I LOVE Bible Videos.

I absolutely love these videos that are produced by my church. I love that they are not embellished or enhanced in any way. They directly portray verses from the King James translation of The Bible. I love that it takes just a few minutes to watch one and, most of all …  I love that those few minutes seem to influence the rest of my day. I find myself reflecting back on whatever doctrine or parable Jesus Christ was teaching. I really like that.

I thought I’d share the one I watched this morning, with you.
The title is “Seek Ye the Kingdom of God” and it comes from Luke 12:13-34.
You can watch more HERE.

Have a wonderful Sabbath,
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  1. Thank you, Stacy, for sharing.

  2. I watched the mini series of the Bible and even bought the DVD. I read Max Lucado every day and am inspired. I am trying to include them in my scrapping. Thanks for posting this.

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