Art + Science and My Laundry Room

I got a new washer and dryer last spring, after my washer of 12 years failed suddenly. I am most grateful that we are in a position go right out and purchase new appliances, but I have to say that I was very attached to my “old” washer, which didn’t seem very old to me. You see, it was our very first NEW appliance purchase, after Geoff finished his medical training in 2000 and I fully expected it to last my whole life — or the rest of my life! The nice man at Sears set me straight and explained that “they don’t make washers (or any appliances) like the used to!” He went on to explain that everything is a computer these days, so nothing is designed or expected to last longer than 8 to 10 years. But, I digress. The purpose of today’s post is to touch on my creative process. After my new washer arrived and I discovered that it was quite a bit bigger (as in it sticks out farther) AND the controls are on the face rather than on top, a change which introduced a big sock-eating gap at the back of both appliances — I was thrown into a bit of a tizzy. To help me cope and adjust my thinking and attitude, I did what any right-minded (pun intended) scrapbooker would do …


… I created a layout dedicated to my former, beloved washing machine and dryer. This creative process, beginning with the “idea” and moving through photos, color, journaling, product-selection, assembly—everything, is very ME. It is my comfort zone. This is where I am most happy and can easily disappear and find the imaginative nirvana called F-L-O-W.

It is the discovery and exploration of our personal creative processes that Jennifer Wilson and I will begin exploring (hopefully with YOU) this Thursday, in our brand-new, 4-week workshop, called The Art + Science of Scrapbooking.


Jennifer is left-brain dominant scrapbooker and I am a right-brain dominant scrapbooker and we approach our craft from differing perspectives, but we have teamed up to challenge and learn from each other in what are generally the universal stages of a scrapbooking process, AND what has proven to be a brain-boosting experience for both of us! You can learn much more about this workshop, by reading the class description, HERE (be sure to watch the little video too!)

The thing is, creating this class is probably the MOST FUN I have had (as a teacher/writer) in a VERY long time — for reasons I would love to explore in another blog post this week (if I feel so inclined!) For now, I would delight to give away a free seat in this class. All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me which aspect of the creative process is EASIEST for you.

Is it …

1. Ideation: Getting an “idea” for a page/project)
2. Process: The order and assembly of individual & disparate pieces into the whole
3. Photos: Selecting/finding photos to use
4. Journaling: Discovering and crafting the words/story
5. Color: Choosing colors and color combinations to work with
6. Design: Working with visual principles to arrange a pleasing outcome
7. Product: Using tools, techniques and papers/decorative accents to effectively communicate stories
8. Embellishing: Adding the finishing touches

… and, feel free to discuss the WHY behind your choice, if you want to!


You’ll be glad to know that Geoff and Trey installed a shelf that sits just above my new washer and dryer and prevents socks and other goodies from disappearing into the great abyss. Thanks to their support and my ability to leverage the creative/healing process in my own behalf, I am adjusting remarkably well to what might have a disastrous blow to my laundry-routine!

I’ll post a WINNER on Wednesday morning sometime.
For all you unluckies — go buy a seat. This is a FUN class!

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  1. Angie Kaczynski says:

    I have no trouble coming up with ideas to scrapbook, but it is all downhill after that!

  2. Pictures are easiest for me. I have no problem going through and finding the picture that I feel will best fit he story I want to tell. I usually take a whole bunch of pictures, but I know right away when I find THE one :)
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  3. I think the Design portion is the easiest for me with the story being second and journaling being third. Narrowing down to what products, etc. that I want to use is the hardest part. I have to consider all the options which sometimes causes me to spend way too long just moving things around on my page deciding what I want to use. I obviously need to be more decisive.

  4. lynne moore says:

    I don’t think of the separate processes so much. A lot of my scrapbooking starts with the paper or embellishment I want to use and the design goes from there. As I do that I might have an idea of which pictures and stories I put with them. The most fun is playing with the elements – paper, pic and stuff.

