The Kind of Photos I Like.

Everytime Ali encourages the scrapbooking community to document a Week in the Life, I want to do it, and yet I’ve never officially done it. Weird. I do SO LOVE seeing the image waves (blogs, Facebook and now Instagram) flooded with everyday life photos and I champion anyone and everyone in an effort to celebrate the mostly mundane and very ordinary aspects of our lives. My FIVE photos here are nothing compared to Ali’s amazing FIFTY, but, in the spirit of sharing, and not comparing, here are FIVE photos off my camera, the kind of photos I like


Addie took this one. I’m in the habit of leaving my SLR on the island and she will crawl up, pick it up and actually do a decent job of snapping photos. There are generally 40+ unkeepables on the card, but there are invariably one or two that I keep. Not so much because I like them, but because this is what she sees, and because I wish I had a few more of this-kind-of-mom-photos of my own mother. Note: Loving this view of my fridge, with Kayce and Simon’s wedding announcement, the 2013-2014 school calendar (waiting to be filed) and the pick-up slip for Geoff’s shirts at Scollard’s Dry Cleaners. Bits and pieces of right now.



Loading the dishwasher. What I didn’t realize at the time is that this was the last time I loaded THIS dishwasher. The nice man from Sears, brought a new dishwasher today, and yes I realize that this is the second time in one week that I have referred to “the nice man from Sears” ha! We’ve been in our 7 years (the apparent life-span of modern appliances.) Loving all the touches of green that still make me happy in my kitchen.



Breakfast this morning. I used to detest eggs and now I LOVE them!



Addie started her new gymnastics class today. I love the crooked thumb that is her signature “I’m good!”



We said good-bye to two of our beloved nannies today (see my Instagram feed for more.) This is Darbi. She has been our awesome nanny this summer and she is leaving and going back to BYU-Idaho. Love these silly kids and their silly poses.

Life is good, especially in it’s nothing-special-here moments. 
AND, can I just say that I’ve had this post open all day and it is now after 9:00pm. It’s ok, I’m STILL on track for my 30 Days of blogging!

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  1. What great photos! My son loves to take photos too, I get all kinds of surprises when I download the camera, usually a lot of pictures of the Wiggles on tv but sometimes something wow. And I want to say how uncluttered your refrigerator looks :-D

  2. Addie certainly does take some great photos & I like the cute poses in that last photo. A fun glimpse at your life this week!

  3. My trick for getting good photos from my kids was to be zoomed out because you can always crop it nicely in your editing program. But you can’t unzoom, haha.
    I too haven’t done Ali’s Week in the Life and I too love it and love all the photos out there. I do take a few more everyday photos each time she does it though.

  4. Love that first picture of you with the fridge and the notes you made about it. I always think of my fridge as a static in my home, but with the things we put on it, it actually changes quite a lot!

  5. Glad you are back to blogging! Personally, I’ve missed it. I enjoy seeing the every day stuff of other people. :)

  6. Love that your little daily detail pics include YOU! Yay Addie! She did a great job!

  7. It’s fun to have you back blogging and hope that you’re able to keep up with your 30 days then settle into something that works well for you (and that you continue to take whatever length of blogging breaks work for you). I love all that you do and share with us – both here on your blog and at BPC. Thanks!

    I hope to have time to look at that TED talk tonight – maybe it will help me get back into posting on my own blog and taking some time to scrapbook.

  8. I like when I find pictures that others have taken with my camera…. they capture things we wouldn’t and like you said it is through their eyes!!!!

  9. Love the pictures Addie captured! Great idea to leave your camera sitting out. I love finding pictures my daughter has taken, usually they’re of herself though! I’m planning a page devoted to her “selfies”! I think I’ll have to hide it until she’s older though!

  10. Hi Stacy……I’ve tried 3 times to do ‘week in the life’, but I can’t seem to take pictures of life around me. I began Monday, took about 5-6 pictures. Then, on Tuesday I realized I would be taking the same pictures again. This happens to be a week without a lot on my calendar. I might try this on my own schedule, say when I have a week off from work and no vacation plans scheduled.
    p.s. I love the candid shots best and from someone else’s perspective, even better.

  11. Stacy, I’m so thrilled that you’re blogging again. I’ve missed you.

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