think it forward.


I’ve started doing yoga (again.)
I originally started back in 2008. It was hard, but I loved it and I improved and I felt strong and flexible. Then I hurt my toe, and though I have tried (multiple times,) I’ve not been successful at starting (again) and sticking with it. I’m pretty excited though, because the yoga studio at the bottom of my hill (literally 3 minutes away) just added a early-morning class, on Tuesdays. This means that I can go to yoga two days a week, early in the morning (my preference) and that I can make early-morning yoga a part of my weekly routine.

My thoughts last week and this morning were mostly positive, but I am having to continually fight back that inner-critic that wants to interrupt my breathing with comments like …
“Wow, you have a LONG way to go!”
“I can’t believe how much this doesn’t feel like a resting position!”
” You used to be able to do this!”
” Really? that weak?”

I could go on.
This voice seems to have an untapped source of negativity!

BUT, towards the end of class, I thought this:
What if I stopped thinking back to 2008 and decided to think forward to 2033. 
I’m 48 years old. I’d very much like to remain active and healthy into my seventies and beyond. What if I did yoga for the next 20 years? Hmm. I like that question. I like what I picture when I think about that question. Can you imagine how strong and healthy I will be, as a 68 year-old, if I’ve been doing yoga for 20 years?

Why waste my time thinking it backward, when I can think it forward?
After all, it doesn’t really matter now, that I quit. It doesn’t matter WHY I quit. I doesn’t help the situation that I had a good reason, to quit. The only thing that will help my situation is to start again, and choose NOT to look back.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is there some area of  your life where you could apply some think it forward perspective? What you would like to imagine differently about your habits, hobbies, relationships, finances, health, education, spirituality? Would 5 or 10 or 20 years make a difference?

Think it forward and tell me about it!
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  1. Jennifer Monroe says:

    I am loving your frequent blogging!

  2. I really needed to hear this, Stacy! I’m in a place in my life where I’m dealing with some fustrating circumstances mostly beyond my control. And I just need to get past the fustration and looking forward might really help get me unstuck.

  3. Have been training for half marathon … Injured and can’t run three miles without pain right now. Really appreciated your post and excited to get back to my yoga!! Thank you!

  4. lynne moore says:

    Well we can’t go back, can we? Might as well adapt and move forward.

  5. Stacy – this was a great post to read today as I went to yoga this morning and was very tight from starting to run again. I kept thinking “this child’s pose is not very relaxing for me today”.

    I loved your perspective and I shared your post with my Wellness students on our class Facebook page (I am Cougar’s Health Ed friend from Illinois – excited to see him again next month) as our whole mission in the class is to challenge perspectives and comfort zones.

    Namaste! Tammy

    • Hello Tammy,
      Cougar told me all about meeting you — so crazy! Thank you for passing this message on and thank you for reading my blog. I’ll be your friend in yoga discomfort!

  6. Stacy,
    As a long time follower, admirer, and all around fan, I see you once again taking the positive route, the half full approach, the silver lining, being the example so many of us need.
    So happy for you, so glad to see you blogging, and i will take your route tomorrow,too! Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. I love your attitude, Stacy and it is one I have had to work toward having the last few years. I was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder a little over three years ago. It has affected lots of body parts, including my sinuses, lungs and airway. So, for a couple of years, I cried often over the loss of my voice. I love to sing, always have, but unfortunately, the disease has taken that ability.

    Finally, at the beginning of 2013, I decided to find a new voice and at the ripe old age of 44, I started taking cello lessons. My hands certainly don’t play with the ease of a young person, and I get frustrated because I *know* what it should sound like and it doesn’t, but….I have a new voice and music is part of my life again. And when I’m older, I’ll be so very glad I didn’t wallow around in self pity any more than I already had and got busy finding a new way to “sing!”

  8. Meredith F. says:

    I love this 30 day blogging! Thanks for the thinking forward thing. I really need to make that adjustment. Have a great day!

  9. I am 54 and re-started yoga in January, after a gap of some 30 years since I last practised. I love the idea of thinking forward – it’s going to help me to keep at it this time around!
    So glad to hear your blogging voice each day – hope you can keep that up too!

  10. Fantastic perspective that should be applied to any new journey.

  11. Stacy , this is so good to hear. I will be 45 next month and it is like I have always heard people say , “That everything starts to fall in place and you will start to not sweat the small stuff in your forties.” Now that I know this , my fear is that I will not have time to enjoy the benefits! LOL Thanks for your inspiration of having a better attitude toward things by thinking it forward!!

  12. Great post Stacy! I hear the negative loops too much in my life. I lost almost 30 pounds in 2011 and today I’m up 40 plus. I think back too much about then – all the clothes that I bought that I can’t wear, the larger clothes I had altered because I wasn’t going to gain it back, ha.

    Yesterday I had this thought – I didn’t make a decision one day to gain back that weight. Like your toe, LIFE happened. I love the think it forward idea.

    I’m 48 and in 30 years I want to be healthy – whatever the scale says! I’m sugar cane-free and wheat-free now and making healthier food choices.

