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I’m off to Utah in a couple of days and feeling like I should check in. I’m realizing that my goal to return to more regular blogging may not be as important as I thought it might be. Sorry! I do like to blog, but I do not like to blog everyday. I *think* I like to blog every third or fourth day. I love and use Instagram and it satisfies my need for immediate sharing. You can follow me on Instagram HERE.  My Facebook situation is out of control (another effort altogether) and I use Pinterest, but feel like I need to shuffle things around there too. Anyhoo … I want to stay connected, for sure. And, I so appreciate those that are reading and leaving comments, because I love the interaction!

So, I’ll be attending and speaking at the Close To My Heart Fall Album Retreat, this weekend! I spoke at the Spring Retreat back in March and had much, much FUN. I thought I’d share the cool mini-album project I’ll be making along with the consultants.


 Please Note: I did NOT design this project. I simply followed the very detailed instructions. CTMH sent me all of the pre-cut pages and other accent pieces, which are all featured on the Cricut Artbooking cartridge. I started Sunday afternoon and finished last night, so basically two-days of free time (not bad!) and I added photos as I created, so that it didn’t stand a chance of languishing without pictures (I strongly dislike pages and projects without photos!) IF you have the Artbooking cartridge and will be cutting your own pages and pieces this project will take a little bit longer, but not much. The cutting goes pretty quickly and talk about a great way to use up your stash of cardstock, while creating a custom canvas for stamped images and photos. I filled my album with Instagram pics taken in September and October. …


I absolutely LOVE the texture that stamps and inks provide. Always have and always will.





Still need to add some journaling, but I just might be adding that on the air plane!

Since Close To My Heart sent me two stamp sets that I already had, I thought it might be fun to give these away. 
Leave me a comment and let me know if you …

A) Own a Cricut
B) Own the Artbooking cartridge

Just curious how widespread this trend is. We (BPC) featured the Artbooking cartridge in our summer Pajama Party. I played with it back then and thought it was pretty cool. The overlay images (like on the cover) are my favorite, but this project sold me for sure. Hello? I just made an entire mini-book from cut pages and 3 jump rings? 

This is definitely artbooking!
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p.s. I’ll be back to announce two winners on Monday (or Tuesday!)



  1. Stacy, I have both products and will be getting the stamp sets this weekend! I’m so excited to share the weekend wit you!
    PS. Don’t put me in the drawing for the stamps! LOL!

  2. Yes I own both!

  3. I own both, but am really intimidated by actuall using my Cricut

  4. I only own the Cricut. Cute little book you made there! :-)

  5. Hi Stacy, I own a Cricut and need some motivation to start using it again :). Have a wonderful trip. Fall is such a beautiful time of year! xoxo, EOT

  6. Amy Gehring says:

    I own both! Can’t wait to see you in a few days and make this album too. Had so much fun in March and am looking forward to this retreat and the wonderful projects we will be making!

  7. I have the cricut…..the mini book looks right up my alley!!! :)

  8. I own the cricut… Now I need to learn how to fullyake use of it! LOVE the book you made!

  9. I don’t own either. I have a Silhouette and I think that can probably do everything I want a die cutter to do, so I’m not in the market for a Cricut. I have recently made several layouts with stamping on them somewhere – influenced by CTMH designs. I agree that they are great at adding texture and variety to a page or project and I love the way you have used them in your mini album. So glad we can get CTMH products in New Zealand at last!

    Keep up the blogging – it’s lovely to read your posts (and 2 x a week would be just fine for this non-Instagram user)!

    Enjoy the Retreat!

  10. TISH WILSON says:

    I own a cricut but haven’t used it much. I do not have the the art booking cartidge. I love your mini album. Very inspiring.

  11. Susan Romick says:

    I OWN a Cricut, but loaned it to my daughter and have yet to see it back here. LOL Your mini is really cute and I so agree – a mini or any type of album is nothing without pictures. Thanks for blogging, always fun to read.

  12. This minibook is adorable! I have a Cricut that is definitely underutilized. I have never seen the Artbook cartridge but I think I will just go and look for that soon!
    Hope you have a fabulous time at your conference!

  13. I don’t own either. I do have the old red Sizzix. I’ve had lots of fun with it and imagine a cricut would be great fun.

