Question from Colleen …

Colleen’s Question: I clicked on your blog and the last post was Nov 2012. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for making this world so colorful and Happy!

Answer from Stacy: No, Colleen you aren’t doing anything wrong. I just haven’t been blogging! I have had urges to post, but nothing strong enough to drive me to actually sit down and do it.
Thanks for the kick in the pants!

So, here I am. It’s a fine Wednesday morning and I’m eager to make that November date go away. But, has it really been two months? Goodness. SO MUCH has transpired …

Our BPC event in Hawaii was (in my opinion) a GREAT success. We were joined by 24 fantastic ladies in a mad dash for the beach on 12/12/12 at 12:12 and together we made a delightful project celebrating life in 2012. I was able to meet students that I’ve grown close to over the years, as well as new friends, who decided to come to Hawaii, simply because it seemed like a good thing to do! We all left with plenty of happy memories to carry us into the new year.

Note: We had many requests to make my 2012 Yearbook in a Snap! project available, that we’ve now turned the online event into a self-paced class. All the information is HERE.

Christmas was perfect. My family travelled to Seattle for several days and my mother is second to none when it comes to honoring tradition and sprinkling magic on the world around her. Picture a living room and dining area straight out of a magazine photo-shoot and then picture a lovely hostess with a sprig of holly in her hair.  You’ve just imagined my mother and her home. Even now at 72, she prepares food from scratch and prints up dinner invitations that include a Christmas Eve program with lots of singing and sharing. To be honest, it’s hard to believe it is all real, but it is.

The absolute highlight of Christmas was (for me) the chance to Skype Clark, our missionary. He is doing GREAT. Loving the chance to teach and serve others and speaking Spanish like a Mexican (or so say the people he is working with!) Yes, all is well on the family front!

And … thanks to the Amazon app on my iPhone, which I used to shop on the go, my children fared well enough.

Geoff and I have just returned from a cruise in the Caribbean. We sailed with 12 or so other couples and had a wonderful (and very relaxing) time. The highlight for me, was an excursion to Tulum to see Mayan ruins that are nothing short of amazing. We LOVED our tour and especially our native tour-guide who was full of fascinating facts and meaningful insights.

I was a bit rushed in my preparations for this get-a-way so I didn’t get a book to read. I was going to download something to my iPad when we landed in Florida, but Geoff handed me his book on the flight and never had it returned. The other highlight on this cruise was THIS book, Washington: The Indispensable Man
This is not something I would have selected on my own to read, but it is now in my top five, all time BEST books. I’m a slow and very deliberate reader and I loved that I had 6 days to really chew on the story of George Washington’s life and his contributions to the American revolution and the United States of America. Mr. Washington was not a perfect man, but he was truly a remarkable man and a visionary leader. I am so thankful for the serendipity that allowed me the opportunity to read this! You’ll be glad to know that I used the previously mentioned Amazon app to purchase a new copy to return to the lender. Obviously, I tore this copy up pretty bad, but I also underlined extensively and (seriously) cannot bear to part with those passages and quotes. It is that good!

Off and on and now more on than off, I am preparing to teach the next session of Finding Photo Freedom. I am spending time with my digital images. I am purging and rating and tagging them and I am reminded that there is NOT a better or more fulfilling hobby on the planet than scrapbooking. I may have slacked in my blogging, but I remain a devoted photo-enthusiast thoroughly convinced that your pictures can change your outlook and your life. There is so much goodness in everyday images.

If you wish you had a better handle on your collection of pictures (prints and digital) come take my class.
I will help you!


  1. Glad to see you back in the blogging world Stacy… you were missed! Your vacation sounds lovely. I’m still chewing on whether to join in on this session of FPF. Counting LOM too, I’ve been enrolled in six sessions already! But I’m definitely going through Twelve withdrawal…

  2. Welcome back to the intarwebs! I always find the first post back after a long break to be the hardest, so now you’re all set to come back and inspire us regularly again. ;^)

  3. Carol in the Land of Oz says:

    Yea–you’re back! I have missed all your views on life! Do you remember saying on the Paperclipping Roundtable that you might not get to read about Stacy Howell & her life anymore? Well, that is how I was feeling about Stacy Julian and her life. You are such a pick-me-up inspiration when I need it. Glad you are back!!

  4. Oh yea! you’re back. Loved seeing what you’ve been up to! Since 12 ended I’ve felt a bit adrift in my scrapbooking. contemplating joining photo freedom for a stacy fix. An entire year of you in 12 spoiled me!

  5. Hi there Stacy! We’ve missed you too! I didn’t get a chance to take the 2012 Yearbook, so I was over the moon when I saw that its a self-paced class! Glad to hear you guys are doing great! Hoping to take Photo Freedom, goodness knows I need your help! Have a lovely day!

