The I *heart* Tombow (blog hop)

In 1993, I began collecting Tombow markers.
By 1995, I owned all 144 colors available. Today, the Tombow website says there are 96 colors available, but I KNOW I had one hundred and forty four markers because I acquired them very deliberately one, two and four or five at a time! Next to my children and my ever-growing collection of rubber stamps, my Tombows were my most prized possession. Perhaps this is why I am doing something today that I rarely do. I am participating in a BLOG HOP.

I’ve have know about this blog hop for months and I have thought long and hard about what kind of project I could do that would showcase my continued love for Tombows. I played and experimented and ultimately decided that rather than feigning expertise I don’t have—even though I’ve learned some fun, new techniques—I needed to be true to myself and show you HOW I in fact use my Tombows and WHY they are still my go-to markers for adding color to tags, cards, pages and more!

And … this is it.
This is what I do.

I make really FAST & EASY mini-cards to attached to all kinds of gifts, wrapped and unwrapped. I have a drawer full of card-sized glossy cardstock and I am continually cutting them down to fit the dimensions of one of my quick and easy stamps. Note: In my opinion, quick and easy stamps are wood-mounted and feature simple, bold designs that beg for color! I display these stamps on a pegboard that hangs in my office, so that they are always within reach. I have hundreds (literally) of stamps that I love and use, but it is this type of stamp that I reach for MOST often …


I stamp these images with black dye ink, quickly dip them into clear embossing powder and apply heat. It was this look that sold me on rubber-stamping (and Tombow markers) at my very first D.O.T.S party and it is this look that I most love today. SIMPLE. CLEAN. CUTE. DONE. 

Just for FUN, I’m going to share two cards that I pulled from my FAVORITES file circa 1996 …


This bear was probably the 3rd or 4th stamp I ever purchased. I think his name is “This Much Bear” and I used him a LOT, as in over and over again. I LOVE Tombow markers because it is so easy to get a blended, watercolor look. Just make sure that you purchase markers in sets of two: a darker and a lighter in each color. So, if you want brown, purchase a medium to dark brown and a very light brown. Then, when coloring, you only touch the paper with the lighter marker. To blend or add a shading effect, you touch the side of the brush tip of the lighter marker to the side of the brush tip of the darker marker and begin coloring. I’ll post a video below that illustrates another way of blending a dark and a light color together. Marie Browning IS an expert and I recommend any of her videos for learning more about Tombow techniques!

I remember being SO PROUD of this card and the faux watercolor look that I achieved with my Tombow markers.

Those were the days! 

Tombow has provided a generous prize in conjunction with this blog hop. You could WIN …
1. The NEW Blending Kit
2. Dual Brush Pen Set, 6 Retro
3. NEW Set of 10 Irojiten Color Dictionary Pencils, Rainforest

Blog Hop_SJ

What you need to do is …

1. Like BOTH TombowUSA and Me on Facebook
2. Leave a comment here, stating that you’re all liked up
3. Have a colorful and HAPPY Monday

I hope you’ll take some time to visit the Tombow blog as well as the other much-more-talented-than-me bloggers linked below!

Tombow Blog

Speaking of Marie, here’s the video I mentioned above …

I want to thank Kasey, the social media specialist at Tombow for the invitation to participate in this blog hop. I hope my very simple “projects” aren’t a disappointment, but a needed reminder that creative expression can be as simple as you need it to be! Kasey will announce the WINNERS on Friday, September 20th at 3:30pm Eastern.

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  1. Terrie Dodd says:

    I’m all “liked up” and would love to try your Tombow techniques. Thanks for the chance and by the way, I am LOVING your daily posts this month!! Happy Fall to you!

  2. I LOVE your simple projects, Stacy! And your cute D.O.T.S stamps!
    I have liked Tombow on FB and I have liked you on FB for quite some time now!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    I “like” your cheery colorful posts and Tombow! The markers would make a great addition to my card making collection since I don’t have ANY currently to color with! :( Sad I know. Thanks for the introduction to the markers. The markers looks like a rainbow of fruit flavors that will brighten my scrapspace, as well as brighten someone’s day when they receive a card! :) Thanks for a chance to win it! Have a blessed week!

  4. Sally Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have always “liked” coloring with markers but have not conquered the blending technique yet. Hopefully these videos will help. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Debbie Fisher says:

    love your coloring! Thank you for hopping along with us.

  6. Wow…I love the colors you achieved on your friendship card. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Theresa F. Miami Florida says:

    Love this !!!

  8. I’m “LIKED-up” on BOTH Facebook pages and can’t wait to find the MOST COLORFUL THING I OWN to wear on this colorful Monday. :)

  9. LIKED IT all and, since I still LOVE to color, I would love to practice these COLORFUL techniques with Tombow markers!! Thanks for the fun!

  10. I’m “liked-up”. Enjoying your class!

  11. Jennifer Greer says:

    I am still trying to figure out which markers I need. My old ones are drying up. Thank you for another brand suggestion.

  12. I am all “liked” up! I used Tombow’s a long time ago. As a former CTMH consultant, I used to love coloring. Need to do this again!

  13. Sue Cantrell says:

    I am all “like up” too! This reminded me of my days as a D.O.T.S. consultant (back when you did the training video) – and the joy of just keeping it basic and simple. Nothing like a Tombow and a watercolor pen for a beautiful look!
    Thanks for the step back on time, and the reminder that simple and basic is usually best!

