Missionary Update.

This picture makes me indescribably HAPPY. If you’ve taken Finding Photo Freedom, you’ll understand when I say this is a “Photo I LOVE!” So, Clark (on the left) has been on his mission for about 15 months. He is serving in the Utah, Salt Lake City South mission, speaking Spanish. Initially, he was pretty disappointed to be called to Salt Lake City, but he is absolutely loving his mission and especially the Hispanic people he is meeting and working with. Chase was called to serve in the Missouri, St. Louis mission and reported to the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center (MTC) on July 31st. After Chase got his call, Clark wrote us a letter and said that you can sometimes arrange a visit for missionary brothers, if one of the brothers is serving in one of the 5 Salt Lake City missions — I was on it. I wrote Clark’s mission president and we were granted permission for these two boys to spend a full day together.

Now, you need to know that I was NOT the person behind the camera here. Our family was actually in Utah for a fun weekend with our Julian side. Chase was to report on Wednesday and we were able to take him to the SLC South mission office on Tuesday, at 8:00 a.m. We met Clark’s mission president and then left. Clark and his companion picked up Chase after we left and these brother proceeded to enjoy a very eventful day together. They taught 8 lessons, met some of the members and recent converts that Clark has worked with and ate (according to both) really good Mexican food for dinner. Clark is serving as a Zone leader, which means he is accountable to the mission president for a group of about 16 other missionaries. He is responsible for training and supporting these Elders both spiritually, emotionally and temporally. During the 24 hours that Chase was with Clark, two of these missionaries were involved in a car accident, where the car was totaled and the missionaries walked away unharmed. Chase got to see firsthand how Clark handled this scary and miraculous situation. He also got to see how Clark handled a drop-in study session where two missionaries were not ready — they weren’t even up or dressed! Clark wrote Chase a note in his journal full of encouragement and love (a mother’s wish come true!) Clark put Chase on the train to Provo Wednesday morning and I picked him up and dropped him off at the MTC.

We get letters from both of our missionaries every Monday and it is now my FAVORITE day of the week. We feel so blessed to have these two boys serving our Heavenly Father. I miss them terribly, but I have to say that this is one the things I LOVE about my church — that 18 and 19-year old boys go out into the world, to learn and practice selflessness. Sure, they get doors slammed in their faces, but they also meet people who let them in, people who are tired of the world and all of the confusion. They are able to teach them of Jesus Christ and His doctrine; that happiness is found in keeping the commandments of God and in loving and serving others. Some of these people become members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but most do not. All of them, have their faith in God strengthened and their feelings of hope restored. That is a very good thing.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful Sunday.
Please rest.

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  1. Clark and Chase got to spend the day together – how awesome is that! Especially for Clark who’s been away from everyone for so long. A car accident – glad everything was alright with them.
    I had 2 missionaries come to my house this summer. They were trying to say their things and all I wanted to do was ask them questions about where they were from and how long they had been away from home etc.

  2. I didn’t recognize Chase at first – he looks so grown up! Our friends will have their twin boys going on their missions very soon and their daughter is currently on hers. I can only imagine the pride you feel seeing this picture and knowing your boys are making a difference.

    • It feels really good, and I’m mostly just happy for them, because I know the impact this time will have on their life and their perspective! It really is super-cool!

  3. How awesome that they had a day together!

  4. We watched the movie “The Other Side of Heaven” (about a missionary) yesterday do I showed my 9 year old the photo of your boys and she said “So now they are conjoined?!”. And I was like what? no! They are just missionaries like in the movie; and then I looked at the photo again. Anyway, glad to hear all is well with them.

  5. “so I showed”. (not “do”)

  6. Frances Mikesell says:

    What a great post! I read it this morning and it was just the spiritual boost I needed. Our oldest hopefully will be going on her mission Jan. of 2015. I know that serving my mission changed everything for me. My father joined the church while I was serving and I met my husband( he was one of my Zone Leaders). There is nothing better than Missionary Work!
    To change the subject – I just wanted to say thank you for all you do to help others! I always come away a better person after taking one of your classes. I am looking forward to the next one on Thursday. Thanks again, Frances

  7. AnneMarie Hatch says:

    Loved your post about your missionary sons!! Isn’t it awesome when they choose to serve others for a time? It made me happy to read that the brothers were able to spend a missionary day together–a wonderful experience they (and you!) will be able to cherish the rest of their lives.

    I love Mondays too! My oldest served in Germany a couple of years ago and my other son is currently in Cameroon. It’s wonderful to be a missionary mom. Hope you got a couple of awesome letters today :)

    • I got one (so far!) Where did your son serve in Germany? I was in the Frankfurt mission from 1886-1987 — what mission was he in?

      • AnneMarie Hatch says:

        Germany Berlin from January 2010-December 2011, he loved it! I was able to take my kids back to Berlin in June 2012 with him as our tour guide. That was awesome to see some of his areas and meet a few people he knew, along with his mission president.

        You started your mission in 1886? Wow! you look young for your age! :)

  8. What a great photo! My sister got home from her mission 3 days before I went on my mission, so we got to spend a couple of days together before I left and she got to drop me off at the MTC – it was so great! And, I live here in the great St. Louis mission, so if he ever serves in our Ward I will give him lots of special care and brag to everyone about what a wonderful family he comes from!

  9. I love this post, it’s so interesting to know what a missionary does.

  10. That is so neat. I have one sister serving right now, & another that leaves in November. I hope my parents can arrange a similar meeting. They will actually be in neighboring missions.
    On another note, I keep your boys in my prayers. Glad to hear they are doing well.

  11. So glad someone took that picture and that they sent it to you. And I love Clark’s tie!

  12. Oh you are a lucky duck! I have 2 sons serving right now as well. One in Florida and one in California. They’re the best of friends and won’t see each other for almost 4 years. Fun that your boys were able to not only see each other but serve together for a day. That is a real blessing and will be such a great memory forever.

  13. I love this post! It’s fun to hear the update, but it’s also so endearing to see/hear about the Brotherly Love (pun totally intended!). I would never slam the door in a missionary’s face, but your open perspective makes me feel more compelled to maybe invite them for a glass or lemonade and a cookie. I never realized how far away from home or alone they might be feeling ESPECIALLY if they are getting doors slammed in their faces. Courageous and Strong…those are two words I might now associate with the boys who roam the neighborhoods in white shirts and black pants. Thanks for sharing! :)


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