Addie + Yearbook 2012 + Giveaway

I wish I could have more FUN dressing Addie in the morning …

you know what I mean?

I’m effectively passing on my love of  Little Missmatched to my daughter and it is CRAZY fun.

Just in case you haven’t heard, the 12/12/12 #Home event is open for registration. The details are HERE, but I wanted you, my blog readers to get a peek at the project that I will be teaching (from Maui!)

Housed in the brand new 6×8  Sn@p! product line, this project is called a “Yearbook in a Snap!” because you will document your entire 2012 using twelve topics, like people, places, holidays and fun, all in ONE day. The super-cool thing is that we’ll be prepping our photos, but compiling this project together (all over the world) in real time on 12/12/12.

To see all of the Sn@p! product I’m using and get the instructions for prepping your yearbook, you need to register for the event. You’ll then gain access to our event classroom. Note: If you are registered for my Twelve class, you get to attend this event for FREE and all of the information you need is now on our “Archives” page in the classroom.

A Note About Photo Prep
The Sn@p! binder system uses divided page protectors, similar to Project Life, so I’ll be using Persnickety to print my photos, as they offer all of these unique sizes and focus so much on quality. If you’re not familiar with Persnickety Prints, check them out HERE.

December is a CRAZY busy month and many of us are planning on other end of year projects, but THIS ONE will help you document your entire year and a allow you to gather with scrapbookers all over the globe to CELEBRATE a very special day that only happens once every century — I really hope you’ll join me!

As soon as you are registered, you can leave me a comment to make yourself eligible to WIN a green Sn@p! binder and 3 sets of designer pages (Color Fusion, Just the Basics and So Random) that you will need to set up your yearbook … you can absolutely leave me a comment if you’re not registered, but I will make sure that someone wins, who will be joining in on 12/12/12 and can use the product for this yearbook project!

Giveaway closes on Halloween.
I’ll post the WINNER on Thursday, November 1st.

p.s. I’ve gotten word that Archiver’s Annex has ALL of the Sn@p! product and a special FREE shipping offer on orders over $75, so you could get what you  need and stock up all at the same time!


  1. christine plaxco says:

    Love Sn@p! products. I took a CKU class this fall and made an album with Simple Stories products. So easy. I have done my 12 pictures on the 12th each month. I have lots of pictures that need a home in “Yearbook in a Snap”!!!!!

  2. Jennifer C. says:

    I am looking forward to the even in Hawaii. And, grateful to be able to review the information at home when I return.

  3. I’m so excited about this event! Sad that I can’t join you all in Hawaii, but ecstatic that I can still join the fun from home. And those Sn@p products are drool worthy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I am registered for this event. I am a student in Twelve. This SN@P line has me all googly eyed. Looks so awesome. I love the vibrant colors! :)

  5. I am so excited for this class. I even requested the day off from work. It’s a ME day, a Christmas present to myself. I’m going to register for the class the next on my next pay day! Simple Stories new SN@P line is so bright and fun!

  6. Helen Carter says:

    As a member of the TWELVE class I am so looking forward to this day…loving all the new Sn@p stuff, was already a fan of Simple Stories. Have a great time in Maui, wish I could join you for all the FUN!

  7. SueinMtVernon says:

    I put in a vacation request for 12/12/12 and the boss approved it – yay! I’m already enrolled in your Twelve class so am looking forward to my “virtual” trip to Maui and spending the day with you, Stacy. Aloha!

  8. I am soo excited for this class with you! I’l be donning shorts, turning up the heat and cranking up the Jimmy Buffet and Beach Boys. Wish I could be in Hawaii but this will be a close second! Thanks!!!

  9. Diane Downs says:

    I just started project life w/ PRL with Becky and it’s the first time I’m using divided page protectors. At first I was freaking out, overwhelmed, but now I really like that approach. I can’t wait until 12/12 when I can make this super special book. Off to take some missing photos!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  10. Diane Downs says:

    ps. I love the puzzle sock Addie is wearing! TOTALLY cute.

  11. Registered and cannot wait to start this fun project !

  12. ari macias says:

    this project makes me HAPPY:))))

  13. My son is leaving for his mission on December 19th. I will need 12/12/12 to help take my mind off my impending empty nest!