  13. Let me just say that your return to blogging has put some sunshine in this girl’s recovery!!! I was once very active with dreams of someday running a half marathon (I’m realistic!), anyway for the last 4 years it just didn’t happen because of pains. I was treated for IT bands, knee issues, etc. Then the sciatica came and a few Xrays & MRI later, I found myself faced with back surgery. Not fun, tried steroid epidurals and they didn’t help. So I agreed to have my 1st ever surgery……..which ended up being 2 surgeries, back-to-back! I had actually purchased a groupon for our local yoga studio, but gave it to my sister. I still hope to rehab and be able to do yoga someday. Right now I’m 6 1/2 weeks post 1st surgery and 3 1/2 weeks post 2nd surgery and can only walk. So in 5, 10, or 20 years I hope to be doing yoga and swimming. I’ll never have a chance to run that marathon, but I guess I can meditate about????

  14. Thanks for posting such inspiring thoughts. I really them today. Kind of funny how things land in you lap at just the right moment. I echo the comments of others – I’m really enjoying your blog posts. Has inspired me to try to revitalize my blog again. I got kind of sidetracked by summer. Wanted to let you know that I am also doing the Big Picture Festival and having great fun. The lists have started some really fun family conversations. Finding things out about my parents teen years that I never knew as I ask them to participate with me in the list making. They are in their late 70′s and I’ve gotten such a kick out of hearing their giggles as they remember and tell me their stories. Now that’s “Big Picture” stuff, huh?! Take good care and thanks again for all the energy and inspiration you put out into our papercrafting world.

  15. Stacy – YOUR voice has been missing from the scrap blog world! Simple, upbeat, real messages. I hope you continue to post – your unique voice needs to be in this space. SO happy for us that you are blogging again.

  16. Cheri Stine says:

    Several years ago, at a Weight Watchers meeting, the leader gave out inspirational slogans. The one I received said: “it doesn’t matter where you start, but where you finish”. I have recopied that so many times and continually keep it on my refrigerator. Of course, it was meant to apply to my weight loss journey, but for me it also applies to my relationship with my spouse. We went through some rough times (who hasn’t?) and I mourned the fact that we did not always model a strong husband/wife relationship for our children. i now am blessed with 4 grandchildren (and one on the way!) and i take comfort in the fact that they are seeing only a loving, healthy relationship between their grandparents. It is always so much more positive to “think if forward”. Stacy, you are such a shining light. I am so happy that you are back blogging. Hope your “30 days” are repeated over and over and over.

  17. I love you Stacy Julian! Once again you have said exactly what I needed to hear (how do you keep doing that?!). I checked out 5 yoga DVDs from the library 2 weeks ago and they are still sitting in the bag. Time to get them out, start again and keep moving forward! Forward-thinking can affect every part of your life!

  18. Ah, yes! When I turned 40 I said, what if I went back to work (as a therapist)? I could have a 20-year career and retire at 60. This I did. Now I look to my mom as a role model who began quilting at 60 and has authored 9 books in 30 years. Inspiration is sometimes right next to us, or possibly right down the street!

  19. Helen Carter says:

    So enjoy hearing from you again, Stacy! I have a copy of an Inspired quote of the week from Compendium, thanks for the connection to them, “A year from now you will wish you had started today”. from Karen Lamb. I keep it by my desk to remind me to look forward! And I think I might just get out a yoga CD I have neglected for some time!

  20. Paulette Sarsfield says:

    yes Stacy, thinking forward is a GOOD thing… I’ve stopped and started so many exercise & diet plans I could never begin to count them all. But, you know what? I’m 57 and I am healthy. I fall off the wagon for short periods then get back on & EVERY time I do it’s because I am thinking forward, not looking back… thanks for reminding me :o)

  21. In 2009 I decided to eat healthy and move more. I started at 325# and was thinking 175# would be a healthy end point. I got down to 215 and then life happened. New job with lots of travel, best friend of 30 years has her marriage crumble, teenage son hitting a rough spot……..all is well but I stopped paying attention and put on 40#. When I finally decided to get back on track I was so focused on those 40#. Thinking so poorly of myself. One day my husband said, how about focusing on the 70# you kept off? Just one of the many reasons I’ve hung on to him for 25 years now! I’m getting back on track. Have lost 12 of those 40 but really trying to focus on my health and not the number on the scale.

  22. Loved this post. I just turned 50 last week and yes my goal is to be active and strong having a great time with my family way into my 70s. I have had bi-lateral hip replacement (I know old lady sounding) in the last 18 months but I have truly had a upgrade. Looking forward to 2033 and beyond even if I have to reset every so often.
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  23. Thank you so much for this post! I am STUCK in job that I no longer enjoy but find hundreds of excuses why I’m not doing anything about it. If I continue to do nothing, it will definitely make a difference in five years because my mental, emotional and spiritual health will suffer. Your message is the 3rd or 4th one this week that I’ve received from the universe that it is time to not only “think it forward” but to put some action behind it.

  24. Ah, Stacy, thanks so much for this post. I feel pretty ‘stuck’ in a few areas including career right now and you added just the right perspective for me today. I think I need to make a change of direction and I’m feeling pretty paralyzed but thinking about how much more satisfying the next 15-20 years could be is where I need to put the focus. Glad to hear you are working your way back to yoga!

  25. This is great food for thought–where do I want to be? I went back to school a month ago, doing something I hadn’t even considered before. But it is exhilarating and fun and challenging and frustrating all at the same time. So even though college and missions and all that comes after are zooming up in my near future…I know there is so much more and it’s a journey and i need to enjoy that journey. I think sometimes I anticipate the end too much.

  26. Stacy: Love this phrase – Why waste my time thinking it backward, when I can think it forward? This is awesome. It is now on a sticky for me to see all the time. I hope that you are enjoying the yoga class. Just think, you are doing something for you & it will make your body stronger, your mind clearer & feed your soul.


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