Studio 5 + Photo Freedom

Since I’m in Utah this week I get to be a guest on Studio 5 …

If you don’t live in Utah and you want to watch, KSL will stream the episode on their website.

My message (of course) hasn’t changed. …
Scrapbooking is not dead.
Scrapbooking at its core is simply storytelling and it is very much alive and well.
Personally, I rejoice in the fact that technology has provided us many wonderful ways to live with our photos and tell our stories. In my opinion, the pressure to keep up or catch up or do or put anything is order is long gone. Old ideas and paradigms are dead (thankfully) but we have both traditional and digital methods of selecting and combining and celebrating a small percentage of our pictures and that is very, very exciting and perhaps more important than it’s ever been!

Now might be a good time to remind you that  BPC  has partnered with Echo Park Paper Co. to help spread my Photo Freedom philosophy and help simplify the creative process from time to time. As you know, Echo Park designs and manufactures incredible products and they now have a Photo Freedom line. While I don’t contribute in any way to the ideation behind these products, I can get behind them and teach with them. We’ll be sharing much more about this partnership in the coming months, as this new product hits retail stores, but if you’re interested now, you can learn more at

AND, more good news …

My book Photo Freedom is now available as an eBook!

This has been a long time coming, so thank YOU for your patience. I have a handful of wonderful blog readers/students that email me two or three times a year just to remind me that I’ve promised this book in electronic format, and I am thrilled that it is FINALLY here.

The timing is perfect too, because registration for the next session of Finding Photo Freedom, where I teach (at BPC) my Library of Memories system is just around the corner—mid December!

Good stuff happening!


  1. Oh, Stacy, I’m so glad to hear this was an intentional sharing of the name! LOL I saw this stuff in my Archiver’s newsletter and I didn’t see any acknowledgement of your name or anything and thought, “oh, geez, someone didn’t even do a Google search!” I’m so relieved your IP rights have not been violated! Great news on the e-book. I have the real deal but it was hard won. I know you are going to have lots of happy folks!

    • Peg,
      Thanks for your concern — it’s nice to know that there are people out there watching out for me (ha!) You’ll have to pick up some product and open it, as there is a letter from me on the inside of the packaging. I’m really excited to have yet another way of reaching people who haven’t yet heard of Photo Freedom or BPC!

  2. Jennifer C. says:

    I am glad to hear about the e-book. I didn’t get one of the hard copies, as I didn’t even know that it existed. I didn’t even know about BPC until about a year ago. I am very much looking forward to picking up a copy of the e-book, as well as registering for the class when it comes available.

  3. Got to watch that segment… of course scrapbooking is NOT dead. It’s funny how sensational those promos can be :P

  4. Woohoo! Scrapbooking isn’t dead at all! I need to pull my copy of Photo Freedom off the shelf and read through it again to get back on track. It’s exciting to see that Photo Freedom classes will be opening up soon.

  5. I was wondering if they used the name with your permission :)
    Good news about the ebook. I have the original, with your signature ;-)

  6. Yay! I can NOT wait for your Finding Photo Freedom class, right on the heels of Twelve. Exciting news – congratulations!

  7. Congrats Stacy! So fun!

  8. I have the original book too, also with your signature! I love it, I think it’s time for a re-visit.

  9. Hooray!! Photo Freedom will set me free, I think. I have been anticipating this ebook for it seems forever. I would love to go on about how I decided to scrapbook and your roll as I saw you on Scrapbook Memories. I cannot continue with all of the high praise I have for you at this time. Just know that it is there.

  10. Happy to see they will be showing the interview tomorrow since it was preempted today.

  11. I missed it can you give us a link the is scrapbooking dead episode?

    • Hey Kris — click on the red “website” link in my post above and then type “Stacy Julian” into the search box. Both of segments I was featured in will pop up!

  12. Thank you for the link to the great clips. As a manager of a local scrapbooking store that is watching our sales continue to decline, I found it good to hear your comments that I can relate to and needed to think about. The best for me “Do something with some of your photos”. I need to share that with our customers that are no longer doing Anything. I have always been the one to say to them “Don’t feel like you have to catch up” – but they have never listened. And I have watched them disappear one by one. Tell a story, mark a memory, enjoy the creativity. But I can’t help but feel a little sad that my simple store with the heart for something that I love love love is disappearing. Thanks for your care for this industry through the years!

    • Kim,
      Thank you for owning a store!! Retailers play such a critical role in our industry — please encourage your customers to purchase and read my eBook, it will keep them coming in. In fact, email me and we’ll figure a way for you to sell it in your store!!

  13. So excited about the eBook being ready!!

    Just watched the clip of Studio 5 & I just have to say that the boots looks great! :>)

  14. Loved watching the segment and I just want to say thank you for all that you do to promote the craft of telling stories in an intentional way. I have been doing LOM and Photo Freedom for a few years now and I still love it! I like to play with pretty papers, buttons, and embellishments and this system gives me the tools to make my creative play more meaningful. I have felt pressure from many to abandon my “scrapbooking” for a more simplistic approach and it has made me sad. I believe it is still very much ok to go to weekend crops w/ the diet coke and chocolate binges and even make a scrapbook layout just for the fun of it! I look at it as part of who I am and my family sees it too! I love getting the Mother’s Day cards from my boys that say, “my mom likes to scrapbook” :) Just wanted to say thanks! (and your boots looked super cute too ;) )

  15. Thanks for sharing. I really loved watching this segment. You where so funny and lively. “Heck yes”
    Scrapbooking is not dead. Here in Germany it has only started not too long ago.
    Thank you so much for all this inspiration you’re providing us with.

  16. Very cool segments! It’s not dead, it’s evolved as it has before and will continue to do so. Especially if you include the “everything counts” or the “anytime you pair a photo with a memory you are scrapbooking”. I guess that’s why some people call it memory keeping and not scrapbooking.
    So glad Photo Freedom is avaliable again for those that missed out on the printed verson.

  17. Nicky from Okotoks says:

    sounds amazing about photo freedom being available in efile!!


  1. […] Studio 5 + Photo Freedom – Stacy Julian – Very cool segments! It’s not dead, it’s evolved as it has before and will continue to do so. Especially if you include the “everything counts” or the “anytime you pair a photo with a memory you are scrapbooking”. […]

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