I’m coming to Arizona!

This just in …


I am coming to Arizona NEXT WEEK. There is a CK Convention in Mesa, April 11th through the 13th. I will be giving a FREE lecture class on Thursday night, April 11th at 5:00pm. I would LOVE to see you there. Even though this is a FREE class, you need to register and you can do that HERE.

We (BPC) are looking at doing some live + online classes at some of the CK Conventions, so we’re headed down to Mesa to take a look around and get a feel for the vibe. I figured while I’m there, I could teach a class and create a reason for BPC students and others to come together. If you are feeling overwhelmed or simply need a dose of can-do inspiration, then this is your gig. Clear your calendar and come spend an hour with me! And, bring a friend.

Thank YOU too for the great comments you left about the Paperclipping Roundtable discussion on the pros and cons of a chronological approach vs. a non-chronological approach. This podcast has just been posted LIVE. Have a listen and then weigh in on the comments. IF you listen all the way through, you’ll get a special promo code that will save you 50% on my eBook, Photo Freedom.

I’ll be back with more thoughts on that topic and our conversation very soon.



  1. kelly koesters says:

    Can you come to Ohio some time?? Please ;-) Arizona already has nice weather, now it has you too hee hee!


    Pickerington, Ohio

  2. Awwww Stacy… I am so bummed! I’m planning to go to CKC on Saturday and I would love to meet you, but there’s no way I can get off of work and get to Mesa from Surprise by 5 o’clock on a Thursday. BTW…the weather has been GORGEOUS for the last couple of weeks. Maybe next time…. :-(

    Surprise, AZ

  3. Lucie Hale says:

    Woohoo! I am going to the Mesa CKC!!!!! I’m flying out next Wednesday, to visit family, and specifically planned my trip around the Convention. I will be working as a volunteer on Thursday and just signed up to attend your discussion!!!! I can’t believe it!!!! This will be such a thrill for me!!!! What a blessing! Thank you so much!

  4. Any chance your Thursday night lecture might get recorded on video and find its’ way back here for those of who can’t make it to Arizona? Sure would love to “see” your presentation – even if it can’t be in person.

    Enjoy your trip!
    Tammye in Texas

  5. Ooh! Sounds fun. I will have to wait to see you in Utah soon. Hope you have a great trip!!

  6. Stacy, we would love for you to come to Illinois sometime too. Of course, I have quite a few relatives that live in and around Spokanne, so maybe I can visit with you sometime that way. Most of my family on my mom’s side is in Washington state. I was actually born in Seattle myself. Hope to meet you someday soon, I get a chance to get back out that way. Amy B.

  7. Sorry, a typo in my Bloggy name.

  8. Erika Hayes says:

    It was so good to see you! I wish we could have had time to chat more! You are such a great inspiration! Thanks for all you do!

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