woul dlove to see some Tim Holtz/Ranger.

  18. I have never seen the Simple Stories binders before and fell in love with the Red one for my take of a December Daily album that I do every year. So……………I would love to see anything that is the colorful happy reflection of what I think of when I think of Big Picture Classes and Stacy Julian. I love learning so it is always fun to see something new whether it is by an existing well known company or a company that is brand new.

  19. Target has a good isle full of scrapbook supplies — they would be candidate material. Tiny Prints, Michael’s, & maybe even Paper Source. I can see these various types of companies teaming up with you.

  20. I wish Close To My Heart would team up with BPC to do something!

  21. For me I’d love to Echo Park and Calico Studio sponsor and put together How to work shops. Also my favorite is Big picture classes ! Love love love the ideas and classes they have. Check them out if you haven’t done so yet. Also I think Shutterfly would benefit greatly if they put together scrapbooking journaling classes and kits where film developing in your choice of sizes would be awesome.

  22. I’d love to see something with Persnickety Prints as well, they do an amazing job with their prints! My other favorite company, Doodlebug, and I love the stuff that BPC has already done. Keep it up!!

  23. I’ve read Gretchen’s first book and enjoyed it.
    What about partnering with something techy: computer, printer or camera company. Outside the box…cooking/food for helping us moms make good meals for our family, quicky so we can get more scrapbooking done. Someone like Kraft, I know they have a great magazine (in Canada) and website.
    How about a ‘man’ company. As in “hey guys, is your wife giving you a hard time about golfing too much? Try buying her a gift certificate to BPC.” We love when our wives have an online class to partake in because then we can go golfing with our buddies. It’s win win!

  24. American Crafts & Tim Holtz

  25. Stacy, I also love your playful, guilt free attitude to scrapbooking our stories. That makes me think of the joyful taste of ice cream in the summer with my family, a container of bubbles to blow at a birthday party or the feel of cool sheets on a warm summer night when my mom tucked me in. Companies that are part of making those childhood delights are many. Perhaps we could start with someone who makes multicoloured sprinkles?!

  26. This is a hard question because I really don’t know companies. However, my daughter and I enjoy doing smash books and I think the idea behind them (recording every day moments and events) would fit well with BPC.

  27. Life Is Good, Echo Park, Stampin’ Up!. Love all these companies! I just bought Gretchen’s new book and I can’t wait to start reading it! Thanks Stacy!

  28. I love the companies you already are partnered with and I’d love to see Bazzill, American Crafts, Stampin’ Up and Studio Calico join your group. Seriously, I love what BPC is doing and anybody that you bring onboard is going to be great. Wish I could join you in Hawai!!

  29. Elise Thomasset says:

    This may seem like a stretch for BPC, but I love the ideas for children and e-books from Growing Play: http://www.growingplay.blogspot.com/. It seems that many BPC members are moms of young children. There are so many wonderful ideas for pretend play, active play and they are simple, fun and inexpensive. Check it out – it’s one of my favorite blogs!

  30. Well, I think most of my ideas have already been written…
    Target, definately. They are an awesome place for inspiration and I pretty much love everything in their Home department.
    I would also love to see BPC pair up with DaySpring, as their products and their blog amaze and inspire me daily.
    I agree with the poster who would like to see some non-profits, but I would love for BPC to host some community “reach out” events. BPC could pair up, for example, with the non-profit who provides foster children with suitcases and we could craft cards or mini’s of encouragement to go along with them. Or hospice services or nursing homes. Hospitals for new parents, (walk out with a fill it in scrapbook!). Domestic violence shelters (here’s to the future), etc.
    Or a BPC online event to benefit several different charities (so we could pick who we wanted our donation to go to…like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Unicef).
    I would also LOVE to see BPC move into real life! Community group forums on the BPC pages, events, a RL meet up day. It’s amazing to be able to hook up with so many wonderful people and share stories, lives and frustrations online, and it would be incredible to hook up with those people locally for crops and chocolate! =) Oh, and this could connect with local scrapbook stores as well. For those of us who (ahem) take classes and have half finished albums laying around (NOT me, of course!) meeting up with some local students might just push us over the edge to finishing them! ;)
    Finally, more international sponsers. Most of BPC is US geared, and I can hear the frustration from International students when they have to pay four times as much for the same products/supplies because of shipping and are trying to find an alternative.
    Knowing you, Stacy, I know that you have 500000000000 more ideas and BPC is just headed for more and more great things! It’s so much fun to be a part of!!!!

