Friday FIVE for April 5th, 2013


In the off chance that you haven’t see The Piano Guys on YouTube, I’m sharing this video at the top of my Friday FIVE.

Trey and I recently enjoyed a live performance with Alex Boye, which was AWESOME, hilarious & crazy FUN and one of the things he shared was the story behind the making of this video, where he joined up with The Piano Guys in southern Utah on the top of the very high mountain. Anyway … go subscribe to The Piano Guys channel and start watching more than 70 super-cool videos! And, if you want to see them in their first national concert tour, click HERE for details.

I’m a BIG fan.


Wobble Bowls

Ok. One of my blog readers forwarded me a link to Wobble Bowls on KickStarter months ago (maybe even a year?) Anyway, I loved artist Jessie Anderson’s story, so I supported her and kind of forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago, a big box shows up at my house with 3 Wobble Bowls. We LOVE them. Just as you might guess, they wobble (all over the place) but they don’t spill. I love putting one or more on the table with grapes, olives–even salad dressing or dip, and they are perfect set out with nuts or candy! They are just plain FUN and we all need a little more fun!

You can learn more HERE.


Linea Addie Line

I’m still getting to know my newest photography app, Linea, but I am really liking it. Linea is for both the iPhone and iPad and it allows you to beautifully and easily share “lines” or collections of photos and then quickly and inexpensively, turn those lines into printable books! This is a screen capture of my “Addie” line, which I easily pulled in from an album on my phone. You can learn more at and you can watch a video walking you through the steps of printing a book, here. 


cover of Storytelling Strategies eBook

I suppose this could be considered a shameless plug, but I have yet to talk about my latest eBook on my blog. As you may know, I taught (and perhaps led is a better word) a grand adventure at BPC last year, called Twelve. This class, was an effort to help myself and others integrate the goal of personal  and authentic storytelling into our creative process. This book, Storytelling Strategies is like the cream, skimmed off the top of Twleve. It shares both my pages and pages from my students in twelve topics and gives you, the reader the chance to adapt and refine some or all of the strategies we worked out together in class. I think it’s a really GOOD book!

You can get one HERE. 


Image of iMac with Pantone swatch desktop!

Maybe you’ve seen these already, but maybe not and if not, then Hello? Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of these vibrant wallpapers for your desktop, iPad or iPhone 4 or 5. Did I mention they are FREE?! You can download them HERE. I downloaded all seven available colors and put them in a folder together. I then set the desktop (on my laptop) to rotate them every 15 minutes. COLOR!

Have a FANTASTIC Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. Those bowls look like fun & in such happy colors!

  2. SueinMtVernon says:

    Yay for the wobble bowls! So happy to see you received them and are enjoying them. They just looked so “Stacy” when I first saw them Kickstarter.
    All things taste better when served in a FUN way!
    Happy Spring!

  3. Not up on cyber world, but LOVE good music. Thanks for info on Piano Guys!! Had never heard of them or heard them. Subscribed immediately. BTW – I’ve sure enjoyed FPF Alumni and made huge progress. I feel so much better about my photos and quick access to using them.

  4. Thank you so much for that link to The Piano Guys – wonderful video.
    I just loved it!

  5. Thanks for the color screen saver link! You have made my iPad happy!

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