  14. I have registered and am SOOOOOOOO excited for this class!! I love these SN@P products and can’t wait to get my hands on them!! To win some would be awesome!!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  15. I’m enjoying soooo muche the twelve class! Can’t wait for the 121212 date to come! (Of course I wish I was in Hawaii with the lucky ladies but…oh well! that’s what internet is for, right?) And I can’t wait Sn@p to hit Europe! Thank you for the chance to win Stacy!!!

  16. Just look at that cutie pie and how much she has grown!! I love her tights!! What a great giveaway Stacy! Have fun in Hawaii.

  17. So excited that I get to join you since I am part of the 12 class. Thanks for including us!!

  18. Just signed up…..can’t wait! So wish i could have joined yall in hawaii, but i went in May.

    Can i ask for a favor……is there are way to get to make a kit with all the supplies needed for the class. I am finding some that are available and some that aren’t and don’t want to have to make two orders to get everything.

    • Christi,
      I think is trying to get everything in, so that they can do a kit. I know we talked about it. In the meantime, try Archiver’s Annex — I think they have everything in right now! I’ll keep you posted on potential kits?!

  19. Yeah! Tried to buy on line last night but several products were out of stock…will head to Archivers Annex right now, thanks for the heads up and the chance to win!

  20. Cynthia H says:

    I have been curious about the Snap binders – this would be a cool way to find out what they’re like! Thanks!

  21. Christine says:

    I realize your daughter is adopted but I really think the older she gets the more like you she looks. Call me weird. Maybe it’s her colorful self…….and the mismatched socks.

  22. Just registered and I am jumping with excitement for 12/12/12 to come!!! I am loving these Simple Story products and can hardly wait to see what you do with them Stacy. See you in class!

  23. Addie is Adorable! Her hair is getting so long–are you both growing it out? :)

    I’m so curious about the Snap products–the smaller size seems so much friendlier! What a fun idea to capture the whole year in one book!

    • Yes, both Addie and I are growing our hair out while Clark is on his mission. We’ll see what happens then — maybe we’ll do Locks of Love, once he gets back!

  24. thanks for showing us a sneak, I will have to start prepping my photos!! Logging into the twleve classroom right now to check it out

  25. Jenny McGee says:

    I am in the Twelve class, so I am already registered. Looking forward to it. I would love to win this set to get a jump start on the class. Addie looks adorable in her mismatched socks. Thanks.

  26. Karen Schmidt says:

    I’m currently in the twelve class so I can’t wait for 12/12
    I seen the snap product line at archivers
    But didn’t know u where using it yet. I’ll just
    Have to go back or shop online. I’m also taking the day
    Off. Hurray!

  27. carol in seattle :) says:

    Stacy, this looks like an amazing project. I regret that I wasn’t able to be in your TWELVE class this year, I’m sure it was a blast. Love that you’re teaching and blogging again. Hope all is well in your world. :)

  28. Lynn Hamm says:

    I wish I could be in Hawaii on the 12th, but glad I still can join in. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Miss Matched tights! I looked for some a while ago, and they didn’t have any – must check it out! We are big fans of our Miss Matched socks here. Even my 3-year-old son – I wish they would make a few more gender neutral designs. I am in Twelve (although I have sadly fallen off the wagon) and am thankful for your inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. oooh this would be a great birthday present for me :) My birthday is Nov.1 :) LOL What a fun way to celebrate 12/12/12 :)

  31. I am so excited for 12-12-12! This will be the best dozen day yet! Thanks

  32. wahooooo as a TWELVE class member I am already registered too and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on 12/12/12 Raewyn

  33. I am in your 12 class, which by the way has been amazing!! Truly some of my favorite pages ever have been done this year! I can’t wait for 12/12/12!

  34. Hi Stacey! I’m a Twelve student and super excited for this special Dozen Day! Would have LOVED to have joined you in Maui but family budgets … you know! This looks like a great kit – can’t wait to see what you do with it. thanks for the chance to win it!
    Oh and a big thank you for your Twelve class. Thanks to it and you I have been a scrapping demon this year!! Love it!!