  5. I love coming up with photos to scrapbook. For me, that’s always the jumping off point.

  6. Bethany Rielage says:

    I think ideation is the easiest part of the process for me. I always have ideas floating around in my brain, but only a small portion of them ever make it to a layout! I’d love to figure out better what works for me and how to make the most of the time I have to scrapbook. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I think the easiest for me is process. Once I get an idea, I can collect all the elements and sit and plan rather easily. In the early days I just sort of started putting things down, but now I find myself designing and changing and letting the idea develop more as I pull things together. I think that is the result of taking so many classes that asked me to explore and think and play more – it has taught me to enjoy the process as much as the idea and end result.

  8. giraffemom aka carol :) says:

    For me the whole idea/design/product mix is one cohesive unit. I love fondling…uh, looking at my supplies and the stories and pages seem to just come to me. Sounds like a very interesting class. (ps. hooray for blogging again…I’ve missed you!)

  9. Sarah Goodyear says:

    I can journal with ease. Sometimes, I just can’t come up with the creative process, how to layout, etc.

  10. Oh, I am full of ideas. Hundreds of ideas! This page, that page, this plan and that plan. But getting started…not so easy!

  11. Journaling and picture picking are the easiest part for me. I often resort to sketches when it come to putting my pages together and embellishing almost always stumps me. . .don’t know why it just happens that way!

  12. Alicia McMahon says:

    Journaling, once I’ve got the story in mind it usually writes itself.

  13. For me the journaling part is the easiest part. And finding the right photos.

  14. Desiree Scheel says:

    I can find photos to scrapbook…no problem. I have been finding it easier these days just getting the photos on the pages…using patterned paper instead of just white, using a few embellishments (3-5), leaving room to journal. I don’t get blocked too often and can work on many different sizes of memory books. I’m looking forward to using the new Heidi Swapp memory files and more Project Life pages to get the back-log done. Thanks Stacey!

  15. Oh I get the idea and then I crash. Where to begin…..then i revert to old standards of layout and patterns. This class sounds neat!

  16. Michelle huegel says:

    I think the process is easiest for me. I enjoy pulling a story together, gathering the pieces, organizing, picking out the supplies, And so on. Which may be why I love project life so much, it’s a lot of process!

  17. Selenaintx says:

    The “Product” is the easiest part of the process for me. The ideas can sometimes be difficult, along with the journaling. But when it all comes together…what creative magic!

  18. To be quite honest, lately, none of those things are easy for me. I have not really scrapbooked in a very long time and I feel that my creative mojo has flown out my craft room door. Perhaps it’s a time thing; perhaps it’s a mess of a craft room thing; perhaps it’s the overwhelming amount of photos that I have taken and not done anything with except put into numerous storage photo albums. It’s hard to say but I think that it’s time to conquer some of these things and make some pages happen!

  19. I am more excited by the design element of the process, although I have to admit that often MY designing is really looking for a great example that I can ‘scraplift’. :) The class (& process of creating it) sounds really interesting, Stacy!

  20. Like some other responders, for me the photos/ideas/process is one continuous flow – lucky for us! I use sketches to help with the design and enjoy looking for just the right products too. Lovely to see you blogging again, Stacy, and thanks so much for the chance to win a place on this interesting-sounding class!

  21. Sadly, none of those is easy for me right now. I am in a rut!

  22. 8. Embellishing: I love adding the “icing on the cake”! I just playing with whatever space is leftover after the photos and journaling are in place.
    3. Photos: is also easy thanks to LOM. But it doesn’t make narrowing down which story I want to tell right now, so it wouldn’t be my easiest part.

    Truthfully though once I get past the HARDEST part – making the time to scrapbook – I find it all easy and fun. I’m a go with the flow kind of scrapper and don’t worry about all the little design, story, photos details and just play and enjoy myself.

  23. Coming up with the general story is easiest (this does not mean the journaling!).

  24. I find the product the easiest for me. The designers make it so easy for us by having the paper, embellishments, and stamps that match. Thank you for the chance to win!

  25. Terri Torrez says:

    It’s a toss-up between ideation and journaling. Most if my pages are story-driven so the two are closely linked.

  26. Irene Sterquelle says:

    I don’t have any problem with ideation but it’s the rest of the creative process I have problems with!

