Creative Crop This Saturday!


I hope you’ll be joining me tomorrow at 10:00am (pacific time) when I’ll be kicking off our 3rd annual, Creative Crop!
I’ve got a great exercise to help you discover new stories, about YOU and YOU are the person that should be celebrated tomorrow as we honor International Scrapbooking Day!

See you there!
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  1. I’ll be there – in & out all day long. My Mama is actually coming here to scrap with me, so I’m hoping to talk to her about some older photos & stories while we scrap!

  2. Erika Hayes says:

    I’m coming for SURE!! I am actually very excited, life has been a bit of a bummer lately around my house.. LOTS of stuff! so I need a break to just enjoy scrappin again

  3. Barb T (MORMOR8) says:

    A very happy Scrapbook Day and Creative Crop to all. I had hoped to be scrapping my little fingers to the point of a happy finger dance, but I do believe I shall still be doing a lot of organizing. We are still putting some finishing touches on my new CREATIVE SPACE. I still have lots of boxes to unpack, and I truly am tired of everything stacked up in our formal living room. I shall be checking in today and hope to listen in on chats. If I can find the right components, I just might get a page or two scrapped. Have a great day!

  4. Dear Stacy,
    I have simplified my life in the last year or so, by not spending so much time online/looking at people’s blogs. In so doing, it has been awhile since I’ve seen any of your videos, and I just saw your video for BPC Pajama party. I must say, you are looking fantastic! I remember posts you wrote about food and figuring out what worked for you. Well, whatever it is you are doing has been great for your outward appearance (as well, I’m sure, as your inward goings-on).
    You have always looked beautiful, but now there is a glow about you which simply takes you to the next level!

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