  6. Missed you very much, so glad to see your “re-enter”!! :)

  7. Karen Freeman says:

    yay so glad to see that you had a wondrful relaxing and nourishing time away with sightseeing and reading. Good for the soul! So is going through those beautiful pics of yours. I’m loving finding some that had slipped by me or maybe I am just looking at them with fresh story telling eyes from my experiences in TWELVE. See you soon.

  8. Lovely to see you back, Stacy! Addie looks so grown up with long hair, and the photo of her with your mother is just lovely. Thanks so much for posting and letting us all know all is well.

  9. So wonderful to have Stacey back! I was thinking about you yesterday- hoping all was well!!

  10. So glad to see you back, Stacy! I look forward to the sunshine and sprinkles you spread via your blog!

  11. Glad to have you writing again. You needed the break though and we understand.
    I’m planning on taking the FPF again and I’m excited. I’m trying to get the snap 2012 done
    from the event done. My mom passed away Jan 8th. That was a sad day indeed. It was a
    long battle with Aleheimers. Anyway I’m looking forward to FPF.

  12. Welcome back Stacy,missed you.. love the pictures..Addie is growing up so much..take care..

  13. Yay, so glad you are “back”! I, too, kept pushing refresh, thinking something MUST be wrong. Glad all is well.

  14. Hello! So nice to hear from you, life just seems to pick up speed these days, so was nice to hear you are well, and even had a holiday. Have truly missed your blog, but also nice to know you are human and need a break too! :) Take care, I’m the one here sitting here sorting through my own photos, love it!

  15. Glad your back! I understand, everyone needs a break. I haven’t blogged in about that long either. Just too overwhelmed with everything.

  16. So glad to see you again. But, oh how you deserved and needed the break. I can’t wait for class to begin. It will be my third time but this time around I am very committed to following through with the process.
    I am on my way to check out the book about Washington from my library. Thanks for sharing.

  17. KnitterPam says:

    SOOO glad you’re back. I was wondered if you just weren’t feeling the blog anymore. Glad for your post. We went on that same cruise a few years ago and Tulum was definitely the highlight for me. Anyway, keep posting. We like hearing what you and your family are up to!

  18. It is good to see you back but can definitely understand that life and family can take priority over blogging.

  19. I’m glad to have you back blogging, but even happier to know (as I had suspected was the cause of the blogging break) that your life is so full and busy that you haven’t had time for blogging.

  20. Welcome back Stacy, you have been missed! Twelve was fun and I’m signed up for my, ahem, 6th or 7th year of LOM and can not wait to be involved in a class of yours again!

  21. A blog post once in awhile is A-OK! Life and family are what matter. We love a few snippets here and their just to “stay in touch”. It is awesome that your Life is so FULL. ENJOY!

  22. I have missed your posts. After all these years of following you I feel like I know you and your family as if you lived next door to me. I can’t get over how big Addie is getting and Clark in Mexico. You and your family are so precious. Glad to e-see you again. :-)

  23. All things ebb and flow – it’s natural! Can’t wait to being FPF (again)! Hope you are enjoying some quiet time!

  24. All things ebb and flow – it’s natural! Can’t wait to begin FPF (again)! Hope you are enjoying some quiet time!

  25. Wow! You brightened my day when I got your email that you will be blogging again! I seriously thought I was doing something wrong when I couldn’t find a January post, but now you’re back and I need a little kick in the butt myself to get scrapping again. Wish your enthusiasm and awesome classes I’m ready to rock and roll into the Scapbooking world! Thank You!!!

  26. Glad your back!! I have missed your scrapbook enthusiasm. I’m ready to rock and roll and learn new things! Thank you!!

  27. Looks like your cruise did you well. You were looking tanned last night during the LOM chat. Happy you got to Skype with Clark, that would be the best present of all. Your Mom is so awesome and Christmas at her house sounds like something out of a movie.

    • Did I really look tan? Sweet! Such a bummer that we couldn’t get the video chat to work. I’m so frustrated by what seems to be tech-glitches almost every time! Argh.

  28. No, something was wrong with your blog. There was a new one after that November posting and one day all the new stuff was just gone. I thought there must be a glitch in the system. I can’t remember what those posts were after the November date that showed, but I know there was one/some.

  29. M. O"Malley says:

    Nice to have you back.
    I’ve missed you.

  30. So glad to see you back! Sounds like life is GOOD!

  31. I am so glad you are teaching this course again! Last year I re-visiting my 2 previous courses in my classroom. Last week I pulled the book of the shelf to share with someone. While this is certainly a work in progress for me I remain forever devoted to this method and these processes and cannot get enough of them.

    Once again, I have a New Year’s Resolution to get those catagory drawers FILLED. I have a stack of photos ready to sort. I have tons of digital photos ready to print. In the words of Nike…JUST DO IT, already!

    I found a new scrappy friend. We committed to motivating each other. We are going to have scrap playdates routinely (bi-monthly?). We are going to hold each other accountable. She is my new Scrap-Coach! And I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Good luck with the new session! Have fun everyone.

  32. WELCOME BACK!! Glad you had lots of good times in your absence!

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