  14. I own a couple of Cricuts. I didn’t know the Artbooking cartridge existed. Thanks for sharing about it! What a super cute project. Have fun journaling!

  15. I am so so excited to see you at the Album Retreat Stacy!!!! You are always such an inspiration to me!
    I have and love both ( don’t put me in the drawing)!

  16. Stacy, I am so stinkin’ excited! I am about to board my plane to SLC and I can’t wait for our time together! :D This mini-album is fabulous and yes, I own a Cricut and the Artbooking Collection. Can’t live without them! See you soon!

  17. Melody Ochoa says:

    Hi Stacy!!
    I own both and LOVE them!! Can’t wait to make my own mini album!! Have they shared the measurements??

  18. I actually own 2 Cricuts: I have the original bug but received a Cricut expression recently as a gift (somebody must love me). I do not own the Artbooking cartridge…yet.

  19. Hi Stacy! Cute mini-album! I own both a Cricut and the Artbooking cartridge. I got the Artbooking cartridge for the overlays but there is so much more in the cartridge it’s going to take a long time to make everything!

  20. Not only do I own both a Cricut and the wonderful Artbooking cart, I adore them! What a cute project, too! Woo Hoo!

  21. Hi Stacy,

    Very cute album! I do not own a Cricut.

  22. I don’t own a circuit, but all my friends do :) that cartridge is tempting, though.

  23. I just own the Cricut but I love it! Also, love your mini album. Enjoy the trip to Utah – wish I could be there.

  24. love this book, so sweet, and I have neither items. I don’t have any type of die cut machine.

  25. I have a Cricut but not the Artbooking cartridge. I think I might just have to get that one. I haven’t bought a cartridge in awhile because I got a Silhouette, but this one looks promising (and one I would use a lot!!).

  26. I have both and love the artbooking cartridge!

  27. I own a Cricut and use it all the time! I don’t have this cartridge, but It’s one I’d like!

  28. I own a cricut which is great for school projects as well as scrapbooking. Have fun at the retreat.

  29. I do own a Cricut. I have a ton of cartridges, but not this one.

  30. I recently (finally) upgraded to a cricut expression. I absolutely adore it! I have a bunch of cartridges that came with it but I really want to invest in the ctmh cartridges. …..all of them haha. Enjoy the retreat :-)

  31. KellyMinMN says:

    I own an old cricut and LOTS of CTMH stamps and ink pads but not the artbooking cartridge or any new stamps – my person isn’t selling anymore : (

    Have a great time in Utah!

  32. I own a cricut and have never seen this cartridge before. It’s going on my Christmas list! Love the mini book especially the cover!

  33. Diane Alberts says:

    Great post! I do own a cricut, but do not have Artbookimg cartridge.

  34. Karen Grosz says:

    I own a Cricut, but I have never heard of the Artbooking Cartridge. Very cool project. Have fun.

  35. I have a cricut but I don’t really use it because I have basically no scrap space & it makes too much noise for me to use at night when everyone is FINALLY asleep

  36. Meredith F. says:

    I do not own either one, but I would love to. The Art book cut outs sound like such a clever idea!

    Have a great day!

  37. I own both and love them! I use Artbooking mostly for scrapbook pages but have also made a few mini-albums. Love that everything cuts relative size so there is no guess work on sizing.

  38. I do own a cricut, but I sure missed information about the Artbooking Cartridge – sounds like a great one!

  39. Hello from Kenmore, WA! I own a Cricut but do not own the Artbooking cartridge and would love to use it! What a great way to make inexpensive yet very personal gifts with a lot of flair.

  40. Heather Beasley says:

    I own a Cricut but unfortunately not the Artbooking cartridge. It is definitely on my wish list! And after seeing your adorable album, I have to get it!!!!
    Thanks for the give away.

  41. I do own a Cricut but I don’t have that cartridge. It’s one I want to get.

  42. I own a Cricut but not the cartridge.

  43. I don’t own a Cricut, but my best friend does, so I get to use it when we scrap together (which is often). She does not own the cartridge. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. tiffany h. says:

    What a cute book you put together! I used to own a Cricut but it died earlier this year. I decided to replace it with a Silhouette Portrait.

