We’re going to Hawaii!

I’m hoping that by now, you’ve heard the BIG news that Big Picture Classes now does events. I’m super excited to announce our first-ever hybrid event to be held on Maui, Hawaii (and in homes worldwide) on 12/12/12. This exclusive, luxury event will combine a live classroom experience in Hawaii for just 24 scrapbookers and a live, broadcast video class to an audience of thousands of scrapbookers worldwide.

You can learn more HERE. To celebrate this new venture, I’m going to
conduct my very own Hawaii FIVE-O
5 days of fun, tropical giveaways leading up to Monday, when registration for the live portion of 12/12/12 event opens. To play along, you just have to answer my daily question … but please, as you read the rest of this post do sing along: dant-dant-dant-da, dah dah, dant, dant, dant dah … dah! If you need a refresher, it’s here on YouTube.

Giveaway ONE-O

Tell me your favorite aspect of your most favorite LIVE event that you’ve ever attended. What made it “over-the-top” awesome for you?

If you haven’t ever attended a scrapbooking event, tell me what you’d look for in an event that would most make you want to attend!

Answer my question and you could WIN:
The “Build Your Own and Broad Spectrum” Tanning Lotion Set + The Very Sweet Smelling Pineapple Candle, both designed to put you in a tropical, wanna-go-to-Maui mood!


  1. My favorite live event was at the Creative Connection in St. Paul. Even though the conference wasn’t something I was totally interested in and had the opportunity to meet the BPC team and you, Stacy – I was nervous to meet you and you made the class amazing and fun. You and Wendy and Cathy were so personable and down to earth that I felt like I was meeting a bunch of old friends. You are truly inspiring. ~Ann

  2. The most I have been to was one crop-but I loved the wine, friendship, and M&Ms!

  3. Chris Cross says:

    I have been to several CKU events, and I love getting to meet the “scrapbook celebrities” in person.

  4. My first event was a CM National Scrapbook Day – it was awesome, so many people with so many different ideas & things to play with. A tad bit overwhelming at the time, but now I wonder if overwhelm people that are new to the craft now too? Oh well, I LOVE TO CROP anyways!

  5. I have been to several CKU’s and loved meeting new friends…and of course coming home with bags and bags of free stuff from the awesome classes and sponsors.

  6. I’ve never been to a live event, but winning a few goodies would be fun. I think just sitting next to ladies that I would ‘click’ with would be the best.
    Oh and FYI Monday 24th the new season of Hawaii Five-0 starts – can’t wait!

    • No way. That’s too FUNNY. I had heard that, but it didn’t click that we are opening on registration on the same day — ha! I can’t wait to meet you at an event, maybe in 2013?!

      • So does that mean you could hold an event close to me?! How about Edmonton, West Edmonton Mall. Or Banff National Park is breathtaking.

  7. Stacy, I seriously think the stuff you and bPC do all the time will make it special – the themed “stuff” just like this giveaway. I always believe that businesses should under promise and over-deliver. They are paying for a, b, and c but you’ll surprise them with x, y, and z too!! Special little touches along the way that are just to spoil the attendees with . . . Maybe a gift basket in their room upon check in, the handwritten note, a souvenir photo with the gang . . . It’s going to be quite the event for whoever can attend :-) I’m sure BPC will do great!

  8. My favorite live events are Close to My Heart Conventions of course and my favorite part is hearing YOU speak! You never fail to inspire me and make me cry. You connect with so many on a deep. emotional level! LOVE YOU Stacy Julian! You inspire me!

  9. I haven’t really been to an event, but I did take a class from Heidi Swap at a local scrapbook store when I was living in Arizona. It was a lot of fun! We learned some new techniques and made a beautiful project and she was just a lot of fun and made us laugh. I think a class that teaches you something new, you get to make something beautiful and most of all you have fun are all important. I would take the class again and would love to participate in an event…I just haven’t lived too close to one and have little kids, so I just haven’t been able to travel too far!

  10. theresa Ferran says:

    I’ve never been to a live event, but I think we are all looking for people who have the same passion as us “family story tellers”, “scrapbookers” , …..Throw in new ideas, and inspiration…(maybe some wine and food?) ….I’m good to go! lol

  11. My favorite live event is a scrapbooking retreat I go to once a year. The thing that makes it extra fun besides the companionship of all the ladies who attend, is the silly games that we play. We love bingo especially and play for silly and fun prizes.

  12. My favorite over-the-top experience at a live event happened at CKU Mpls Spring 2005. I attended with 4 other women. One of those women was not really a scrapbooker at the time but always up for a good girls weekend so she ‘tagged along’. I took Talk to Me from you Stacy and she took Scraphic Design from Cathy Z. I will never forget seeing her coming toward me in the hallway after class. It was like she was floating through the crowd and I could just tell what had happened. When she reached me she couldn’t talk fast enough “I get it! I get it!” and she went on to describe her personal ephiphany that CZ helped facilitate. At lunch, we were all recruited to help her redesign on napkins her office at home to accommodate this new aspect of her life. For the past 7 years we have kept that CKU 2005 fire alive by going on semi-annual scrapbook retreats. Hawaii would be the ultimate! Thanks for the giveaways Stacy.