  35. I’m so excited about this project! I used the simple stories album for my grandfather’s 80th birthday celebration and it worked beautifully. Love the new colors and designs. AND I just talked to my work about taking the 12th off!!!

  36. Kary in Colorado says:

    This will be so much fun! I’m in Twelve and my birthday is 12-13-12, so this will be a great way to celebrate!

  37. Wow -cool socks!
    I’m a 12 ‘er so I’m all keen to go, I’m just hoping I can get the SNAP products in NewZealand in time :) looks fun!

  38. Would love to win and create a real “Yearbook in a snap”
    (I only prepared a ‘fake’ with other papers so far)
    and looking forward to 12/12/12.

    Let´s creating that album in the same fun colours
    like your daughter Addie with Little missmatched. :)

  39. Addie looks so happy – she is clearly enjoying life (and the socks!).
    I’ve enrolled for 12/12/12 (love it that this date works for both mm/dd/yy and dd/mm/yy countries) – winning the pack would be a real boon, so thanks so much for the chance!

  40. Karen Freeman says:

    Those pics are way too cute! I’m in Twelve and really looking forward to 12.12.12 with all my classmates, you and all the other lovely people who decide to join in the fun!

  41. This is awesome!! I love the Twelve class and am looking forward to our celebration!!!!

  42. Was just going to check out the new snap products today at my Archivers! Love the Twelve class this year & even though my scrapping has slowed to a trickle I Know I Have Exactly Enough Time! (right Stacy?)

  43. Roseann Hoyle says:

    Addie is adorable and love the mismatched tights. I am enjoying Twelve although I haven’t managed to get 12 pages done every month. Am so looking forward to the 12-12-12 event and would love to win the Sn@p binder set. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  44. Lyn McEnaney says:

    I’m in TWELVE. Snap packs look very very cute.

  45. I’m really looking forward to this- I’m already in your Twelve class. Addie is adorable! You might also consider Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths for donating your hair, if that’s what you choose to do- they use it to make wigs for women with cancer. :-)

  46. I am in the Twelve class (and enjoying everyday of it), so glad I made the investment in this class, I have gotten more pages done than I would have if I wasn’t participating. Cannot wait for the 12/12/12 event

  47. The Twelve class has been great this year. Looking forward to a fun 12/12/12 dozen day! Those Snap products look really fun, can’t wait to use them!

  48. Another “Twelver” here… I’m usually a totally digital scrapper, but these Sn@p products are so cute, I’m going to (gasp!) actually PRINT my photos and jump in on 12/12/12!

  49. theresa Ferran says:

    I have absolutely loved being in the “twelve” class! I also cant wait to join in on 12/12/12!
    Thanks for the chance to win some great products!

  50. Elise Thomasset says:

    I am in your Twelve class and continue to enjoy every bit. I have a new outlook and energy in my scrapbook process, and value its content for preserving family memories, and My Story! The Sn@p products are delightful – What a generous giveaway! I have the day off to scrap with you on 12/12/12. Thank you!!!

  51. Another 12 class fan here! So glad I’m in that class, even though I’m not keeping up every month…I’m still scrapping more than I would without the class and am so inspired every month! Wish I could go to Hawaii, but instead will be watching online!

  52. Mom Cheryl says:

    The mismatched socks look great on your daughter…so cute! The sn@p binder looks great and the elements page looks great!

  53. I’m in twelve and excited about 12/12/12. I’ve taken off work that day so I can play along at home.

  54. Heather E says:

    I am also in Twelve. Looking forward to this.

  55. Amy DeMordaunt says:

    How could you possibly have more fun dressing Addie?! She looks so bright and happy (like her mom ;). The most fun ever!

  56. Hooray for 12! I’m already a 12 fan too. I have loved the class all year long, so much inspiration. I’ve already blocked 12/12/12 out on my calendar so I can play along.

  57. Ohhhh I have waited all year to see what was coming for 12/12/12 …not a bit disappointed. Well I would be happier participating from Hawaii, given December in Southwestern Ontario, Canada…but online for 12 hours with this project…Awesome! so excited to participate in a creative way…thank you Stacey.