  45. I do own a cricut machine but not the artbooking cartridge but I have been admiring it for a while. It is on my wish list a long with the expression 2. I to love stamps and think they add so much to what ever you are doing. I Like reading your blog.

  46. I own a Circuit but not the Artbooking. Cute project! Have fun at the retreat.

  47. Vicki Emmerson says:

    Hi Stacy. I own the Cricut and the other two CTMH cartridges but not the Artbooking yet. It is on my Christmas wish list. Have a great time at the album retreat. One of my most treasured pictures is of you and me at the CTMH convention in the 1990′s.

  48. I don’t own either product. I have thought about getting a Cricut but so far haven’t been able to justify the big one time expense. I would rather spend my scrapbooking dollars on patterned paper and BPC classes!

  49. I do own a Cricuit, but do not own the Artbooking cartridge. :)

  50. I have cricut and the my favorite go to cartridge is CTMH Art Philosophy! I need to check out the Artbooking cartridge! Thanks for the give away!

  51. Marla Beech says:

    I don’t have a cricut but my sister-in-law does and I may have to buy that cartridge and go use hers. I love making my own books out of whatever I have. So much creative fun doing that. Stamping is one of my favorite things too. I live in Utah. It’s cold right now, but the sky is clear and it is beautiful!! You’re going to love your weekend here.

  52. Vanessa Babin says:

    Yes, I have both! :)

  53. I have both! I can’t stop creating with Artbooking! It will be an artbook Holiday around here…decor, gifts, and memories!

  54. Jeannie B says:

    I own a Cricut, but not the Artbooking cartridge. I hadn’t even heard of it (missed the summer pajama party), but I want onw now. I love those pages! Have a safe trip, Stacy.

  55. Both. Only made 1 album. :-/

  56. Cheri Stine says:

    I have a Cricut, but am still intimidated about using it. I loved watching the demo of the featured cartridge at the pajama party and your album is so cool. Might be the incentive I need to face the challenge of using my Cricut.

  57. Miriam Prantner says:

    What a fun album! I do own a Cricut and I have the previous two CTMH cartridges, but don’t have Artbooking….yet….

  58. I do own a cricut but not that cartridge…

  59. I got the Cricut when I found it for a good price……2 years ago. Haven’t used it yet, but I really really really want to learn all the ins and outs of it. I heard of ‘artbooking’ but wasn’t sure about it. Now I see it does all sorts of neat stuff, so I’m thinking maybe that’s where I’ll start. I love a smaller then 12×12 book to play with. Wish me luck that I’ll get my hands ‘dirty’ real soon. p.s. it’s OK if you do’t blog everyday and I’m loving your instagram pics.

  60. I own a Cricut, but I don’t have the artbooking cartridge
    thanks for the giveaway

  61. I own the original Cricut, although I only have 2 cartridges for it, they have been very handy. I have used it for scrapbooking and for etching on glassware and to make stencils for my husband’s Army gear. :)

  62. Karen Schmidt says:

    Hi Stacy, I have a original circut but not the artbooking. I was at the summer PJ party and seen the preview. Loved it! This project looks like it would work for my Iphone Photography class photos back in July which i loved by the way… have a safe trip.

  63. I own a cricut. My ex Creative Memories consultant has join CTMH here in Aussie and I am loving the products. Enjoy the retreat.

  64. Stacy, love this “artbook”! Very cool. And I especially appreciate projects that can be completely quickly yet look wonderful. I don’t have a Cricut but did get the Silhouette Cameo for my birthday recently – I LOVE it. But I also am determined to learn it thoroughly so I can maximize the benefits of having such an amazing tool! Have fun at the convention :)

  65. Hi Stacy! I own both:) I love the CTMH cartridges, there is so much on them! Have a safe and fun trip!!

  66. I own both and love them! I loved seeing you at the Spring Album Retreat. I’m so sorry to be missing this one — hoping for another one in the Spring! Have a great time!

  67. Melissa Aguayo says:

    I have only the cricut, just fell in love with it all over again! but would love to add the cartridge to my collection! can do so much with it, especially PL pages!!

  68. AnneMarie Hatch says:

    I own a Cricut, but not the Artbooking cartridge. Maybe I should look into that… :)

  69. Helen Carter says:

    I do own the original smaller size cricut, have not been excited about using it In a while until seeing this cartridge…Wow…looks like so much fun!

