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Today is the 12th anniversary of a really BIG, sad day in US history. I will never forget the sickening feeling inside of me as I watched this scene play out. On my walk this morning, I was wondering what I could do with my children to help commemorate this day in a positive way …


… just then I spied this little mushroom. I said, “Hello September mushroom, how are you today?!” And then I thought: Take a picture! So I did. Here’s the deal: The world can be a dark, scary place at times, but there is so much beauty to be found in the smallest details of everyday moments. The harsh realities and BIG problems aren’t likely to go away, but we can diminish the influence they have on us by focusing our attention on the LITTLE blessings that are so abundant and evident—when we train ourselves to see them.

I’m a little late with this post (lots of meetings today) but I invite you to join me in photographing some LITTLE detail, that reminds you of the freedom you have to be who you are and live as you choose. There is no greater gift.

Thank you for your comments on Monday’s post.  I chose Karen A. as my WINNER. She left this comment: The easiest for me is choosing the pictures. After that, it’s all downhill from there (even after 13 years of scrapbooking). When I choose my pictures, I almost always know what story I want to tell with them, but I struggle with HOW to tell that story via a scrapbook page. The pictures help me choose my color palette but actually pulling different patterns and papers together is tough. Of course, it doesn’t help that even after all this time I haven’t figured out my scrapbooking style. Maybe it’s time for to really learn in which half of my brain my creativity resides!  Visit Karen’s BLOG.

There’s still time to win a seat in The Art + Science of Scrapbooking by following me (stacyjulian) and jenniferwilson on Instagram. Go HERE for details.
See you in class!

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  1. I agree that we should focus on the little pleasant things. I have a hard time thinking about 9-11 because I hate to see such death. I think people should remember it in their hearts & learn from it, while they celebrate the happy things of life. Afterall, there were plenty of people born on that day (who probably don’t want to be sad on their day), & flowers still bloomed, & the colors of fall were starting to show their faces.

    • Jennifer, Very good point. Maybe I just need a photo of the 9-11 memorial, I do remember that after 9-11 it seemed like everyone had a flag out and now we’re back to “normal” where that is not-so-much the norm. I kind of miss that!

  2. Thank you so much for the reminder that we need to find joy in the little things. When I look back at some scrapbook pages I have many pictures of tiny flowers, leaves, picturesque clouds… just because at the time I thought they were beautiful or unique. I need to get back to taking photos of those kinds of things and showcasing them in my scrapbooks. And thank you so much for choosing me! I know I will enjoy the class and get much out of it.

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