    • Ok, sorry for the book, but I also thought of Pinterest. BPC could host a Pinterest crafting party where everyone completes one of those “I love this idea so I’m going to pin it but really never get around to doing it” projects.
      Or a “everybody scrapbook today” twitter party.
      Clearly, I’m all about connection! =)

    • Kristie,
      These are amazing ideas. Thank YOU!!

  31. I love My Mind’s Eye, Ella Publishing, Simon Says Stamp, Stampin Up!, American Crafts, Sizzix, Ranger, Carta Bella and Jenni Bowlin, Basic Gray, Layout A Day, among others, for scrapbooking supplies. Outside of scrapbooking would be Starbuck’s, a cruise or tour/travel company, Etsy and/or an artist supply company like Jerry’s Artarama. I also like knitting, collage, mixed media and book making, so KnitPicks, Kansas Yarn Barn, Daniel Smith or Hollander’s.

  32. Hmmmm….I think all us BPC folks are probably not just scrappers , we are mom’s and sisters and friends and wives. So a sponsor could be any company that supports all these roles with a positive message. Of course, scrapping companies but also healthy foods and sustainable clothing and shoes. Some of the companies whose products you’ve mentioned in Friday Five would be ideal! I also think an international company would be a great idea.

  33. Close To My Heart, Simple Stories, BoBunny, Echo Park are some of my favorites. On the same line with sprinkles, how about jelly beans (they’re colorful and fun . . . and yummy).

  34. Hello Stacy,
    What a great question! I’ve been pondering this all day, thinking about the favorite organizations I get excited about, who consistancy deliver quality products or services. Unfortunately I left my list at the office but let’s see if I can re-create it…

    Inside the industry/supportive of the industry:
    - American Crafts (who doesn’t love Thickers , Studio Calico, Amy Tan, & their albums?)
    - Bazzill (set the standard in great cardstock colors and all the fun matching brads, flowers, etc)
    - Shutterfly (not only do they have great books, they are also a wonderful back up for 1 star photos)
    - Scrapbook.com (their website, like yours, is so easy to use; you don’t have to jump through lots of loops to put together a wish list or start an order; if you need help, they respond right away)

    Outside the industry:
    - Apple Inc (At first I thought this was a longshot, but why not ask? The worst they could say was no, right? iPhoto is pretty darned incredible and iPhones are some scrapper’s exclusive camera)
    - Canon or Nikon (Again, a girl can dream, right? Without a camera this hobby would be little more than journaling.)
    - Compendium Books (They are friends who have known you for years. You’ve introduced so many to their fabulous books.)
    - Target (Now that they have seasonal displays from “boutique” shops maybe a partnership with BPC isn’t so out of the question.)

    • I forgot one: LEGOS

    • Marie,
      You ROCK my world friend — thank YOU for this awesome list. And, thank YOU for the lovely Happy Mail you sent me the other week. It came just at a time when I needed a boost (this seems to be the case with random acts of kindess doesn’t it?) Anyway, you are a gem and I’m so grateful for our friendship!

      • Stacy,
        Thank YOU! Yes, I love how so many random acts of kindness happen just when they are most needed. I love, love, love to encourage people and have so many letters I’m working on!

  35. Two of my very favorite companies, Alpha Stamps and Rubber Hedgehog Stamps would both be fantastic sponsors. I pretty much love every last thing they have in their stores! :)

  36. Lawn Fawn is one of my favorites! They are a small company but seem to really be growing. They have such a sweet, accessible, friendly style.

  37. When I’m looking for scrapbooking inspiration, BPC is one of the places I turn. When I’m looking for life inspiration, I go to TED. Any chance of a link-up between the two of you?!

  38. Elle’s Studio or how about Unity Stamps.

  39. theresa Ferran says:

    Wow…these are all great ideas. I think Target and studio calico would be good. Becky Higgins….

  40. Oh — I love Amy W’s idea — what a great way to direct scrappers in that direction. My other ideas are a candy company (Godiva?) as we all need our goodies while we’re scrapping. (Sorry, Stacy — I know that stuff’s not so good for you any more) and/or a store or company with organizational items. IKEA comes to mind as so many crafters use their systems or maybe, The Container Store.

  41. What a great idea to not only have sponsors but to BE a sponsor! Alzheimer’s Association is a good fit for memories, I think!

    How about HP or one of the photo paper/ink companies. We certainly give them a lot of our $$!

  42. I would a photo developing company to be a sponsor and offer special deals—a great partner since we print so many pictures for our products. Also love the ideas for a snack company!

  43. I’d like to see Studio Calico for sure. Thanks for an awesome giveaway I’ve been wanting this book for a while.

  44. Keshet Starr says:

    This book looks like fun!

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