  58. Fiona Lally says:

    I’m in twelve and am loving the class. Looking forward to 12/12/12 – might have to pull an all-nighter due to time difference. Actually sounds like a fun idea – an all-nighter!!! I’ll make sure tooth picks are on hand to keep my eyes open….!!! aswell as the coffee…..

  59. DeeAnn Cummins says:

    I am in your Twelve class and would love to win the Snap set. The Twelfth of each month is such a treat to get to see your 12 layouts! As always, thanks Stacy.

  60. I’m registered and so excited!!!

  61. Hey Stacy, Thanks for including all 12 Student in this great class – can’t wait – I have ordered up big on the SNAP simple stories product. Narelle (Australia)

  62. Love that the excitement of this event is getting me re-energized. And green is the best – my best friend will tell you that green is my favorite color (she recognized it even before I did!) Looking forward to the class – thanks for the chance!

  63. LOVE Addie’s outfit! My 19 year old baby girl won’t let me dress her anymore, lol! I am so excited for 12/12/12! Taking the day off of work to craft a super cute book, what could be better! I spotted these products online last week and knew I had to have them and then saw your post about using them for the class, PERFECT! I’ve had trouble finding the album anywhere so I’d love to win the kit. Thanks for the chance!

  64. Yup I’ve taken a personal day to focus and have fun with all my fellow twelvers on Dec 12th plus it’s the best birthday gift I could give myself! Doing something I love with a group of fantabulous people!!
    Stacy your daughter rocks! Don’t you sometimes stop and look at your kids and wonder what amazing things they will accomplish? That’s what I thought looking at your photo. I’ a teacher and not all kids have the confidence to dress in their own style. Addie’s style and fun personality shine in that photo. Would love to have her in my class!

  65. I’m excited for the Big Day! I am a Twelve student, so I guess I’m already in.
    I have that same set of socks, but in ankle socks. I love them! :)

  66. So wish I could be in Hawaii, but what a better way to celebrate a one-time day like 12-12-12 than by scrapbooking ALL DAY LONG! :-) It’s also happens to be my Mom’s birthday! Can’t wait!!!

  67. Melinda Wilson says:

    I would love to register for 12/12/12 but I have a question. There will be a couple of two hour time period that I will have to be away due to driving a school bus and going to church that I will miss the live broadcast. Is this going to be taped so I can catch up later on what I miss?

    • Melinda,
      YES. We will archive the entire day and all of the broadcasts. I’m guessing most people will need to step away for an hour or two. The project is very segmented, so you can easily jump in and out!

      I’d love to have you join us!

  68. Yeah! I’m registered for the at home 12/12/12 and can not wait til Dec 1st! =)

  69. So excited for 12/12/12! What a great way to wrap up a year of Twelve inspiration!

  70. As a part of your Twelve class, I’m so excited to have 12/12/12 @ Home included!!! Thank you Stacy! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Snap goodies – would love to win your set so I can start getting organized :-)

  71. Allie.Duckienz says:

    Addie looks SO cute! I am in the Twelve class so I will be participating.
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  72. I am in 12 and I will definitely be participating. I’m planning on taking the day off of work! I’d love to win the binder!

  73. I’m very excited for 12/12/12 @ home… although I probably would have been more excited to fly to Hawaii for the live event!! Thanks for including this in your Twelve class – you’re very generous, Stacey!

  74. Another 12 participant hear. This looks like a great project. Love Addie’s look, too. :)

  75. I may have to become a missmatched fan or hope that my granddaughters will be so. Addie looks so adorable.

  76. Gail Evans says:

    Wow, would love to win this prize! I am a “TWELVE-R” and have already planned to take a vacation day to attend the event! Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. wow what a great way to document. i want addies socks

  78. Sharmon S says:

    What a great album idea! I’d love to win and be able to scrapbook an entire year in a snap! Lol! Thanks for the chance to win.

  79. Sharmon S says:

    I’d love to win this and be able to scrapbook an entire year in a snap! Lol! Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. Ohhh…. thanks for the chance to win!! I don’t have a LSS so haven’t been able to get my hands on it yet!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the colours and cards and fun stuff in this line!! It’s so perfect for my style!!

  81. Although I live in NZ, I will be visiting my in-laws in Ireland on that day but would still love to play. Does anyone from Ireland know if I can purchase product there?

