Happy Birthday Trey!

I gave birth to this boy, fifteen years ago today! I adore him. He is pure JOY. In honor of today, here is a list of fifteen things I LOVE about Trey.

I LOVE your facial expressions. I need to create a mini-book titled simply, Trey’s Face. I’m actually not sure why I haven’t done this already?

I LOVE your desire to be and do good. Aside from some occasional mischief, you are a straight arrow and I really appreciate the trust that I can so easily bestow in you.

I LOVE your sense of humor. You have a gift and you help me and everyone you associate with not take ourselves and life too seriously. Thank YOU.

LOVE that you talk with an accent, a lot. You have an ear for identifying and repeating the subtle tone, inflection and pronunciation in a variety of accents and you make us all laugh!

I LOVE your energy. You have this lightness about you and you sing your way through most days, which is only sometimes ever-so-slightly annoying. Most days it is 100% refreshing.

I LOVE your passion. When you love something, you love it to infinity and back. A few examples: soccer, The San Francisco 49ers, and VANS.

I LOVE that you love to be OUTSIDE. From day one, you were drawn to open windows, open doors and fresh air. When you are boxed up or bogged down with inside stuff, it wears on you and you find immediate regeneration in the great outdoors.

I LOVE your sensitivity. You sense others’ emotions and their emotional needs. We talk about friends and teachers and coaches and what you notice and feel about them. I think that’s cool.

I LOVE  your style. You know what you like and what looks good on you and yet you don’t really care for fads or brand names (aside from VANS.) You are comfortable in your skin and your clothes!

I LOVE that you’re a peacemaker. Every mother needs one and I appreciate the fact that you are uneasy with any level of contention and that you are generally eager to restore peace.

I LOVE the way you see life. You look at everyday stuff with a very unique perspective and I am often surprised at what you see and what it means to you.

I LOVE the funny things you say. Yes, this is part sense of humor and part the way you see life, but the prolific collection of hilarious sound bites that I possess warrants a separate entry on my list.

I LOVE that you wake up happy. I don’t think your bed has a wrong side. You greet each new day with an enthusiasm that is rare and extremely valuable.

I LOVE the funny memories I have of you. For example, your 3-year old check up, when the pediatrician asked you what you like to eat and you said, “carrots” and he said, “Oh really? What else do you like to eat?” and you said, “celery” and “broccoli” and “apples.” It couldn’t have programmed a funnier and less-expected response.

I LOVE that you’re not afraid to be YOU. We talked last night about how fitting in is NOT belonging and that because you are willing to be authentic and bring your true self to life and most situations, you are, by example, enabling belonging for others. 

And, on that note, I love that you (at least for now) belong to me.
Happy Birthday!
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  1. I can come up with at LEAST 15 reasons why I love you, Stacy.
    I remember when that boy was born!!! What a great kid you have raised. Julie

  2. My son, Jake, turned 14 this week (the 24th)! I love this idea! I’m going to write 14 reasons for him. I’m so glad you are blogging again- you really inspire me!

  3. I’ve been looking at crazy pictures of Trey grinning since he was a little kid and I love that boy too! Happy birthday Trey! You are AWESOME!!

  4. Love Trey, Love Stacy, Love all the Julians!
    –always such an inspiration!

  5. Great tribute to Trey. I should do this for my girls. And I should do a number list for my age too – that will be the first page I should do since it’s closest to my birthday.

  6. Awesome! My son will turn 15 in a couple months. I’m going to work on a list for him and my 12 year old two. Great idea! Thanks Stacy and Happy Birthday Trey!!!!

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