In Monday’s Mail September 24th, 2012

I just got back from Kayce’s house, where we watched 16 people register for the 12/12/12 event, REALLY FAST! Trust me, these girls are going to be pampered in paradise–while creating a super-cool mini-album “yearbook.” I am over-the-moon excited to know their names and I’m thrilled to be able to be “officially” excited. We are really, truly going to Maui!

The good news is there are 8 spots left. So, if you were on the fence, jump off on the Hawaii side!

Now I’m off to send the following Happy Mail cards, to the following BPC Members. I think this is shaping up to be a GREAT Monday!

Card #15
Going to BPC Member: LoriW

Card # 16
Going to: Betsy T

Card #17
Going to: eek (kind of appropriate don’t you think, a Halloween card going to “eek”)

Card #18
Going to: ssroh

Card #19
Going to: Ellory’s Mom

Card #20
Going to: sab 123

Card #21
Going to: lezleeptmom


  1. Jennifer C. says:

    Adorable cards! 3 yr old cooing over the rainbow, me the pumpkin! P.S. She pretended to be Stacy again today. LOL!

  2. LOVE the trick or Treat card!! Anything Halloween (especially with bats)

  3. They are such gorgeous cards

  4. Adorable! I know Jennifer C. already said that, but that was the word I was going to use so I’m using it anyway! This is so fun to see CARDS made by you, after hundreds of scrapbook pages! They are totally Stacy-style. Love it!

  5. Lisa - Saner4 says:

    I love the hula girl for the car. We have had a hula pig in our VW for years, but sadly my son totaled it last month – however, he was not hurt so PTL!!

    Anyway, love your cards~ they are so happy and cheerful and would make everyone smile. The little rainbow one is my favorite, I think. It’s hard to choose ;)

  6. So so cool and so many thanks! I always go to my mailbox hoping for real mail – now I have no excuse to send it!

  7. So cool to think that there will be people receiving happy mail all year long.

  8. I absolutely adore these cards! Any chance of having a BPC for creating them? They would be the perfect holiday gift (I know I would love to receive a set of these cards!) Thanks for so many happy ideas.
    By the way. . . I LOVE snail mail and use it as frequently as possible!

    • Shawna,
      I think you left out a word, are you asking for a class, kit, team … help me! Thanks!

      • I dislike the thought of being greedy but would love a class on the cards, or a kit for the cards. Anything to make it easier to produce them and share them with my family or friends. I LOVE hand-made cards (and mail, but I’ve already mentioned that) but as much as I scrapbook, card-making is something I do not do. I took a BPC earlier this year on card-making, but these are so adorably cute! I guess I left out the word class (but kit would do as well.) Have a great evening!

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