  82. Ha Ha – love the price of the class Stacey … $20.12 You are such a hoot!- and I adore Addies socks

  83. Julie Luna says:

    Yes, I am registered. Can’t wait. So looking forward to this class. Aloha.

  84. I’m a class member of “TWELVE”, so that means that I’m registered! I’m looking forward to 12/12/12. As that day is a Wednesday and I typically tend my grandson on Wednesdays, I have all ready made arrangements to switch days that week! I’m excited!

  85. Christine Quirion says:

    Another twelve classmate here! Love it, even though I can’t keep up with you, you are so amazing and inspirational, just wanted to tell you that!
    Thanks for the giveaway op.

  86. Debby Riendeau says:

    I have loved taking Twelve this year even if I have fallen behind :)
    I can’t wait to put the yearbook together.

  87. Hi Stacy – I’m a Twelver, so I’m automatically registered – right? Can’t wait to add this to all I’ve accomplished this year thanks to you.

    • Jett,
      You are automatically in. To access the 12/12/12 pre-class information, go to our classroom, click on “Archives” and then scroll down to the brown bar under all of the colorful circles!

  88. Loved being a participant in Twelve this year. Probably my favorite class ever. so much inspiration and it promises to keep ongoing. Disappointed that the 12-12-12 day was not feasible but still have the class to remember.

  89. Yay! I just bought a few things today at my local scrapbook store, but didn’t get a binder and would love to have one in green! I so wish I could be in Hawaii to take this class live, but this is the next best thing! Loving 12 too!

  90. I’ll be watching online! Thank you for the giveaway

  91. Hi Stacey. I’m a TWELVE student. I’m happy to close this entire year with your snap project. Thanks for create everyday for this wonderful industry of stories. Since 2005 I’m enjoy your geniality for maintenence this community inspired. Thanks for share with us.

  92. I’m in the Twelve class and I can’t wait! It is also my niece’s 18th birthday. What a fun day it will be!

  93. StephanieB says:

    Loved Twelve this past year…have a basket of ideas ready to go through just in time for 12/12/12! And, I tried out a few of the Snap products at Tulsa’s CK Convention this year and fell in LOVE with all of them. This will be a fun year to revisit–both my son’s were married and celebrated my own 1-year “got-to-live-afterall” anniversary after a rather perilous 2011!! Looking forward to joining everyone here on the mainland!

  94. I am in TWELVE with you and just downloaded all the info for 12/12/12 from the Archives page. I am so very excited to start on this project!!! I’m going to see if my daughter wants to do it with me; she is a SENIOR in HS this year, (snif snif). I would love to win this for her to work on with me. The SNAP colors are scrumptious and fun; She is absolutely my colorful girl :)

  95. So excited to participate in 12/12/12 @Home! I traded my day off so I could take full advantage of the creative-ness (is that a word?) that will be happening. Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway :)

  96. Looking forward to this event. I’ll have a two week old, so I’m hoping that this will be the great simple, easy project that I can do between feedings! =) Looking forward to getting this year scrapped! And, of course, spending some time with you, Stacy, and the great people at BPC!!!

  97. thanks for opportunity to win from your one of your 12 members too!

  98. Stacy, you turned me onto little mismatched. I love their stuff. Addie’s tights are too, too cute!! I am sure you noticed how well Addie’s outfit works with the SNAP products. Love the bright colors!!!!

  99. Oh my goodness, this would be so awesome to win! I feel like 2012 is just a blur….hospitals, hospitals, hospitals. If I could put together an album to document the year I would be in scrapbook heaven. Whoever wins this, HAVE FUN! Thanks Stacy for the chance to win :)

  100. Suzanne B. says:

    I discovered the Simple Stories line in a scrapbook store back in January and have been in love with all they do ever since!! I’m not surprised you are using them to complete our 12 class….great minds think alike!!

  101. Thanks Stacey for the opportunity, I am part of 12 can’t wait for 12/12 I’m taking the day off from work!!

  102. Shirley Choong says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance. Have been eyeing to start one soon.

  103. Samantha M says:

    I want to try those Snap products SO much! Thanks for the chance to win!

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