In Monday’s Mail for November 5th

Good Morning! I hope your week is off to a good start. If not, here’s some Happy Mail to brighten your outlook …

Card #58 | Sent to Anne in Simpsonville, SC

Note: The pink paint on the edges looks MUCH better in real life. I do love painting edges!

Card #59 | Sent to Michelle in Kittrell, NC

Tip: I used a white ink pen to complete the white outline on this card, which allowed me to add the stripe of pattern paper to the front!

Card #60 | Sent to Kathy in New Concord, KY

Card #61 | Sent to Becky in Brookeville, MD

Note: I thought a little patriotic theme would be appropriate with election day tomorrow. Don’t forget to VOTE!

Card #62 | Send to Amy in Springfield, MO

Tip: These scallops just beg for buttons, and I like how their shape is a repetition of the polka dots. Keeping it simple!

Card #63 | Sent to Cynthia in Vancouver, CA

Card #63 | Send to Cynthia in Vancouver, CA

Card #64 | Sent to Tonia in Wellington, MO

Tip: Because these Doodlebug cards are so easy to make, it is SUPER easy to add custom touches. On this card, I added a new pattern paper background behind the window, some additional flower bling to the tree and used my green sparkle paint to cover up the white line around the window. Just the kind of extra embellishing that busy crafters (like me) can handle!


The two WINNERS of super-fun Hello Kitty scrapbooking products are:

Cindy, who said, “Since living in Japan in 1980 I have been in love with Hello Kitty–and now my Granddaughter loves Hello Kitty also! Since she lives in Washington and I am in Northern California I would love to win and write her letters and send her cards with all of this:)”

Gina, who said, “I would LOVE a box of Hello Kitty! What girl wouldn’t! :)Thanks for being so generous – as always! Addies is adorable! Totally cute costume! Thanks for always being an inspiration, Stacy!”

Have a GREAT week!


  1. Jennifer C. says:

    Congratulations to Cindy and Gina!

    Awesome cards, Stacy! My favorite this week is the tree. Just love that little bit of extra!

    • Jennifer,
      Thank YOU for taking time to comment and share your favorite card — what a fun idea! I may have to ask for this kind of feedback moving forward — cool!

      • Jennifer C. says:

        Your welcome, Stacy!
        Quick note for you…My happy mail card that you sent me arrived! I love it! It also happens to be perfect. My youngest sister just announced that she has spoken to her school counselors and worked it out to graduate from high school early. It will happen in December the week after 12-12-12. So, I am going to write her a note about how proud I am of her and place it in the card. Then I will mail it right before I leave for 12-12-12, so that it will arrive when I am not here. Thank you so much! You truly are inspired!

  2. Gina Torres says:

    Thank you so much for the Hello Kitty box! That was such a surprise! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

    Awesome cards! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  3. Karen Hobbs says:

    As an Army wife I particularly like the patriotic card especially while watching the elections tonight. Go USA!

  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so very much–cant wait to play!!

  5. Wow /so impressive. I love the blue of the thinking of you card :)
    You are an inspiration to us all

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