30 Days of Blogging

If you haven’t seen this TED Talk by Matt Cutts, I hope you’ll watch it …

I’m going to prove Matt right, by committing to my blog for 30 days. Eventually, I’d like to develop a schedule, and learn to use the super-cool calendar plug-in/feature to plan specific posts, ahead of time. For now and since I’ve been gone for awhile, I’m going to be excessively realistic and take Matt’s “small changes = sustainable” advice to heart. No grandiose ideas or pressure to be uber creative, just daily posts. It’s funny, because when I started blogging back in 2005, it wasn’t a big deal. It was quick, easy sharing—kind of like Instagram is today and I LOVED it; but then people got really good at blogging and really good bloggers got really good at publishing specialized content and I started to feel intimidated and overwhelmed and even though I told myself it was ok, it wasn’t a happy, natural thing anymore. I felt I had lost sight of WHY I loved my blog in the first place, and so here I am and I’m feeling better (we’ll talk about that!) And I’m ready to recommit.

Just for the record, I’m going on 30 days (times 15) without refined sugar and processed goodies (candy, cookies, cake, etc..) so if I can do that, I can show up here and have something to say.

As I mentioned, yesterday was back-to-school for us. I’ll sign off today with a few of my favorite photos …




See ya tomorrow!

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  1. JofromIdaho says:

    Welcome back. Missed you. Next time you take a long time off please let us know. I imagined all sorts of dire scenarios about why you weren’t blogging. Totally understand the need to not do it. Looking forward to news of your extraordinary family.

  2. Lovely to see you blogging again Stacy :). Thank you for sharing the 30 day video clip – loved it. I have been trying to kick start my healthy eating/weight loss programme and found this really motivating. I am going to commit to no sugar/cake/candy too. Loved seeing your fave photos too. I look forward to being able to check in here for your blog entries.

    • Go Shari, you can do it — when you feel like eating something unhealthy, grab a carrot and come read my blog, ha! The sugar thing is tough, but I won’t go back now — more on that soon!

  3. Always love hearing what you have to say, Stacy. You truly are an inspiration to me!
    Excited to work on my Big Idea Festival album today!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Welcome back Stacy! I had been missing your posts but know that you are super busy with work and life. I am also trying to get better at posting on my blog so maybe I will take up your 30 challenge as well! I am loving the childhood prompts so far and my memories pinterest board is growing!

  5. Peggy Leland says:

    I’m so glad you’re back. I’ve always loved your blog posts whether they be recipes, fun products or watching your adorable family grow. Your one of my top 3 people on The Roundtable too. Great job on the candy thing. I tried to give up soda was doing good for a bit but drinking it again. Today I will start over.

  6. Tracey Hespe says:

    I love your blog Stacy and always find your subjects interesting from your family to scrapbooking to food and life in general. Looking forward to the next 30 days and beyond – no pressure :)

  7. Addie is adorable & the boys look just thrilled to be going back to school ;)

    On the 30 day thing- I was doing Bikram (hot)Yoga for a few years, going a couple times a week, when I did the 30 day Bikram Challenge – I finished 30 days and never went back! I still do a bit of yoga at home but doing something intense for 30 days can sometimes cause burnout ! I’m kind of a jump in with both feet kind of girl – so I guess I’d just say choose wisely on the 30 day thing.

    • I have to agree on the yoga thing, because I did something similar and was so sick of yoga by the time I was done, all the goodness had slipped away. For me, twice a week is perfect, ha!

  8. First let me say Welcome Back! I didn’t get a chance to write on yesterday’s post:) I’m so glad that you are feeling better. I can say I’m also processed sugar free for almost a month now and it’s made a HUGE difference in my life – no more chronic pain in my lower back (I didn’t expect that), less foggy brain (I am in my late 40′s-hello hormones) but I also feel beter overall.

    Your blog was one of the first I subscribed to – loved the energy, passion and COLOR you brought to the blogosphere! Glad that you are back:D

  9. Welcome Back! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to. I’ve missed following you, but hope you’ve had a nice summer. LOVE your back to school pics… especially LOVE the boys shoes on the wet ground AND the close cropped lunchbox pic. (Thinking back to when I was young, when ALL PHOTOS had to be full body shots of people; they’d never considered zooming in to capture just a PART of a picture.) I keep telling myself that I want to start doing something, but I allow myself to fall off the bandwagon. (i.e. I know that FLOSSING DAILY is good for me and recommended, but I seem to stop it after a few weeks. I keep telling myself that I will get organized and stay that way, but I continue to carry piles of (mostly junk that SHOULD be thrown away) into my home office and eventually go through it or toss it when it finally overwhelms me; I really SHOULD just take the time to look/toss right away. I really wanted to document my Project Life album weekly, but I have gotten BUSY WITH LIFE and have not printed out ANY PICS since mid-July and am due to get back to it! I continue to tell myself that I need to drink more water… need to (start) exercise… need to wash AND FOLD/put away the laundry instead of letting it pile up on the bed… Shall I go on? Through the National MS Society, I was recently was introduced to Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage”; he encourages sticking to it (your desire) for a 21 day challenge to create a good habit. (In his case, it was retraining your brain to SEE THE GOOD in the world, using positive psychology.) VERY COOL. Thanks for the kick in the pants… to START some new habits, and hopefully KEEP THEM, making MYSELF happier in the process! :) Glad you’re back!!!
    P.S. I’ve neglected my blog terribly lately, too, but have TONS of little notes written down – all over my messy home office – of little things I wanted to document/remember. (I’m busy… long, long days… stay-at-home-mom of 2 and 4 year old, but I LOVE MY LIFE!)