  27. For me, it’s a tie between coming up with ideas for a page and choosing pictures I want to scrapbook. I think of ideas while I’m driving down the road or listening to the PRT — anytime I’m engaged in a repetitive behavior, my brain gets creative. :-)

    Happy Monday.

  28. Pictures are easy. Journaling would be second. Unless I have a page kit, the struggle begins.

  29. Ideation seems easiest for me. Once I come up with an idea, my husband knows I’ll be in the craft room for hours on end. One idea leads to another and another and I don’t want to stop!

  30. Coming up with the idea is the hardest for me, unless I take it right out of a magazine or idea book. I love the act of putting it together. Figuring out the pieces and how to achieve the look.

  31. Anne Wallraff says:

    The idea of this class is so intriguing to me. I would love to see how people put things together differently. It will help me to expand my mind and try new things!

  32. Beth Anne Thomas says:

    Oh, I always have lots of ideas! I just need to get a few more actually on paper!

  33. Oh ideas are by far the easiest. If it is organized and mathematical I am there.

  34. Journaling and photos, I think. I’m so confused…maybe the idea thingy. You see, I’m a teacher (enough said, right?), so I know some things about right/left brain. I’ve been saying for years, that my right and left brains are constantly battling. I love, love, love to be artistic and create AND I love, love, love to be organized/clean and symmetrical. That’s where I get stuck. I really believe this class would help me work with me and my struggles. It would actually be therapeutic and I could enjoy the process and the product!

  35. Coming up with an idea/story is usually the easiest for me then the remaining things can be challenging!

  36. Mine would be selecting the photos.
    And we’ve had our washer/dryer for 9 years now, does that mean it might die soon? I sure hope not, we’ve already had to replace the dishwasher and fridge this year!

  37. I love colours, so choosing colors and color combinations to work with is the easiest and most fun process for me.

  38. I definitely have my Process down pat!

  39. Ideation! I have tons of ideas and the rest is a push. I would love to win a spot in this class so I can continue to work on the process. So glad to see you back blogging!! Blessings to you Stacy!

  40. Jennifer Monroe says:

    We just lost our washer. Such a sad day! What a great idea for a class!

  41. I have no trouble coming up with ideas for pages and I can journal for days on my pages. I was an English major in university so it’s not really a surprise that I love stories.

  42. The easiest part for me is the shopping. I have bags of supplies that I think have ideas on how to use, but I have not done pages with. I am hoping the challenges in this class will get me going along with providing insights into my process and how I can be more productive and creative.

  43. The easiest part of creating a layout for me is finding the photos. I always know exactly what photos to use. I just struggle SO MUCH with combining some products together to create the layout that I want. Because I struggle so much with this-there are times when I procrastinate or dread the creative process because I don’t want to ruin the photo. I would love to earn a seat in the class so that I can gain knowledge in how I create. And most of all, ENJOY the creative process!

  44. For me, it is the pictures. I usually know as soon as I take a picture if it is going on a scrapbook page and the story I want to tell about it. This class looks and sounds like it would be so much fun! Thanks for giving your readers an opportunity to win a spot in it.

  45. I love this layout! I created a layout about my old washer & dryer, too . . . because my washer said “we love you, we love you, we love you” while it washed. OK, not exactly, but you can read the story here: :>)

  46. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    Journaling is for me the easiest part of the process. I don’t have any problem writing, and thanks to Library of Memories, i have no problem piutting my hands on my photos. I find that putting all the pieces together in a “page packet” helps with the process. It’s putting it all together that I tend to struggle with.

  47. The easiest part for me is picking the photos, followed by the design of the page. I tend to struggle with journaling and color selection.

  48. I think, for me, that choosing my photos is the easiest part. I love to look at my photos and so I can easily remember what I have and where it is.

  49. I guess I would have to say the idea. I have a lot of them but usually not when it’s convenient to carry them out.

  50. Scraphappyjen says:

    Ideation has to be, by far, the easiest part of the process. I have ideas coming out the wa-zoo, more than I think I’ll ever be able to scrapbook in this lifetime. They may be story related, design related or sparked from a photo or product. Getting started is never the problem with me but finishing large projects can certainly take a while.

