Back to School. Back to Blogging.

I’m back.
I guess you could say I took the summer off.
This wasn’t my intention, but I’m (honestly) happy for the break.

Life is short.
Summers are very short.
Any time you choose to do something you are automatically choosing not to do other things. This summer I “chose” not to blog!

But, my children went back to school today, so I decided to come back to my blog!


A week or so ago, Geoff and I and our friends, the Cordons rented four wheelers in Heber, Utah. We rode  around the hills on the back side of Timpanogos, in the Wasatch Range. It was gorgeous. At one point, we unknowingly got off the main road and drove rather far up a narrowing bit of trail until we met up with a dead end. We got out, stretched our legs and spent a few quiet moments enjoying a huge grove of Aspen trees. When we pulled up and turned around, I noticed the letter “S” carved into the trunk of one tree, then not 2 minutes later, I noticed another with a “J.” Now, I’m not super keen on leaving such an indelible mark in nature, but I did think this was pretty lucky and so I took it as a sign that our accidental, off-road adventure was meant to be.

It’s obvious to me, from initials in trees and graffiti on walls that humans like to leave their mark. Scrapbooking is about leaving a mark, a trace, evidence that you were here and that you contributed something worth remembering.

I like that.


Today is the first day the Big Idea Festival at Big Picture Classes.
It’s FREE. It’s FUN.
Our goal this year is to revisit childhood memories in a very EASY way.

I’m also going to be a guest on the Paperclipping Roundtable today. I’ll be joined by Shimelle, Kelly Purkey and Noell and Izzy (of course!) We’re talking about who we admire (in scrapbooking) and why.

As with every other day, you’ll have lots of choices to make.
Perhaps your choices will allow our virtual paths to cross?

That would be nice.

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  1. Stacy, I LOVE the photos of your initials. :) Reminded me of a time two weeks after my hubby and I were just married. His oldest brother died, and we went to PA for the funeral. Not far from the church in his little hometown, we saw some graffiti on both sides of the railing on a small bridge. It was spray painted in black and said, “Kim loves Ed forever” on one side, and “Ed loves Kim forever” on the other side. We took this as confirmation that we definitely made the right choice! ha ha! I got pictures of it, of course! Glad to see you back on the blog!

    • I’m so excited that I got a comment, ha. Thank YOU. Even after my extended vacation, you found me! I love this graffiti story. Have you scrapbooked yet?

  2. Yay! I really love when you are blogging. And I’ve been hitting the refresh button on PRT all day! & thanks for the reminder for the BIF!

  3. hi! nice you are back on track… have fun bloggin, hope to read more. xoxo, Tayrina from Blessigns Craft Studio

  4. Welcome Back Stacy! I missed your blog and can’t wait to listen to the new podcast. You always have a refreshing viewpoint and inspire me often. Hope the kids have a good start to the school year.

    Hope to hear more from you….

  5. I always love to see you around everywhere. Here, at BPs or PRT. You are always so inspiring. I seem to get off track in my scrapbooking, and when I hear you speak, it draws me back in to where I want to go! Can’t wait to get started in the Big Idea Festival! Loved your video! So many memories to be found that were misplaced! Love your photos of the initials!

  6. Can’t wait to listen, love it when you are on there. Glad to hear you had a lovely break Stacy, you are good at setting some family priorities, blogging should never be at the top of a mum’s list above that stuff!

  7. Ah, Heber. That’s my hometown. Now I live south of you in the Tri-Cities. Every time we go to Spokane for soccer I think of you.

  8. Welcome back! I hope your summer was as fun and action packed as ours was.

  9. Glad to “see” you here today! I love the initials in the tree. My friend Ellyn and I spent one of our inspiration days at a museum looking for letters in a variety of objects & it was so much fun. Enjoyed listening to today’s episode of PRT earlier!

  10. Glad to have you back, I’ve missed you. Hope you are doing well.

  11. Hi Stacy,
    it is such a good news to hear that you will be blogging again! You are always so very inspiring and I agree with Debbie Piercy about how listening to your podcasts or reading something from you always get me back on track with memory keeping!

    Francisca, in the Netherlands

  12. SJ initials that is very cool! I just found my first street sign with my name on it. Tracy Way — that’s right it’s Tracy’s way ;)
    I PRT, I’m behind from the summer. Of course you’re one of my favourite guests.

  13. So glad you are backed.i had been worried that something was wrong. Glad to hear that you intentionally took time off!

  14. So glad you are back! Have really missed your blog! Glad you enjoyed your summer, though!

  15. I missed you Stacy….have been hoping all is well. Very glad you are back, you brighten my world!!

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