Kayce’s Shower

Today, I share a few details from Kayce’s bridal shower that I hosted last Friday night. I am very disappointed in my photos and MAD at myself for not yet knowing how to get better pictures with my very nice camera. I do OK when there is lots of natural light, but inside, after dark? Not so much. Truthfully, I’ve been taking pictures long enough, that it’s embarrassing that I don’t know how to do a better job than this … (and these, are the good ones!)

Note: In case you don’t know, Kayce is my business partner and co-owner of Big Picture Classes and she is getting MARRIED this Sunday (October 6th, 2013) Brandi (managing editor at BPC) and Dani (production designer at BPC) and I combined efforts to help her celebrate …


Kayce’s colors are yellow + gray. From the moment I pictured her shower in my house, I pictured a yellow + gray fabric banner. I am happy to report that I made this banner (thank you Pinterest) and that is was far EASIER than you might imagine (I may have to blog more about this soon!) Note: Kayce sat in this chair, to open her gifts. And no, I do not have a good photo to show you.


This is my FAVORITE thing: I cleaned off our homework table—stashed all the junk in my bedroom—and set up a really CUTE candy bar. I ordered yellow + grey/silver candy from nuts.com and we displayed Brandi’s delicious, homemade truffle cupcakes (no good photo) and Dani’s adorable party favors (photo is completely out-of-focus) on the lower shelves … we had a few engagement photos that we framed and placed here and there, which really made the shower feel special. Naturally, I created a quick & easy scrapbook for Kayce. I will take photos of that and share those soon!


Brandi made all of the food, which was 100% Delicious!


This is the whole group!

p.s. Thought it appear this way, I haven’t given up on my 30 Days of Blogging! I have fallen off the calendar a few times. I will remedy this by post dating a few entries, and calling to good. In other words, I’m NOT going away. I committed!



  1. It looks like it was a very fun shower!!!! I get very frustrated with taking pictures in my house also. It seems that having color on walls and low light conditions wreak havoc on digital photography.

  2. Congratulations Kayce! Oct 6th is a great day to get married – my hubs and I got married on Oct 6th, 12 years ago. Best wishes to you!

    And terrific job on the shower Stacy! Looks adorable!

  3. Hey Stacy,
    I thought your post was funny and very realistic. Although we take classes, buy product, read manuals, buy elaborate equipment and happily craft, we are still involved in the moment and doing the best we can. Which means we are not a professional photographer (believe me one of my soccer moms is a prof. photographer and even though we got the same shot her pic. was featured on the school website. Hmm mine was slightly out of focus. Hey I gladly put her pic in my scrapbook). And we are still engaged in the activity not able to snap a pic or stage a moment. Please don’t feel bad about not showing us beautifully choreographed and styled photos. I Think it’s okay to tell the story out of focus. We can see the heart, delight and fun that you all had celebrating your friend. Isn’t that what matters!

  4. I want to echo what Julie said. I love reading your blog (it is in my trifecta of blogs I check daily – Ali Edwards, Elise Blaha Cripe, and you!) because of the insight you offer about life, our world, and how we can make a positive impact in it. (Oh and I’m also holding out hope that you will finish your color series and tell us what is in your multi-color bin!) I do not need fancy photos to be inspired by you. I love your ideas for layouts, I love your classes (Twelve revolutionized my scrapbooking!), and for me the photos are a bonus, not a requirement or expectation. So keep doing what you do! : )

  5. When it comes to parties I just stick the camera on auto and enjoy myself… I want my focus to be on the party, not the camera settings!

  6. Remember back when we used film? Disposable cameras? You just snapped away and maybe you got almost a whole roll of great pictures or just a handful. A few out of focus, not perfectly composed pictures are better than a moment forgotten. And just think now even if our pictures are a little off we have wonderful
    Editing tools. Or when all else fails: convert to black and white!

  7. Sara Mangan says:

    Love these pictures it looks like so much fun!
    Question for you…have you ever done custom white balance? I have taken Karen Russell’s photography workshop 3 times and the 2nd time I finally made myself learn how to do it. It makes an amazing difference and really is pretty easy. :)

    Thanks for your blog posts. I love reading them all.

  8. Let Kayce know I send my congratulations! It is a wonderful party! Looks like fun!

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