  51. Lorna Schreck says:

    Ah Stacy – you are the sprinkles in my life! You make me so happy with something as simple as a new washer and dryer. Delightful story and fun, fun, fun page.

    I am writer first – developing the story in my head and making notes all over the place. Maybe I’m a color person as I buy paper because it triggers stories ideas, or I plan pages based on the colors and styles of paper and photos. I could be product driven using tools and techniques learned at BPC. And I like the process too and heck, photos can lead me in new directions too.

    Golly, gosh, gee whiz. I think I am a scrapping mutt – a mixture of all. Half right, half left and all fun!

  52. I am signed up for this class already and really looking forward to it beginning. I find choosing photos the easiest part of the process. Finding the right papers on the other hand is much more difficult.

  53. Shirley Ventresca says:

    Ideation is easiest for me! I run around with all these ideas of what I can put down on a page, what topics would make a great page, and how simple or grandiose I can make it. The challenge comes in getting the idea down to reality!

  54. Definitely the idea!! I can get the ideas and the photos…it’s getting it onto the paper the way I like it! I struggle with the journaling and finding the perfect paper.

  55. I think it would be the idea for the story that I want to tell, either that or choosing the photos. Thanks for the chance to win, it sounds like a great class

  56. Anne-Liesse says:

    Hi Stacy!
    I really enjoyed your post this morning. It made me think about the process of archiving the events that are going on around me, or memories from my past and the connections between them. I have to say that more and more I come from the direction of the idea, often at the time of the event, and then make sure I have a picture to go with it. I do still fall back on pictures first, too, but that idea first is happening more often than it used to,
    I would love a spot in this class. Thanks for the giveaway.

  57. The easiest part of scrapbooking for me is choosing the photos and colors. When picking photos I quickly look through them and see which ones grab my heart or make me smile. Color combination has always come easy, maybe it’s my background in sewing and quilting.

  58. 25,379 photos currently loaded into iPhoto (with more pics ready to upload to the computer) AND an attempt to take a photo every day for my Project Life album, I’d guess that PHOTOS is my easiest process to complete. Thanks for the giveaway; it sounds/looks SUPER FUN! (And I just LOVE the brain design poster with half of it being grid-background, half of it being artsy background. SUPER CUTE!) – SarahJane
    P.S. As a mom, we DO have a love of our washing machines; we spend a lot of time together! It seems that the inside of ours almost never dries out. :)

  59. Taking the pictures is absolutely the easiest part for me. The rest of it takes time and fresh ideas and, while I can do it, it still takes more mental energy than I can muster up. Ha ha! Good luck with your new washer & dryer. The room looks great.

  60. JUST checked out the supply list for the class. HILARIOUS!!!! (Listed in alphabetical order vs. fun, doodle drawings… BRILLIANT!)

  61. I will get an idea and even have colors in mind, but getting it onto the paper is a whole ‘noter matter. I have trouble with making a comittment to glue and then not overdoing embellishment. I takes me hours to actually lay it down. I envy your tidyness; I wish my laundry room was like that, but I can never seem to catch up.

  62. Colors are the easiest for me. I am drawn by colors and I get all ideas from it. I love every bit of the scrapbooking process and since I am just trying paper (again) I think I’m gonna love it (long term)

  63. Ideas for pages come easily – too many ideas to keep up with most of the time. Plus I hoard layout idea inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway, this class looks amazing!

  64. The easiest part for me is the embellishing part. I tend to start embellishing before I am actually done arranging the photos – which does not always work out well. This class looks very interesting!

  65. The easiest for me is the idea. The story forms as I’m taking pictures. The challenge is getting the idea down on paper before I forget.

  66. What a fabulous-sounding class! For it’s Ideation – I seem to have a million ideas floating around in my head for LOs I want to do; It’s the actual doing that is the challenge. :)

  67. For me, color is definitely the easiest part of scrapbooking. I look at my photos and choose colors from them and find paper that goes well.

  68. I have the no problem coming up with what I want to scrapbook, my issue is journaling! I have never considered myself a skilled writer. I would lot have this opportunity!!