  13. I’ve been to one CKU, a slew of weekend crop retreats and an even bigger slew of day crops. What I love the most is LAUGHTER. Honestly, I laugh more at these events in one weekend than in a month or two of day to day life. When you are up late at night trying to finish a layout or project, it’s amazing how silly we ladies can get and how the mere mention of “washi tape” can bring on giggles and fits of laughter. The scrapbooking is great and I love the creativity and seeing what others are doing, but it is the camaraderie that really makes it special!

  14. Oh! So much to love about live events!! For me, it’s usually just a weekend away with friends (among other friends) to scrap…..AND LEAVE OUR STUFF OUT! AND No one touches it!!! I stay up as late as I want and have no one else to be resposible for. Heaven!!

  15. I haven’t been to any live events like this but I imagine for me to make it over-the-top would be to just be right on the details. Organized, limiting chaos and keeping things structured and moving along. I actually can’t imagine you guys not pulling that off but that would be the thing I would most want. As far as a little gift or something like that, I’d love to have something totally unique as a keepsake of sorts that only those 24 people (and the staff) has and could get. Those things are a total thrill for me. Not something I have to win in a drawing though. That would make me sad. LOL

    Thanks for asking, wish I had the means to do this with you. Sounds so, so fun. Will be watching for other events though and try to make one happen. I would love to meet my favorite teacher. :)

  16. I attended numerous events as a participant and my favorite was CKU album. I got to spend the entire day working on one 12×12 album. It was A Week In The Life with Ali Edwards. To this day it is my favorite album. I think the reason it was successful is you had a little prep work you had to do before & it was an all day class, not just an hour or so.

  17. Well I still love the very first CKU I went to in Vancouver in 2003! But perhaps my fav was my class with you at CKU Albums, the Family and Friends one in the box album! Mostly I love being surrounded by ladies who also eat, breathe and sleep scrapping!!! and that happens at every CKU and CKC I attend!!

  18. My LSS puts on 2 scrapping week-ends a year and does fantastic goveaways along with creative contests. She is super organized and it is always a whole lot of fun!

  19. I went to CKU albums in Atlanta. I loved having my album with Becky Higgins, but the best class was with Tim Holtz learning so many techniques and using all his new stuff. It was cool feeling like you were at the front of some new things.

  20. I love scrapbook retreats. I always get so much done on my scrapbooks but also make good friends and get great ideas.

  21. I have not been to any live events but would love to go some day! I love just being in a large room with ladies that love the craft as much as i do! That is inspiring in itself!

  22. Jenny McGee says:

    It is fun to have challenges with prizes. Thanks.

  23. Hi Stacy!! Loved reading the replies to your question. As the host of several weekend retreats in Southern Ontario I was curious what people would say.
    I know for me personally it would be just the chance to get away – no housework, no family, no dishes and someone else cooking the meals! LOL!
    Most of our retreaters say the same thing + being with friends, classes/techniques to learn, FUN and prizes/gifts but honestly the most touching comments we get are for all the little touches we include throughout the weekend.
    Our welcome surprize, Pillow Talk (our bedtime surprize item), everyone finds something on their chiar each morning. And I have to say people look forward to our bathroom games.
    We post games, quotes, find the missing item kind of puzzles on the inside of the bathroom stall doors. Our ladies LOVE it!! There might be a little ballot box on the counter or somewhere to ‘enter’ for a draw but we have some ladies who go right to the bathroom when they arrive just to see what the game is!! LOL!!

  24. So i haven’t been to a live event, won a prize, or visited Hawaii! I have taken classes and pretty much anything “big picture” and Stacy Julian would entice me to sign up! You and the big picture team have such fantastic ideas and creative minds that I am always amazed and thrilled on how much I learn. Thanks!

  25. My favorite aspect of a live event is meeting the teachers and creative people that I had only met online.its like meeting your idol! The best part is that they are as down to earth and approachable as us ‘mortals,’

  26. Karen Schmidt says:

    I’ve never been to a live event. I would love to go with you and the BPC staff but i’m torn because its my youngest daughters birthday 12/12/12 she will be 5. I like the idea of keeping things moving, definently the prize only those who get to go get… and a picture of everyone attending.

    I need to talk with my husband but i think my daughter’s birthday is going to win over my scrapbooking adventures. :( you’ll have to wait and see.

