In Monday’s Mail in October 8th

A day late and a dollar short.
That’s me.

I actually created these cards on Sunday afternoon, but yesterday got away from me!

For those of you that missed my Happy Mail announcement. BPC (me!) and Doodlebug Designs have partnered on this delightfully FUN creative campaign. I am using the Doodlebug Create-a-Card system to make 7 cards a week for an entire year! I will be sending these cards to BPC community members. IF you receive a card from me, the hope is you will pay it forward by sending a handmade card via snail mail to someone you love! The idea is to add some non-bill or junk-mail happiness to mailboxes throughout the world!

Card #29
Sent to BPC Member: TxChick

Card #30
Sent to BPC Member: ss1320

Card #31
Sent to BPC Member: Cardinal

Card #32
Sent to BPC Member: Laura

Card #33
Sent to BPC Member: calisnanny

Note: These last two cards were created by my cute friend, Katharine who spent the day with me on Sunday!

Card #34
Sent to BPC Member: LynnL

Card #35
Sent to BPC Member: GrandmaQ

Have a GREAT week!


  1. I’m going to have to get some of those shaped cards and toppers – they are just so cute. Sent two home made cards off – so enjoying this challenge thank you for the continual inspiration!

  2. All these cards are so cute! This project is such a great idea – I am going to a stamping weekend shortly and plan to make several cards to top up my supply. Sending off handmade cards is such fun – and the recipients appreciate them so much.

  3. Jennifer C. says:

    Love the cards! I really like the one with the twine. I have been sending out cards. I even started to create a few this afternoon. However, This month I can’t seem to think of who to send to. I think it is time to start my list over, or find some new addresses.

  4. Thank you Katherine for making the “lovely” card. I am pretty excited to have my name selected!

  5. Lynn Layton says:

    H0w fun! I just got my card in the mail, and hadn’t read the blog, so wasn’t expecting it! A real treat! THanks, Stacy! I will be sending off a handmade card today to pay it forward. Thanks for a great idea. And I will recycle the card I received by sending it off to my daughter who teaches in Dubai…her all time favorite color it orange!

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