    • Sarah, I tell you what … life and improvement and new habits — so hard! AND, you have to just keep starting over and over again, but if you look back 5 years instead of 5 months, you can see that some things have stuck. So … you can do it and I’m off to watch Shawn!

  10. NOTE: In searching for the spelling of his name, I discovered that he, too, has a TED talk… full of laughs. http://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work.html

  11. Welcome back, Stacy! You are always such a sunny spot in my day! :) You are tackling a couple of the very things I’ve been wanting to commit to myself! Taking that first step is the scariest for me, I think! Thus, the reason I haven’t really truly committed…yet. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration to TRY! :)
    My own blog was becoming a weight to me, feeling like I had to have the perfect posts, etc. Lately, I’m beginning to realize that it was because I wasn’t putting much of me into them anymore…more like I was cranking out posts that were a bit robotic in nature rather than personable. I feel so much better now that I’ve had that light bulb moment!
    As for the sweets and processed food…I’m taking baby steps with that one. I’m currently looking through some whole foods/plant based cookbooks to find some things I can try to get started on this journey! :)
    Hugs to you as you embark on this wonderful adventure! Can’t wait to hear from you more frequently! You really are missed!

    • Melissa — it’s that darn perfection trap. you overcome it in one area of life and it rears it’s ugly head in another. darn. I say join me and we’ll do it together!

  12. Yay, 30 days of Stacy! September is such a great time to start new habits and routines. For me I’m back in the exercise groove 5 for 5 so far :) 15 months of no sugar, processed food etc WOW! good for you, that can’t be easy.

  13. Hi Stacy,
    Oh it’s great to “hear” from you again. I’ve been thinking of you all summer and have begun a snail mail letter, or two, to you in my head. If you are ready to share, I’d love to know where Chase went on his mission, how the send off was, and how you are feeling. When I heard it on PRT, I couldn’t believe he was already 19 and ready to head off for two years.

    • Marie, what a wonderful thing to picture … you, writing me a letter. Wow! I will write about Clark and Chase and their missions and the feelings of a mother’s heart. I need to do that!

  14. Cheri Stine says:

    Love the photos of your kids. Thanks so much for sharing. I subscribed to “simple scrapbooking” when you first introduced Addie and now she is a beautiful, oh-so-grown up first grader. I know how quickly time passes when I look at my grandchildren, but it hit me even harder seeing the photo of Addie today, So very glad you are back blogging. it brings a smile when I see the notification in my in-box that you have another post. Good luck with your eating program. I’m off all processed food due to a recent celiac diagnosis. i feel amazing when I am vigilant, but some days it’s a struggle. Looking forward to the “art and science” course. Two of my favorite bloggers together–what a treat!

    • Yay! Can’t wait to see you in A+S! Wow, Celiac — I’m with you 100% on the food thing, so rewarding and yet there are moments when it’s really, really HARD. But, the whole thing has been a HUGE blessing in disguise!

  15. Hi Stacy! I’m a new Stacy Julian blog follower:) I have to ask how the 30 day refined sugar free and processed sweets is going. Unfortunately, I have such a sweet tooth & this would be a difficult challenge for me. I’m interested in seeing how you have handled it. I know that you love jelly beans:) I’m trying to psych myself up for the challenge.


    • Dawn, I plan to write much more about this. I’ve been at it for not just 30 days, but 15 months and it’s life changing. I haven’t been perfect, but I won’t go back — the benefits so far outweigh the sacrifices (seriously!) Thanks for reading!

  16. No pressure but I for one am glad your taking that challenge? Welcome back.!

  17. I always took a photo of my son’s shoes on the first day of school. There is just something about the new shoes that I love. It is great to look back at how the styles and his style changed through the years. Here’s to a great school year for you and your family!!

  18. What a great challenge! I started feeling a little pressure with my blog this summer, so I took a month long break & am now enjoying it again!

  19. I have had to take a forced break from mine (which I had just started) too. My reason has been more because for some reason it isn’t completely compatible with my new computer (or something). It doesn’t want to come up. So, in my spare time I trade off with crafting & working on sorting out this little hiccup. Glad to see you back, and I will join you in the challenge as soon as my blog is back up and running.

  20. Paulette Sarsfield says:

    Stacy, You are such an inspiration, my heart was full participating in Twelve, again in I.scrap & now in Art & Science. I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING with you (and Ali) ! I never finish a class, a painfully show scrapbooker, but I don’t really care, I am telling my own stories (some really hard, some really funny) & It’s all good :o) I am anxious to hear about your journey with food, and HOW you are really feeling better now & HOW you don’t miss sugar lol! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!

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