  70. I do own a Cricut (love it!) but I do not own the cartridge…I should get it as a birthday present to myself-my birthday is tomorrow (17th) afterall. ;)

  71. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    Loved the mini book! I am obessed with them :) lol I own a Cricut but not the cartridge :(
    Thanks for the giveaway and have a blessed week!

  72. Lorna Schreck says:

    Hi Stacy – becuase of the recent project at the July PJ Party, I located a CTMH rep in my area and purchased the Artbooking cartridge for my Cricut, which I only used when I first got it several years ago. Once I saw what you can now do with the images, I can hardly wait to put it to work. Everything just arrived last week! You have got to put a stop to your inspirational tips – I can’t afford too many more – lol!!!
    And, thanks for the opportunity to win – I am slowly stocking the local children’s home with arts and craft supplies and tools – it would be a nice addition.

  73. I don’t own either a circuit or the cartridge however I am seriously considering purchasing both. Love this mini book

  74. I do have a Cricut, but no Artbooking cartridge.
    P.S. Welcome to Utah!

  75. I don’t own either. But I can stamp! :-)

  76. I have a Cricut but not the Artbooking cartridge. I love your CTMH book!

  77. I don’t own either. Thank you!

  78. Hi Stacy,

    Very cute book. I own a dusty cricut!


  79. I own a Cricut & the Artbooking cartridge. It is awesome!

  80. Karen Guerrette says:

    Hi! Cute book. I’m so jealous you are going- that sounds like an awesome weekend! Anyhow, I have a cricuit and used it here and there. This year I was finally introduced to CTMH and when I got Artiste and Art Philosophy, I started using it a whole lot more. Now that I have artbooking, I am truly in love!

  81. Barbara Konopa says:

    I love the book and I am glad you are back blogging. You must never feel guilty for deciding to blog a couple of days a week. I tried blogging and found it tedious and like a sword hanging over my head. Life is too short and I know you have a full life. Enjoy it and chose the things that fill your soul.

  82. I own 2 circuts that I use almost everyday and the artbooking cart which I can totally see becoming a go to tool as well!!

    thanks for the chance!

  83. I own a Cricut (the original “baby bug”), but I don’t own that particular cart.

  84. I own a Cricut, but not the cartridge. Love the book you made. Quick and easy is what my life need. It has been over a year since I used my Cricut. I just may drag it out this weekend and start creating again, some me time. Thank you for sharing!

  85. Stacy, I own 2 Cricuts and the Artbooking cartridge is on my wish list.
    Love your creativity and inspiration, by the way!
    Safe Travels!

  86. BecKilgore says:

    I own both. Love the Artbooking cartridge the best of all three of the CTMH cartridges. All three are great but Artbooking is the best so far for me.

  87. Heard you on the PRT today….you always make me smile so much. I love everything you say and your enthusiasm is so catching. I love how you love this hobby!!!!!!!!! If I lived near you – I would beg you to let me come and work for you for free. :)

  88. I won a Cricut and although I own lots and lots of cartridges, this is not one of them.

  89. I do own a Cricut but not that cartridge. I was wishing so bad on the PJ party I would win one. Oh well, I enjoy the cartridges I do have.

  90. Have always loved CTMH stamps.

  91. I own a cricut, but not the artbooking cartridge – it looks like it would be a lot of fun to use though :)
    Are you going to the Pinner’s Conference while in Utah? Just heard about it, but sounds like it could be awesome!

  92. I own neither but planning to purchase circuit soon!

  93. Love the mini album! Just what I needed to see. Want to do an album for my granddaughter who achieved Honor Star recognition at our church. I have a cricut and the Artbooking cart. but only opened it yesterday! Thanks for sharing!

  94. Tanya Napier says:

    I have the Cricut Create (doesn’t do the 12×12 cuts) and I don’t own the cartridge. After seeing what it can do, I wish I had it and the bigger Cricut. I love those overlays!

  95. Just wanted to stop by and say — that is a SUPER cute mini book!

    (no I don’t own any of those tools tho)

  96. I love the way this mini-album turned out. I still have not made a mini album (not enough scrappy real-estate for me) but I love looking at the ones that others make. I own both the Cricut original and the Expression but not the Artbooking Cartridge.

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