In Monday’s Mail for November 12th …

Happy Mail this week is brought to you by Lauren, my awesome nanny. As I was creating scrapbook pages last week to share in my Twelve classroom, she was creating cards.  We worked opposite each other for a couple of hours exchanging only a couple of words the whole time — I am so lucky to have such a sweet friend and all of the wonderful support she offers me in so many areas of my life!

I’m actually in Utah this week, taking What’s Your Story workshop with renowned storyteller, Donald Davis. The best part is I brought my parents with me. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Card #65 | Sent to Cathy in Henderson NV

Card #66 | Sent to Marla in Palm Desert CA

Card #67 | Sent to Debbie in Cincinnati OH

Card #68 | Sent to Kimberly in Leslieville AB

Card #69 | Sent to Tonya in Stoughton MA

Card #70 | Sent to Donna in Austin, TX

Card #71 | Sent Li in Round Rock, TX


  1. Jennifer C. says:

    My favorite this week it the snowflake. I am not sure what it is, but I just love it. It is simple but also has some special touches.

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