  14. seriously? a disappointment? woman, you rock! like you (of course!) on fb and tombow as well!

  15. All liked up and really interested in these markers. I don’t own any and the recommendations sound solid.

  16. wow what amazing projects the colors are so beautiful. love the shading and blending. and the video is cool and many great Ideas. thanks for sharing

  17. “rather than feigning expertise I don’t have” and ” I hope my very simple “projects” aren’t a disappointment”
    Nothing wrong with keeping it simple. So many of the projects are so time and labour intensive. And if it ain’t broke don’t fix it then why come up with something fancy and new.
    Of course, I already liked you on Facebook Stacy.

  18. I am ‘Like-Up’ on both Facebook pages. Thank you for showing these beautiful cards.

  19. Karen Schmidt says:

    I’m “liked Up”. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. I love the bear!!! He’s so bright, happy, and simple. It is great to hear that these markers blend, the set from a major stamp company I own do not blend well at all. Trying to watch the videos of people who can gently blend their colors is frustrating if the ones you own don’t work well.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas and the product recommendation. It’s appreciated.

  21. Shari Czerwinski says:

    I LOVE TOMBOW markers also! I have some of my original ones from the late 90′s that still work. I have liked you and TOMBOW. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome package!

  22. I love those little tags. Your coloring is beautiful. I already “like Tombow on Facebook and I now “like” you, too~

  23. I liked both! Very fun projects with these markers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I have that bear stamp! Love your projects!

  25. Oops! Forgot to tell you that I’m al “liked up”!

  26. Adorable tags! LOVE the simplicity! I got hooked on stamps and Tombow markers through a DOTS party years ago. Still using some of those same Tombow’s, they last a LONG time! Thanks for sharing the video! Liked on FB. (I already liked Tombow)

  27. I “liked” you a long time ago, and it was easy to like Tombow. I am fascinated by using markers with stamps in this way, but have never had the funds to really get into it! Maybe I will get lucky! :)

  28. Of course I already liked you Stacy! I’ve been thinking about getting a new set of markers and Tombo looks great! I’m all linked up and very interested.

  29. Love your cards. Great job. These are must have markers they blend so well. Awesome.

  30. I’m all liked up! These are fun cards!

  31. I love tombo markers, and I am all liked up.
    Thank you

  32. i am following both fb pages. i love tombows and dying to get a hold of their colored pencils.

  33. I’m all liked up!!! Who knew what Tombow markers could do? That’s really really cool :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Love this products, thank you!!!!!!

  35. I Liked both TombowUSA and your page on Facebook. I love Tombow markers too, although I just discovered them last year, but they don’t sell them in my country, so it’s harder for me to collect them!

  36. Just a quick reminder Stacy – I’m still wondering why women are like spaghetti and men are like waffles….

  37. Snap! I was the same. Collected all of the markers until I had all 144 of them. I still have the stand but I do have a few gaps now as I used some of the markers over and over and over. I love that you can colour with them, paint with them (my favourite!). They are such a great marker!

  38. Your cards are just darling! I am a CAS stamper too and in no way did your cards disappoint! I already had you both Liked on FB!!

  39. The coloring on all of the cards is so great. I envy people who can do such wonderful coloring. I liked you on FB (hadn’t seen your page before) and I’ve liked Tombow for a long time. thanks for having the hop.

  40. jeannetteakajnett says:

    All liked up and that’s for the tips about the coloring with light and touching the darker marker, I’ve always struggled with my coloring in that respect. Now off to watch your video too.

  41. Your cards are super cute!! I LOVE the watercolor technique!!
    TFS!! Take Care!!

  42. You are both “Liked” :) The Tombow pens are amazing, I just adore the ones I have. Stacy you little cards are delightful so cute and cheerful.

  43. Lovely cards! I remember having two Tombow markers when I was in college and loved them, so I’d be excited to win these.
    I liked both your page and Tombow USA’s page on FB.

  44. Andrea Nigg says:

    I’ve liked both pages and I’m glad that I did! Such inspiration! It was wonderful to see older projects you’ve completed using Tombow markers: it’s such a testimony to the quality of Tombow’s products that you’ve used them over and over. I’ve always loved Tombow adhesives so I’m excited to venture into their other products.

  45. I originally had Tombow liked and now I have you liked as well. I enjoy your Friendship card; it is nice to appreciate the people you surround yourself with with crafts, which I have never received or never could give myself.

  46. I love the simple things. They are quicker to make and look so nice and clean. I also like to do some more complicated but I think you can over do it too. Nice projects.

  47. I like both pages. I really like your cards :)

  48. l love your cute bold stamp designs that you used. I like these because they easier to get bold colors on quick and that is what we need in this fast paced time.
    I love them all
    Thank you for the fun hop and I am a new follower , I am still looking for your facebook page. Have a great day
    DIANA L.

  49. I did find you on facebook and liked you
    DIANA L.

  50. I’m all “liked” up! Thank you for sharing. I had all three of those old DOTS stamps at one time too!

  51. I’m all “liked” up. It’s great that what was old is still new. Stamps never go out of style. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Jill Sutherland says:

    I have just inherited a black box with 144 Tombow colours inside. I counted them 3 times.
    Interested to see what I can do with all the Crafts I have inherited.
    Can send picture.

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