  69. SueinMtVernon says:

    I have “ideas” up to wazoo! So that is the easiest for me, but all the other thought processes of design, product, pictures, etc – that is where I struggle.
    I am so excited for this class – can’t wait!

  70. Journaling comes easiest to me. I usually have so much to say that I have to edit it, or there’d be no room for pictures!

  71. Kathy Weeks says:

    Finding photos to scrap is the easiest part of the process for me!

  72. Great story and layout, Stacy! I am really good at ideation and process (in all parts of my life, not just scrapbooking), but from there I tend to struggle. Would truly love to take your class – thanks so much for the chance to win!

  73. Finding photos is the no brainer part, but journaling them is. Most of the time I am lost in the joy of the photos. And actually, I’m already enrolled in the class. Jennifer had me at reverse Polish notation, even though I don’t like math.

  74. Every time I take one of those tests to see if I’m right-brained or left-brained I come up “middle-brained”! I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it does sometimes make me feel scatterbrained! LOL I have lots of great IDEAS for scrapping (needlework/crafting/home projects/insert your own item here), but sitting down and actually making them happen is another story.

  75. Coming up with ideas for pages I want to create is simple enough. There is so much inspiration out there and seeing what others do always sparks ideas for me. Choosing photos is usually pretty easy too. I KNOW which ones I LOVE! From there it is downhill – choosing papers and embellishments, placement of the pieces, journaling – all need work!

  76. Stacy, I’m sooo glad to see you blogging again. I’ve missed “talking” to you!
    Choosing colors is the easiest for me… I just love working with color, and spotting the exact right one seems easy. When I was a girl, and my mom and I were buying fabric, she’d always forget to get the thread. She’d send me back to grab some matching thread, without the fabric mind you, and I’d always bring back the exact right color. It became a fun game for me to see if I could perfectly match the fabric. Silly story, but one I love to remember. I should do a layout about it! =)

  77. Karen Cummins says:

    Ideation is by far the easiest. My mind is BURSTING with ideas when events occur and photos are taken (or not taken) or I make a connection. I totally get the ideas part. The rest is lost to me and is an arduous process.

  78. I have a ton of ideas for stories I want to get into my scrapbooks, but when it comes time to write the story down I have problems, some of the stories I don’t have pictures of which also makes it hard for me to get them down on paper.

  79. I laughed at your story as I am about to go through it. My washer of 15 years is acting up and this weekend I am going shopping for a new one. As far as layouts go, I have no trouble picking photos/ideas but the creative part slows me down.

  80. Color, color, color! My big color wheel is my #1 go-to tool, and the only thing I can usually find! My papers & products are sorted by color, as are my clothes, shoes, purses, (and more!). Kinda crazy for color here…

  81. The easiest is the idea for me and then the product (I make that easy by only having Close to my Heart products since I am a consultant!). The hard part is getting everything to look the way I see it in my head!

  82. Using product is easiest, because all the harder parts are behind me. I love colorful embellishments and like using my tools to edit the photos, paper and other elements to make everything come together.

    Wish I had a little birdy over my shoulder whispering design principles during initial design phase though. A design principles class would be awesome!

  83. The easiest thing is the idea… the hardest thing is actually sitting down and getting started. Once I’m started, then it gets easier again…

  84. Choosing pictures is easiest for me. My niece and nephew, who live far away, are my scrapbook subjects. Since I’m the main photographer in the family, I usually don’t have photos of them until I’m with them for a vacation. Opposite of most scrapbookers, I scrap most photos I get and always wish for more!

  85. The easiest part of the process for me is two-fold, and that is choosing the photos and journaling. They kind of go hand in hand to me. :) Would love to peek into someone else’s scrap-thought process!

  86. Stacy, what a gorgeous set of appliances.

    I would love to take that class, but just can’t swing the cost right now. However, in answer to your question, I am most thrilled about the ideation part of scraping. I love coming up with fresh, new ways of presenting my stories. It’s so much fun!

  87. The easiest by far is picking the pictures…..the hardest for me is clean up!

  88. Pictures. That’s the easiest part. Deciding what to do with them is the hardest part.

  89. Selecting pictures is the easiest part for me. If I have a pic that I love or is fun I want to expand on it and make it even more memorable. I usually start with a picture I love and then scrap based on the picture. When I start with an event or design in mind I often get stuck finding a picture I like to go with it.
    Thanks for the chance!