  27. I have never been to a live event, because A: there aren’t many local for me and B: it just isn’t financially possible for me to travel too far from home

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  29. My faaaaavorite live event was last year at CK Reunion in San Diego. I was so happy I could cry. I was so excited I couldn’t even sleep. I did not want the event to be over. The classes were great but what made it totally awesome was meeting you and Lisa Bearnson. I started scrap booking when a coworker introduced me to Creating Memories. I did that for a couple of years. Then one day I was channel surfing when I saw scrap booking stuff being sold on QVC. I WAS HOOKED. I would record her appearances and stay up all day and night on Craft Days on QVC.I didn’t know about Michael’s (gasp) or local scrap book stores until Lisa stopped appearing on QVC. I did not know who Lisa was until she left QVC (gasp again and yes I live in a cave). Yes she would be introduced as Lisa Bearnson founder of CK. I didn’t LISTEN. I just wanted to see the cool stuff she was presenting. When she left I was so sad and was frantically looking (like a drug addict) for a new supplier. It was then when I discovered Michael’s, Joanns, and found several scrapbooks stores, which seem to close as soon as I found them. I also discovered who Lisa was and what Creative Keepsakes was all about. I also discovered who you were, then Simple scrapbooks closed down. What the heck! Then you reappeared on Paper Clipping. The shows that you are on are my favorite. I love your passion, love of family, love of memories. So when I saw you at CK Renunion I was in awe. I am sure I was one of many you met that day. That was an event that I scraped about as soon as it was over. So that was the long story of my favorite event. Congratulations on BPC and I wish you more success. God Bless you and your family

    • Gela, You’re awesome for taking the time to share that story with me. I love it — hopefully, we can talk you into joining us again someday for a BPC event!

  30. I’ve only done LIVE crops at my LSS, church, and a weekend at a Bible camp facility. For me, besides being able to have creative time without the typical “home” interruptions, was the fellowship and relationships formed with the wonderful ladies I was surrounded by.

  31. I go to a couple of events each year. I love the silly games that pop up unscheduled throughout the weekend. One thing that turns me off is having every minute scheduled. Free time or options are good. I’m also sometimes hesitant to take classes because they go so fast and getting it done in a scheduled amount of time is more important than the actual doing. I want to be able to enjoy the journey and not just race to the finish. Of course giveaways are always great. And good food!

  32. Kellie Dignean says:

    My favorite live event was last year’s 1st ever Crop & Create event, held in Saskatoon, SK Canada. Hosted by Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine, I got to take classes from ladies who work I had admired in magazines…Kimber McGray, Becky Fleck & Vicki Boutin. So down to earth & encouraging! Makes you realize that each of us has our own talent & let ut shine :)

  33. I’ve never attended an event! I’m really shy but Hawaii sounds awesome I’m jealous! I guess I would look for a fun relaxed atmosphere!

  34. Jennifer C. says:

    My favorite thing about a live event was a challenge – everyone received the same supplies then had to create something with those supplies. There was a suggested layout you could follow, but prizes were offered for those who went with something more creative. I love the chance to get together with others who share this lifestyle (because we all know it’s not just a hobby)!

  35. I have been to a few live events in the last few years. I think the most fun for me is creating something beautiful in a class that I never would have done on my own. Love all the ideas in the comments. I am going to use some of them for my monthly crops that I put on. Wish I could join you in Hawaii but I will be here playing along on my computer!

  36. I went to two Creative Escapes and I liked having the step by step instructions to follow in class and to read before class and get excited about! I was able to get to know my fellow scrappers and still be able to keep up with the class. I am off to buy a lotto ticket so I can win and come to Hawaii!

  37. Lisa - Saner4 says:

    Hmmm…I’ve only attended a few CKC’s, but this get-a-way weekend sounds fabulous because it’s a smaller group of ladies and you can really get to know each other while scrapping your little hearts out ;)
    My fav parts of CKC, besides the people were learning something new/ learning a new way to use things, making new projects, & having kits to work with is fun too.
    The goodie package you mailed us with the Twelve class was fun, so that would be a fun thing to get at a weekend get-a-way~ a small welcome bag?
    Although I have to say that my all-time favorite thing I’ve made was the iscrap album that I did online at BPC. That class came at a time when I was overcoming some obstacles/struggles in my life and I was able to document some of that in the album. Stacy, you have such wonderful ideas ~ I’m sure that weekend in Hawaii will be amazing for all who attend!

  38. Easily my favorite live event was CKU in Indianapolis. I loved getting to meet and learn from “scrapbooking celebrities” (like you, Stacy!). I also must confess that I loved the free stuff we got! Free stuff is always great!

  39. My favorite aspect of my most favorite LIVE event that you’ve ever attended and what made it “over-the-top” awesome for me was the sharing it with my mom and my best friends.

  40. Kim Burningham says:

    Hi My favorite thing ever that I learned at a live event goes back to CKU 2005.Meeting all the fabulous teachers was great but…… the thing that i learned and HAVE USED IS:( DUM DUM DUM) THE 7 KEY WORDS. IS,HAS,READS…..sound familiar? I used these to freeze a moment in time when my sisters family visit from TX,and on my twin grandaughters whose Daddy is a marine ( just returned from Afghanistan). By far this my favorite thing that actually gets used!

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