  90. Jennifer Greer says:

    At this point, photos are never an issue. I have more than 18,000 just on my computer. That does not even count the many photo boxes from before about 2001. I love looking through them.

  91. Photos are the easy part – I get bogged down with everything else. Thanks for the chance.

  92. Stacy! USE POWDER only laundry soap – NOT LIQUID! The Liquid soap makes the front loaders smell yucky and the powdered soap completely solves the problem. It took me about 6 months after we got the front loader to discover this little fact. But it is important if you like fresh smelling laundry! :) Katie Scott.

  93. P.S. maybe you already discovered this as I took a 2nd look at your pictures & it looks like you’ve got the powder in the glass jar?

  94. Oh I can write a zillion stories, I have so many to tell!

    But then the rest of it never gets done… *sigh*

  95. The process is the easiest part for me. I can easily go step by step. I falter on the color, arrangement, and embellishments.

  96. Marla Beech says:

    I feel your washer death pain. Mine is trying to die but my handy husband keeps fixing it. I have to do extremely small loads to keep from killing it, but… I will have to say goodbye sooner or later.
    I was torn between color and ideation (great word btw) because I love to “think” about scrapbooking long before I do it. Color…I love color!!!

  97. Helen Carter says:

    Definitely the PHOTOS……this sounds like a great class…..thanks for giveaway chance!

  98. I love it that you scrapbooked about your washer!!!!

    Ideation comes easiest for me, though it is also why I don’t scrapbook more . After the idea hits, I tend to overthink things! Aargh….

  99. Ideation is the easiest for me…design and journaling are my biggest “need help” areas!

  100. I have lots and lots of ideas. No problem there. And photos-even before taking LOM (Now called FPF), I printed out photos. So no problems there. Ideas and photos=easy. Actually putting the layout together, now that is hard. ;)

  101. The journaling is the easiest part – wish the rest would be as easy.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Lisa M. Zepponi says:

    Photos are the easiest. Once I have step 1 “the idea” then pictures come naturally. Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. The easiest for me would have to be the colors. I love colors & usually have no difficulty in choosing coordinating colors.

  104. The easiest for me is choosing the pictures. After that, it’s all downhill from there (even after 13 years of scrapbooking). When I choose my pictures, I almost always know what story I want to tell with them, but I struggle with HOW to tell that story via a scrapbook page. The pictures help me choose my color palette but actually pulling different patterns and papers together is tough. Of course, it doesn’t help that even after all this time I haven’t figured out my scrapbooking style. Maybe it’s time for to really learn in which half of my brain my creativity resides!

  105. Selecting the photos I want to scrap is the easiest part for me. I am always inspired by my family, friends and pets. i have many stories i want to tell/preserve, but havent. I do get lost somewhere in the process though. The process trips me up and causes me to over think everything.

  106. Because of all the inspiration on the internet, I have no trouble coming up with great ideas. Finding the time and energy to actually implement them all is another matter! This looks like an awesome class!

  107. Hoping to get in before you announce a winner! The easiest part for me is definitely ideation. I have tons of ideas for pages but get stuck with actually finishing them, because I worry too much about having the journaling just right, or making sure I’m using the “right” papers (that coordinate well and speak to the topic of the layout), or getting the embellishments in just the right place. Hello, Left Brain here!

  108. For me it’s finding the photos…I’m terrible about getting them off my camera or printing them so then when the inspiration hits me to scrapbook I don’t have any photos to work with.
    I had the exact same problem with my new washing machine. I sticks out so far I can’t reach the hanging rack above it and I can’t tell you how many hangers and items of clothing have probably been lost behind it.

  109. Karen Neder says:

    Ideas and pictures – I love coming up with ideas and finding the pictures…actually putting them on a page is quite another thing! I’m so inspired by your laundry layout – that you took that idea and immediately made it come to life! So impressive! Maybe I’ll go thru my pile of sticky notes of ideas and get started!

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